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okana sode

Okana Sode, is the combination between the Okanran and Ogbe major signs, occupies the 122nd place in the Ifa genealogical order. It is the Isalaye of the deity Inle for which he recommends receiving it or consecrating oneself in his cult. "What is known is not asked".

What is born in the odu of Ifa Okana Sode?

  • Inle Abata.
  • Burunakuon Omo Olukan. The spray that when the sun rises dries up.
  • What is known is not asked".
  • Why the Dilogun of Ogún and Oshosi is given to Elegba's son when he becomes Santo.
  • The Ifá policeman.
  • The great secret of Obani Olukan.
  • The King of the Goblins and Fairies.
  • The secret of growing your nails long.
  • Oshún Iyumu, The Amazon. It is inverted.
  • In this Odu Maferefun Egun.
  • We must receive Dada and Igbaña.
  • When this Odu comes out in Untefa, the ears of Eshu's goat are buried.
  • Eshu Betima is mounted.
  • Oyá Orepoponla is told.
  • 5 tiger nails are put on each hand of Ifá and Eshu is put 10 metal nails.

What is the Okana Sode sign about?

  • In Okana Sode: The Dilogún of Oggun and Oshosi, one in each hand of Ifá.
    There is no Oyá without Oshún and vice versa.
  • Shango loses the virtue of Orisha.
  • Idefá is used as a multipurpose protector.
  • They gave Eshu 101 snails.
  • Eshu threw Elegba to the ground.
  • Elegba was Olofin's messenger.
  • Advice is not heard, he is deaf.
  • You don't do yourself favors.

The Okana Ogbe sign points out:

  • The king of the road is Ogún.
  • Elegba was a merchant.
  • Eshu Betima lies to harm.
  • Olofin gave the land to Egun and Eshu.
  • Eshu Elegua was the barber of the long-eared king.
  • The tiger cannonade the dog and the deer.
  • Okana Sode: It is an Ifá of Tiger, Sodomy and Carroa.
  • You have to have a dog.
  • The reign of Obatala speaks
  • Obatala crowned Dada.
  • Igbaña king of dilogún speaks.
  • The young woman is the undoing of the man.

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Okana Sode sign recommendations:

For this Ifá Oshún eats goat along with Orúnmila.

This Odu speaks of a Dead man who is resentful; for the breach of a pact that was made in a pot and that is why the person has been working for a long time. You have to have an Egun casserole, but the person must assemble it with their own hands and inspiration.


Here Ebó is made with a small dog, it is dedicated to Oshún and it is raised in the house. You have to take good care of it.

In your house there are great problems and losses due to your wife and situations of disruption of the house by enemies you know.

The one who rules this Odu cannot give away his hat or head ornaments, lest he lose his crown or his head. It can go crazy.

We must receive Dada Igbañi.

The secret of this Ifá is to grow long fingernails, have an Inshe-Osanyin with pork bone and give Eshu a goat. Also put five tiger nails on each hand of your Ifá.

Food is brought to the cemetery and left under a tree.

This is the Ifá del Tigre, Sodomía and cannon. Be careful with hot flashes.

Here the person makes Ebo with a pint-sized dog, then takes it home and takes good care of it and when it is lost or dies, it should not have any more dogs in its house. This is applicable to Ikofafun, Awafakan and Ifá.

Here the young woman is the undoing of the man. We must be careful of impotence, which can be caused by sexual aberrations or venereal diseases.

Eshu is given ten claws or nails made of metal, tiger leather, jutia, and smoked fish. Of those nails he will use one on the little finger of his right hand whenever he has problems and he will tell his Elegba.

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Okana Sode:

  • What is known is not asked.
  •  Elephants are not hunted in clay traps.
  •  When lightning encounters obstacles in its path, the impact is more violent.
  • Violence without a cause always destroys.
  • Force is used to build.
  • King of the board, space dog.
  • I did not spy secrets, because it kills.
  • A lie they tell you can save you from death.
  • A porcupine that screams like a man; from within the ant hill.
  • He is blissfully ignorant, but woe to him when his senses are gone.
  • Look, hey and shut up.
  • In the world if there is no good, there is no bad.

Says Ifa Okana Sode:

Okana Ogbe in divination for a woman, points out that she has had hidden relationships before getting married.

