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obara otura

Obara Otura, also called Obara Kushiyo is the 118th sign in the Ifa hierarchy. Here Ifa recommends doing sarayeye or Paraldo to ward off the disturbing eggun, these are sent by the Arayeses who can work or be initiated in the Paleria.

Other names for Obara Otura:

  • Obara Kushiyo.
  • Obar Tura.

In the odu Obara Kushiyo is born:

  • Born: Intoxication.
  • Here: Dasoyi and the Awan of Azojuano speak.
  • You can not ingest alcoholic beverages.
  • It is an Ifá of robberies.
  • It is an Ifá of mooring.
  • It is where the woman has had abortions and the child was the son of Oshún or Yemajá.
  • This is the Marine Lighthouse.
  • Point out the big news.
  • It was where Orúnmila wanted to kill the goat and it knocked him down.
  • It marks that the Awó of this Odu must never take the goat head-on or by the rope.

What is the ifa sign Obara Otura talking about?

  • He talks about the witch's casserole and about problems with paleros.
  • Oshún was tied up by a drapery and was sick to her stomach and blood.
  • The diseases are: Blood problems, hemorrhoid poisoning, bleeding from any duct, internal problems due to abortion, inflammation of the lower limbs, circulation, stomach problems, nervous system.
  • It signals war coming to town.
  • Blood is collected in the stomach.
  • Ogún came tearing heads off and Orúnmila gave him melon and calmed him down.
  • Obara Kushiyo represents the descent of Azojuano to Earth. It is the Odu Isalayé.
  • In this Odu the Iyefá is prepared, with castile melon seeds.
  • You have to take care of the candle.
  • They look for a duck, clean the house and take it to the sea.
  • There is war with people from another world.

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Recommendations of the Obara Otura sign:

The Odu OBARA KUSHIYO focuses on respect in our home and in the business of life. The person has a relationship that is breaking their harmony.

Here Olofin looked for the Babalawos to look at his son, they said that nothing had to be done, because they did not see any news, and the next day Olofin's son dies.

Obara Kushiyo speaks of a sorcerer's pot, and the problem of war with paleros, which if not taken quickly, can be life-threatening. Here Oshún was tied up by an Omologú (drainer) who held her captive and sick with her belly and blood.

When this Odu OBARA TURA is seen to a person, he will be told that he has a tie in his life or a hidden thing that he does not want anyone to know. If he is a man: he may be a slave to a vice and may even have participated in degrading acts of violence, robbery and may even have participated in the death of someone. Anyway, he has a secret in life. For a woman: She can have a hidden lover or even a child outside of her warmth. If the family believes her to be a maiden, she may have performed abortions behind the family.

This Odu predicts that the person may suffer from nervous problems, so they must undergo psychiatric treatment.

Here one suffers from poisoning, hemorrhoids, bleeding through any channel of the body, situations of imbalances in the blood, and accumulation of blood in the stomach.

Here they send Egun Obsesores to the person. They have given him to take strong witchcraft, especially if he is a woman, to achieve her favors. You have the product of all this, tragedies and adversities in life.

Sayings of Obara Kushiyo (Otura):

  • No one can be judge and party.
  • To get what I want, I cannot be hasty.
  • The rudeness of my character, I got it from adversity.
  • War of the other world.
  • If I want to be recognized, I have to do Ebó.
  • The hawk cannot hurt the slug, all it can do is look at it.
  • For not valuing my wife, I found myself a witch.

Obara Otura bans:

Here the person will have economic development for business or ability to do some type of work.

For this Ifá, the woman abandons her personal appearance a little because of the adversities, which she has had to live, and that is why she will have a problem with her spouse.

Here speaks the rudeness of the Marine Lighthouse. The person has lived good times of happiness and bonanzas and times of great adversity, which have hardened the heart and character of the person, which have desensitized him to the pain of others. This has been, due to the ingratitude towards the person in the struggle of life.

Here in Obara Otura the woman has had abortions and those creatures were the son of Oshún or Yemajá and they did not let him live so that he could know the world and that little angel is asking for mercy, that is why all the saints are angry with you.

Here comes the war of the other world and it is the visit of children or relatives of the deceased person.

When this Odu comes Iré (Foré): The war ceased.

This Odu signals great news. Here the person is told that they have been late or in a hurry to the Saint.

Description of the Odu Obara Kushiyo

For this Odu it is advised that you wash the door of your house with Prodigious Herb. The door is hot.

Secret of Obara Kushiyo: The Awó Obara Kushiyó should never catch the goat head-on or by the rope unless it is given to Ifá, otherwise it will be wrong. In addition, the Iyefá of this Odu is prepared with castile melon seed. That every so often will blow it on the door.

For this Ifá, the person should be checking their blood, because that will be their suffering. In the case of women, you have to be careful with fibroids. There is also a condition of swelling of the legs.

Here the person gets very heated by a series of problems that he confronts, because he does not listen to advice.

