Okana Iwori (Okana Gio)

okana gio - okana iwori

Okana Iwori also called Okana Gio, is the 124th Oddun of Ifa in the lordly Order of Ifa. orunmila He says that he refers to two people, both of them must make sacrifice so that a bad coincidence does not happen unexpectedly to one of them. Ifá sends this person to ask who the second person is. Life will please you both.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Okana Iwori?

  • That the white Orishas never
  • They use gunpowder.
  • Ifá Foré Ayé. Kaferefun SHANGO.
  • That the right increases 6 pesos, for ESHU (banker).
  • The formation of the Earth.
  • That the egg has the chick inside alive or dead.
  • The deformation of the belly from giving birth.
  • SHANGO's fight with OGUN and the hot pepper.
  • The powder keg that saves and loses.
  • The dance of Atemoletá from OKANA GIO.
  • The rain as magnanimous and at the same time despised.
  • That the fire was languishing.
  • Okana Ngunkeba's name for this Odu.
  • Do not eat bitter things (poison enters).
  • Here: A minor discovers it.
  • ESHU was a banker for the Awó.
  • SHANGO pound of the police (ashelú).

What is the Okana Gio sign talking about?

  • Ram and Drum are given as foundation to SHANGO for luck.
  • The woman is lost as a merchant.
  • The Jimaguas parted ways.
  • Flower pots are placed high up to the dead.
  • You have diabetes.
  • ORUNMILA threw ice water on OLOFIN (he feigned death).
  • The older is outnumbered by the younger, and this ripostes.
  • The hot pepper was damaging to OGUN.
  • OSHUN saved with the chickens.
  • OBATALA put down the gunpowder.
  • OSHOSI brought the gunpowder, and it was used in warfare.
  • The warrior Amazons speak.
  • The leper speaks.
  • They poison the person with what they eat.
  • Okana Gio seduces a close woman (Unworthy).
  • The chameleon did not tell his intimacies, he crashed.

The Okana Iwori sign points out:

  • Returning from a trip is difficult.
  • OLOFIN wanted to test ORUNMILA.
  • The herbs are: chicken leg, wall, crab grass, hot pepper.

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Recommendations of the Okana Iwori sign:

This is an Ifá of tests, traps and deceptions. You should not brag in the presence of someone who can help you. You have to be careful with the candle.

Awó OKANA GIO must be an Ifa practitioner, a priest gifted with everything to save suffering humanity.

This Odu speaks of premature death, of a person who does not have to die. OKANA GIO is the rain that is good and magnanimous, because they always accuse it as an undesirable guest, because it interrupts what one does and wants.

Here a white person can help you prosper, rather he is blonde, he must make sacrifice. The person is thrown out of some place for falling in love with a friend's wife.

When this Ifá appears in IGBODU, the person is told that they must be a practitioner of the Ifá priesthood, endowed with the power to bring salvation to suffering humanity. In addition to the normal ESHU of your Ifá, you must prepare an ESHU ODARA to send messages.

When this sign of Ifa appears in an ordinary record, the person is told that despite his magnanimity towards people, he will be mocked and vilified. You must make sacrifice so as not to be a victim of ingratitude.

When Okana Gio appears in an ordinary record, the person must make sacrifice so that a white person can help him prosper. If the person being guessed is a woman, she will be told that she will marry a blond man and he will make her life rich and prosperous.

When this Oddun "Okana Iwori" appears in IGBODU, the person can be seen as untrustworthy and very forgetful. He must serve ESHU with a goat and his head with a guinea so that his prosperity is consolidated. All bitter things, such as bitter leaves and bitter kola, are forbidden to him. In an ordinary registry the person must serve ESHU with a goat so that his mind does not lose it. You are also cautioned not to brag in the presence of those who can help you.

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Okana Iwori:

  • The one that itches him is because he eats chili.
  • Play dead to see the burial they make for you.
  • Olofin says: Orunmila on earth and I in Heaven.
  • I will not be a victim of mass death on Earth.
  • Benevolence is rewarded with ingratitude.
  • The rain came to bring good fortune.
  • When the fire is going to be extinguished, it will revive with dried palm leaves.

Says Ifa Okana Iwori:

That you have gunpowder on you, or have walked with it. set it aside.

If you have money saved to make a mass for a dead person or do a charity work for the Saints, respect it, because it
they can turn on.

Thank SHANGO for keeping you from going to jail.

You are running away from a person who is looking for you, do Ebó; because if not a boy will discover it.

Feed SHANGO. you are as bitter. At home two people have dreamed the same. Death is close. After you feed SHANGO, you will have to give him a Foundation Drum as well, so that luck will just come.

They owe you seven pesos or seven things, SHANGO will be the one who will collect it from you.

Be careful with the candle. There is a person who thinks he is going to rob a place; Ebó has to do so that they will not take him inside and the justice will take him or kill him. Be careful with a trip, do not have difficulties when you return.-That you have two dolls, that you bring them to wash and feed them. You have a problem blood.

Prayer of the Odu Baba Okana Iwori:


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Meaning of the Sign of Ifa Okana Gio - Okana Iwori

The Odu OKANA IWORI advises the customer to tell their problems to others. It also talks about an imminent visit. Fear and inability to tell their problems is blocking the client's path.

