The Spiritual Vault: Indispensable Foundation of Spiritism

Spiritual Vault

The Spiritual Vault is in itself a reference to the practice of Spiritism. It is very popular in Cuba and other Latin American countries. It is said that it is the product of a mixture of diverse spiritual cultures through which, an enriched syncretism was formed between stranded belief systems, which finally became the spiritual answer for many of its followers.

What is the spiritual vault?

The spiritual vault is a portal Through which various spiritualities travel and that properly channeled fosters the balance between the spiritualities that accompany and guide the spiritual development of each individual. The spiritual vault is a "unipersonal" foundation, that is, its configuration corresponds to the spiritual needs of each person and the spirits that accompany them.

This important altar is a fundamental tool that allows communication with the various entities that protect and accompany us, known as the "spiritual guide table."

It represents a delicate instrument that will welcome and concentrate the energy of the entities at the end, becoming the center where spiritual assistances are carried out, as well as, the appropriate place to invoke the influence or power of different energies that have a variety of functions and knowledge that will be evoked for the good of the devotee of this portal, for the benefit of your family or those for whom a charity work is done.

Usually the spiritual vault is placed on a table, rectangular in shape covered with a tablecloth or cloth, usually white, on which the other elements that compose it are placed. In very particular cases, "Stepped" spiritual vaults can also be configured, that is, their elements, instead of being placed on a table, are placed on steps, in the company of various spiritual images, such as: the 7 African powers. This is done in case the spirits accompanying the initiate so require. 

Who should base or have a spiritual vault?

This portal can be substantiated for various reasons:

On the recommendation of a spiritual inquiry, registry or research

There are people who require the channeling of their spiritual guide box to balance some type of energetic situation, disorder or drag (natural or false) that may be generating problems of many natures both on the earthly or spiritual plane, this element being the appropriate one to solve that particular situation.

On their own initiative in search of spiritual development

The vault is a spiritual door that opens for spiritual development and evolution, both for the individual who is consecrated to it and for their spirit guides who are most willing to work. Therefore, many people during the journey of their spiritual development consider that they require this foundation to improve their spiritual capacities and have an appropriate place for the attention of their guides.

It is important to note that when making this type of energy tools the initiate must be aware of the delicacy and importance of this foundation. Your attention should be constant, and ideally appropriate spiritual development should take place in such a way that full understanding is achieved of the correct way in which this spiritual portal is to be used.

Let us remember that by having one-person characteristics, each individual must establish their own connection with the spiritualities that accompany them and establish the most appropriate way of working with them. This will be achieved through various spiritual investigations and thanks to the timely guidance of the spiritual godparents who have the task of accompanying and educating the initiate in the world of spiritism.

What is the spiritual vault for?

The Spiritual Vault

It is important to be clear about what to do ask in a spiritual vault. To begin it is necessary to know that the invocations or requests must be accompanied by a lit candle and various prayers. This will help to establish a better connection with the spirits, whose function is none other than to guide and help us in the vicissitudes of our lives, facilitating a closer relationship with God.

This foundation is an element to promote personal and spiritual growth. Yes, it does allow communication with various spiritualities, however, it is necessary to understand that its use must be made for the invocation of beings or entities of light, that is, spirits of goodness, whose mission is related to charity.

In the vault, requests for health, physical and spiritual development, peace, love, kindness, self-help and others must be deposited, everything that implies development, taking into account that such requests are not made from feelings low as: selfishness, excessive ambition, or evil.

This receptacle is also used for attention from our spirit guides and ancestorsTherefore, through the attentions and sacrifices we can beg for the unfoldment, the evolution, the peace, the tranquility, the rest, the illumination, the growth and the forgiveness of the sins of the spirits that accompany us.

How to set up a Spiritual Vault?

