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ifa iwori ogunda sign

Iwori Ogunda is Odu 54 in the Ifa Genealogical Order u tells us: If the person who reveals this sign to him thinks of taking possession of a woman who is about to divorce her current husband, he should think very well because that woman does not she must abandon her husband, since they will not return for evil. If he has already taken the woman, be careful not to have taken her when she became pregnant.

A thorough investigation should be done to verify if the union will rid them of the problem. But if she is the wife of the person who has left with someone else, he need not fear, because she returns. But they must repair the old difference to continue living in peace.

In the odu Iwori Ogunda is born:

  • The fight for survival.
  • The first herbal tea the world knew.
  • The scare, which OGUN brought to the World.

What is the sign Iwori Ogunda talking about?

  • It is an Ifá of dispossession.
  • It speaks of tragedy and cruelty.
  • The missionary speaks who went from town to town, preaching good, and he got tired.
  • It speaks of the woman who runs after the man.
  • Iwori Ogunda speaks Ifá in terms of words and not papers.
  • Here: It was where SHANGO took the oath of ORUN from the son of OGUN.
  • It was where OLORDUMARE (God) punished OGUN for ingratitude to his benefactor.

Recommendations of the Iwori Ogunda sign:

Iwori Ogunda recommends not going outside when it rains as the enemy is trying to catch your footsteps. You will also need to be careful where you walk so you don't lose your luck.

In this Ifá, to do anything you must have the Orishas, ​​mainly the Guardian Angel. This is how things will work out for him. You cannot be stubborn. You will need to do EBO for the crown to settle on the head.

Because of the sign of Ifa Iwori Ogunda, you have to be careful with embarrassment, because there is a bad thing that is going through you; don't let that happen.

Here the person thinks of marriage or a big money business. For this Ifá, you cannot mourn misery.

For this Ifá, you have a daughter or goddaughter. Do not worry about it because it is your luck for sure.

In this Ifá, OLORDUMARE sanctioned OGUN for ingratitude and incendiary with his Benefactor, who was ORUNMILA. So the person with this Odu has to be careful not to separate from his godfather out of ingratitude.

This Ifá predicts that if the person is the son of SHANGO, he will reach Ifá and found his town. If the Babalawo who gives him AWAFAKAN is the son of SHANGO, he will not get to do Ifá to that godson, he will do it with another Babalawo.

For this Ifá, the Babalawo is commanded to be patient and not tire of religious ingratitude, as he will always keep it in mind.

AWO IWORI OGUNDA has to put a piece of yagua behind the street door and bathe with seven pieces of yagua from time to time, with seven sheets of handsome Amansa, Quiebrahacha, Jagüey, Muralla and Yaya.

For this Ifá (Iwori Ogunda), celebrations on the seashore are prohibited, since they can bring a tragedy that can even cost you your life.

It is forbidden to eat pork or canned food, as it will cause poisoning problems.

You have to take care of your blood pressure and your heart, because a problem can cause a heart attack, - deprivation of blood supply.

It is said that, for this Ifá, the person will be in charge.

Beware of bleeding problems.

Here YEMAYA is angry with the person. This Odu speaks of the sea level. 

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Sayings of Iwori Ogunda:

  • Betrayal is on the table.
  • I made you King, you kill me with ingratitude.
  • You will be a servant to all my children.

Ifa code of ethics of the odu Iwori Ogunda:

The Awó avoids being delayed.

Iwori Ogunda bans:

IWORI OGUNDA is an Odu of spiritism, so the person with this Ifá must be closely related to spiritism and attend to his painting and put a spiritual vault.

This Ifá prohibits giving portraits, because they are going to work with it, to do witchcraft.

For this Ifá, you suffer from stitches in the head, so you have to be begging yourself periodically.

In Iwori Ogunda was born OBARA KEKUTE OLUWO (The Eshu who eats black dog along with OGUN). This Eshu wears a mountain stone and carries an arrow in his head to win the war against his enemies. The Omiero to wash it takes suckers from Jagüey.

In this sign of Ifá, if he is a man, he likes to steal women and young girls subjugate him and he likes OFIKALE because of the woman's IDI.

In this Ifá, you have to be careful with impotence.

If you are a woman, you suffer from heavy menstruation, which weakens you and affects your brain and nervous system.

She must also do work so that the husband does not abandon her.

For this Ifá, you have to take care of things from Mayombe and do works that Ifá marks, so that the person does not get lost. If you are Awó, you should receive OSANYIN.

The diseases that affect this sign of Ifa are: poisonings, heart problems, circulatory, nervous, ulcers, gastritis, headache, menstrual problems, varicose veins.

In the sign of Ifa Iwori Ogunda, the first herbal tea that the World knew was born.

If your feet swell, find out if it is a heart or circulatory problem, or a witchcraft problem from a witch's cauldron (Mayombe).

