Otrupon Ogunda (Òtúrúpòn Ògúndá)

ifa sign Otrupon Ogunda

Otrupon Ogunda (Òtúrúpòn Ògúndá), Odu 190 in the Lordly order of Ifá, teaches us that bad actions and dishonesty affect both the individual and the community. This sign highlights the importance of guidance and early intervention to form good character and transform negative destinies into positive ones.

Names or Aliases:

  • Otrupon Ogunda.
  • Otrupon Guede.
  • Otrupon Wedemo.
  • Otrupon Ogodo.
  • Òtúrúpòn Ògúndá.

What is born in the odu of Ifá Otrupon Ogunda?

  • Today he despises it, tomorrow he needs it.
  • Let the Awó throw the ebo into the river with the Irofá.
  • Let the Awó make ebo in the river with a chain of its size and ashibata.
  • That the owner of this Ifá will give 1 eyelé fun fun to his lerí every 3 months.
  • The condemned to death at birth.
  • That lost faculties are recovered.
  • That the mother is the cause of the death of the child that is born, since she deliberately conceives it.
  • The child that is born glimpses to be a thief.
  • Do a favor and they will make you a better one.

What does the Ifá sign Otrupon Ogunda talk about?

  • Tonda (a traveling spirit) speaks, the sick child dies, bleeding from the anus and hemorrhaging.
  • The secret of this Odu is to throw the ebo with the Irofá.
  • That the greatest enemy is women.
  • The ebo wonu (for both men and women) was born.
  • Do Osha, because the Odu marks illness and with this solves health problems.
  • Here the toad speaks and the poison in its milk, this represents Eshu.
  • The jicotea did not walk through the guiros (Osain).
  • Ogun eats ram with a jar and jicotea.
  • The blind and the lame speak.
  • The malignant fever speaks.

What does the Otrupon Ogunda Ifá sign mark?

  • Orula left the world due to disrespectful behavior regarding professionalism and religious seriousness.
  • The Abiku child is born.
  • Ashikuelu bewitched Oshun when he was surprised.
  • Oniboo protects children.
  • You can lose the house to slander.
  • Oshun lost consciousness when he saw what he shouldn't (lesbianism).
  • The eweses (herbs) are: guiro, malvita and white mallow.

Analysis and Advice of the Odu Otrupon Ogunda

Otrupon Ogunda tells us about an energy that fluctuates between need and contempt, teaching us that those whom we may look at with disdain today could be vital to our existence tomorrow. This sign reveals the importance of gratitude and respect for others, as circumstances can change unexpectedly. Otrupon Ogunda also shows us the fragility of life from birth, highlighting the constant struggle between life and death.

Òtúrúpòn Ògúndá: Not all help is welcome, and acting without considering the consequences can lead to disastrous results. Obedience and compliance with responsibilities are essential, and getting involved in other people's affairs can have serious consequences.

Economic Aspects:

Ifa advises that in Otrupon Ogunda, financial success depends on ethics and integrity. Slander and envy can put economic stability at risk, so it is crucial to avoid unnecessary conflicts and maintain harmonious relationships. Those who follow the precepts of this Odu can find opportunities for advancement and prosperity, as long as they act with diligence and respect towards others.

Health & Wellness:

This sign warns of serious illnesses such as hemorrhages, problems with the feet, head and eyesight, as well as malignant fever. Ifa advises performing Ebo regularly and respecting spiritual prescriptions to prevent and mitigate these ailments. In case of severe illness, you should settle Osha. The protection of children is especially important, as it points out the vulnerability of newborns and their possible tragic fate without proper precautions.

Religious Aspects:

Otrupon Ogunda emphasizes the importance of complying with esu to avoid misfortune. Orunmila left the world due to lack of professionalism and religious respect, which underlines the need to be devout and respectful in spiritual practice. This Odu also reveals that the enemy can be inside the house and that witchcraft and slander can wreak havoc on the life of the initiate. Performing Ebo with your clothes on, along with other specific elements, is crucial to protect yourself and obtain blessings.

Otrupon Guede: Proper planning and sacrifices are important to ensure a promising future. Deliberate and conscious actions, backed by sacrifices, can positively influence destiny.