This Ifá predicts that someone made a conspiracy to destroy his house, his wife, his children or his businesses, you have to be on your guard, because they are watching you, you cannot be neglected. All this plot, is protected by a sorcerer or palero. You can be the target of a Zarabanda garment and you can pay just for sinners.

Here the person has a dog that knows a lot, that animal must be taken care of, because it can save his life.

The person by this sign, has to adore Azojuano (San Lázaro), because he lives side by side with him.

You cannot be rushed in things, be calm and patient so that you can get what you want.

Here the person brings with him a family drag contracted by a dead person, which if not respected, will end the family. You have to see what is done about it, see Orúnmila. The person to get rid of that drag has to do Ifá.

In Obara Kushiyo you look for a duck and keep it in the house, make it dirty all over the house and on the seventh day it takes it to the seashore.

Alcoholic beverages are not ingested here. If she is a woman, much less still, because they can put something in her drink so that you lose consciousness and can abuse her.

Here you cannot fight with your wife, because you lose your luck.

Here the head is the most important thing that the person has, because he must be sacrificing him, so that he will always guide him on the right path.

You must do Ifá.

Ifa code of ethics of the odu Obara Otura:

Great adversities harden the life and character of the Awó.

Tips from the Ifa Obara Otura odu:

When this sign appears in an ordinary registry, the person is told that he must make sacrifice because he is destined to become an indispensable personality in his community.

When this Ifá appears in IGBODU, the person is told that he must make sacrifice because a high position or a leadership awaits him in his land of birth.

When Obara Kushiyo appears in IGBODU, the person is told that even though he is benevolent, people will pay him ingratitude. The people he does a favor for will always try to kill him. He must give a goat to Eshu and a rooster to Ogún so that they can fight their enemies for him. In an ordinary record, the person must serve Eshu to win a very difficult challenge and a favor. You should avoid white women with a strong complexion.

In an ordinary register, the person is told that he is surrounded by enemies but if he takes his own Ifá he will defeat them. You are warned that if you plan to travel you must make a sacrifice before you go.

This Odu marks tragedy for money, he can shed blood, so he can't be bothered.

You have to take care of your parts, so you should go to the doctor.

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Says Ifa Obara Kushiyo:

That you are going to send him to look for a place, and if he plans to go, tell him that he is going the next day and then he leaves for that place, so that they do not have time to set a trap for him.

If you are invited to a party, do not go that day either, but the next day and do the wrong one, because there will be a

Do not fool anyone when they ask you something, it is better to say that you do not know than a lie. Do not drink alcoholic beverages.- Be careful with a woman so that luck does not go away.

They want to break your house, and they always hope that you are not in the house to do bad things to you. You are always in a hurry.- Thank Obatalá. You are highly sought after by women.

Watch out for the candle and bad drafts. You like dancing, but you have to try to do it without much strength.-You dreamed of a dead man. You will always have a mooring in your life or a hidden thing that you do not want anyone to know. For a man: he may be a slave to a vice and may even have participated in degrading acts of violence, robbery and may even have participated in the death of someone.

Has secrets in life.

For a woman: You can have a hidden lover or even a child outside of her warmth. Her family believes her to be a maiden and she has had abortions behind her family. You suffer from nervous problems, so you must undergo psychiatric treatment. -You suffer from poisoning. They have sent you an obsessed dead man or they have given you to take strong witchcraft.-You suffer from hemorrhoids and from bleeding from any channel of the body. You have lived through good times of happiness and prosperity and times of great adversity that have hardened your heart and character, to such an extent that you have been desensitized to the pain of others. Awó should never take a goat head-on or by a rope unless you give it to your Ifá.-You are suffering from a blood disease.

You don't want to hear advice from anyone. Thank Obatala. Be careful with a thick woman with a lot of buttocks.-Beware of a woman who chases you, because it will destroy your house, do not fight with your spouse.

Take care of your personal appearance.- You have to sow melon or sow a good precedent of one's attitude, because in the environment that is lived or developed, it is full of unscrupulous people and of low moral condition.

You have war of wizards, shipments of the dead and witchcraft where you can be the target of a zarabanda garment and you can pay just for sinners.-You will have great news.

Prayer of the Odu Obara Otura:


Obara Otura's Ebbo:

To remove the tie:

The person is cleaned with a chicken and thrown alive in the bush. Afterwards, you will bathe with Omiero de piñón de botija. The chicken must be black.

For Orúnmila:

Orúnmila is given mongoose grass with its fruits and when these ripen, the seeds are collected and together with the leaves it is made into powder (iyé) and blown into the door for economic development.

Herbs (Ewe) of the Odu Obara Kushiyo:

Atiponlá, palo macho, amansa handsome, ax mahogany, piñón de botija, picuala and slavosa.

Pataki of the sign Obara Kushiyo (Otura):

Divination was made for the head.


This Odu Obara Tura made divination for the Head when she came to life in which she would be universally served by each and every one of them. She sacrificed with a goat, a bell, and a piece of white cloth. For this, all divinities and mortals serve the Head to this day.