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Meaning of the sign of Ifa Iwori Ogunda:

This is an Odu of war, because here he talks about the one who had a tragedy and was wounded, and thus wounded and bloody he was going over the aggressor.

The Oddun of Ifa Iwori Ogunda speaks of the missionary who went from town to town preaching good, but with all his preaching he had no fixed whereabouts and, after time, he did not even have affection for the family, so he got tired of it everyone only looked for him to solve their problems, because nobody cared about him.

In this Ifá, the woman runs after the man, but there is another man who runs after her. Here, the woman likes to have two men at the same time, so she has to be careful not to be killed by a man or killed by a man.

It is said that this Odu is dealing with words, as there are no signed papers that attest. They are going to deny you a right that you have. All the deals you make must be with signed papers and witnesses, so you don't lose.

Here was the war between SHANGO and AGAYU, where SHANGO won, proving its courage and honesty.

Here too SHANGO He took away the oath of ORUN from the son of OGUN, for not having him. Therefore, this Odu is of spoil.

Herbs (Ewe) of the Odu Iwori Ogunda:

  • Tame handsome.
  • Bankrupt Ax.
  • Jaguey.
  • Wall.

Says Ifa Iwori Ogunda:

You must be careful when it rains, do not go out, that your enemies want to catch your steps and your shadow. Do not go out for seven days.-Give thanks to OSHUN, who is always by your side.- Your enemies eat and drink together, and they want you to be bad.- A woman who is stronger than you You want to get him into an entanglement with his wife, be careful because there may be a fight and you will find yourself in trouble. he is desperate and says that nothing works for him; Don't say that any more, because everything works out for you. -Give thanks to the war, because OGUN says that later they will favor you, be patient. -Everyone treats you falsely and everyone He seems to love him.-The sick person who has in the house has no cure. -You. You have a pending prayer, do it for good to come. You cannot give a portrait to anyone because with it they will hurt you to sink it.

They do jobs to get you out of your house. You must have an Inshé Osanyin, to combat all the bad influences of Mayombe Witchcraft. You have a daughter or goddaughter, don't worry about her because she is good and your luck is in her. He cannot be handsome, because they can kill him; Have a piece of yagua placed behind the door of your house. You must try to beg your head often.

You like spiritualism or understand it. You cannot do business with word of mouth, because if you do, you will always lose; sign documents with witnesses to make any business dealings. You must be very careful with SHANGO, never do things without counting on him. Be careful with young women, do not have a fight problem because of them and seek justice. You must do EBO to be able to settle your Guardian Angel. You must be patient in your things so that you can achieve your goal. -If you have to go somewhere, do Ebo so that you do not stumble. 

He has a very hard head, he has to take care of an embarrassment, because there is something bad that is going through him; don't let that happen to you. -You. you are considering marriage or a big money business. YEMAYA is angry with you, look to see what you want. -If you are a woman, you should go to the gynecologist, as she suffers from menstrual disorders and her nervous system alters.

You have to watch out for being attached to Eguns shipments, which can help you financially but can make you sick.

Prayer of the Odu Iwori Ogunda:


Suyere of the Iwori Ogunda Sign:


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Iwori Ogunda's Ebbo:

Paralyzed of the Iwori Ogunda sign:

1 rooster, 1 dove, a piece of yagua, 3 wooden dolls, fresh fish head, All Saints beads, a guinea, a clay pot, ritual herbs from Oparaldo, ritual paraldo cloth, 2 chicken eggs, Clean clothes, 3 candles, coconut, brandy, beef, land from the corners of the house, trap, sweaty clothes, jutía and smoked fish, toasted corn, corojo butter, land from the house, land of shoes, a lot grass, cocoa butter, husk, honey, a lot of money.

Note: In addition to the mentioned herbs, it has: scorpionfish, Peony leaves, tibisi, white piglet, white bell, prodigiosa, Ceiba plantain. All these herbs for the Omiero in the bath.


After the Ebó is done, we proceed to do the standstill as usual. It is first cleaned with the chicken egg, then with the guinea and herbs. When cleaning it, it is said: «ETU AWAYERE BABA ONI BABA OTARAMI»


He then turns the person counterclockwise. It is sung: «YENYE YENYE NIRE ETU GBOGBO OBOKO KUAKUALODE LONA»

Aguardiente is blown on the back of his neck and the guinea is killed on the athena of the Oparaldo. Once the Oparaldo is finished, the interested party bathes with the Omiero prepared and the clothes that he took off go with the EBO. All the Omiero, after the bath, is thrown over the head of the person concerned, so that it falls all over the body.

He wonders if the rooster and the dove are for OGUN and if the EBO goes to the foot of a palm, river or mountain.

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Patakie of the sign Iwori Ogunda:


EBO PARALDO: 2 pullets, 2 pigeons, arrow, doll, beef, trap, sea sand, hutía and smoked fish, roasted corn, ritual fabrics and herbs from Oparaldo, brandy, coconuts, candles, honey, lots of money .

