Iroso Ofun (4-10): meaning, advice and history of this Ifa sign

ifa sign Iroso ofun

Iroso Ofun, is an Odu of Ifa corresponding to the book of Irosun, in the Ifá Says that all good fortunes will be given to this person, the person must offer sacrifices to Obatala, He must prepare food and drinks and call people to a feast.

Other names of the Oddun Iroso Ofun:

  • Irous Fun.
  • Irous Fumbo.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Iroso Fun?

  • The war of Obatalá and Agayú for the dominance of the heads.
  • Crown Oluo Popo.
  • The trap.

What does the sign of Ifa Iroso Ofun talk about?

  • That in this Oddun the money marked for the works is not lowered a single penny.
  • That the person is gossipy.
  • This was where Agayú waged a war with Obatalá for dominance of the ashe of the heads.
  • Of corrupted blood in the family line.
  • That here Obatalá was a cheat and kept the money of his godchildren who were going to become saints. He played the money and lost it because his opponents cheated on him.
  • In Iroso Fun you have to be careful with the person you choose as godfather or godmother, since there are surely traps against the aleyo.
  • Of cheating person traps who have no scruples and are even capable of killing, so as not to be discovered.
  • This Ifa sign speaks of Jewish garments buried and creating difficulties.
  • Here if Obatalá is not attended to, it keeps the person suffering from illnesses and adversities.
  • That here Oluo Popo was crowned.
  • That he has three Arayés.
  • That she is united to her husband, and one of the araye has pimples on his feet.
  • That something is missing from your Elegua and you don't take good care of it.
  • Iroso Ofun says that his enemies live near his house.
  • That your enemy eats with you, is talkative and an informer.
  • About what Obatala You have him suffering because you do not take care of him or want to pay attention to what he told you.
  • That you get pimples on your body and your head hurts.
  • Missing the elders.
  • That the person always has a sorrow and when he has one thing he lacks the other, he never has his desires.
  • That the person has a tragedy for a brother, be careful that this tragedy is going to bring a death.

What marks the sign of Ifa Iroso Ofun?

  • That you can go to prison for the rest of your life.
  • The great betrayal between brothers, where the queen of Dassá, her blood sister, betrayed her, because she lived hidden with her husband.
  • Sexual laziness in men and he has to take herbal tea because he cannot inject androgynous because of the blood problem.
  • That dog is given to Ogun.
  • Make Ebo so that the blood will not drown him.
  • That the person is a gossip and victims of gossip.
  • Head prayer.
  • Sick foot person.
  • That something is missing from Elegba.
  • That your enemy eats with you and is talkative and treacherous.

Ifa Sign Sayings Iroso Fun: 

  • Put a chain on the dog to drag it.
  • The sick and the healthy were cured.

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Ifa Iroso Ofun says:

If the Oddun Iroso Ofun appears for a fair-skinned man in the Igbodun, it is not likely that he will prosper and his life will last long, unless he meets a competent Awó who can perform the required special sacrifices (Ono- Ifá of Odife) for him. He will marry a white woman who will bring him prosperity. No doubt he will do business with foreigners.

When Iroso Fun appears at divination, the person will be told to prepare Olokun's throne for his Ifá and to
serve Eshu with a goat. You should always wear light-colored clothes.

Ifá says that all good fortunes will be given to this person. He should offer sacrifices to Òòsà funfun. He must prepare food and drinks and call people to a feast.

You should avoid discussing your plans and desires so that the bad intentions of those around you do not harm you.

He must not speak ill of the babalawos or say that he was deceived.

Your enemies are very close to you that is why this ifa says that you are eating with your enemy.

You must take great care of your health, since it predicts skin diseases and very strong headaches.

Prayer of the Iroso Ofun Ifa sign:

Iroso Fun oponi minuma awado orilele leri apaya inbujo nibeshubu in belotan unbe elepo bashubu
inbe fare Adifafun oluwo.

Ebbo of the Odu Iroso Fun:

Here they give Goose to the leri, before juju is put in the leri and nothing can ever be put in eleda, first ebo is made with the goose.

Ebbo of Iroso Ofun

Rooster, 2 white doves, jio-jio, sweat cloth, Ifá herbs: male and female breakersaragüey, Atiponlá, purple basil, common basil, green and white pine nuts, coconut water, cocoa butter, husk, fish and smoked hutia, roasted corn, a lot of money.

Distribution: The rooster for Ogun and Shangó. Before making the Ebo, an Ebomisi will be made with the herbs, husks, jio-jio, then everything is buried. The person will be dressed in white clothes and ebo will be made, then head prayers will be made with white doves. Everything is sent to the foot of a hill.

When the head is being begged, the usual is sung and then it is sung:

"Atiponlá Ifá Boru, Atiponlá Ifá Boru, Ifá Oma Ifá Ilé Ifá Oma, Atiponlá Ifá Boru".

