Osala Fobeyo: Meaning, advice, sayings, patakies and verses.

osala fobeyo

Osala fobeyo It is the Odu # 152 of the Lordly Order of Ifá, it is the combination of the Odu Major Osa and Ogbe. This was where Olofin and Abita, Good and Evil sat together. The temptation to commit any illegal act is born. Maferefun Azojano, Shango and Eshu.

Ifá wants this person to be well. He will be doing wonders on earth, his wonderful things will not be shipwrecked; but he must make sacrifice.

Oddun Treaty of Ifa Osala Fobeyo.

Other names for Osa Ogbe:

  • Osala Fobeyo.
  • Bear Fobeyo.
  • Osalo Fogbeyo.

In the odu Osala Fobeyo. born:

  • Hypocrisy.
  • The temptation and the Illicit.
  • They were born: The music devices.
  • The magic books.
  • The nipples in the breasts.
  • Born: The power of the grass lantern or dead scare (ABERIKUNLO)
  • The separation of the bad and the good.
  • Let the Ókpele deceive the Awó OSALA-FOBEYO.
  • The Paraldo in the house.
  • The virtue of the Oshas coming down at the head of the humans.
  • Let the man suck the nipples of women.
  • The colors of the ORISHAS necklaces.
  • Why people, when they die, are wrapped in white cloth.
  • When ABITA ate for the first time, along with OLOFIN.
  • The reason for AGAYU and AZOJUANO when they go live, the left half is shaved on the first day.
  • The two-sided ESHU (Agriyelú).

What is the Osala Fobeyo sign talking about?

  • The bad gratitude of the Aleyo to the Awó.
  • Here: Women lost supremacy in religion.
  • AZOJUANO prepared his Brujo casserole, which was called IBAKO.
  • Both faces speak.
  • You have to receive AZOJUANO.
  • Osa Ogbe marks separation of the godson from next to the godfather due to lack of attention.
  • Prohibits eating eggs, pumpkins, chocolates, chard, pork, white beans.
  • He suffers from high blood pressure, heart, poisoning, skin rashes, impotence, brain weakness, fluid accumulation, fibroids, cysts.
  • He swears in OSANYIN and he gets ivory.
  • It is where the Awó that has OLOFIN can mount all the Oshas.
  • It cannot be missing in the Spider Web Eboses.
  • In Osalo Fobeyo: The banana plant and the scorpion speak.
  • You don't do business with homosexuals.
  • Be careful with the rape of a minor.

The Bear Sign Ogbe (9-8) points out that:

  • ESHU is given 101 white doves.
  • We have to celebrate the IBEJIS.
  • Osala Fobeyo is Alañé, ODUDUWA's server.
  • Abita is fed a cat.
  • ORI-OKAN speaks, which is consciousness, the brain creates and the hands make.
  • The stones of the Saints are determined.
  • ESHU discovered the money to Osa Fobeyo.
  • OYA belly opened.

Sayings of Osala Fobeyo:

  • The fly on the tiger does not frighten the tiger.
  • After the butter is fried, we are going to see the pork rinds that remain.
  • The dancing slug is not missing from his house.
  • He knows the price of all things and he does not know the value of any.
  • When spiritual knowledge is known, the joys of life are appreciated.
  • To take risks in life, you have to have spiritual control.

Ifa code of ethics of the odu Osa Ogbe:

For the good to exist, the bad must exist.

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Recommendations and advice of the Osala Fobeyo sign:

The Awó of this Odu "Osala Fobeyo" must have a monkey and when he dies, he will take the nails and the head for an Inshé-Osanyin.

For this Ifá, you have to take great care of your children so that they do not get lost. You have to celebrate the Jimaguas with piñatas and invite Jimaguas children to clean the house. You have to put a mirror in front of your door. Here a hat, cap or cap is used.

Because of this oddun of Ifa you cannot have society with other people. If they give you money to save, don't spend it, because if you don't have it when they ask for it, you will be embarrassed. Put a coconut and six cents in ESHU so they don't spend that money.

For this Ifá, mass must be celebrated for deceased relatives, light candles for them and attend to them for their spiritual tranquility.

Awó Osala Fobeyo should pay close attention to ESHU and check it because it may be cracked or broken.

