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ifa iwori kana sign

Iwori Kana is one of the Odu of Ifa corresponding to the book of Iwori, it corresponds to the position 53 in the Genealogical Order of Ifa. This Odu says that the goodwill of Ifá abounds for this person, whoever looks at this sign should avoid isolating himself from people because he must try to be in the midst of many people and interrelate. He will not know the bad times in his life.

Other names for Iwori Okana:

  • Iwori Kana.
  • Iwori nor Kana.

In the odu Iwori Kana is born:

  • OLOKUN masks.
  • The Devil came to Earth.
  • YEMAYA OKUTE dressed in black and white.
  • YEMAYA defends the person.
  • SHANGO and OSANYIN eat chiquita jicotea.
  • OGUN does not eat jicotea.
  • SHANGO dressed in Ashibatá leaves.
  • OGGUN had to accept the power of SHANGO.
  • Speak the Tua Tua.
  • Talk about three older people who ask for you.
  • This Ifá is dominated by OGUN.

The Iwori Okana sign points out:

  • Disobedience costs life.
  • The person achieves everything he wants.
  • People doubt ORUNMILA.
  • YEMAYA OKUTE was OGUN's mother.
  • The face bean speaks.
  • ORUNMILA wanted to fix the World.

Recommendations of the Iwori Kana sign:

For this Ifá, for insomnia, sarsaparilla decoction is taken. Also for rashes.

In this Odu, the IRE is made by giving Eshu a small goat.

It can be said that this Ifá is dominated by OGGUN, so you have to take good care of it, otherwise it goes through everything, causing many complications, such as wars, marital problems and can even lead to problems of justice, where you can fall prisoner and you it can lead to death.

This Ifá speaks the face bean, which is sown and born after nine days, then crawls on the ground until it manages to stand up. So you have to be careful with your things, do not crawl on the ground because it will be difficult to lift it.
For this Ifá, no one can be trusted.

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Sayings of Iwori Kana:

  • Do not fool the one who does not know.
  • Speaking carelessly kills an ignorant person.
  • There is nothing that the fortune teller cannot see, and nothing that is beyond his knowledge.
  • The Babalawo cannot be talkative.
  • Mockery of others is ignorance.

Iwori Kana bans:

  • The person, by this Ifá, cannot be greedy. Here the disobedience of Ifá is paid with life.
  • Because of the Iwori Kana Sign, the person cannot make fun of people with problems, as it can bring him situations of justice.
  • Because of this Odu, you cannot be talkative, you cannot mistreat your wife, lest you lose your luck.
  • Here OSHUN is asked with five different things and take good care of her so that she always helps him.
  • This Ifá speaks of a son that you do not know because he separated from a woman who was pregnant.
  • For this Ifá, you can not oppose the love relationships of the daughters. If one of them goes with the boyfriend, do not curse her, leave her, they will reconcile in the future.
  • This Ifá speaks of three elderly people who love him very much. Respect them.
  • Here the problems are told to your spouse so that he can pray to the Saints for you.
  • In Iwori Okana the person tends to go down with the sexual act.
  • Here the mother saves the person.

Ifa code of ethics of the odu Iwori Kana:

The Awó respects all religions.

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What is Iwori Kana talking about?

  • In this Ifá, the Devil came to Earth, entered the Church and burned the images of the Saints. That is why the person is told to respect all religions and never do acts against the Saints.
  • Here the person achieves what he wants or what he sets out to achieve.
  • Here you have to be careful, do not be threatened with a knife.
  • Here people doubt the word of ORUNMILA.
  • For this Ifá, you have to take care of your eyesight, because you can lose an eye in an accident.
  • This Ifá is called Ifá del Diver.
  • For this Ifá, the Awó must receive OSANYIN and OLOKUN.
  • You have to take care of OGUN a lot, give him banana blood and take care of him a lot, so that he always helps him and never gets in his way.
  • In Iwori Kana, you cannot bathe in the sea or in the rivers, much less a mask to fish.
  • This is where the OLOKUN masks were born.
  • Here YEMAYA OKUTE dressed in black and white, and sat on the bank of the river, so that OSANYIN would not recognize her. This YEMAYA is OGUN's mother.
  • You must dress in different clothes so that your enemy does not recognize you, because you have to be careful of hidden enemies who do not know who they are.
  • Here YEMAYA OKUTE defends the person and requests the help of Eshu.
  • Here SHANGO and OSANYIN eat chiquita jicotea.
  • In this Ifá, OGUN does not eat jicotea, because they saved his life.

Meaning of the Odu Iwori Okana

  • The person will not appreciate anything that is done to him.
  • In Iwori Kana, SHANGO dressed in Ashibatá sheets turned upside down.
  • Here OGGUN had to accept the power of SHANGO and told him: "From now on I will respect you." The pact was sealed before OBATALA AYAGUNA, with white rooster and jicotea. The white rooster was provided by YEMAYA OKUTE and OSANYIN, so that OGUN would be saved from the fury of SHANGO.
  • When they were swearing the pact, OBATALA AYAGUNA knelt to OGUN and put his sword to him with the point down and gave him blood of the white rooster, saying to him: "This is your seat." In this YEMAYA OKUTE arrived, who took off her necklace and gave it to AYAGUNA, and he put it on OGUN. And he said: "From this moment, I will be the slave of the whole world and when I work for OSANYIN and SHANGO, I will do it dressed in black."
  • For this Ifá, the person did not know the mother.
  • You cannot fix the world, nor change what you have experienced; there is war and work must be done to win it.
  • Here you suffer from poisoning by ingesting drinks or foods that are taboo for you, prohibited by the Guardian Angel or another Saint.
  • By this sign of Ifá, the person has a very strong Obese dead, which sometimes makes him behave rude and impulsive.