Castile melon and Ogún (obara Kushiyo).

EBO: rooster, 2 chickens, a melon, machete, soil from the backyard, hutía and smoked fish, corojo butter, toasted corn, coconut, honey, candle, a lot of money.

Distribution: The rooster with all the ingredients will be given to Ogún together with Eshu. The hens with their ingredients for Orúnmila.

There was a town where people did many bad things and practiced all kinds of vice. When Ogun knew what was happening in that town, he said to himself: "I have to go to that town to implant morality."

In that town there lived a man who did not interfere in anything and when they asked him his opinion about what was happening there, he said that he did not know anything. That man had his religious beliefs, and one day ESHU appeared to him in a dream and advised him to go and look at the house of an Awó who lived in the other town. The man did so and in the registry he got this Odu, and they marked Ebo with: rooster, castile melon. That was to get rid of a bad thing that was going to happen in his town. After the Ebó, the Awó gave him the melon seeds, so that he could sow them on the edge of his house and the leftovers he could make dust and water them at the door of the house.

After a while, the melon planting was growing. One day, Ogún came to that town to lead the war, tearing heads as he went and being tired and thirsty, he arrived at the man's house, OGUN found him in the backyard of his house with a melon in his hands and asked him: What do you have in your hand? He replied: "A castile melon" and offered it to her. Ogún began to drink the water and eat that delicious melon and told him to also give it to his men who were exhausted and they all began to eat melons.
When he finished, Ogun told him: "Good, those melons, they are very good and because you are the only one who has something planted in this town, you will save yourself and you will be the owner of it."

NOTE: For this Ifá you have to sow melon or sow a good precedent of your attitude, because in the environment that you live or develop, it is full of unscrupulous people and of low moral condition. It speaks of war of sorcerers, shipments of the dead and witchcraft, where you can be the target of a garment, preferably Zarabanda and you can pay just for sinners.

It is an Ifá of robberies. They rob your house and then the thieves give each other bad times and a problem arises.

Eshu of the sign Obara Otura:


This Eshu came to earth accompanying Azojuano. It is made from a tall, porous stone. It is sown in a clay pot. This casserole and the stone are washed with a corresponding omiero and then washed three times with brandy and dry wine.

Load: goat head, rooster, dove, majá, 21 Eshu herbs, sticks: tengue, yaya, jocuma, change voice, pacific sea, palo santo, eru, obi, kolá, osun naború, airá, obi motiwao, hutía and smoked fish, roasted corn, corojo butter, many grains, 10 guinea peppers, other Eshu ingredients.

Obara Kushiyo Ifa Traditional:


Òbàrà Òtúrá ti oníkòó òwú
Babaláwo Gése ló día fun Gése
Òkàdèmù lónàa tàdè
Níjó ti n sehun gbogbo túkan ò lójú
Nnkan òún le lójú báyìí?
Wón ní kó rbo
Won ní yóó rájé
yóó laya
yóó bimo
Gbogbo nnkan è ní or dáa
Òwúùrù eyelé lebo è
Wón yan ebo fun Gése
Gése bá rbo
Ayé bá ye Gése
N ni wá n jo n ni n yò
Ni n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Òbàrà Òtúá ti oníkòó òwú
Babaláwo Gése ló día fun Gése
Òkàdèmù lónàa tàdè
Níjó ti n sehun gbogbo túkan ò lójú
Wón lébo kíre ó letó or lówó ni kó se
Gése wáá gbébo nbè ó wáá rubo
Riru ebo
Èèrù àtùkèsù
Gése wá n be ní wòwó ire gbàyí ò
I don't know
Àlúkèse oko ò sàì sere tiè lébè.

Ifá says that this person's things will not be lost. He must offer sacrifice. He is complaining about not being prosperous, and he wishes to have progress. Ifá says that you will get what you want.

Òbàrà Òtúrá of rolled cotton
It is the Babaláwo of Gése who made divination for Gése
Òkàdèmù lónàa tàdè
The day I was trying to do everything with no progress
'Will my things be able to progress?'
It was advised to offer sacrifice
They told him that he would find wealth
Would have handcuffs
Would have children
They prayed: 'All your things will get better'
'A mature dove is the sacrifice'
They prescribed all other sacrifices for Gése
Gése made the sacrifice
Life pleased him a lot
He began to dance and rejoice
He began to praise his Babaláwo
His Babaláwo praised Ifá
He said it was exactly as his Babaláwo had predicted
Òbàrà Òtúá of rolled cotton
It is the Babaláwo of Gése who made divination for Gése
Òkàdèmù lónàa tàdè
The day I was trying to do everything with no progress
They advised him to offer sacrifice so that all the good things in life could find him
Gése heard about the sacrifice and did
Offering sacrifices and giving his part to ùsù
Gése is now in the middle of all the good things in life
I got mine
The Yam Scion on the farm could definitely get its own in the heap.

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