ika obara

ika obara

What is born in the odu of Ifa Ika Obara?

  • The wings of the birds.
  • The plane.
  • It indicates war between brothers.
  • There are shipments of sorcery (sorcery)
  • The Ebó has wax.
  • You have to beg your head.
  • The herbs are: Framboyan and chicken paste.

What is the Ika Obara sign talking about?

  • They want to destroy the person's house.
  • You have to mount an Eshu that the stone is sea or reef.
  • It cannot be too absolute.
  • Some kind of money comes to him.
  • Yemayá is asked on the seashore.

The Ika Bara sign points out:

  • You have to ride an Inshé Osanyin to win.
  • The diseases are: Thrombosis and heart attacks, digestive system, kidney problems, skin rashes, cystitis.

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Recommendations of the Ika Obara sign:

Here the person must be mounted an Eshu from the Olokun path, the stone will be from the sea or the reef.

The person being consulted does not believe what is being said, but when he is in a hurry, then he will believe.

The person for this Odu (Ika Bara) is too absolute.

The person with this sign will be advised that whenever he goes to the seashore, he will grace Yemayá, and tell him that he does not harm anyone, so they cannot do it to him, that there he is. Eshu to do what you want.

Here the person has money and says he is poor, to see what they say.

They have to go to his house to ask him a favor, do it, but warn him that you know he has money.

Here a person is lucky and will have a lot of money.

The person has to be careful that they envy him and want to harm him with justice. You have to avoid gossip because they want to see him going through work.

If he is a man, he has another woman besides his own. You are like the guayabito, who bites and blows. You want to destroy the house, ask Orúnmila, lest he has died.

If it is a woman: It is too absolute. She has a good man and she thinks to leave him for another, if she does, she loses. Because of jealousy, you can leave the house and then someone else will come to enjoy all the good things that are there.

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Ika Bara:

  • There will always be someone who wants to destroy the Awó's house.
  • They made you King and you prospered, now you want them to make you God with a witchcraft.
  • Cruelty begets cruelty.
  • The Guayabito eats and blows.

Odu Ika Obara Ifa Code of Ethics:

There will always be someone who wants to destroy the Awó's house.

Says Ifa Ika Bara:

  1. The stone he found on the seashore is from Eshu and Olokun; he must receive it properly.
  2. He regularly visits the seashore to offer and give thanks, affirming his innocence and asking Eshu for protection.
  3. Don't pay attention to rumors designed to put you in trouble.
  4. He has an extramarital relationship, which could complicate his domestic situation.
  5. Before making decisions that affect your home, consult with Orúnmila to avoid possible family tragedies.
  6. Be wary of a wealthy person showing up at your home under false pretenses of poverty.
  7. Be alert to attempts to antagonize you with justice motivated by envy.
  8. An opportunity for good fortune is on your way, although your skepticism may cause you difficulties.
  9. Although you consider leaving your current partner for another, this could result in a significant loss.
  10. Your inner well-being is affected, and you have trouble sleeping properly.

Prayer of the Odu Baba Ika Bara:


Ebbo of the Odu Ika Obara Ifa:

To remove a dead man (Egun) from the house.

Perfumed water is poured into the house to remove the dead (Egun).

To get rid of the nostalgia produced by an Egun.

The person will wash their face with rose petals and fresh water.

Inshé Osanyin (Ika Bara) so as not to be loathed by the opposite sex.

Cascarilla, snapper head powder, jutía, Iyefá, It is prayed on the board with the following Odus: Oshe Turá, Okana Tokú, Ika Bara and Otura She.

If it is from men to women, it is linked with face powder. If it is from woman to man, with talcum powder.

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Meaning of the oddun of Ifa Ika Bara:

Ika Obara signals war between brothers over a position. As the sorcery shipments of a sorcerer are also imminent, by the way of the son of the Saints, and the sorcerer who wanted to take away his lands.

For this Ifá you have to make Ebo with wax. It is an Odu Kaferefun Obatalá and the Mother.

The first thing to do when you see a client this Odu, is to feed 2 pigeons of pigeons to Obatalá and four pigeons to the four corners of the house. The meats are cooked for Obatalá and Ekrú is watered in the corners of the house.

