Oshe ogunda

Oshe ogunda

Consider everyone as yourself.

Other names for Oshe Ogunda:

Oshe eggunta, Oshe omolu.

In the odu Oshe Omolu is born:

  • The Bone Breaker Stick.
  • The sensations in the buttocks.
  • The war for the INDOKO crown between IDI and OBO.
  • Religious habits (men try to hide the iniquity of their soul with clothing).
  • The woman's hat.
  • Tumors of the rectum, colon, small intestine.
  • Consent to children.
  • The works must be finished to win.
  • OLOFIN is welcomed at any age.

The sign of Ifa Oshe Ogunda points out:

  • The son dethrones the father.
  • You have to listen to the advice of the woman.
  • AYE ate goat.
  • They dethrone a King.
  • The Godfather has a war with the godson.
  • Supernatural beings are after him.
  • ORISHAOKO, OLOKUN and OLOSA must be received.
  • Supernatural beings chase ORULA on a journey.
  • OSHE OMOLU predicts prevent good luck.
  • Speak the uncertainty of taste.
  • Ewé of the sign is the Prodigious.

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Meaning of the sign Oshe Omolu (5-3):

This Oddun predicts to prevent good luck, but rapid changes in temporary activities will bring profit.

Poverty ends and suffering ends. To get wealth, you have to sacrifice.

For this Ifá, the son wishes to destroy the father, because of a disturbing EGUN.

Here the sensation in the buttocks was born. It is the war between the Idi and the Obo to obtain the crown of Indoko. For this reason, it is not known which one gives more sensation, if OFIKALE for Obo or for the Idi of the woman (Idi - ano; Obo - vulva). And that's why Idi gets stuck and as a consequence you have to operate.

The person is haughty, proud and arrogant.

Consent to children was born.

In this Oddun, Eshu wanted to dethrone OLOFIN (You have to feed him).

The herb of the Oddun Oshe Omoluo is: Prodigious - Ewé Dundun.

Here the pamela for women was born, a straw hat with a low top and wide brim, worn by women in summer.

This Oddun predicts that the Awó can receive OLOFIN at any age.

This is an Ifá of Abikú.

Here the tips of knives must be cut, due to the tragedies that may occur in the home.

Religious habits were born, where men try, under the robes of holiness, to hide the concerns of their souls.

The person is seen naked, due to defaults and pride, they go hungry and everything of value has to be changed to survive.

Because of this Oddun, the person governs with just doctrines, but envy always preys on some who claim the position and try to kill him.

For this Oddun, you have to be careful with the HIV virus and with rectal and colon cancer situations.

Here the knife itself cannot make the cape. You need the help of other people to win.

By Oshe Omolu, you don't eat banana.

OYA and ORISHAOKO should be received.

Oddun Oshe Ogunda Recommendations (5-3)

Here the person is put on the necklaces, including OYA's.

The lucky number of this Ifá is 17323.

For this Oddun yams are brought to the corner for 7 days, in different ways of preparation.

He also speaks of embarrassments due to pride and arrogance; marital separation for the same reasons.

The Osobbó of this Ifá: drink, pride and arrogance.

In this Oddun, they leave the pregnant woman and alone she has to raise the child.

When this Oddun goes out in an Athepha, the Alawo is told that his wife can raise him, but because of contempt that woman can disgrace him.

Here the person was a military man or wanted to be a military man, or has worn a uniform.

The Awó with this Oddun must make his mistress a saint.

In the Oddun of Ifa Oshe Omolu, the godfather has to do well or else he will have war with the godson. This is the same in OGUNDA SHE.

When an Awó takes out this Oddun in KAKUANARDO, he must ask if the OBE wants to eat. If you say yes, you are given four white doves along with OBATALA.

Knives should not be used here, as they can kill someone.

This Oddun has the gift of solving any problem to people, given by OLOFIN, but by becoming proud, he declines into poverty and misery.

Here you receive an inheritance or annuity.

To this Oddun all the Osobbó fall on him and only ORUNMILA saves.

OSHE OMOLU is feared because he can do everything, so they stay away from him and this leads to difficult situations and he gets out of them if he is consistent with Eshu ELEGBA.

OSHE OMOLU does not admit opponents and faces the most powerful.

The temptation in this Oddun leads him to difficult situations and relentless persecution, even the EGUNs chase him for getting where he does not belong.

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Oshe Omolu Sayings:

  • The knife itself cannot be done.
  • To win you have to lose.
  • Chicken only for its tail.
  • You don't get arrows without going to the battlefield.
  • Poverty ends, suffering ends, and good fortune comes. 

Ifa code of ethics of the odu Oshe Ogunda:

 The Awó must receive Olofin.

Oshe Omulu talks about:

 In this sign of Ifa the four vital elements speak: earth, water, air and fire.

This Oddun speaks of transitory powder-blown madness.

Oshe Omolu predicts to prevent good luck, but rapid changes in temporary activities will bring profit.

 Here the house is washed with honey from bees and amala. Afterwards, it is watered around the corners raw amalá with honey from bees.

 It is an Oddun in which they use one's misfortune to give you bad luck in business, but because you have asked for it yourself.

For this Ifá, it is necessary to take precautions in the trips and to do EBO to avoid misfortunes, it is necessary to sacrifice pig to EGUN, Eshu or to the Saint who requests it.