Tips of the Oddun of Ifa Iroso Fun:

When Iroso Ofun appears in divination for a woman, she will be told to marry a Babalawo and to be serving a divinity in her family, so that she can have children and settle down in life. If it appears for a man, he will be told to have his own Ifá and to look for a divinity within his family and to be initiated within it, and to serve her alongside Ifá.

Recommendations of the Sign of Ifa Iroso Ofun:

  • Put a mat at the door.
    Be very careful because they will not comply.
  • Hold on to Obatalá.
  • Beware of tragedy because of the game that must have died.
  • Pray with a dog that is there or it will enter your house. As long as you don't do the Ebo, tie the dog with a chain and go out with it, and when it's away from the house, let it go, so it can come back dragging the chain.
  • Watch out for traps.
  • Be careful with the air, it will not give a twist.
  • Make the prayer you have pending.

Meaning of Oddun Iroso Fun:

Iroso Fun at Osobo Iku:

It speaks of tragedy where there may be a dead person.

Iroso Fun at Osobo Arun:

  • Here Obatalá keeps the person suffering from illnesses and adversities.
  • He suffers from sexual laxity in men.
  • It speaks of blood problem in the family line.
  • Iroso Ofun says that the person gets pimples all over his body and his head hurts.

Iroso Ofun in Osogbo Ofo:

  • The person has losses because he does not take care of Obatalá, nor did he pay attention to what he said.
  • Ifá of impotence and candle.

Oddun Iroso Fun at Osobo Eyo:

  • Talk about war. Here Obatalá and Agayú fought a war.
  • Talk about cheating.
  • You can go to prison for the rest of your life.
  • It indicates great betrayal between brothers.
  • He speaks of a gossipy, cheating person who has no scruples and is even capable of killing so as not to be discovered.

Iroso Fun in Ire Ariku

  • Hold on to Obatalá.
    Ifá ni Kaferefun Oshanlá, Lordafun Oyá, Kaferefun Osanyin, Elegba and Orúnmila.
  • The Iré of this Odu is to always walk clean and bare and keep the head clean and collected and that there are no dogs in the house.

Iroso Ofun sign in Ire Ashegun Ota:

  • The person has a war with enemies for the domain of something.
  • He talks about buried Jewish garments and they create difficulties.
  • The person has three arayes.
  • Something is missing from Elegba or you do not take good care of him.
  • Your enemies live near you and eat with you.
  • He says that Obatalá has the person suffering from illnesses and adversities.
  • It talks about how the person always has a sorrow and when he has one thing he lacks the other, he never has his desires
  • The person has a tragedy because of a brother. 

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Ifa Code of Ethics of Odu Iroso Fun:

The Awó has no vices so that he does not forget Ifá.

Pataki of the sign of Ifa Iroso Ofun:

The divination made for Orunmila before coming down to Earth.

Efun fun lere, was the Awo who divined for Orunmila when he was going to go down to Earth. He was advised not to dedicate himself to the exercise of Ifá but to trade. He was told to make sacrifice with 16 doves, a goat, a piece of white cloth and 201 cowries for his Guardian Angel. In addition he was told to serve Eshu with a goat, corn, yams, plantain. He made all the sacrifices before coming down to Earth.

Upon arriving on Earth, he began the practice of Iphism, but he did not have a stable life. Apart from that he was very effective as an Ifa Priest, but he did not prosper with it. Later when he went for divination, he was told that he had strayed from the path of his destiny, and that he was supposed to engage in trade. He was told to serve Ifá by decorating his throne with white chalk and a white cloth. Also to serve Olokun with a dove, a bag of cowries, money and chalk, and to serve Eshu with a goat, corn, yams, banana. He made all the sacrifices.

When Olokun received the sacrifices, he remembered the sacrifice which Irosun-Ofun made in Heaven and the promise to help him. Olokun reacted by sending his beautiful daughter, dressed all in white, to look for Iroso Ofun in Oja Ajiabomekon. At the same time, Iroso Ofun was told to wear white when he went to the market. When Olokun's daughter arrived at the market, she became the center of attraction, however she did not speak to anyone. She was only looking for the man dressed in white that her father had told her about.

A short time later, Iroso Ofun, also dressed in white, met Olokun's daughter and they fell in love instantly.

When he introduced himself to her, she decided to walk him home. When she arrived at his house to see the decoration and all the white ornaments that were everywhere, she told him that his house, having such a pleasant atmosphere, inspired her pleasure for her to stay. He soon discovered that the only food she ate was white chalk, which gave him the idea of ​​who she was.

Meanwhile, the woman advised him to always dress in white and always accompany her to the market.