For this Ifá the head of the person with ekrú is requested. In addition, fresh water with perfume is poured into the house to remove a dead person (Egun).

For this Odu it is necessary for the person to wash their face with rose petals and fresh water to shed the nostalgia produced by a dead person (Egun).

The herb of this Odu (Ika Obara) is Framboyan and it sticks chicken.

For Ika Bara, the person wants to destroy his house, so that he loses his well-being and his position. The person is fighting an enemy who has a pledge or Osanyin and is afraid of him.

Secret of the Odu of Ifa Ika Obara:

Rhizome of Calaguala: Dissolves blood clots, prevents thrombosis and heart attacks.
Ginger: Regulates digestive functions.
Canutillo blanco: Eliminates kidney fever and regulates or speeds up the kidney.
Herb of blood: Purifies the blood.
Aniseed caisimón: For the heart and skin inflammations.
White mallow: The main one.
Anamú: Temporary.
Pendejera: Eliminates syphilitic tare. All kinds of rashes and cystitis.

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Pataki of the sign of Ifa Ika Obara:

The war of the Awó with the son of Ogún.


There was an Awó who was called Yarodi and he had a war with an Omologú and he did and sent him many sorceries and shipments of Obsessing Spirits, but as this Awó was good with the Saints, especially with Yemayá, he got rid of everything bad .

One day Yarodi became Osode and this Odu Ika Bara was seen, and Ifá ordered him to become ebo with: 1 rooster, wax, water and sea sand, trap, sweaty clothes, and to put it open on the seashore where he give enough sun.

He did so.

Omologú, wanting to destroy Awó Yarodi, ordered his followers to stick one by one different feathers with wax, to be able to cross over the sea, but the Sun melted the wax from the wings and they all fell into the sea drowning.

Ika Bara Ifa Traditional Nigerian


Ké mi ni bàrà
Kí n ké or ní bòbó à á jíí lé
A day fún Òrúnmìlà
Tó ní wón ó mó fowó èrù falè
Òrúnmìlà ní owó èrù túun bá fun yín
E è gbodò ko fun àlè
Àwon kan ò gbórán
Won fà á, fà á
Kò Thoraa Won
Wón làwon ò wí fún a yín
Wón ò bá fowó èrù fé àlè mó
Ayé bá n ye won
Ó ní Ké mi ní bàrà
Kí n ké or ní bòbó à á jíí lé
Báa bá hee
Ká jo móo kéraa wa
A day fún Òrúnmìlà
Ó ní kí won ó mo fowó èrù fé àlè
Wón ní ntoríi kinni?
Ó ní ntoríi kí wón or lè baà lájé
Kí wón or lè baà láya
Kí wón or lé baà bímo
Kí wón or lè baà kólé rere nílé ayé
E momo dakun
Owó erù
E mó e falè
E dakun.

Ifá advises this person to offer sacrifices so as not to keep the concubines (lovers). This is the Ifá that advises not to be involved in extra-matrimonial matters so that it becomes easy for one to love one's own family. Ifá warns all Babaláwo not to have extra-marital relations.

Cover me in Bàrà
So that I can cover it with Bòbó à a jíí lé
He made divination for Òrúnmìlà
Who was warned not to use Ifá money to support concubines (lovers)
Únrúnmìlà instructed 'The free earnings that I give to you'
'You should never use it to support your concubines (lovers)',
Some didn't listen
So they did and tried to see what happened
They couldn't find anything beneficial
It was then that they reminded them of the previous warning
After that time, it was that they stopped giving the Ifa money to the concubines (lovers)
Life pleased them after
Cover me in Bàrà
For me to cover with Bòbó à á jíí lé
Whenever we wake up
We must love each other
He made divination for Òrúnmìlà
Who was warned not to use Ifá money to support concubines (lovers)
They asked, 'Is that up to what?'
Ifá said that this is to be able to have wealth
So they can have good wives
And so that they can have children
And also to build a good house in life
I warn you
The gifts of Ifá
Never give them to your concubine
I warn you all.

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