This is where by mandate of OLORDUMARE, OLOFIN and ORUNMILA are the ones who rule the World.

Here speaks the hot pepper. Maferefun SHANGO.

This Ifá is called: OKANA NGANGBA. The right that was set to the person for the work to be carried out is increased by six pesos, because here ESHU became an ORUNMILA banker.

Here the Earth began to be created. SHANGO frees the war and the police (ashelú).

For this Ifá you have to be careful with a child, it is not the cause of him discovering something and going to prison.

Here SHANGO is given a ram and then a foundation drum for luck.

This Ifa sign says: "The egg has inside a live or dead chick."

The woman is lost as a merchant. Money has been stolen. You want to tie up a man.

This was where the Jimaguas parted. Talk about separation from siblings or friends. You have to receive the Jimaguas and put a square on it.

OKANA IWORI abekó beiré loyuba adifafun yekú Ereke. (Ereke is the wild cane).

The person with this Odu must take care of diabetes, as it can suffer from this disease.

Here, to solve situations, ORUNMILA is given four water flowers with gunpowder, jutía and smoked fish, corojo butter and toasted corn.

Here OBATALA left the gunpowder. This saves and loses in this Odu.

You have to be very careful, because you have hidden enemies.

ORUNMILA made SHANGO Ebó with a rooster and a lot of money, so that he could win the war against his opponents.

The woman in this Odu suffers from Flow and problems within her. And she lives self-conscious because her belly is deformed.

Okana Iwori is a sign that speaks of a traveling child (Abikú).

Here the parents go overboard with the treatment of their children, arising problems between them because of the eldest.

Odu Okana Gio Ifa Code of Ethics:

Elewá is the Awó banker.

Pataki of the sign of Ifa Okana Iwori:

ORUNMILA and ice water to OLOFIN.

One time, OLOFIN wanting to prove how far ORUNMILA reached in his wisdom, he pretended to be dead, and since no Saint knew what OLOFIN had planned, that was the great surprise.

When ORUNMILA learned of OLOFIN's death, he became Ososde and this Odu (Okana Gio) was seen, who warned him to beware of traps. Meanwhile, in OLOFIN's house, the Saints and the people were attending to the deceased, putting flowers and other things on him. At that moment ORUNMILA arrived singing and whistling, as if nothing had happened, where everyone present was amazed. Then ORUNMILA asked for a white plate, praying mentally and suddenly he sprinkled cold water with ice on OLOFIN's face, not expecting this surprise, he got up from the bed where he was lying, ORUNMILA
He greeted him and OLOFIN replied: »You on Earth and I in Heaven. We are both the ones who have to rule the world. Uncle Iban Eshu.

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Okana Gio Ifa Traditional


Òkàn ki ki ki
Babaláwo Ojó ló día fun Ojó
Òkàn ki ki ki
Awo Òjò ló dáá fun Òjò
Wón ní kí wón ó rbo
Òjò ló rbo ju Ojó lo
Ebo ti Òjó pé pérépéré
Sùgbón ti Ojó ò pérárá
Bó ti wù kí Ojó or yora tú
Bí Òjò bá béè lè
Yoó pa ojú Ojó ni
Òjò wá n jó n ní n yò
N yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó nÍ béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Òkàn ki ki ki
Babaláwo Ojó ló día fun Ojó
A bù fun Òjò
Wón ní kí àwon méjèèjì ó saca káalè
Ebo ni kí won se
Òjò nìkàn ní n be léyìn tú rbo
A ní mo tallow Òkànràn kì
kì kìì kì
Níbi Òjò bá Ojó
Níbè náà níí fi Ojó yes.

Ifá wants this person to be well. Your things cannot be spoiled. He must offer sacrifice so that someone does not take anything from his rightful position.

Òkàn ki ki ki
The Babaláwo of the Day made divination for the Light of the day,
Òkàn ki ki ki
The Babaláwo of the Rain made divination for the Rain
The two were advised to perform sacrifice
When they made their sacrifice
The rain offered his full (full)
The sacrifice of the Day was not complete
When the day is bright
Once it starts to rain
It would darken to the brightness of the day
The rain began to dance and rejoice
He was praising his Babaláwo
His Babaláwo was praising Ifá
He said it was exactly as his Babaláwo had said
Òkàn ki ki ki
The Babaláwo of the Day made divination for the Light of the day,
He also made divination for the Rain
They were advised to take care of the earth
And offer sacrifice
It was the rain that comes from behind to make the sacrifice
He said: "I have performed the sacrifice of Òkànràn kì"
kì kìì kì
Wherever the rain meets the day
It is there that I would reach it.

Eshu of the Oddun Okana Gio 


This Eshu is the one who sends the messages of some sacrifice. This Eshu is capable of targeting all those who have refused to make sacrifice after divination. He is a friend of Ighoroko, the affectionate friend of Eshu, he is a seer and an explorer, it is he who has the means to identify all the people both in Heaven and on Earth, who were advised in divination to make sacrifice.

This Eshu is from the forests. Things to eat are hung in a bag in the forest.

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