Says Ifa Iwori Kana:

That you came here because of a daughter who left you; do not look for her or report to the police, that she will appear; Do not curse it. -All the bad things have gone to you in the bathroom; Thank YEMAYA and her mother. You are very behind and nothing you do is going well for you and if you do a job, you are not paid. - Feed your Guardian Angel. Your wife is pregnant, tell her to do Ebo so that she does not have an abortion.

You have to take good care of your wife. - A war is coming to you, hold on to ORUNMILA.

In your house there are five of the family and there is a barbecue.-In your house there is one who is going to tell you not to do anything that comes out here, because he says that the Babalawos are liars and bandits.-Attend to OGUN so that Kick off the coming war. 

You have to beg your head because it is very hot. They want to kill him, but his mother has to scream and will save him. You have to feed Eshu. he has a dead man who makes him rude and impulsive. You must receive OSANYIN. He cannot oppose his daughters' relationships and he cannot curse them. 

You have to listen to your wife's advice. You cannot bathe in the sea or in the rivers, much less go down to the depths. You must receive OLOKUN. You cannot be greedy, much less make fun of those who are in trouble. You have to be careful with your things, do not crawl on the ground, because it will be difficult for you to lift them. You can't trust anyone not to get lost. You can fix the world, fix your life first. It cannot be disobedient with the Saints and less with ORUNMILA. You cannot be a slave to the people, you cannot speak carelessly because it can bring you great problems. When you start a business, you need to be sure of what you are going to do and not make decisions lightly.

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Prayer of the Odu Iwori Okana:


Suyere of the Iwori Kana Sign:


Iwori Kana's Ebo:


They give him two bananas and attend him for seven days, asking him and giving him an account of his problems.

For IRE:

Eshu is given a small goat.

For insomnia:

Sarsaparilla herb cooking will be taken.

Herbs (Ewe) of the Odu Iwori Okana:


This herb has other names such as puffin, little friar, San Juan del Cobre.


It belongs to the family: EUPHORBIACEAE

It is a herbaceous plant, of 1 to 2 meters, sometimes woody in its upper part; leaves 7 to 15 cm, heart-shaped at the base, with 3 to 5 acute lobes, denticulate, ciliated-granular; small, greenish flowers; sepals ovate, glandular and stormy; 5 domed and purple petals, and 1 cm capsule with 3 furrows. This herb is of tropical origin.

Its location is in barren and cultivated lands, mainly calcareous, of low or medium elevation.

It is found in the Greater Antilles and many Lesser Antilles, in the Bahamas, and in tropical America.

His properties:

The leaves are used as a modic antipaz, antidiabetic, antiasthmatic, antivenom, and emmenagogue. The roots are used for their diuretic and stomachic properties and the seeds as a cholagogue. Latex is applied to burns.

In some people, contact can cause histamine reactions.

Latex is poisonous and can cause contact dermatitis.

Patakie of the Iwori Kana sign:



There was a man who had a younger daughter, the one who had a lover. But he was opposed to these relationships, being a vicious individual with a bad social background. And always the father was advising that daughter to leave that relationship and look at any other young man who was not vicious. But the daughter did not obey him.

One day, the father locked her in his house and constantly watched her to prevent her from reaching something effective with that individual. It happened that one day the daughter, tormented by her father's persecution, left with her lover.

The mother, upset and to avoid greater consequences, told her husband not to look for her and not to report it to the authorities either. The father, after much talking, listened to his wife's advice.

The young woman's husband, seeing that her father did not claim anything, thought that he was looking for a way to harm them, to do something bad to them, which led him to become very nervous and scared, something that was detected by the young wife.

One day, the young woman went to the gambling house where her husband worked or planted and noticed him very nervous, looking everywhere, with fear, as if he expected an attack from someone. When they were together at his house, she let him know and he replied: - "I'm not afraid, but I think your father can hurt us and that's why I'm always on the lookout."

Some time later, this man quit gambling and looked for a job. And when he returned home at night, he did not go out again, spending the whole night with his wife. One day the woman became pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful girl. Taking advantage of this opportunity, he went with his wife and daughter to the father-in-law's house, bringing him some gifts. This already knew the change operated by the husband of his daughter. He received him like a son and shortly after the wedding was celebrated.

Iwori Kana: Traditional Ifa Verse

Ìwòrì ò rinkán
Awo Olóréé Àgbon
A day fún Ináagún
Níjó ti n fomi ojúú sògbérè omo
Wón ní kó rbo
Ó bí omo lópòlopò
Sùgbón kò séni tú mo babaa won
Ìwòrì ò rinkán
Awo Olóréé Àgbon
A day fún Ináagún
Níjó ti n fomi ojúú sògbérè omo
Ináagún the mò
A ò menitó bí won.

Ifá says that this person should offer the sacrifice especially if he is a man who has children. Both father and son should offer sacrifice as both father and son will not be bewitched at the expense of others.

Ìwòrì ò rinkán
It is the priest of the house of Olórèé Àgbon
They made divination for the House Fly
On the day that she lamented for her lack of children
They told her to perform the sacrifice
She had many children
But no one knew who her father was
Ìwòrì ò rinkán
It is the priest of the house of Olórèé Àgbon
They made divination for the House Fly
On the day that she lamented for her lack of children
We only know the House Fly
But we don't know his father.


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