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Says Ifa odu Oshe Omolu.

the person has shortages of everything and losses, he has lost a house. He has many eyes on him that envy him. He has very bad form and that is why he will stumble with justice, he will be seen outside his home and he can lose everything. He does not like to comply, nor do EBO and he will have to do it with a garment of great value. Don't give anyone a flash. Don't eat yams. Do not be so arrogant, that is why you spend work Avoid pride, it will not be worth your money, or your talent. His pursuers confuse him with another and he pays, do not wear the other's clothes. Do not throw away the Awoses, nor the religious from their house, they will be in great embarrassment. He comes to fix all his businesses, which are very bad, including property and marital situation. You do not hear your partner and that is your big mistake. Do what ORULA tells you against your enemies and they will fight each other, if you don't do it now, then it will cost you double. Avoid scattered children and if you have them, take care of them, lest they become your enemies and your own vigilantes later on. Ask the people and the Saints with decency and courtesy. Always ask for good luck to be with you.

Prayer of the Odu Oshe Omolu:

Oshe Omolu Un Lodafun Oba Omibini Orugbo Intori Egun Aivo Ogun Kamabo Yadorbe Oba Omibini Awo Otun Awo Ore Eni Emu Un Babalawo La Meta Efun Lowo Cambode Oca Owo Mulapaye.

Oshe Omolu's Ebo:

Ebbó by Oshe Ogunda for tumors for the rectum:

Agután shit, osiadié dundun, 16 broody eggs, graveyard land, cleaned and made EBO; he dared to OGUN. The Agután shit is introduced through the osiadié's anus, the eggs are broken in the anus and introduced, sings: ODIDI EÑI ADIE UNYEN OSHE OMOLU, ARON UNLO, IKU UNLO, ... etc. , the boot in a grave with the name equal to the person concerned.

Patakie of the sign Oshe Ogunda (5-3):

The king's crown.

There was a very proud King and in his reign there was very great discontent. In view of this, the King made ORULA register him, leaving him this Ifá, where he told him that he had to Orubó with the most valuable garment he had, that is, his chain with a large coral.

The King refused, since he did not believe what ORULA told him. Seven days later there was a tumult in the reign, the King came out and hid in the mountain, tearing his clothes. Already hungry, he saw a yam seller pass by, who was ELEGBA in disguise. After much pleading, he managed to exchange his Crown for a few yams. ELEGBA went to the town, telling everyone about the King's situation and the whole town went out in search of him, managing to find him and place him back on the throne.

Oshe Omolu Ifa Traditional:


I know neither ò I died Olú
Òsì ni ò màwò
Agedengbe ni ò died enì or ro òun
A day fún tègbón tàbúrò
Níjó ti won n lo sóko Ìpére
Oko Ìpére tí àwón n lo yìí dáa fun àwon?
Wón ní wón ó rbo
Wón ni yóó ye won
Wón bá rubo
Tègbón tàbúrò de oko Ìpére
Won bá tanná Ola
Ola bá de
Ayé bá ye won
Wón bá n jó won n yò
Wón n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Wón ní béè làwon Babaláwo tàwón wí
I know neither ò I died Olú
Òsì ni ò màwò
Agedengbe ni ò died enì or ro òun
A day fún tègbón tàbúrò
Níjó ti won n lo sóko Ìpére
Wón ní kí wón or rubo kí wón or lè baà múre wálé
Won gbébo nbè
Wón rubo
Kín làá tanná Ìpére?
Àtànlà làá tanná Ìpére
Ifá advises this person and his blood brother to offer sacrifice to Òòsàálá by lighting a lamp next to Òòsàálá's staff, so that they can pack
riches and bring them home. He will also light a lamp to Òrúnmìlà for seven days.
I know you don't know the Orí de Olú
Poverty does not respect the pigmentation or texture of the skin
The Agedengbe machete does not know the Orí of its manufacturer
They were the ones who made divination for the Adult and the Young
The day they were going to the Ìpére forest
They asked 'Will this journey that we are about to undertake go well?'
So they advised him to offer sacrifice
They assured him that they would do well
They offered the sacrifice
The brothers then went to Ìpére's farm
They lit a lamp of wealth
Wealth came to them in the blink of an eye
Life pleased them
So they started dancing and they were happy
They praised their Babaláwos
And their Babaláwos praised Ifá
They said it was exactly as their Babaláwos had said
I know you don't know the Orí de Olú
Poverty does not respect the pigmentation or texture of the skin
The Agedengbe machete does not know the Orí of its manufacturer
They were the ones who made divination for the Adult and the Young
The day they were going to the Ìpére forest
So they were advised to offer sacrifice so that they would return with much wealth
They heard about the sacrifice
And they did
What did we say about the lamp we lit in Ìpére?
Ingenious lighting
Ingenious lighting is what we say about the light in Ìpére
Ingenious lighting.

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  1. Dimitrov days Menendez

    Ose omolu is an ODDUN where the person's head can make him believe things that are not, you have to be very careful of paranoia, no decision should be made driven by anger or any other emotion, you have to be strong in this ODDUN since the person often falls ill due to the scale of social classes the person is branded as a king and even exaggerates him in this regard

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