Ika Otrupon


Ika Otrupon, is Odu number 177 in the Hierarchical Order of Ifá, highlights the relevance of recognizing our actions and seeking forgiveness to mend our ways, urging us to live with honesty and righteousness in every aspect of our lives.

General Description of the Odu Ika Otrupon

Names or Aliases:

  • Ika Otrupon
  • Ika Trupon.
  • Ika Oturupon.

What is born in the odu of Ifá Ika Otrupon?

  • The uterine fire.
  • That men do not eat the meat of animals that die of disease.
  • Obatalá called: Yalumo Arishogun.

Meaning of the oddun of Ifá Ika Otrupon:

  • You have to feed Orúnmila and ask for forgiveness so that, from now on, things go well for him.
  • Be careful, you have done a bad thing, don't persist.
  • Be careful with a deception that you made or want to make.
  • He has to beg his angel not to turn his back and do ebbo with an akuko, so that he wins the lottery.
  • This was where the dogs attacked Orúnmila and he, to save himself, had to climb to the top of a yagruma bush.
  • In this Ifá (Ika Otrupon) an Obatalá called: Yalumo Arishogun was born.
  • Here it was born that men do not eat the meat of animals that die from diseases.
  • Mark: uterine fire in women. Problem in the belly. To avoid uterine fire, yagruma leaves are taken, afoshé is made and the obiní spreads it on the obo. To calm the uterine fire, compresses of alcohol and camphor root are placed on the obo.
  • 3 akará bibo are placed on Eshu Elegbá at the foot of a yagruma.

Recommendations of the Ika Trupon sign:

  • The iye of this Ifá is done for good and bad. The trunk and root of the yagruma are scraped, atare is added and it is placed in front of Elegbára.
  • Oduduwa must be received.
  • Work is done with the Ogun cauldron and a rope on a palm tree, to release all the ties.
  • He suffers from the chest and is the product of his bad temper.
  • Ika Trupon has three elegbára.
  • You are a slave to yourself.
  • You and your son have degrees.
  • You like medicine and music.

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Analysis and Reflection of the Odu Ika Otrupon

Ika Otrupon warns about the consequences of improper actions and the importance of redemption and forgiveness to redirect destiny. He teaches us that our actions, good or bad, have a direct impact on our lives. This Odu speaks of the need to face our mistakes, recognize them and seek forgiveness from Orúnmila.

Economic Aspects:

This sign suggests the possibility of unexpected gains, like "hitting the lottery," but emphasizes the need to act with integrity and righteousness. Prosperity will come to those who remain faithful to an ethical code and who also make the necessary sacrifices to align their destiny with abundance. It is crucial to avoid deception or dishonest acts, as these can divert or even block the path to financial success.


In terms of health, Ika Otrupon emphasizes the care of the womb and problems related to the "uterine fire", symbolizing imbalances or health problems in the reproductive area. It is recommended to use natural remedies, such as yagruma leaves, to relieve these conditions. Also, it warns about health problems that can arise from bad temper and stress, such as chest conditions. Calmness and control of emotions are essential to maintain good health.

Religious Aspects:

This Odu highlights the importance of performing specific offerings and rituals to gain the favor of the Orishas, ​​such as Eshu-Elegba, and receive Oduduwa. The need to ask for forgiveness and do ebbo to clear the path of obstacles and bad influences is emphasized. The relationship with the divine is central to Ika Trupon, reminding us that our destiny is intrinsically linked to our actions and how these are perceived by the Orishas.

Personal Relationships (Love):

In the love sphere, this sign advises caution with actions and decisions that may affect personal relationships. Warnings about deception and inappropriate actions are clear indications that honesty and integrity are essential to maintaining healthy, loving relationships. It also suggests the possibility of meaningful relationships with people related to music or medicine, highlighting the importance of sharing common interests to strengthen emotional ties.

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Sayings of the Odu of Ifá Ika Otrupon:

  • Each one for himself.
  • The devil takes the last one.
  • Just tell your lies to people.
  • Two fight over the same thing.

"Each one for himself" reflects the importance of self-reliance and personal responsibility. It teaches us that, ultimately, we are the main architects of our destiny, emphasizing the need to take care of ourselves first in order to support others.