You have to be careful of falling. Do not eat pigeon.

One of his sons has a mole on his buttock and is the son of OBATALA, to save him they must make him a Saint or put the necklace of OBATALA on him.

In the sign of ifa Osa fobeyo you have to be careful not to fall into traps, because your enemies are always preparing it for you. You must dress in white, clean, and you cannot wear stained clothing.

You should not interfere in illegal things so that you do not have problems with justice or lose your morale.

For this Osa Ogbe (9-8) the following advice is given:

  • When someone invites you to eat, if you do not know what food will be served, you should be fed up with the first one served.
  • When you sit in a place, do it in such a way that no one has the right to lift you.
  • Never go in to give advice if you haven't been asked for it.
  • When you are very angry, do nothing or say anything until you know the truth.

Prohibitions of the Osa Ogbe sign:

In this Odu (Osala Fobeyo) it is forbidden to eat eggs, pumpkin, chocolate, chard, pork and white beans, or foods that intoxicate you.

The main herb of this Ifá is chard, so OSALA-FOBEYO should not eat it, since it is saved by doing head prayer, bathing and cleaning the house. Others: Espantamuerto, Plátano and Carolina punzó.

In Osala Fobeyo you cannot have any type of business or relationships with homosexuals. Instead, he can have relations with prostitutes (pashangaras). The happiness of the Awó of this Odu is to live with a woman of life.

Osala fobeyo in Ire:

For this Ifá, the happiness that is sought will always come in old age, that is, at the end of life.

The Awó of this Odu, as well as the one who only has one hand of Ifá (Awafakan), is ALAÑE, that is, ODUDUWA's servant and has power the same on earth as in heaven, that is why it is necessary to receive ODUDUWA.

In this sign of Ifá, ORUNMILA is given two handcuffs inside. In this Odu they opened OYA's belly.

Here the cachumbambé speaks in marriage, like the rooster and the hen on the fork. This work should be done for marital stability. Work: A fork is taken, in the right hand an old rooster in the left a hen that has laid many eggs, they are killed and the blood gives to the trunk of the fork.

When any Awó sees this Ifá (Osala Fobeyo) in a register, he must sleep seven days on the mat in front of his Ifá.

Osala Fogeyo (Ogbe) in Osogbo:

If the person who is seen this Odu is sick, it indicates loss. If it is Intori Ikú, the Ebó carries a piece of banana strain.

The house should be flushed with soapy water, salt and ashes. As the house is also washed with Chard.

A casserole with sea water and a chicken egg are put next to ESHU. OGUN is given a gourd with water.

In Osalo Fobeyo (9-8) the person suffers from memory, for which he must receive ODUDUWA who is the Saint who restores him.

Be careful with the rape of a minor or the mannerisms of a child. You have to work the Saint, put music in the house. You have to do the house standing still, because there is an EGUN attached to it. You have to take care of the house because people can come to bring you something bad. Ifá.

When this Ifá comes Osobo, the house is painted white, ESHU is given a white house, 3 cocks are given to ESHU and the house, they are seasoned well and two go to Nigbe (manigua) and the other hangs in A bush. If you can, a rooster is given and its meat is put in three different places.

Osobo: ESHU is waiting for you at the cemetery (ILé Ikú)

Meaning of the Oddun of Ifa Osala Fobeyo.

Here ESHU took the Asho from ABITA so that the world would have it.

This Odu speaks of the reserve to take time and use spiritual knowledge to appreciate the joys of life.

Here the person risks everything in a short time and loses his spiritual balance.

In Osala Fobeyo women lost their supremacy in religion.

This is where the virtue that the Oshas came down to the human head was born. (people can be horses of saints)

Here AZOJUANO (Saint Lazarus) prepared a witchcraft pot, which he called IBAKO. This casserole was wrapped in a black and white cloth and fed cat, chameleon, eagle and tinea.

In Osala Fobeyo hypocrisy was born, although the person speaks well, it is not true.

Here was born the temptation of everything that is not legal, the illicit. Musical devices were born. The books of magic. The person has a special ability in the fingers and hands and lives on them, can be a magician (Illusionist, pickpocket, craftsman etc)

Here the nipples were born in the breasts of women. The power of the Aberikunló grass (dead scare) was born, which serves to scare away Ikú (Egun and death). The Paraldo was born to the house. The separation of the bad and the good: - «EDUN ELETUN OSHE ILE KANFEETUN ELETUN ARIKU BABAWA».

