Ogbe Sa: meaning, tips, sayings, patakies and more

odu of ifa ogbe sa

Ogbe Sa is the Odu number 25 in the Order of the Ifa signs, it makes reference to us that we must do things complete so we will avoid losses, Maferefun the eggun and ShangoThrough them we will obtain the Ire that we are destined to receive.

This Odu recommends us to focus on correctly performing our activities as well as fulfilling our responsibilities, thus avoiding being replaced in our work or personal areas.

Ifá says that this person will not be arrested by the Ajogun. He must prepare Èkuru, and sprinkle it on Ifa and then he will bury it in the ground. Ifá wants this person to be well.

Other names of the odu Ogbe Osa:

  • Ogbe Sa. 
  • Ogbe Rikusa.

In the Sign Ogbe Sa is born:

  • Renal Anuria.
  • The foundation of Yewá.
  • The Moon (Oshupa).
  • Osanyin's head.
  • In Ogbe Sa, the Osanyin casserole or jar was born.
  • That whoever has Oduduwa should never eat mutton.
  • May the Oba Egun be consecrated in this Oddun: Egun Oba Erun, Egun Oba Oyigbo, and Egun Oba Kukunduku.
  • The Consecration of the Atemoleta.
  • Ogbe Sa was the Odu of Ifa in charge of awakening Orunmila but was supplanted by the Oddun Ogbe Di.

Recommendations of the Ogbe Sa sign:

  • Orunmila's hand must be received.
  • You have to receive Ochosi and Ode.
  • You must pray your head with Pargo - Ejá Tuto
  • Give the money to Shango so that he knows what you have.
  • Make the Works or whatever else you are going to do complete so that there are no losses.
  • Make Eggun gold and feed them
  • Put silver handcuffs on Orúnmila inside and also on Ikofafun or Awofakan, if it is Awó, two in each hand.
  • Make ebo to avoid a misfortune or have losses in the house.
  • For Ogbe Sa, he owes Ram to Shango and Rooster to Yemajá so that he can overcome his difficulty.
  • Everyone in the family should do ebbo.
  • Don't vouch for anyone so you don't have to pay for others.
  • You have to give Shango and Oshun moforibale because they avoided very complex situations in their lives.
  • Beware of bad winds.
  • Take care of your eyes and testicles.
  • You have to worship Orunmila and Ifa. 

Sayings of Ogbe Sa:

Ogbe sa sayings
  • You get the swagger.
  • He who betrays his son deserves the same form as the ram.
  • He who wishes the death of another is because he is dead.
  • The bad thing you did once will not do it again.
  • The moonlight clears, as Olofin's eyes clarify everyone.
  • A tree that is born crooked never straightens its trunk.
  • Two friends do not admit a third.
  • Scares but does not kill.
  • We clench our fists to hit each other on the chest.
  • When a parent dies, there is desolation in the home.
  • One can be more cunning than another, but no more cunning than others.
  • If you ate the sauce, you will eat the fish.
  • All animals are not tied by the necks.
  • Where there are no elders, there is no government, so when there are no elders, things do not go well.

Ogbe Sa bans (8-9):

  • For this sign of Ifa you should not eat coconut.
  • When a babalawo is looked at and the Ogbe Sa Sign is revealed, he should avoid dating other people for at least 7 days.
  • Forbid eating Ram.
  • Don't trust anyone.
  • You should not meddle in the problems of others.
  • They do not visit sick to avoid head changes.

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Says Ifa in the sign Ogbe Sa

Ogbe sa Odu of Ifa

For this Oddun of Ifa «Ogbe Sa» no coconut is eaten. if you have children you have to beg with four eyele. be careful that they are setting a trap for you. take care of someone you count on because that person may leave you.

You have a dislike, do ebo to avoid it or have a separation. There is a person in the house who wants to gossip you.

With whom he had the tragedy he took off, be careful with a woman and two more who always go together; Those two have bad luck and bad ideas about you out of envy and they can do you a disservice to see you pass work.

He has to give a remedy to a rich man who will get well and in return, he will give him a lot of money.