Ifa Ika Trupon (Otrupon) says:

  1. At his place of residence, a trap is prepared to catch a thief.
  2. There is a chance that someone may try to adulterate your food; proceed with caution.
  3. You have an enemy watching you closely.
  4. You plan to visit a relative who is far away.
  5. There is a delay in your plans or projects.
  6. The birth of a child as a result of a union is mentioned, to whom a significant gift will be given; the red will be part of the prayer.
  7. Before embarking on a trip to a specific place, it is advisable to do ebbo to ensure a positive result.
  8. It is suggested to perform ebbo to protect a love relationship, especially if it is linked to Omo Shango.
  9. The ewe (herb) of this Ifá, the biyeku, is blessed by Olofin and must be treated with respect; It should not be destroyed by fire.
  10. Orúnmila teaches the importance of multiplication and growth as a means to advance in life.

Pataki of the sign of Ifa Ika Otrupon:

How Orúnmila was saved from the beasts

orunmila He came to a land where men had many wives. When Odukokosi Kolo learned of Orúnmila's arrival and the presence of numerous wild dogs and pigs in the town, he released them with the intention of having them tear Orúnmila to pieces. Finding himself in trouble, Orúnmila climbed a baiyeku bush and covered himself with its leaves. From above, she appeared to Alakaso, who asked her what was happening to her.

Orúnmila explained the situation to him, and then Alakaso went to inform Olofin and Eshu-Elegba. Elegua immediately arrived with Odde full of ogu and began to attack the beasts, pushing them from one side to the other until they finally fled. Thanks to this, Orúnmila was able to get down from the baiyeku bush and save himself from it.

Explanation: This story narrates the danger that Orúnmila faced when arriving in a foreign land and how, thanks to the intervention of Alakaso, Olofin and Eshu-Elegba, he managed to save himself from certain death at the hands of the beasts unleashed by Odukokosi Kolo. Orúnmila's intelligence and speed in climbing the baiyeku tree and the help she requests from her spiritual allies demonstrate the importance of her cunning and community in times of crisis.

The moral of this story highlights the value of cunning, communication and solidarity. Orúnmila, upon finding herself in a life or death situation, uses her wits to protect herself from it and seeks help from powerful spiritual beings. This teaches that, in the face of adversity, it is crucial to seek creative solutions and not hesitate to ask for help from those who have the capacity to provide support. Solidarity and the timely intervention of friends and protectors can be decisive in overcoming difficult times and finding salvation.

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Ika Trupon (Otrupon) Traditional Nigerian Ifa


Iká túrú túrú
Babaláwo Itú ló díá fun Itú ní kùtùkùtù òwúrò
Níjó tí n sunkún òun ò láya
Òun le láya báyìí?
Wón ní ó rbo
Wón ní òpòlopò ataare lebo
Won ni eyele lebo
Wón ní aya ò níí won on
Itú bá rbo
Won ni kó moo je ataare òhún
Bó bá sì ti n je é
Neither how you or
Yóó móo póun ti rubooò
Òun you red
Ayé ye Itu
N ní wá n jó ní wá n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Iká túrú túrú
Babaláwo Itú ló díá fun Itú ní kùtùkùtù òwúrò
Níjó tí n sunkún òun ò láya
Wón ní yóó láya lópòlopò ebo ní ó se
Riru ebo
Èèrù àtùkèsù
E wáá bá wa ni jebútú aya
Jèbútú aya làá bá ni lésè oba Òrìsà.
Ifá wants this person to be well. Life will please you.

Iká túrú túrú
It is the Babaláwo of Itú who made divination for Itú early in life
The day he was crying because he had no wife
'Would I have a wife?'
They advised him to sacrifice
They advised him to get alligator pepper as a sacrifice
Pigeons are also part of the articles of sacrifice
They predicted that he would never experience a shortage of wives
Itú made the sacrifice
They told him to chew the lizard pepper
After chewing it
He must spit it out
He must announce that he has made the sacrifice
'I have made the sacrifice'
Life thus pleased Itú
He was dancing and rejoicing
He was praising his Babaláwo
His Babaláwo was praising Ifá
He said it was exactly how his Babaláwo had
Iká túrú túrú
It is the Babaláwo of Itú who made divination for Itú early in life
The day he was crying because he had no wife
They assured him that he would have many wives but he must perform the wife sacrifice
Offering sacrifices
And gifts given to Èsù
Come and meet us with the good fortune of wives.
One normally comes across the fortune of wives at the feet of the king of all Òrìsàs.

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