La spiritual vault must be founded by a spiritist or medium have full knowledge of this type of spiritual sciences. Their riding will be carried out through a ritual known as "spiritual mass." This meeting is carried out especially to carry out the respective spiritual investigation, by means of which the characteristics and requirements of the spirits that accompany the initiate are determined and in turn, the altar is configured with all the previously mentioned elements, from which, the individual will attend and communicate with their guides.

This spiritual work should be done in a quiet place, with great solemnity and respect for the work that is being done. Under no circumstances during or after the consecration of this portal should physical or verbal violence be carried out in front of it, have sexual relations, swear or curse, or walk around naked. It is necessary to understand that vault represents a sacred place, and the desecration of this foundation can have negative energetic consequences.

Elements that make up a spiritual vault

The spiritual vaults are basically made up of a number of vessels containing fresh water. It is important to note that the number of vessels will vary depending on the spiritual needs of each individual and the requirements of their spiritual guides. However, the usual thing is that vaults of 7 glasses or 9 glasses are founded (numerology can also be a spiritual resource to determine the number of glasses to place), accompanied by a transparent crystal glass. These receptacles are filled with fresh water, which can be accompanied by drops of various liquids (essences, aromatic oils, perfumes). It should be noted that these elements must be kept clean at all times, therefore their assistance must be regular.

Another instrument that cannot be missing in a spiritual vault is a cross or crucifix, it can be made of wood or metal with the image of the living Christ. In addition to this, other components can be used that contribute to attention and reinforce the energetic attraction of the spirits that you wish to invoke through this foundation, such as: flowers (without thorns), candles, candles, cigars, cigarettes, letters, balls. glass, dolls, handkerchiefs, hats, canes, and an endless number of elements that vary according to the needs and knowledge of the spiritualities that work through this portal.

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Spiritual Vault Positions

According to the situation that the initiate is facing, it is possible to place the elements of the spiritual vault in various positions to attract certain spiritual benefits and protections. The three most common positions are:

Resting position

Spiritual Vault Positions

This is the basic position of the Spiritual Vault. It represents the balance of spiritualities. In this position, attentions and requests of any nature are made.

Defense position

Spiritual Vault in Defense Position

This position is used to invoke the protection of the guides, so that they protect us from enemies and people who want to harm us. This movement can also be accompanied by a work in which the name of our opponent is written horizontally on parchment paper 7 times. In turn, the name of the person doing the work is placed vertically, above 9 times. This paper is placed under the cup, and our spiritual guides are informed of the situation we face, in the company of a candle or white candle. It is recommended to maintain this position for 9 days, then the vault returns to a resting position, and if necessary it is placed back in the defense position 9 days later.

Spirit Vault in Attack

Spirit Vault in Attack

The spiritual vault in Attack is a position used to ask our guides to solve a situation or work in order to combat people who are causing us some kind of problem. This position has a maximum duration of 9 days, after which the vault must return to its resting position. If the situation persists, we will wait those 9 days and we will return it to the attack position, informing our spiritual guides of the situation that is going through, always accompanied by white or red candles, and red flowers.

The spiritual vault in the Santeria or Yoruba religion

The praxis and valuation of the practice of spiritism within the Yoruba religion and the various houses of saint will depend on the line of the religious house from which it comes, even so, generally by tradition, the veneration of the deceased, ancestors and spiritual guides is fundamental to that religious culture. Let us remember that a fundamental principle of this practice is based on the saying that reads: "Iku lobi Osha" which means that: the dead gave birth to the saint. That is, before and above all, the spirits were the beginning of the spiritual world, therefore, their veneration is mandatory.

However, it is necessary to clarify that the spiritual vault does not respond to a foundation based on the Yoruba culture as such, rather it is a tool belonging to spiritism as a result of the syncretism of various spiritual cultures. Even so, its use and practice is used as a resource for channeling and spiritual development that does not hinder the transit or practice of Santeria or those initiated into the rule of Osha. 

Prayers used in the spiritual vault

Both when starting a spiritual mass, as when performing a simple attention to the spirits in a vault, it should be started with the reading of prayers of love to God the Heavenly Father. It begins with an Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory. Then prayers of invocation are made to the spirits that are called to attend our meeting. Once these prayers are concluded, communication is considered established and consent is obtained for the opening of spiritual work.