Personal Relationships (Love):

Relationships under the influence of Otrupon Ogunda can be tumultuous, with the risk of slander and raising of hands between spouses. Subtle and dangerous enmity, often coming from close women, can cause disruption and loss of home. It is essential to avoid conflicts and work on communication and mutual respect. Ifa also advises offering Ebo for fertility and protection of children, highlighting the importance of family and harmony in the home.

Sayings of the Sign of Ifa Otrupon Ogunda: 

  • For getting into what he doesn't care about, he pays with his head.
  • Do good and do not look at who.
  • Today he despises it, tomorrow he needs it.
  • The Iroko tree can be pruned when it is young.

"Today you despise it, tomorrow you need it" reminds us of the impermanence of our circumstances and the importance of humility. What we consider insignificant or useless today can become essential in the future. This saying teaches us to value and respect people and things at all times, avoiding contempt.

Ethical code:

  • The Awó must be careful not to be used to resolve the personal affairs of another.

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Otrupon Ogunda Sign Meaning:

When this Ifá is revealed in a sick child, it usually indicates his imminent death. There is an enemy woman who blows dust down his back, causing discomfort and conflict. This sign predicts the breakdown of the home due to raising hands between spouses.

The Guardian Angel associated with this Odu can be Obatalá, Yemayá or Shango, from whom protection should be sought. It marks the presence of a subtle and dangerous enemy; If you are not alert, you can lose a lot. This enemy may be inside his own home, using a third person to mislead him, and could cause him to lose his home due to envy and slander.

The Odu also marks the possibility of denunciations and reveals that her husband could be taken away from her through witchcraft or slander. Ifa warns that at some point in your life, a trap will be set for you, and you must be prepared.

Ifa foresees a time of prosperity for you outside your place of residence. Initially, you may not feel happy, but in the end you will have reasons to celebrate. However, there is also a time when a great conspiracy will rise against you, threatening your life to such an extent that you may not survive beyond seven days if you do not take appropriate measures.


  • Meet Eshu.
  • Make Ebo with the clothes you are wearing, ounko, akukó, plantain strain, aberikunló and platanillo from Cuba.
  • Settle Osha to solve health problems.
  • Offer ebo in order to avoid falling into a trap.
  • Offer ebo of victory.
  • Ifa foresees going outside your place of residence.


  • It should never be underestimated.
  • You should never humiliate your husband.
  • You should never disagree, fight or argue angrily with your husband.
  • You should never be a cheapskate.
  • You should never wear a red or black dress.
  • You should never leave your home for a foreign land.
  • You should never rush to achieve success.

Ifa says in the odu Otrupon Ogunda:

Do not attend parties or pilgrimages where you are invited, as there could be violence and justice could intervene. Do not take another man's wife, as she might take revenge on you. Take care of her health, an illness is coming.

Protect your assets to avoid becoming homeless. Pay the promises you owe. His wife is pregnant; She offers two doves at her head. Avoid consuming alcohol in the company of others. They are watching you and commenting on everything you do.

Otrupon Ogunda foresees victory for you, but warns that you are surrounded by enemies. Still, he will be triumphant over them. Ifa advises you to offer ebo with a mature goat and money.

Ifa warns that you and your husband should never subordinate or ridicule each other to avoid humiliation and lamentation. This could lead to failure and unconsummated fortune. It is also taboo for you and your partner to engage in confrontations or disagreements.

Prayer of the sign Otrupon Ogunda Ifa:


Suyere (Song):


Ebbo (work) by Odu Otrupon Ogunda:

Ifá says that all your achievements are in the land where you were born. Therefore, there is no need to travel outside your country in search of prosperity or success. Additionally, you should offer ebo so that every time you achieve the success you seek, you do not use it just to satisfy other people. Ifá also warns that if you insist on traveling outside your country of birth in search of success, you will return home with tears and regrets. The ebo materials are 2 doves, 2 guinea fowl, 2 chickens, 2 roosters, plenty of liquor and money.

The dead admire the dead,
And genius admires genius,
While human beings admire other associated human beings.
This is the message of Ifá for Orunmila,
Going on a fairly distant journey,
He was informed to offer ebo,
He agreed.
My Ifá is no longer interested in adventures,
I return home to take responsibility for all my life.

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Pataki (story) of the Ifa sign Otrupon Ogunda:

Malignant Fever

IKU, death, lived in a land where he never found food. Desperate, she decided to consult Ifá, and Orunmila revealed the Otrupon Ogunda sign to her. Ifá advised him to make Ebo and then leave that town, eating only fruits when they ripened. Following this advice, IKU moved to a land where everyone was born sick, providing her with abundant food, which made her very happy.