In this Ifá you have to receive AZOJUANO, because in this Odu there is a very great commitment to him.

It marks the separation of the Awó from his godfather due to the godfather's lack of attention to the godson, who even if he says he loves him very much, disappointment comes.

In this Oddun de Ifa Osalo Fobeyo one suffers from high blood pressure, heart, poisoning, skin eruptions such as psoriasis, impetigo etc. Impotence, brain weakness, fluid accumulation, fibroids, cysts.

It was born that the Ókpele deceives Osala Fobeyo, and it is for the day that he is influenced by the Egun of light, by the Oshas, ​​Orishas, ​​the stars, by OLOFIN, that day he guesses, but the day that he is influenced by the obsessing Egun , and dark and by Abita (the Devil), that day no one guesses anything. This is because in this Ifá the hairy and the bald (Olodumare and Abita) sat together to eat at the table. In this Odu one is with "GOD AND WITH THE DEVIL"

This is where the Awó that has IGBA-ODU (OLOFIN), you can ride all the Oshas you know.

Here the two-sided ESHU was born. Both faces speak. The Ebó of this Odu can never be without Spider Web.

Prayer of the Odu Osala Fobeyo:


Suyere of the Oddun Osa Ogbe:


Ifa odu Osala Fobeyo says:

 If this Odu appears in an Ita, it indicates that before the year a relative of that person dies.

Osala Fobeyó: he cannot solve anything completely for anyone to have them do different works for him and he live, because when he solves the client's problem, he will not return home.

His luck is strange.

Don't waste anything they give you because that will be your luck. If he is a man he is badly grateful, he wants everything for himself, he speaks ill of his family and if he is a woman there are men's problems because of her.

Be careful that there is a dead man in your house who wants to take her away and with witchcraft.

Says Ifa in Osa Ogbe for women:

That you take care of your breasts and that you do not allow them to be injured in the sexual act, so that you do not get sick from taking care of them.

I may be crazy. You have to make him Paraldo.

He mistreats his mother and has her abandoned, because he does not worry about any of her problems.

The husband is crazy. Take care of being in minor cloths in the house, because there is a neighbor who watches her through a window. You have to develop spiritually so that you can solve all your problems.

You have to do Holy, but after you develop spiritually.

Stay away from bad company that will lead you to evil, to everything illicit, so that you do not have moral problems with family or friends, or have problems with justice.

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Osala Fobeyo's Ebbo:

Osa Ogbe's work to save a sick person:

This work is done in the Awó's house. 1 big cock, a pigeon, a change of clothes (the one the patient took to the hospital), a wooden cross, a basin with indigo water, 1 coconut, a candle, honey, brandy and toasted corn.

The Odus of EGUN are written on the cross (Otura-Niko, Oshé-Yeku, Irete Iwori, Ogunda Ogbe, Ogunda Ofun, Oyekun Meyi, Osa Meyi and Ofun -Meyi.

The clothes are put on the cross symbolizing the sick. The basin of indigo water is placed in front of ESHU (if it is Eshu Bi, better). Obi Omi Tutu is given to ESHU, the clothes are touched and they are advised of the magnitude of the work. Cleaning (sarayeye) is done to the clothes of the sick man who is wearing the cross with the big cock and the clothes and ESHU BI are sacrificed. When the blood is given to ESHU BI, they ask for the recovery of the patient. The cross is broken. Obi Omi Tuto is given to ESHU BI again, asking him if everything is done. If something is missing, it is placed on the cross. Everything is wrapped by adding ministers (edible grains), raw and roasted corn, honey, brandy, etc.

It takes where ESHU BI said when asked with coconut. The water in the basin goes to the street. During the Awó you are doing this work you have to have your head covered with a white cap. Then Ebó has to do with what ORUNMILA says.

NOTE: This Ebó can be made with: 1 rooster, 1 wooden male doll, a gourd with its lid with the Ebó ingredients inside. It is taken to the river and there honey from bees is thrown into the river. If you don't take this Ebó, the Awó will ask until you take one.

Pataki of the Osala Fobeyo sign:

Osalo fobeyo became the executioner of his own victims.