It should be noted that the efficiency of the prayer will be linked to the sincerity of the thought and not to the abundance of words spoken with more or less adornment, the important thing during this action is that the heart and goodness are integrated into the evocation, words more, words less, it does not matter if there is no sincerity in them.

It should be prayed according to the beliefs of each individual and in the way that moves him the most. The objective of prayer is to raise a prayer to God, to connect with divine energy through the spiritualities that accompany us, therefore, the diversity or quantity of prayers as such, does not make any difference. In other words, all open prayers are good as long as they are pronounced from the heart and not with the mouth only, finally: "God is immensely great and would not reject the voice of the one who cries out."

Even so, we have selected some prayers that can be used in the spiritual vault:

Prayer to invoke the good spirits

Praised be the pure spirits of the Lord.

I, humble and backward creature, raise up to you with love and devotion my thoughts and all my heart with which I pray that you guide me along the path of truth, and always enlighten me in the divine precepts so as not to miss them and thus, to be worthy of soon attaining bliss. Amen.

Prayer to start a spiritual meeting

We pray to the Lord God Almighty, to assist us with good spirits, and to drive away those who may mislead us. Also that it gives us the necessary light to distinguish truth from falsehood.

Also keep away the evil spirits, incarnate and disembodied, who try to put discord between us, and divert us from charity and love of neighbor. If someone tries to enter here, you must not find access or shelter in any of us.

Good spirits, who deign to come to instruct us, listen to me, make us docile to their advice and remove selfishness, pride, envy and jealousy from us. With your mercy inspire us with indulgence and benevolence for our fellow men, present and absent, friends and enemies; make us feel encouraged and filled with feelings of charity, humility and self-denial by acknowledging their special influence.

And to the mediums to whom you commissioned to transmit your teachings, give them awareness of the sanctity of the mandate that has been entrusted to them and of the seriousness of the act that they are going to carry out, so that they may have the necessary fervor and recollection.

If in this meeting, you find people who have been attracted by another feeling that is not that of good, open your eyes to the light, and may God forgive you if they come with bad intentions.

We especially ask the spirit of ……… .. our spiritual guide, to assist us and watch over us.

Prayer of the mediums

Almighty God, allow good spirits to assist me in the communication I request. Preserve me from the presumption of believing I am safe from evil spirits, from the pride that could obscure the value of what I obtain; of any sentiment contrary to charity, with respect to the other mediums.

If I make a mistake, inspire someone to warn me, and to me the humility that would make me accept criticism with appreciation, and take for myself, and not for others, the advice that good ones give me spirits.

If for any reason you try to abuse or pride me on the faculty that you have seen fit to grant me, I beg you to withdraw it from me, before allowing it to divert you from its providential purpose; which is the good of all and my own moral advancement.

Prayer to end a Spiritual Meeting  

We give thanks to the good spirits who have wanted to come to communicate with us; We ask that you help us to put into practice the instructions that you have given us, and that by leaving here, each one of us feels fortified in the practice of good and love of neighbor.

We also hope that these instructions are helpful to the suffering, ignorant and vicious spirits who have attended this meeting and upon whom we implore the mercy of God. Amen.

The beginning of a long Spiritual journey

It is necessary to note that the fact of establishing a spiritual vault does not mean that immediately or spontaneously the initiate will become a medium or will interactively converse with the spirits. His riding constitutes in many cases the beginning of a journey and spiritual development that must be carried out with dedication, study and discipline to reach an appropriate evolution as a spiritist, through which the characteristic spiritual gifts of each person will be stimulated.

On the other hand, care must be taken with the use of these portals for the invocation of dark spirits, malevolent and prone to evil since, the use of such energies is always loaded with negative consequences for those who invoke them, especially when there is no full knowledge of how to work with these entities.

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