In your family there must be a novelty, you have a pending prayer, be careful that in a matter there must be traps. you

You have to do Ifa, and for your son, you have to give Shango a ram.

They will go looking for you for marriage or any other commitment. Give Yemaya an akuko to overcome her difficulties. be careful with your eyes and your testicles.

When you do a thing always do it completely, you have to do Osha to your whole family. do not run and if there is any question at home, do not get involved.

If he has a father, he is ill, and if he is already deceased, he has to send him to do a mass. Your leg hurts, be careful with a date. do not go out until 7 days have passed, under any pretext.

You have an idea of ​​going to the field. do not answer for anyone, because otherwise, you will pay for another.

Ifa says that where he works the principal wants to place his trust in and his colleagues envy him.

Thank Oshun and Shango and the dream you had last night, where you saw a lot of people and you don't remember. take care of the dog you have.

Hold on to orunmila and watch out for bad winds, give eure to Orunmila. Maferefun Orunmila and Obatala. Be careful with a woman, preferably Oshun's daughter.

There is a catch, use the obatala handle. A silver handle is also placed inside Orunmila, both for the Ifa and the ikofa or awafakan.

On the day of the faithful departed, give an assistance to egun filani (Chinese dead), they also put a plate of fruits, lilies and a lamp. It must have a spiritual vault, with a charcoal ebony crucifix.

Prayer of the Odu Ogbe Sa:

Ogbe Sa Yeyematero afefe salú Ayé afefe salú Olorun Adifafun ewe Bana awayeni abo, awayeni Orúnmila Afefelona Shango Adifafun ewe Bana.

Ogbe Sa's Ebbo:

Inshé-Osanyin from Ogbe Sa:

Take a piece of palo cocuyo, change voice, eyero root, guinea pepper, mate, black and white thread, 5ctvs. Tierra de Agujero, a bit of Iyefá from this Odu, cloth of the color that he takes, is lined with thread of 5 or 4 colors, Orúnmila is asked what he eats and what days they are, and what he takes, if brandy, dry wine, Y
night dew.

Ogbe Osa's Work for Diseases:

El ewe bana it is the soap. First you have to give two birds to Osanyin giving an account of the work to be done, then the leaves of the soap are placed on top of Osanyin and coconut is given. Then these leaves are collected and made into an omiero with them. The interested party is asked with 2 white doves and then the promotion begins to be applied to the damaged parts. They also heal hemorrhoids, by making them boost.

What is the sign Ogbe Sa talking about?

When the Sign of Ifa Ogbe Sa is manifested, for a woman who is not yet married or looking for a husband, she will be told that she has four suitors and that she will have to make sacrifice to know which one is suitable. She should be advised to be faithful to her husband after marriage, because any act of treason would cause her to die or suffer a physical deformation that would deprive her of her limbs.

If it manifests for a man, he will be told that he is vying for a woman's hand with three others, that he must make sacrifice to avoid losing his life in the process, because some of the rivals are aggressive and vindictive.

If it is a man with a dark complexion, he will be told that the woman prefers one of the others, mainly the one with a light complexion, but if he makes a sacrifice, he will win her hand. If the inquirer is fair in complexion, he should tell him to leave the woman, because she is not destined for him, lest he suffer immensely in the process of trying to impose his love on her.

Herbs (Ewe) of the Odu Ogbe Sa:

  • Ewe Bana (Soap).
  • ceiba.
  • Liana Jimaguas.

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Tips from the Oddun of Ifa Ogbe Sa:

When manifested in divination, the person should be advised to sacrifice a goat to ESHU, rooster to OGUN, and rooster also to SHANGO in order to avoid the danger of being fooled by a close friend.

When Ogbe Sa manifests in Ugbodu, the person is advised not to steal the show from his contemporaries, to avoid becoming the target of attack.

When this Odu manifests in divination, the person should be told not to give up any of his children as a servant. If you have it already in that state, you must remove them to avoid a curse.

You should avoid using round mirrors to avoid eye problems.