On this road, Alaño received the position that Olofin gave him and he could be in heaven as well as on earth when he so desired. because this was osalo fobeyo and pointed out that he lives the same here as in the other world.

In the early days Oddun did service for the living and the dead simultaneously, because until then a good heart had not appeared to be by Olofin's side and that every time Odu went to make the priority sacrifices, they had problems, because the egun who They protected these victims, they were always grieving and there was a great revolution in the world. Alaño was a being with a good heart and had very good feelings, but despite being like that, people abused him, they did not pay for his vegetables. For this reason, he contracted debts that he had to pay by giving the crops to the people who did not pay as well as those who robbed him, and he had to sell the farm to finish paying his debts, and he went to work under the king's orders as his executioner and in this job he felt very bad and went to Orunmila's house who, when he saw the marks on his body, immediately recognized Osalo fobeyo, then he marked ebo to put his protective egun on him, begged him for his head and ordered him to put the He went up high and on the third day he was presented to heaven in the morning, olorun told him to take him to the foot of a hill and after 3 days he should take him to a bush. Orunmila killed the rooster and the pigeons, smearing his body with the blood, the head of the rooster threw it in the ebo and the body with the gourd of yam with blood, put it 3 days in egun and sent it to the manigua the praying of the head.

When Alaño put his gourd on the mountain, Elega came who was looking at him and asked him if he knew how to deal with the Egun and Orishas, ​​Alaño answered yes and Eleba asked him why he was covered in blood, to which he said that his job was that of executioner, so Eleba said to him, come with me to Oduduwa's house. where oduduwa when he saw the marks on his body and the blood that was stuck to him, he recognized his ompha, osalo fobeyo and saw that he was the man he needed to fix his problem and thus Alaño entered the temple of oduduwa.

Oduduwa knelt him in front of the secret of orun lala where he removed the prayer from his head and put it on the tile of orun and gave him food to egun and orun and gave odara to the consecration of alaño as kande of oduduwa, and with that the problem of the egun who disturbed the oduduwa ceremonies ended and the fobeyo was left as the sacrificer of the oduduwa victims.

This is the reason why blood is given to the person who receives oduduwa, osalo fobeyo is sung to him and the prayer of the head is given on top of the orun pieces, which are taken to the hole.

The Elegua of this sign is called Eshu alaño nibe.

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Osala Fobeyo Ifa Traditional:


A day fún èrìnlélógòjo Ìlù
Wón n bÓbaá lo ìlú Ìlájé
Wón ní wón ó rbo
Gbogbo won ní nnkan táwon mòó se nwájú Oba
Ebo kín làwón or sèsè móo ru
A day fún Sèkèrè
N bÓbaá lo ìlú Ìlájé
Wón ní wón ó rbo
Wón ní òpòlopò owó ni kí Sèkèrè ó ru lébo
Wón ní óó gbayì lóhùún
Wón ní kò níí sèsín lóhùún
Sèkèrè bá ru òpòlopò owó
Sèkèrè bá rubo
Nígbà tí ón de ìlú Ìlájé
Ajé ni won sì n lòó múú wá
BÁjé ò bá sì rí Ijó
Kò rílù
Kò níí jáde wa
Àyàfi bórí è bá wú
Ìyá Ajé sì n be lóhùún
Òun náà n bò wáá fón Ajé
Gbogboo won bá korí si Ìlú Ìlájé
Òjó bá dé
Eye rò ròò rò
dùndún nor
Àdàmò nor
Tée dóríi Gángan
Àgàgà Àràn
àti àpíntí
Gbogbo ìlù ti n be patá tí ón fi awo se
Gbogbo won lojó pa
Gbogboo won ò leè sòrò mó
Akèrèngbé sì dorí kodò
Òjò ò rò yes Akèrèngbè
Ngbà ó to gégé tí wón ó lo ibi ajé wà
Wón bá pe Dùndún
Kò kòò kò ni n fohùn
Gbogbo ìlù tí ón fawo se patá
Kò kòò kò ni gbogboo won n dún
Wón bá ké yes Sèkèrè
Gbogbo àwon ìlù tí àwón pè ní n se kò kòò kò yìí!
Sèkèrè bá bójó
Ni n sapatapiti
A day fún Sèkèrè tí n lo ìlú Ìlájé
Sèkèrè de ìlú Ìlájé
Ní bá'n jóó fun won
I'll go àjé tá ó nìí layé
ta ló mò
Enìkan ò mògbèyìn
Kóró la wò
Taa lo mo?
Iye aya tá ó nìí layé
Ta lo mo?
Enìkan ò mògbèyìn
Kóró la wò ta ló mò?
Iye omo tá ó bìí layé
Ta lo mo?
Enìkan ò mògbèyìn
Kóró la wò
Ta lo mo?
Iye ilé tá or kòó láyé
Ta lo mo?
Enìkan ò mògbèyìn
Kóró la wò
Ta lo mo?
Gbogbo àwon ìlù tú kù rojú kókó
Ajé bá n dàále
obá n jó
Orí Ìyá Ajé n wú
Ajé n bo
Won no.
Ó bá wojú àwon ìlù yòókù
Gbogboo won bá rojú kókó
Ó ní e mó dòóró ò
and dankun
Onísé Orún ò forum
E more sikà layé ò
E dáákún
Oníse òrún kò fékà
E more sìkà láyé ò
E dáákun
Oníse òrún kò fékà
Bóo sere layé
O or ba
Bóo sèkà layé
O or ba
Àtore àtìkà kò níí gbé
Káì kò nií gbé
Gbogbo wa
I have tí n sere kò níí gbé.

