Irete Batrupon

Irete Otrupon

The Awó is a spirit directed by Ifá

Other names for Irete Otrupon:

  • Go away Otrúpon.
  • Irete Batrupon.
  • Irete Trupon.
  • Go Tutu.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Irete Otrupon?

  • The fish bone in the throat.
  • That AYAGUNA is the owner of this Ifá.
  • Do not eat Ilá to prosper.
  • That IKU, the first one he lived with, was with ORUN, seeing his son badly.
  • That death is nothing more than a bone and means IKU.
  • Meat on the bone for the first time.
  • Give OSAIN 3 eyelé with EGUN.
  • That ODUDUWA gives the power of EGUN to the bone and OSAIN gives the meat.
  • That since man is born he is a spirit and when IKU needs him, he takes him away.
  • Attacking or assaulting by nature.
  • Do the full EBO.
  • Deformation of the spine and bone system.
  • The Obiní attacks with scissors.
  • The person wants one thing and the Saint another.
  • One is disobedient by nature, by instinct.

What does the sign Irete Otrupon talk about?

  • That OSAIN, by mandate of ODUDUWA, gives Ayapá to IKU.
  • IKU gave ORUN 3 eyelé dun dun.
  • OSAIN saves the Omó of SHANGO for Ogú, with Burukú garment.
  • ODUDUWA, ORUN and OSAIN are welcomed.
  • Irete Batrupon's EBO is made by entering with akukó and adié meyi tied with arique on the shoulder and basket with otá on the leri.
  • The bone acquires the IWIN NI ODARA (The spirit of life, the incarnate self).
  • You do not eat guinea or peanuts.
  • They attack with Burukú garment.
  • Avoid eating fish.
  • The bones sucked or swallowed Omiero and sweated.
  • From overseer to servant, he is not respected in Ilé, he is displaced.
  • The diseases are: scales on the skin, microbes that rise, tachycardia, suffocation, spine and kidneys.
  • SHANGO and YEMAYA stole peanuts but applied their ingenuity.

The sign Irete Batrupon points out:

  • You must sacrifice to have children.
  • The King was very proud.
  • It is attacked by intrinsic nature.
  • The words or ideas of the aleyo must be taken very seriously.
  • They do not deserve to become a Saint because they will always disobey.
  • You have to give a large snapper to your leri.
  • Economic resources accumulate throughout life.
  • The eweses are: Ilá, peanut, almond, tomato, eggplant, ashibatá, ewé tete, oyuaro, verbena.

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Recommendations of the Irete Batrupon sign:

  • SHANGO, OGUN and ELEGBA have to be put to eat akukó together.
  • Irete Otrupon talks about the need to obey and sacrifice in order to have children.
  • Omiero is made from Cuban platanillo, white mallow, mazorquilla, cress, corn husk, to revive EGUN's bones.
  • ODUDUWA, ORUN and OSAIN are welcomed.
  • Attend to the saints, otherwise you will find yourself in trouble.
  • Be careful with your partner, who may attack you out of jealousy.

prohibitions from Irete Batrupon:

  • Avoid eating fish.
  • I don't know how Ila (Quimbombo) stops thriving. 
  • You do not eat corn because it suffers from the kidneys, SHANGO AND ELEGBA have it that way.

Sayings of Irete Batrupon:

  • The one that eats fish, that is well with the Orishas.
  • I will carry a child on my back, I will carry a child to play.
  • The one who takes his own revenge.

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Says Ifa odu Irete Batrupon:

He lives next door to someone who envies him and makes works for him with burukú garments, he has to do a complete EBO. Don't be curious. Watch out for a fish bone to get stuck in your throat. Justice pursues him. You want to do a business, pray that it will turn out well for you. Luck is at your doorstep. Don't eat fish for seven days. He has offered something to a dead man, which he has not complied with. It says that above you there is no one, do not be proud. Dress in white. His wife has to settle Osha.

Prayer of the Odu Irete Batrupon:

Abaniku Seku Eran Omo Yenio Obagua Yekun Osain Omo Ni Joro Joro Obayebi Oduduwa Oyo Eran Shinshe Awa Ni Orunmila Iku Ñañariku Baba Yere Omo Iku Obaribo Osain Omo Iku Joro Joro Obawa Ishe Oshinshe Osain Gunhe Odumo Iwabas.