Distribution: 1 big cock with its ingredients for ODE. 1 big cock with herbs and ritual fabrics for Oparaldo. 2 white doves for head prayer


On this road, there was a time when ODE had a farm and at one time the animals that it had began to be lost, and no matter how hard he tried, he could not find the thief.

He was on the lookout, watching day and night, to find out who the thief of his animals really was.

One night he observed footprints, some corresponding to a Tiger and others to a Lion. ODE armed himself with a bow and two arrows, and set out to hunt them.

In short, he came across the Lion, which he shot killing him instantly. ODE had climbed a tree to shoot, from which he descended without noticing that the Tiger was prowling. This, smelling the blood, became desperate and attacked ODE mercilessly, which led to an unequal fight between man and wild beast, in which both died, because ODE, with the arrow that was left, managed kill the Tiger, dying in turn due to the heartbreaking and wounds caused by the animal.


EBO PARALDO: 1 black cock, 2 white hens, herbs and ritual fabrics from Oparaldo, coconut, candles, brandy, jutía and smoked fish, toasted corn, corojo butter, honey, house soil, many herbs, husk, cocoa butter, a lot of money.

Distribution: Black chicken, herbs and ritual cloth for Oparaldo. Herbs for Omiero, for after the Oparaldo. The white hens, with their ingredients, for head prayer. This prayer is to combat brain disease.


On this path, there was a woman who had several small children and, when she needed her husband most, he decided to abandon her.
This woman, due to the situation in which she found herself, decided to go to work in order to support her children. She was placed as a servant in the house of wealthy people.

After some time, the woman began to feel a strange sensation, something strange about her body, prompting her to go out to investigate the causes of this situation in which she felt. He arrived at the house of ORUNMILA, who made him bear and saw this Odu de Ifá, IWORI OGUNDA, and told him: In that house where you have gone to look for sustenance, he coupled with you an Egun, who in his last stage he was a foreign target. And that is the cause of the discomfort you feel.

Now, you have to make an Oparaldo to remove it, because that Ogún is going to provide you with material help first, but then he will try to transmit to you the secret that he had in one of its stages and this will greatly harm you, because you will lose health and your life will be in danger.

The woman left the ORUNMILA house and did not return to do the work.

Before long, she began to prosper from the help that the Egun gave her, where she became rich overnight. That Egun had a casserole when he animated meat and one day, in his dreams, he indicated to the woman the place where he was so that he could stay with her. The woman ignored him and one day her legs began to swell, becoming serious in a few days, a disease that ultimately caused her death. And that disease was the condition for which the foreign Egun had fallen when he animated meat, thus fulfilling ORUNMILA's prophecy.

Note: In this Ifá, we must take care of the extinguishing of an Egun, which can benefit us in the economic order but, at the same time, can transmit diseases that the spirit suffered when animating meat. Here you have to take care of things from Mayombe and do the works that Ifá marks, so that you do not get lost.

Iwori Ogunda Ifa Traditional Sign


Ìwòrì wonda
Ìwòrì wonda
Ìwòrì wohun rere da
Èdá ò gbóògùn
A day fún Orí Olóyè ti n tòrun bò wálé ayé
Ó lè dáa fun òun báyìí
Wón ní kí Orí Olóyè or rubo
Wón ní yóó joyè láyé
yóò nippon
Okàan rè or balè
Orí Olóyè rubo
Ìwòrì wonda
Ìwòrì wonda
Ìwòrì wohun rere da
Èdá ò gbóògùn
A day fún Orí Olóyè ti n tòrun bò wálé ayé
E wa woó bi ti n ru
E wori Oloyè bí ti n ru

Ifá wants this person to be well. His Orí is the one who wears a crown; the Orí will enthrone, but he must offer the sacrifice so that he can live a peaceful life, and feed his Orí.

Ìwòrì wonda
Ìworì gunda
Ìwòrì looks for something good to create
Providence defies medicine
They made divination for Orí Olóyè when he was coming from heaven to earth
He asked 'Will my life be good?'
Orí Olóyè was advised to offer the sacrifice
They assured him that he will ascend to a throne
And will be an important person
He will have peace too
Orí Olóyè offered the sacrifice
Ìwòrì wonda
Ìwòrì wonda
Ìwòrì looks for something good to create
Providence defies medicine
They made divination for Orí Olóyè when he was coming from heaven to earth
Come see how impressive and comforting it is for one to have it
Come see how impressive and comforting it is for one to have it

Eshu of the sign Iwori Ogunda:


This Eshu is a cedar doll that, before consecration and after washing, is given a Kikiriki rooster, along with the load. The head and the heart of this rooster go inside the load, with the ingredients of Eshu.

In addition, it will carry dirt from the grave of a child, with the initials of the same.

It will have a chain tied around the doll's waist. All the load goes in a clay pot, where the doll will be planted.

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