Ofun Ika - Ofun Ka

Other names of the Odu Ofun Ika:

  • Ofun-ka.
  • Ofun kamika.
  • Ofun Kamala.
  • Ofun amarife.

Born in the odu Ofun ka:

  • That the older ones do not consider the younger ones.
  • That the enemies of ORUNMILA wanted to harm him with epo.
  • OBATALA suffered a great embarrassment.
  • Money is cursed.
  • In Ofun Ka speaks Tetanus.
  • In ATEBOLETA AZOJUANO is sung last.
  • He must receive all the major powers of religion.
  • The Omo of AZOJUANO in AWOFAKAN that is not mounted on the Igbodun, can do Ifá.
  • The White Monkeys laughed at the Blacks.
  • They entertain the Dog.
  • This is the Ruin Bitch.
  • The Eweses are: Cedro, Cuaba Blanca and Ebano Carbonero.
  • Everything is backwards in the house.
  • AZOJUANO alerts the person because he wants to help him.
  • Saints were not believed.

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Recommendations of the Ofun ka sign:

A war is coming, pray for your enemies to move away.

Don't let them use it.

Give thanks to Saint Lazarus.

Be careful with an operation.

Do not spend a single penny of the money that the aleyos give you until four days have passed.

Turn your life 180 degrees.

prohibitions by Ofun ka:

Don't wear those black clothes.

Do not walk with corojo butter.

Ofun sayings ka:

  • The good son is the Father's treasure.
  • Each with his own.
  • The monkey doesn't even trust its tail.
  • The prey gets out of hand.
  • If you fell, it was because you exalted yourself. And if you thought wrong, put your finger over your mouth.
  • Crown of the old are the children. And the honor of the children, their parents.
  • The Awó always has something to do.

Ethical code of Ifa of the sign Ofun Ika:

The Awó must take care that they do not give him alms to entertain him.

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Says Ifa odu Ofun ka

That people want to sink it. His wife is pregnant and her leg hurts; give thanks to Saint Lazarus; You pass jobs, don't wear those black clothes; do not walk with corojo butter. A war is coming, pray for your enemies to move away. Do not argue with your spouse because you have a very bad temper. Be careful with an operation; avoid punctures and especially touching dirty substances on the floor or animal manure with the wound. Do not spend a single penny of the money the aleyos give you until four days have passed. Be careful with Thursdays in a meeting, appointment or other similar, an embarrassment or a brawl can attack you and die. They do not consider you and treat you with hypocrisy. Turn your life 180 degrees, because everything is upside down. People laugh at you, do not let yourself be used, become much more attached to this religion because you are disenchanted with it, do not exalt yourself before your parents.

Prayer of the Odu Ofun ka:


Ebo of Ofun ka:

Work of the odu Ofun Ika.

Take an otá, make a funfun line and a pupúa, put it inside an Abada (Freidera), look for a matica de ilá with root, make a rolling pin, put it on top of the Otá, ewé tete, ilekán, ekú, eyá, agbadó, 7 eñí adié, cover with igba and say: ODIBANO KODUN EKUYA KIKEREBE DAKUN TETE KEFEREBE ODUN KADUN ILE AKAN

Meaning of the sign of Ifa Ofun ka

When the Awó sees this sign, he first prays to the corner of the house and then to the Aleyó or godson.

He destroys this letter with a silver coin and does not spend it until after four days, because it can cost him his life, because the money is cursed.

The coin is first given to ELEGBA and then given away.

The enemies believe that the Awó is of no importance, they leave him alone and then he defeats the enemies.

It has a lock that prevents it from overtaking.

Don't let them use it.

There is a situation with the Mayor or Godfather, take proper precautions where you eat, if something breaks, you have to leave quickly.

Not hanging out with Epo for 16 days.

Infectious or rampant diseases occur, malignant interiors. Talk about tetanus and contagion.

He works, but he doesn't see results, it gets out of hand.

Ofun Ka speaks of betrayal of the Olowo by the children and godchildren. They take the wrong paths and then despise it, they do not consider it.

Maintain faith in religion, as it is lost and disenchantment with it touches his life.

The godson is separated from the elders.

The contracted agreements are breached and that costs him dearly.

Person who is useful, but they do not give him any reward, they take advantage of it. By not giving it importance, in the end he wins.                    

Patakie of the Ofun ka sign:

The boast of the three Omo of ORUNMILA.

Along this path, ORUNLA had three children, but two of them always boasted that they knew a lot and wanted to know more than ORUNLA and tried to harm their father. Then ORUNLA decided to correct the fault and prepared an Afoshé. He said he was ill and sent for his youngest son to do EBBO.

This, upon learning, commented that he knew as much as his father, since he had sent for him to do EBBO.
When he got to where ORUNLA was, he felt proud and powerful. ORUNLA gave him all the EBBO and Afoshé ingredients, which was where the trap was. When he put his hand in the Afoshe, he got tetanus. A few days later, ORUNLA sent for the second and the same thing happened to him. Then he sent for the eldest of his sons, with the same intention. But he looked at himself, he saw this Ifá and realized that there was a trap and that he had to do EBBO with akukó,
etú, abíti and ashó ará. He did it all and when the EBBO ended, he gave ELEGBA the akukó. Ifá told him to take the guinea with him. He did so and when he arrived, ORUNLA gave him all the EBBO preparations. So the boy prepared everything to do the EBBO for him, but every time he went to put his hand in the Afoshé, the guinea squeaked and he held on. This was repeated several times. Then he said to ORUNLA: Father, give me another Afoshé, that this one has something that hurts me if I touch it. Then ORUNLA said to him: You do know and that's why I bless you! TO IBAN ESHU

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Ofun Ka Ifa Traditional


Òòrun ló kan àtàrí jìndùn jìndùn
A day fún Bongágà obìnrin Ààtàn
Obìnrin Ààtàn ni Bongágà
Wón níwo Ààtàn rubo fún obìnriìn re
Ti ò tíì dé ibì kankan to gbé gèlè pénpé sórí
Bíle bá ti mó
Bongágà or you gbé adé lórí
Nígbà tí or bàá e dòsán
Oh you laugh
Wón ní Ààtàn rubo
Kí obìnriìn rè yìí ó lè ayé pé
Ààtàn ní kí Bongágà or mú gèlè orí è wá
Bongágà or dáhùn
Àyìn éyìn ni Bongágà n yin àwon Babaláwo è
Ó ní Òòrun ló kan àtàrí jìndùn jìndùn
A day fún Bongágà obìnrin Ààtàn
Ìgbà àì sebum
Ìgbà àì tùèerù
E è ri bí Bongágà tí n ba ikúú lo.
Ifá advises that this person should offer sacrifice for himself and for his wife so that they enjoy their lives to the end. The scarf on the woman's head is the sacrifice.
The sun when it sets at its highest and this is biting
Ààtàn's wife made divination for Bongágà
Bogángà was married to Ààtàn
'You Ààtàn, make a sacrifice for your wife' they warned him
'She is nothing and behaves ostentatiously'
Once it dawned
Bongágà will put on a scarf like a crown
But before noon
This one would have withered
They warned him again 'You Ààtàn, offer the sacrifice'
'So that his wife may live a long time on earth'
Ààtàn asked him to wear a scarf on his head
Bogángà refused
She was belatedly praising her Babaláwo
She said 'The sun when it sets high and this one is scathing'
He was the one who made divination for Bongágà, Ààtàn's wife
The downside of not making the sacrifice
The problem of not giving the portion to Èsù
Can you see how Bogángà is carried away by death?

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