Ebo by Irete Batrupon:

Work with OSHUN Oparaldó.

A red adie is smoked and carried to the river. The person is bathed with 5 OSHUN herbs.


Meaning of the odu Irete Batrupon (Otrupon):

You don't eat guinea because the LUMEYE spirit that accompanies AGUEMA and ALAGUEMA, eats etú fun fun.

Do not put anyone in the house, due to the contradictions that are created and can displace it.

Omiero is made from Cuban platanillo, white mallow, mazorquilla, cress, corn husk, to revive EGUN's bones.

Akukó is given to IKU and the rooster's eggs go to the EBO.

It is an Odu of helplessness.

The door should be scrubbed with ewé tete and given eyerbale.

SHANGO, OGUN and ELEGBA have to be put to eat akukó together.

In the Odu, everything is aggressive, such as:

Animals: Python (OKA, snake), Boa (snake), Elephant.

Vegetable: Mariwó (Revolution, change, war, itch).

Holy: AYAGUNA (Warrior).

Divinity: IKU

He is a military man, carries lethal weapons or lives in that focus.

EGUN signs are painted in asho dun dun.

It has very powerful enemies, which it does not allow to prosper.

Do not carry a load on your head.

He goes to jail for robbery, ingenuity saves him

It speaks of the need to obey and sacrifice in order to have children.

You must dedicate your life to Ifá and the Saints.

The criteria, ideas and actions are very serious.

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Patakie of the sign Irete Batrupon

When the bone, for the first time, had meat

On this path, death is nothing but bone, which means IKU. She lived in the land of ABANIKU and had a son. But since the son was just like IKU, she was embarrassed and had him hidden. He gave him to drink, so that the bones would join together and he would begin to swallow and sweat, ewé plantain from Cuba, white mallow, corncob, matueron, corn husk, and with this he also covered it.

IKU, already desperate, one day went out on the road and said: I am going to the land where ODUDUWA is. In that land, OSAIN and EGUN also live. This land was called ÑAÑARIKU. As he was on the road, he was carrying a dun dun rooster and 2 quail, and he was singing:

Ñañariku Iku Loñare Oduduwa Water
Loyare Omo Abanibikun Omo Iku
Ñañariku Parrot Omo Loyare.

And she was crying (sokú) when she came to the land of ODUDUWA circling and he did not see her. She got angry and took from ODUDUWA the ashó dun dun with which she covered herself, went to her land and covered her son. When ODUDUWA arrived with OSAIN, EGUN told him that IKU had stolen his ashó dun dun. But IKU had forgotten the rooster and the quail. OSAIN got very angry. ODUDUWA, who saw the quail and the akukó, said to him: Look, he forgot this and we
we are hungry. Let's eat it. And he fed akukó and akuaró to OSAIN and EGUN, along with ODUDUWA.

ODUDUWA called EGUN along with OSAIN and they set off on their way. When they were near the land of ABANIBIKU, they began to sing:

Egun Niyore Niyore
Guan Gua Egun Iku Maguao Lode
Ni Olona Umbo Water Llore Iku

EGUN ran out and became AFEFE (The wind). ODUDUWA was touching the cowbell and OSAIN had akuaró in his hand. When EGUN arrived where IKU was, she was scared because she saw what it was and began to cry. ODUDUWA and OSAIN received IKU, who had been fleeing AFEFE, which was EGUN who had her involved. IKU, crying, told ODUDUWA everything that happened. ODUDUWA told him: What you caught me is the sheet with which I cover myself. She told him it was to cover her son, so that no one would see him. ODUDUWA said to him: Well, I am going to give you the power of EGUN and OSAIN
will give your son the power of Eran, for when your son becomes EGUN.

