Irete suka

Irete Tura - Irete suka

Whoever the Awó tells his secrets to, that one will betray him.

Other names for Irete Otura:

  • Irete Osuka.
  • Irete Suka.
  • Irete Sukankola.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Irete Suka?

  • Iyáremo, mother of Odduduwa.
  • Go from free to slave.
  • That Olófin cannot bless what has no head.
  • The monogram for clothing.
  • The secret service.
  • The Military Service and the Dance of Death.
  • The consecrations of Osha by Odduduwa and Shango (Part of them).
  • Put a metal gag on Eshú and Obbatalá.
  • That Irete Suká's okpele is made of ivory or Ayapá bone.
  • That Elegbá was born deformed.
  • Oyá killed her Omodé, who was a fetus.
  • Dasoyi (Azójuano) took the road to Dahomey.
  • Agroniga Omobi Tasa (The strong and young man, son of the Awan).
  • Ayalala, power of Irete Suká's witchcraft, secret gudote casserole, delivered by Jebioso and Azójuano.
  • The secret of the metamorphosis of the skin.
  • The agbani (Deer) was transformed into a great maiden.

What does the sign Irete Suka talk about?

  • The three trees are women wanko (Omó de la Palma), wanka (Omó del Guama), wankarika (Omó of aroma) and the male Jagüey her husband, who does not dominate any of them.
  • That the Awó must always use the Ileké de Obbatalá.
  • That the son of Odduduwa who does not ride and has conditions, becomes direct Ifá. Whoever does, becomes Oshanlá or OBANLA.
  • Iwan kirigui, iwan karika, iwan kawanka, the three powers of the Omo of Odduduwa, which is represented by three agboranes.
  • The son of sacrifice, maiden blood for the rites of alabuweye (An Odduduwa).
  • The land eri bawa lode, The great path of blessing that Orunmila, Shango, Obbatalá give to Ogue through Eggún.
  • That Naná Burukú helps the person to get rid of marital pressures and to solve problems.
  • Akopera awó, godson of apekankola, who betrayed his godfather.
  • Make a great ceremony so that it is not a failure.
  • Make an okpele with a gold chain to Irete Suká, with Inshé Ozayín on the right leg.
  • The near death situations.
  • Obbatalá brings the spirits down from Heaven to Earth without anyone noticing, hence the spiritual presentiment.
  • That iyanya and ibaomi live together after the Awó is 7 years old.
  • That Odduduwa gives 50% plus one of his sons to Oshanlá.
  • The compadres fight over a son.
  • Obbatalá blessed the young Awoses for their ashé.
  • The jars of dambe speak.
  • The character is a victim of his gambling and ignorance.
  • In Irete Suka luck is brought by Obbatalá.
  • Obbatalá despised the Earth by doubting her for the children.
  • The husband has a hard time and the loved one is treated well.
  • The snake was transformed into a beautiful girl.
  • Orunmila made Ikú an Ifa man, his subordinate.
  • It is where the leather is hung in the Sun.
  • It is where Ozayín's ashé passed to Orunmila.
  • One friend eats the other's food.
  • Elegbá was born in a cursed land and came out abnormal.

The sign Irete Otura points out:

  • Oshanlá blesses Elegbá and says to him: You will serve for good and for evil.
  • Eshú cursed the sons of Yanzá, telling him that they will be thrown out from everywhere.
  • The great slaughter struck the land of Iyesa and the epidemic was extinguished by the Omo of Azójuano.
  • Irete Suka speaks of the torture of Irete Suká's Obiní's tears, due to hunger and mistreatment.
  • The sons of Odduduwa with Holy deed, have two guardian angels, Odduduwa and Obbatalá.
  • It says that men are in danger of life in the world.
  • Baba was gagged for protesting and speaking the wrong thing.
  • Irete Otura speaks the forbidden land.
  • The river otá is sought and eyelé is given with the river and coconut jar to the shilekún ilé.
  • Agroniga Omobitasa is consecrated with ibako, which is his Ozayín, by the Treaty of Azójuano.
  • This is Odduduwa Alabuweye.
  • The Eweses are: Don Shayo, Aberikunló, Jagüey macho, Guamá, Palma and Aroma.