Her husband may also be cheating on her, to avoid it; a small goat without jars is given to Eshu-Elegba. Afterwards, the head is dried and made to powder and smeared with talcum powder on the body and with that same Ebo is made, so that the husband does not cheat on her anymore.

When this Odu is seen in Igbodu, the warriors goat's ears are taken and taken to a hole, it is buried giving it a jio jio, jutía and smoked fish, corojo butter and toasted corn. This afterwards the Awó will do it whenever he gives Eshu a goat.

When this Odu "Okana Sode" appears in IGBODU, the person is told that if he does not make sacrifice the obstacles will impede his destiny and the wishes expressed in Heaven to realize them on Earth. In an ordinary register the person, if he is a man, must do Ifá and if he is a woman, he must marry a Babalawo or persuade her husband to do Ifá to have prosperity.

When this Okana Sode appears on IGBODU, the person is warned to be careful with courtship.

A friend, however, will save him from a problem that will be caused by a woman anyway. A widow will offer to marry him, but will have to decline.

When this Oddun appears to a man or a woman anxious to have a child, he is warned that an Ifa priest must prepare an Idefa for him. If the man already has Ifá, he must learn it, if he does not have it, he must accept it. For a woman she is told that she must marry a Babalawo. The person is a bird of passage (Imere or Igbakjuan) but Orúnmila has the capacity to change his fortune by living on Earth.

When this sign of Ifa appears in an ordinary record for a woman, she is warned that she must marry a Babalawo or that her husband have his own Ifá, if she wants to have a long life. If the person who is guessed is a man, he must take his own Ifá. To be on the side of security, you must celebrate your followers.

Prayer of the Odu Baba Okana Sode:


Suyere Oddun Okana Ogbe:


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Ebbo of the Odu Okana Ogbe Ifa:

Okana Sode's work for development:

Shango is given a gourd with Sara-Ekó, which is put into the pan and given the dove. After giving him coconut and giving him the dove, the gourd is removed from Sara-Ekó and left at the foot of Shango and on the third day the interested party bathes with it.

For Ifá or Ikofafun:

He is given a goat. Before, an Omiero is prepared to which the goat's blood is also given and afterwards the person concerned bathes with it.

Ebbo to avoid a hot flash:

Four coconuts are taken, they are cut in the middle and they are placed on Obatalá, they are asked and then they are taken to the foot of a palm. He wonders how many days).

Inshe Osanyin from Okana Ogbe:

Tiger's claw, Iyefá prayed from the Odu (we pray Oshé-Turá, Otura-Shé, Los Mejis and Okana-Sode). It is washed with Omiero de Ifá, it is encasquilla by the base with gold or silver. Eat with Osanyin what you order. It is used hanging in a visible place.

Tips from the oddun of Ifa Okana Sode:

When Okana Sode is seen in ordinary consultation, the person should receive Awafakan or Ikofafun. In the case of a man, he must do Ifá.

Be careful with hidden relationships. Orúnmila cannot be mistrusted as he falls into traps and is involved in justice problems.

When the divinities came down from Heaven they came naked except Orúnmila who brought prosperity, as the only one who believed in Ifá and gave Elinini corn cakes, honey and bean pudding. That is why they did not succeed, because they did not know. If you do not sacrifice obstacles will prevent your fate through Elinini. Elenini (is the divinity of Obstacles and misfortune).

Here you have to move from the place where you live from birth, to give a new beginning to your life of prosperity, but you should never lack the Idefa.

In this sign of Ifa even Olofin was ignorant for thinking that the menstruation pad would produce a child. The Awoses could not describe the situation, as they did not know.

He must celebrate the followers of Heaven so that he does not die before his time. When getting up, you should put on the Idefa or never take it off.

Here the person will overcome his enemies and occupy prominent positions if he complies with Ifá and makes the necessary sacrifices, as well as dedicating himself in depth in his profession.

When an Awó looks Okana Sode, he flaps his ears with his hands crossed over his chest and looks at what Eshu wants, to give it to him right away. Here you have to wear a necklace Obatala.

Meaning of the Sign of Ifa Okana Sode (Ogbe)

The Okana Sode sign speaks of defeating enemies or competitors to gain a prominent position. A new job, a promotion or a promotion are in the prediction.