IKU was very happy, but ODUDUWA told her: That sheet that you stole from me, it will only serve to paint the signs of EGUN when any otoku and they give it a yén so that it has power. ODUDUWA came out together with IKU and OSAIN, and they started playing Agogó and started singing:

Afefe Lokun Egun Kuilodo Afefe

Lekun Egun Omo Yare Egun Kuilodo

They came to the land of IKU. OSAIN opened a hole and they were wearing an ayapá. ODUDUWA painted the Odu IRETE TRUPON and the EGUNs put IKU's son in and covered him with the sheet. OSAIN began to sing, along with ODUDUWA:

They were Nile Iku They were Gbogbo They were
Nile Iku Egun Obani Lokun
Gbogbo Eran Egun Iku

They did all this for 7 days. ODUDUWA told IKU that her son already had meat, it was attached to the bone. OSAIN told him: He also has hair (inzo) and eye (Oyú) and okó (egg), and you have to give him a yén so he can walk. IKU asked him what he had to look for and ODUDUWA replied: Ask OSAIN. This told him to look for eyelé mesan dun dun, to give it to EGUN together with him, to give him the IWIN NI ODARA, spirit of Life (The Incarnate Self), but for him he had to bring a Chachará (Griffin) osiadié, akuaró, ayapá.

IKU was very happy, going out to look for what OSAIN requested. While IKU was on the way looking for things, ODUDUWA and OSAIN dug the earth above and saw that IKU's son already had eran, eye, hair and covered with ashó dun dun, writing IRETE TRUPON. They called EGUN before IKU arrived, for EGUN to get inside IKU's son. When IKU arrived, he saw what was moving and was scared, starting to cry. ODUDUWA told her to be calm. OSAIN started eating what IKU brought him. ODUDUWA told OSAIN that he had to get into a hole to do the ceremony. OSAIN took the dove together with ODUDUWA and they began the ceremony and to sing:

Egun Dide Egun Oni Gualode
Yeye Iku Lorun Water Iku Canvas
Bagua Lode Canvas Egun Iku
Lorun Nare Oni Lokun

Immediately, IKU's son walked out into the world.

Note: Here it was born that, since humanity is born, it is a spirit and when IKU needs it, it takes it. He who has this sign, from time to time has to feed ORUN eyelé meta, together with EGUN. Death, when he saw his son like this, the first one he lived with was ORUN and he gave him 3 eyelé dun dun.

The false Palero and the Omo of SHANGO.

The individual, who lived adjacent to SHANGO and envied how it lived, had no powers to confront SHANGO and decided to do it with the son, so he began to work with a Burukú cauldron, which he assembled without being a specialist.

His work was successful and he sickened the Omo of SHANGO, who upon seeing the son in these conditions and knowing the origin, decided to go to the land where OSAIN reigned, which was the only one who could save him. OSAIN consecrates the son of SHANGO and cures the disease, which in the end destroyed the false palero.

Irete Otrupon Ifa Traditional


Ká give ní tútù
Ká tè ní tútù
Bó bá tutù tán
To him gbámú gbámú
Adíá fun Ìrè
Èyí tí n lo rèé te tie lódò
Wón ní kó rbo
Ó rubo
Or laso
Or lè se bírà
Wón ní kó rubo ayé
Kó sì rubo Elenìní
Kò rbo
Tí on bá ti rí ìji Ìrè láti inú omi
Àwon eja or bàá wáá gbé e lókè
Síbè òun náà n jó ní n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Ká give ní tútù
Ká tè ní tútù
Bó bá tutù tán
To him gbámú gbámú
Adíá fun Ìrè
Èyí tí n lo rèé te tie lódò
Taa ni n te tútù lójú omi?
I will go
Ìrè ní n te tútù lójú omi
I will go.
This person will offer a bright clothing or fabric of the person against his earthly enemies. Your things won't be bad; He will be able to enjoy his things.
We must launch it fresh
We must mark it fresh
Once this is cool
This will have solidified
He was the one who made divination for the Cricket
The one who would go make his own mark on the river
He was advised to offer sacrifice
He offered the sacrifice
He had suits to wear
He could do wonderful things
But he was now advised to offer a sacrifice against his earthly enemies
And another for his Detractors
He did not offer them
Once the shadow of the Cricket is seen from within the waters of the river
The fish would come to catch him like prey
He even still sang and danced with happiness
He was praising his Babaláwos
His Babaláwos were praising Ifá
He said it was exactly as his Babaláwos had said
We must launch it fresh
We must mark it fresh
Once this is cool
This will have solidified
He was the one who made divination for the Cricket
The one who would go make his own mark on the river
Who is making fresh marks on the surface of the water?
The cricket
He is the only one who is making fresh marks on the surface of the water.
The cricket.


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