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Sayings of Irete Suka:

  • King's head, child's brain.
  • Go from free to slave.
  • Life does not move with the movement of death.
  • Luck and fortune are suspended in the air.
  • The Awó transcends life because he knows the right path.

Recommendations of the Irete Suka sign:

Meet slime (OBBATALA). since without knowing it I get him out of a hurry.

 Mistakes made in the past are repeated.

Avoid eating grains (beans) that are in poor condition, especially if they are red.

Yoko osha is performed to save herself

The word is not given to solve anything.

Ask God with all your heart, if not, you will achieve nothing.

prohibitions from Irete Suka:

Take care of the shepe for the otí.

Do not leave your children in the care of anyone, as they will cheat you and can harm you. Be careful with them in your own home.

Beware of love triangles, which bring tragedies and you have to cover up the fault committed.

Says Ifa odu Irete Suka:

He has spots on his body and itches, he gave a child to someone else and has been losing his luck. He wasn't raised by his mom. It has an object of inheritance. He has a very hard head and is always fighting. He had an illness, which almost died, he is very revolutionary, he likes to destroy the house, not where he lives. Meet Obbatalá, who got you out of trouble, his business is bad, he has done favors for three people, who are his enemies and do him low damage. Do not tell your secrets and beware of betrayal. In his house they have buried something for him and he has lawsuits on his hands. Beware of a pawn or mortgage. Beware of traps. Be careful not to become a slave for not having a head. He is going to heal someone that no one has been able to do. You cannot have a family, do not have curettage or interruptions. Thank the Ibeyis. Take care of your clothes, do not steal them to do jobs for you. There may be height accidents in your family. Beware of love triangles, which bring tragedies and you have to cover up the fault committed. He sees many dead and has to do Oshá. The promises or covenants must be analyzed in depth, if they are not adverse. During trips or transfers there may be traps and encounters with the law. The woman can get out of hand and hit the man. Watch out for your conscience and your brain to find out, for not being faithful or committing treason. Avoid hurting others. Do not steal, or betray the godfather, superiors or peers, because they surprise you. Do not ask your partner for the impossible, or be abusive with it, the Saints charge you for your bad behavior. Know how to keep the intimate secrets of your partner. The old do not value it, you must analyze the relationships with them. It is difficult for him to find a partner.

Prayer of the Odu Irete Suka:

Irete Suká Apekankola Adifafún Akopera Ewere Oddé Obiní Kuaye Awonifa Obarabaniresun Moyare Oyebi Oyebifa Orunmila Orugbo.

Irete Suka's Ebbo:

Inshé Ozayín by Irete Otura to unify marriage.

It is made ebbó with 2 eyelé, male and female. After the ebbó is done, they will be given to Oshún, the heart is removed and the name of both is put inside it and they are joined with 5 pins, which mean the 5 bodily senses of the human being. They are chalked with white and yellow thread, stick changes voice, ayuá and Paramí. After chalking, they are put in a jar with a lid and quicksilver, 1 piece of lodestone, iron limes and for the sea are added to it, so that it sinks to the bottom. 

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Description of the odu Irete Suka (Otura):

The Oddun Irete Suká offers solutions for the disease.

Kaferefún Oshosí, Oshún and Orunmila.

Because of the Oddun, the person is very hard-headed and is liable to go from free to slave. She tends to be incredulous and the Saints give her leather.

The woman may have difficulty in fathering or the children may be deformed. The Obiní suffers from the womb and suffers from hemorrhages.

Children who stand up can be kidnapped or the mother could abandon them, just as the father abandons because of a love triangle. Receive the Ibeyis, do works to unify marriage with 2 eyelé to Oshún.

The men are drafted into the army. The people of the Oddun are used as spies.

Make yoko Oshá so that they are saved.