Osa Ogbe: Ifá sees many good fortunes for this person. Your plans and things cannot be spoiled. Ifá wishes him good fortunes from abroad, they will be fighting for this good fortune; It is this person who will take the lead, he is exhorted not to be aware of the ill fate of his contemporaries, the moment he is successful.

They made divination for the countless number of drums
They were going to accompany the king to the city of Ìlájé
They were advised to sacrifice
We have already perfected our voices before the king, all in chorus
'Why should we be wasting time on sacrifices'?
They made divination for the Sèkèrè
He was going to accompany the king to the city of Ìlájé
They asked him to make sacrifice
They told him to offer enough money
Since he will be very lucky there
And it will not be postponed
Sèkèrè offered a lot of money
He performed the sacrifice
They all headed towards the city of Ìlájé
Since everyone was going to return with riches from the City of Ìlájé
But if Wealth doesn't see a good dance
And good drumming
She will never come out
Except if she's impressed
The Mother of Wealth also resided there
She would also come to sprinkle wealth on people
Immediately after they entered the city of Ìlájé
It started to rain
It rained so much
What Dùndún
Just as Àdàmò
Or Àràn
And Àpíntí
All existing drums made from animal skin
They were drenched in water due to the rain
Neither could produce any sound
But the pumpkin was turned upside down
The rain did not put enter the pumpkin
When it was time for them to head to Ajé's place
They called the drum Dùndún
He made no sound
All drums made with animal skin
They were wet and they sounded bad
They were forced to call Sèkèrè
'All these drums that we have called, are sounding out of tune'
Sèkèrè came closer
He said Apatapiti
He made divination for Sèkèrè the one who goes to the city of Ìlájé
Sèkèrè arrived in the city of Ìlájé
And started to dance
The good fortune that we should have on earth
Who knows?
No one knows the end
We only see the mirage
Who knows?
The number of wives that we should have on earth
Who knows?
No one knows the end
We only see the mirage, who knows?
The number of children that we should have on earth
Who knows?
No one knows the end
We only see the mirage
Who knows?
The number of houses we would build on land
Who knows?
Nobody knows the end
We only see the effigy
Who knows?
The other drums frowned sadly
Wealth was falling sharply
The king was dancing
The mother of wealth was impressed
The wealth was coming out completely
They packed it
He then saw the faces of his contemporaries
All the sadness was clearly visible on their faces
He sang 'don't wreak havoc'
Please I ask you
The messenger of heaven detests destruction
Please don't wreak havoc
I ask you
The messenger of heaven detests havoc
Do not be part of the evil on earth
Please I beg you
The messenger of heaven detests evil
If you do well on earth
You will reap it
If you share the tyranny
You will reap it
Both good and bad would not leave without being awarded
I will never leave without being rewarded
All of us
The reward of a person who does good will not be unfulfilled.

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