In that land, a woman became pregnant and, worried, decided to consult with Ifá. Orunmila revealed the same sign to her and told her to make Ebo with ounko, akukó, the clothes she was wearing, a strain of plantain, aberikunló and platanillo. Without money, the woman made a collection among her relatives and made the Ebo. Orunmila instructed her to take the Ebo to the cemetery without looking back and asked Onibodi to accompany her and protect the creature at birth so that IKU would not eat it.

When Emure was born, Onibodi was there to protect her. However, when the relatives learned what the collection money was for, they protested. Elegba, upon hearing this, became upset and left, leaving her mother worried about Emure's fate.

One day, at dusk, fever took hold of Emure. Her body was covered with sores and she couldn't see well. Her mother, desperate, looked for her relatives to pray to heaven and call Onibodi. They all gathered together and begged.

Onibodi, seeing this, decided to take the girl. Emure, now a maiden, was Abiku, suffering from headaches and vision problems. When she turned 16, Onibodi took her to Obatalá's house and then to her mother, saving her from IKU.

Explanation: Òtúrúpòn Ògúndá teaches us the importance of following the advice of the wise and divine protection. Through faith and compliance with proper rituals, even the greatest adversities can be overcome. Her mother, although she conceived her daughter in difficult times, managed to save her thanks to the guidance of Ifá and the protection of the Orishas. This story reminds us of the strength of devotion and community in the fight against adverse fate.

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Otrupon Ogunda in Nigerian Traditional Ifa

Verse from Òtúrúpòn Ògúndá

A day fún Òòsààlá Òsèèrèmògbò
Níjóó tí n tòrun bò wálé ayé
Ebo n won ni or se
A day fún Òkànlénú Irúnmolè
Níjóó won n tòrun bò wálé ayé
Wón ní kí gbogboo wón or ru were méjì méjì lo
Òòsà lórí òun ò gbó
Òòsà bá rbo
Wón ho awo were òhún
Wón and kànlù
Ngbàa won de ilé ayé
Àwon Òòsà ró kù ò rílù jó
Wón bá dé àjo nbi wón or ti jó
Enii won n sápéé fún
Eni rí n korin lasán
Òòsà bá i lóòókán
Ó ní Jógede
A day fún Òòsààlá Òsèèrèmògbò
Níjóó tí n tòrun bò wálé ayé
Ifá jé n gbayì ntèmi
Bí Sàngó you to a
Kò rílù jó
Bí Ògún ti ate a
Kò rílù jó
Òòsà ní n be léyìn
You n jíjóo re
Wón bá fìlù bé e
Ògún ní áà
Òun náà bí nbi ìlú
Ògún bá lòó kan Àgèrè
Sàngó lòó kan bàtá
Gbogbo won bá kànlù
Gbogbo ihun tí ò bá nílú nnú
Kò leè sehun rere kan hasta dáa.

Ifá advises this person to offer a sacrifice for happiness. His fortunes have been with him since his birth. He must give Ifá a goat. His skin should not be burned, but removed and used to make a drum.

He consulted Òòsààlá Òsèèrèmògbò
The day he was coming from heaven to earth
They advised him to make the sacrifice
He consulted countless Deities
The day they were coming from heaven to earth
They advised him that they should sacrifice two goats
Òòsà said that he cannot dare to the consequences
Òòsà made the sacrifice
They skinned the goat
And they used the skin to make a drum
When they came to earth
The other Deities couldn't find a drum to dance to
They came to where they met to dance
Some were clapping
Some were just shaping the beats with their mouth
Òòsà, looked from afar, singing
He consulted Òòsààlá Òsèèrèmògbò
The day I was coming from heaven to earth
Ifá allow me to be recognized by myself
As big as Sàngó is
He ain't got no single drumbeat to dance to
As powerful as Ògún is
He ain't got no single drumbeat to dance to
It is Òòsà that comes from behind
Who is dancing his well deserved drumbeats to dance
It is Òòsà that comes from behind
Who is dancing to the beat of the drums
They played the drum continuously
In despair, Ògún exclaimed
'I also have an idea of ​​a type of drum'
He went to make the Àgèrè drum
Sàngó made Bàtá
They all started making different types of drums
All the celebrations devoid of drumbeats
It would not connote a good function.

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