The mamey shell from Santo Domingo is used for owó as Inshé Ozayín.

Irete Suká's definition of the world is that it sucks.

The Awó is distinguished by knowing how to give great interpretations to the Oddun of Ifá, although he has problems in his memory and must do works to avoid this or to fix things.

The person ignores his own ailments, within them the skin, the blood from birth due to genetic problems, Mongolism.

The mistakes that are made are repeated.

He must count on Obbatalá so that things turn out well for him. Obbatalá is the one who brings down the spirits of Heaven, that is why his spiritual presentiment is derived.

You always suffer for your children, your partner is slandered for them.

It can die from sudden animal bites, from poisoning. The couple is also included figuratively.

The Awó does what is necessary to avoid near-death situations, to know through Ifá the selection of the correct path.

You are addicted to the pleasures of life and women.

Irete Suká's godfather can destroy and annul him for treason by the godson.

Take care of the shepe for the otí.

Avoid eating grains (beans) that are in poor condition, especially if they are red.

He is so curious that it leads him to perdition, he becomes a traitor to Orunmila, the godfather and the trust they place in him.

Irete Suká's opkéle is made with a gold chain and lives in a silver casket with Orunmila, it is made from Ayapá.

Do not leave your children in the care of anyone, as they will cheat you and can harm you. Be careful with them in your own home.

The mother may go mad from birth disturbances or markedly intentional interruptions.

The person has skills in pottery, in the arts, and as a doctor, as well as a healer.

Ask God with all your heart, if not, you will achieve nothing.

He can die drowned by the anger of Shango or the Saints, for the bad behavior with the Obiní and doubt the Omodé.

Elements of the mockingbird and the tomeguín are used to attract the Obiní.

For Iré he is watching and for Osobbó they watch him.

You have to do Inshé Ozayín so that the woman can live in peace with Irete Suká, because cockiness loses it.

The shadow of Iyaremu, mother of Odduduwa, protects the omó of the sign.

Here Orunmila takes care of the stability of the world, by mandate of Olófin.

The sacrifice of people was suspended and that of animals began in the Odduduwa rites.

Irete Suká solves the problem for women, it is the salvation of the mother, for birth or by power of Ifá.

Irete Suká is not supported by the elders and criticism of him is sought.

Eggún is given ejá's blood, with pepper.

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Irete Suka Ifa Traditional


Oká ni ò jé á fowó ra òun lórí I béjé I béjé
Òsùùsuù ni ò jé á forí òun sònà
A day fún Òrúnmìlà
Ifá n sòwò omo lórí Apá
Ó sówó omo lórí Apá
Béè ni ò gún
N lo rèé sòwò omo lórí Ooro
Ó se lórí Ooro béè ni ò gún
Òrúnmìlà bá lo sórùn Òpè
Òun le bímo báyìí?
I still see myself lórí Apa
ko gun
Un se lórì Ooro
kò yàtò
Orùn Òpe túun n lo yìí?
Wón ní kó ru igbá àdému
Kó sì ru òwú
Wón ní kí wón ó wá ká òwú òhún Sínú igbá àdému
Ngbà or dórí Òpe
Ni bá n bimo
Òun náá
Ní bá n yin àwon Oká ni ò jé á fowó rà un lórí
Àwon Òsùùsuù ni ò jé á fori òun sònà
A day fún Òrúnmìlà
Ifá n sòwò omo lórí Apá
Ó be lórí Apa
Béè ni ò gún
N ló ba ré kété ló bó sórí Ooro
Ó be lórí Ooro
Béè ni ò gún
Òrúnmìlà bá lo sórùn Òpè
Ó dórùun tÒpè ní bá n bímo
Ta ló bímo báwònyí beere?
Òpè ló bímo báwònyí beer
Èdú è yàgàn
Gbogbo wá láá dolómò
Èdú è yàgàn.

Ifá wishes the good fortune of children for this person. Ifá sees a woman whose daughter is in the hands of her third husband. This person should offer sacrifice for the daughter so that her life is not ruined.

