Otrupon Ka


Other names of the Odu Otrupon Ka:

  • Otrupon Ika
  • Otrupon Konga.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Otrupon Ka?

  • carpentry and felling of trees.

Recommendations and Advice of the Otrupon Ka sign:

This is where the ceiba announced that they would not give room to the ax, because it would be the death of all the trees.

In Otrupon Ka was born the art of carpentry and felling of trees.

It indicates the death and breakdown of the house.

Never serve people with legs spread or loaded on their backs, or people with red eyes.

An ax is heated, cooled in a bowl of water and then placed on top of Ogun and given an akuko. The person will bathe with that water and eyerbale de akuko.

Some fell the ceiba tree and others did not.

In Otrupon Ka speaks the hand of the pylon that blows after blows ends up splitting the pylon.

The person is very stubborn, but getting blows after blows ends up getting tired.

Here the Obatala Omo had no place to live.

An ax is put on oggun, which he always washes with, or rather he is put on obatala first. this is for luck. Orunmila is asked which sticks he would break with the ax (except for the ceiba tree). It is left for 8 days at the foot of 1 obatala wrapped in asho fun fun and then oggun is sprayed with dry wine.

For osorbo, he puts the ax at the foot of Ogun and sticks jiqui, yaya, jokuma, majagua, he loses his way, and mounts on top of Ogun. etu is given to ozain and Ogun.

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Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Otrupon Ka:

  • The ceiba, the majagua and the ax.

Odu Otrupon Konga Ifa Code of Ethics:

The Awó does not house anyone in his house so that tomorrow he will not be his enemy.

Says Ifa Otrupon Ka:

That you do not give room to anyone in your home, or do favors or lend without distinction of people, because to whom you. If you do, you will become the most fearsome and strong of your enemy, a woman has to fall in love with you. be careful that she has another one and the great revolution can be formed. You. He has two women and another one is going to be presented to him, be careful with the breakdown of the house and with a death that you. got on the way.

He has a new gender, do ebbo with him so that that woman is not the cause of the destruction of his house, his enemies also want to destroy his house with justice, so that they can all be thrown out on the street, do not fight with his wife , a neighbor goes to her house who wants to see everything and then go out to tell about it, everything she sees and is going to tell the justice that you. they are very inconvenient, u. They are very late, in your house there is a person who is loaded on his back and spread his legs, he has to throw him out of his house because it does not suit him, his husband has left and his house falls apart anyway, you. You owe a lot and there is a red pillow at home, sleep with water under the bed and if a woman comes to do some work, do not feel sorry and do it because she doesn't pay.

Prayer of the Odu Baba Otrupon Ka:

Otrupon Ka otrupando otrupanko adifafun ana omo oggun ke akuko lebo. ke otrupanka adifafun
oba owunko. akuko lebo. otrupon ka lodafun oggun, oshanla, omo olofin, adifafun abure omo olofin.

Herbs (ewe) of the sign Otrupon Ika

Ceiba, Majagua, Guayakan, Jocuma.

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Works of the Sign of Ifa Otrupon Ika.

Otrupon Konga's work for impotence:

Take a mountain ax, heat it over the fire until it is red hot, and stand on top of Ogun. An eyele is given to the interested party's penis, which then falls on top of Ogun and then bathes with that water.

Otrupon Ka Ebbo:

Akuko, etu, a little boat, an obi painted in four ritual colors, an abiti, asho ara, allanla ara, yarako that has tied some animals, ekureya, awado.

Oparaldo of Otrupon Ika:

An etu, an igba with the four ritual colors, 16 atare, 16 pieces of obi, epo, an itana, efun, ewe aberikunlo, carob, basil, (he wonders if any more), the three ritual fabrics.

Ebbo misi (Bath) by Otrupon Ika:

The key to this ifa is to bathe with a gold button.

Work for obini:

Vaginal washes with red Indian stone.

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Pataki of the sign of Ifa Otrupon Ka:

Because elegba has a house but cannot live in it

On this road the children of Obatala had no home to live in and Obatala began to inquire where Orunmila lived, in order to find out what was the most appropriate way to get a house for his children. on this mission he met elegba and asked him where Orunmila lived. elegba replied that he did not know, and on later occasions he also answered the same thing.

Obatala then thought that if he left elegba without eating for a while, he would tell him where Orunmila lives.

Seven days after having Elewa without eating, Obatala with an osiadie in hand, asked him again about Orunmila. Elewa agreed to inform him, but on the condition that he first let him go to the mountain so that Obatala would not need to go to Orunmila's house.