Inle and Abata were born here. You have to receive it.

Things enter through his ears and come out the other side. Due to his character, the enmity and antipathy of others is sought, although he is not of bad feelings. The tiger was feared for its character.

It is an Ifá of transport accidents, a dog can save it from death. The owner of this Oddun has to tell everything with Orúnmila.

The son of Elegba that Osha settles must be handed over to him by Ogún and Oshosi; separate and complete, which includes the dialogue. Because Elegba could not only sustain the World.

You have to be careful with the candle, because the house can burn you and you too. This is an Ifá of eroticism, of dishonest abuse, of cannon and impotence. Beware of hot flashes.

A friend of his profession leads him to hate and cheat to take his share, out of envy.

Here the person begins to cry alone because of his bad situation and asks for death and from there comes the lightning and thunder, with heart attacks or similar things.

Odu Okana Ogbe Ifa Code of Ethics:

 What is known is not asked.

Patakies of the sign of Ifa Okana Sode:

When Eshu grabbed Elegba.

One time that Olodumare sent Elegba a messenger that was him, Eshu who always tried to interfere with Elegba's work grabbed him on the way and threw him to the ground. But Elegba who was warned by an Egun did not get up.

Olodumare began to worry about Elegba's delay, he sent for him and, knowing what Eshu had done, told him: "If you do not immediately bring Elegba I will punish you severely." Eshu, scared, went to Elegba and told him to get up, to which the latter replied: - "From here I won't get up until you give me 101 doves," knowing that Eshu based his wealth on the Doves.

Eshu went and brought the 101 pigeons, saying to him: - «Well, Elegba, come with me». And then he said again: - «To go with you you have to bring me 101 more pigeons». ESHU returned to bring the requested pigeons, telling Elegba to defend him in the palace, which he again asked for the same number of pigeons, granting it and being ruined, but thus saving his situation before Olodumare.

Orúnmila advises Obatalá.


Obatalá went to Orula to look at himself and he told him that if he did not make a sacrifice, he would suffer an embarrassment, to take four coconuts, cut them in half and take them to the foot of a palm.

The Monkey, who was an enemy of Obatala out of envy, began to spread slanders and lies about him. Obatalá went out to visit and when he arrived at a house they closed the door in his face telling him that he appeared to be a serious person and that he was the one who had brought corruption to the world because he had distributed vice, drink, gambling and in short all the sins.
Then Obatala understood that he had been reviled for disobeying Orula.

Okana Sode Ifa Traditional Nigerian


Kèèròmí Awo Ológun Isesè
Ló día fun Ológun Ìsesè
Èyí tíí sawo èbá ònà
Ará le ro òun báyìí?
Wón ní kí Ológun ìsesè ó rbo
Wón ní bí ará ó ti ròóto
Kò níi seé fenu so
Ìyà ni Ológun Ìsesè sì tí n jeé bò
Ológun Ìsesè bá rbo
ó bá là
A naà?
N ní wá n jó ní wá n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Kèèròmí Awo Ológun Isesè
Ló día fun Ológun Ìsesè
Èyí tíí sawo èbá ònà
Kèè tíì rò me ò omo Awo
Ifá bó bá rò mi tán
N or fi Ihun dádè
Kèè tíì rò me ò omo Awo.

Ifá wishes this person well. This person's life will be pleasant; but you must offer sacrifice.
Kèèròmí is the priest of Ológun Ìsesè

He made divination for Ológun Ìsesè
Ológun Ìsesè the priest of the roadside
He had asked 'Will my life be pleasant?'
They told him to offer sacrifice
And that his good things would be achieved with ease in life
He would be surprised
Ológun Ìsesè had been having hard times
He performed the sacrifice then
He got rich
And surprised, he exclaimed 'Me?'
He began to dance and rejoice
He was praising his Babaláwo
His Babaláwo was praising Ifá
He said it was exactly as his Babaláwo had said
Kèèròmí the priest of Ológun Ìsesè
He made divination for Ológun Ìsesè
Ológun Ìsesè is the priest of the roadside
It is currently not too easy for me
Ifá, if it makes things easy for me
I will use an Iyùn account to mark the end of my Idè
It is currently not too easy for me.

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