The Cobra hates the person who rubs his head with his hand
The thorns Òsùùsuù detest the one who walks on it
They were the ones who made divination for Òrúnmìlà
When Òrúnmìlà will trade with children on Apá
He will trade with children on top of the Apa tree
He traded with children on the Apa tree
But it hadn't been successful
He went to trade with children on the Ooro tree
He did it on Ooro but had no success whatsoever
Òrúnmìlà went to the neck of Òpè
And he asked, 'Will I be able to have children?'
'I tried to do it on the Apa tree'
'And I was unsuccessful'
'I tried to do it on the Ooro tree'
'It was no different'
'But this is the neck of Òpè'
They advised him to offer sacrifice with a special type of gourd called 'Àdému'
He was advised to offer also with cotton cloth
The cotton fabric then had to be rolled lengthwise, stretched and rolled into the Àdému
When he reached the neck of Òpè
He started having children
Surprised he exclaimed 'Yo!'
He began to praise his priests Oká ni ò jé a fowó ra òun lórí i béjé i béjé
And to the priests 'Òsùùsuù ni ò jé á fori òun sònà'
They were the ones who made divination for Òrúnmìlà
When he would trade with sons in the Apa tree
He did it on the Apa tree
But it was unsuccessful
He then went to climb the Ooro tree
He made it over the Ooro tree
And it was unsuccessful
He then went to the neck of cuellopè
He got to the neck of Òpè and began to have children
Who has had that little bit of children?
It is Òpè who has had that little bit of children
Èdu can never be sterile
All of us definitely become nursing mothers
Èdú can never be sterile.

Patakie of the sign Irete Suka (The Princess, from free, becomes a slave.)

There was a Princess, who had relations with a Prince and a maiden of the same served as an intermediary. The Princess had gotten pregnant and decided to hide her disgrace, however, the Prince had to take a long trip, because of the war, and he told the Princess to take care of her son, because he would marry her.

When the Princess gave birth to the boy, they wrapped him with a sheet marked with the emblem of the Royal House and ordered the boy to be taken to the mountain. Nearby lived some peasants, who saw it and picked it up. When the victorious Prince returned from the war, he claimed the son from the Princess. And knowing what she had done, not only did she disown her, but everyone found out and she was expelled from the house, losing her royal position. The Prince ordered the publication of some groups, claiming the child, who was returned by the peasants mentioned.

The child was raised by the maid of the house, who served as an intermediary with the Prince and with whom he got married. As time passed, the misery suffered by the Princess was such that she had to turn to the maid, who gave her work for food.

Note: In this way, the person has a very hard head and is exposed to go from free to
slave. She is incredulous and exposed to the leather of the Saints.

The Secret Service was born.

There was a King who liked to have children but his wife did not father them and he went to Orunmila's house, who made him ebbó. In the Palace there was a maid that the King liked and in that way the war began, as the other maids told the Queen and she ordered them to spy on the maid. And they saw them in the street together one day when the King was with the maid, so that the doctor would recognize her, to find out what she had. This one told him that he was in condition. Then the King said to him: We are going to say that you are the wife of one of the coachmen or servants. But at last she gave birth and was a boy, and the Queen found out and ordered that the child be stolen. They achieved this by deceiving her, telling her to go do something in the courtyard, while a servant of the Queen wrapped him in a sheet and kidnapped the child. When the King found out, he offered a prize for whoever found it. But in that land there was an individual who was bad and he went to Orunmila's house, who saw this Ifá and told him that his good was a child that he was going to find in the mountains in a tree and made ebbó. One day this man went out into the woods and found a basket. He went to see and inside there was a sack of money and the boy, with a paper, and that's why he knew that he was the King's son. He went to his house and kept the money. Then he went to the King, who rewarded him and it was learned that the inducer had been the Queen, whom he forgave, but ordered the accomplices to be killed. The Queen was called eregrigri and the poor man, ifá kadashe.

Note: Here the condition is the woman's womb, she suffers from hemorrhages. Receive the Ibeyis.

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