This being the case, elegba left for the mountain, and when she got to it, she began to sing to Olodumare and to afefe orun. He heard it, unleashed a very strong storm whose wind began to knock down all the leaves of palms and tree branches.

The children of Obatala, seeing those things on the ground, collected them and built their houses.

Seven days later he chose to return from the mountain and said to Obatala: Look, I went to Orunmila's house and your children already have a house. Obatala came out and watched, being convinced of what he chose, he told him, but despite that he was not very satisfied because those houses were very bad.

One day Elewa was very close to the road that was going to Obatala's house, and she saw Ogun who was coming with an ax without a rope in his hands, she immediately ran to Orunmila's house and told him what she had seen.

Orunmila, astonished, intori osode and Otrupon Ka saw himself and said to elegba: go running and tell the trees not to give a slice to Ogun, because if they give it to them it will be their own destruction. elegba ran and fulfilled Orunmila's mandate.

As soon as Ogun arrived at Obatala's house, afefe lerun unleashed another storm and Ogun was scared, he told Obatala what was coming, while he heard that the storm knocked down all the houses of Baba's children, then Obatala fed Ogun etu meyi to strengthen him and said: Ogun you will get a rope for your ax.

When the storm passed, Ogun went to the mountain, and seeing him, Elewa stood at the corner of it and said: let's see what this can do. So Ogun went to the first tree he saw and asked for a segment, he plowed that it was that tree he told him that he could not please him so Ogun went to the jiqui, the yaya, the guayacan, the jocuma, receiving the same answer from all He arrived at the majagua, who, believing herself more powerful and strong, gave him the requested segment.

When Ogun finished putting the rope on his ax, he looked at the majagua and said: your majagua, you will be the first tree where I will test my ax.

And Ogun singing: «otrupon ka, otrupon ka, otrupon ka«

He was hacking at the majagua until he knocked her down.

So later, he continued to knock down the trees until he reached the ceiba tree to whom he said: I will not knock you down because you are obedient. as long as the world exists you will be respected by all religions.

When Ogun did the above, Elewa had already been cursed by Obatala, because when Ogun left Obatala's house, Elewa entered and said to him: as long as you live, you will not have a home.

That is why Elewa, even if she has a house, lives outside it.

Otrupon Ka Ifa Traditional Nigerian


Òtúru ponka
Òtúru ponko
Pònko pònko bi efon sogi
A day fún aha
Tí n fomi ojú sògbérè omo
Wón ní yóó bímo lópòlopò ebo ní ó se
Òun le bímo layé yìí
You gbogbo èèyàn ó mo òun báyìí?
Wón ní omoo ré pàpòjù ìwo Aha
Aha bá rubo
Aha bá n bímo
Ni bá n bí meje
Ní n bí méfà
Aha bímo or pò
Omo ò ní mòmó mó
Lajá wá n jó ní n yò
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Òtúru ponka
Òtúru ponko
Pònko pònko bi efon sogi
A day fún aha
Tí n fomi ojú sògbérè omo
Wón ní yóó bímo lópòlopò
Ebo omo ni kó waá se
Aha gbébo nbè
Ó rubo
Àkó ajá ì í pé lóde
E jé á relay rèé gbhow

Ifá says that this person will be fine. Ifá advises you not to stay so long on a trip because the success of all your fortunes demands your physical presence. He is a person who travels often; he can still travel, but must return soon. Ifá foresees the good fortune of permanent residence.

Òtúru ponka
Òtúru ponko
Pònko pònko bi efon sogi
They were the ones who consulted the Dog
The day I was crying because I had no children
They told the Dog to sacrifice
Will I have children on earth? The dog asked
'So that everyone on earth will recognize me for this'
'His children will be many', they assured him
The Dog made the sacrifice
He started having children
He was having 7 children
Other times I would have six
The Dog had so many children
The children could not recognize their mother again
The Dog started dancing and was very happy
He was praising his Babaláwos
His Babaláwos were praising Ifá
He said it was exactly as his Babaláwos had said
Òtúru ponka
Òtúru ponko
Pònko pònko bi efon sogi
They were the ones who consulted the Dog
The day I was crying because I had no children
They told the Dog to sacrifice
Will I have children on earth? The dog asked
But you must please make the sacrifice
The Dog heard of the sacrifice
And he did it
Breastfeeding the female dog would never stay away from home for long
Let us go home to hug our son

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