Each market day, his servants brought goods from Heaven to sell on Earth, after which the money from the sales was given to him. The next market day his servants arrived with beads, jewels and elephant tusks which were all sent to Orunmila's house. Most of the materials brought by Olokun's servants had never been seen before anywhere on Earth. The Oba of the city, later attracted by them, bought some things from Orunmila at a price of 200 men and 200 women.

When the other Obases saw the ornaments of the Obá of the city, they also came to buy identical products from Orúnmila. He was following the path of his destiny and became extremely rich. By the way, Olokun's daughter did not have any children with him.

Iroso Fun in Traditional Nigerian Ifa.


woe; aye
Awo ilé Orúnmìlà
Ló difá fun Òrúnmìlà
Níjó tí Bàbáń sawoó ròde Òňjó
Ni wań bèèrè lówó Ifá
Òde Òňjó tóun ń lo yìí
Ó daa fún òun?
Wón ní Òrúnmìlà « won ń só or »
« Wón ní sùgbón bí ón ti wulè kí won ó só o tó »
« Or or according to gbogboo won »
Wón ò ní dá or lónà
Wón ní bó bá sì dé òde Òňjó
Ire gbogbo ni ó bá bò
àwon ayé ń pé àwon ò níí jé ó lo
Àwon Babaláwo Òrúnmìlà niró ni
Wón ní kí Bàbá or I must syle
Wón ni Ifá làwón or se fún Bàbá
Òrúnmìlà bá booólè
Ó rubo
Wón bá fi pòpò se Ifá fun un
Wón ní bí bá ń bò látòde Òňjó
Pòpò ti ón fi se Ifá fun un
Ní kó bò yes esè
Òrúnmìlà béè
Àwon Elénìní wá ń pé
“Nígbà ti Bàbá yìí ńlo”
“A rí esèe re”
“Sùgbón bí tíń bò yìí”
“A à rí ipa esèe rè mó”
“Gbogbo ipasè tí àwon ń rí yìí”
“Gbogbo è o jo ti Bàbá yìí”
“Ká sì mó lòó bu ese tí è é se tie”
Wón ó bá rí nňkankan se fun Òrúnmìlà mó
N ní wá ń jó ní wá ń yò
Níń yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo ń yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
woe; aye
Awo ilé Orúnmìlà
Ló difá fun Òrúnmìlà
Níjó tí Bàbáń sawoó ròde Òňjó
Ebo ní won ní Bàbá ó se kó tóó móo lo
Òrúnmìlà gbébo ńbè
Ifá waá rubo
Ifá gives òde Òňjó tán
Ifá ń padàá bò wálé
Ní bá ń dárin
Pòpò pa á fun mi ò
Ibi tíń be lónà ò
Pòpò pa á fun mi
Òrúnmìlà rÒňjó
Pòpò pa á fun mi
Ibi tiń be lónà ò
Pòpò pa á fun mi.

Ifá wishes this person to be well. He must offer sacrifice.

Ayé; Ayè
He is the priest of the Òrúnmìlà house
Who made divination for Òrúnmìlà
The day he was going to exercise his priesthood in the city of Ònjó
He asked Ifa
'The city of Ònjó to which I go'
'Will I be okay there?'
They summed up by telling him 'They will spy on you'
'But nothing they do will affect you'
'You will beat them all'
'They won't be able to stop you in your tracks'
'And when you get to the city Ònjó'
'You will return with all good fortune'
Meanwhile his enemies conspired to stop him
The Babaláwos assured him that this will not happen
They advised Òrúnmìlà to make the full sacrifice
They told him that they would do a special Ifa job for him.
Òrúnmìlà brought all the sacrificial items
And they made him the sacrifice
They used the banana wrap to prepare the special Ifá work for him.
'When you leave the city of Ònjó here'
'Will take this banana wrap'
'He will wear them as sandals'
Òrúnmìlà did exactly what he was advised
Detractors began to wonder
'When this man went to the city of Ònjó'
'We saw his footprint'
'But now he's back'
'We can't see your footprint now'
'All the footprints we see'
'None will be like his'
'And we were careful not to raise the earth with the footprints of another man'
That was how they could not hurt Òrúnmìlà
He began to dance and rejoice
He was praising his Babaláwos
Their Babaláwos praised Ifá
He said it was exactly as his Babaláwos had said
Ayé; Ayè
He is the priest of the Òrúnmìlà house
Who made divination for Òrúnmìlà
The day he was going to exercise his priesthood in the city of Ònjó
They prescribed sacrifice for him before his departure
Òrúnmìlà heard about the sacrifice
And he did
And he arrived at the city of Ònjó
Òrúnmìlà was now back home
he began to sing
Banana wrap, stir it for me
Any evil that's in the way
Banana wrap, kill it for me
Òrúnmìlà went to the city of Ònjó
he is coming home
Banana wrap, stir it for me
The evil that is in the way
Banana wrap, kill it for me.

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