Ogbe Sa sign in Santeria:

In Osha the Oddun Ogbe Sa under the divination system of the dilogun (snail), is recognized as Ogbe (Unle) tonti Osa and its number 8-4. It should be noted that although they resemble each other, they do not speak the same, since they belong to different oracles in the Yoruba Religion.

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Odu Ogbe Sa Ifa Traditional


Ìkere èyin Ààsè
A day fún Ifánírègún
Tí tí n rin tí ó kore
Ebo kó le kore n won ní ó se
Wón ní kó rbo
Or I know
laje bá de
Laya give
omo give
N ní wá n jó ní wá n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Ìkere èyin Ààsè
A day fún Ifánírègún
Tí tí n rin tí ó kore
Ebo kó le kore n won ní ó se
Ifánírègún gbébo nbè
Ó rubo
Ire Ajé kóo mó le fò mi ru
I will go àrìnnàkò ni nó kò
I will go àrìnnáko
Ire aya kóo mó le fò mi ru
I will go àrìnnàkò ni nó kò
I will go àrìnnáko
Ire omo kóo mó le fò mi ru
I will go ìrànnàkò ni nó kò
I will go àrìnà ko
Be bí pétípétí ni imí esin í koraa won
I will go àrìnnà kò ni n or kò
I will go àrìnà kò.

Ifá advises the person to offer sacrifice as long as he can always gather fortunes. Ifá says that he has been diverting his fortunes. He must offer the hyena skin as a sacrifice. They advise him to sacrifice Ifa well, as long as he could have something as a sample.

Ìkere èyin Ààsè
He made divination for Ifánírègún
That he had been walking without gathering fortunes
It is the sacrifice that would allow you to find the wealth that you advised him to make.
They advised him to make full sacrifice
He did it
The abundance later came
The wives also came
The children were not left out
He started dancing and rejoicing then
He was praising his Babaláwo
His Babaláwo was praising Ifá
He said it was exactly what his Babaláwo told him
Ìkere èyin Ààsè
He made divination for Ifánírègún
That he had been walking without gathering fortunes
It is the sacrifice that would allow you to find the wealth that you advised him to make.
Ifánírègún heard about the sacrifice
He did it
Don't let the fortune of wealth evade me
They are coincidental fortunes that I will gather
Matching fortunes
Don't let the wife fortune elude me
They are coincidental fortunes that I will gather
Matching fortunes
Don't let the fortune of children elude me
They are coincidental fortunes that I will gather
Matching fortunes
Are not in hard keys that the excrement of the horse binds us?
They are coincident fortunes that I will gather
Matching fortunes.

Description and Meaning of Odu Ogbe Sa

Oddún Ogbe Sa Osobo Iku:

  • Where many individuals died who cannot cure the Oba of his sufferings (ewe on the way to Jaboncillo).
  • He has many opponents and they set up a trap to kill him.
  • Your house in Ikú is born.
  • You must make ebbo with two chickens, they give their blood to the ebbo and Oya.

Sign Ogbe Bear Osobo Arun (Illness).

  • You have kidney problems.
  • Disease in the testicles.
  • Vision must be taken care of
  • Heart disorders
  • Falls that cause fractures and limb damage.
  • Nervous diseases.

Ogbe Osa 9-8 Osobo Ofo

  • This Oddun of Ifa predicts losses in general.
  • Everything you do, complete it to avoid losses.

Ogbe Bear Osobo Eyo

  • Talk about a friend's betrayal.
  • There are risks.
  • Poor stitches have been made and can be found.
  • Beware of problems with the law.
  • He talks about gossip and also entanglements.
  • The day this Ifá is seen, the person does not walk in groups of three people.
  • Make sure to avoid a tragedy, if you do it with a ram, the person is the only one who does not consume it.
  • Trust no one.

Ogbe Sa in Ire Ariku

  • Here the individual is billed. It is stated that it will certainly have costs, a house and money.
  • Talk about a lot of prosperity.
  • Food for the Eguns, mainly their father if he is dead.

Sign of Ifa Ogbe Sa in Ire Ashegun Ota

  • Moforibale to Oshún and Shango.
  • You must sacrifice a Ram (Abo) to Shango.

Patakies of the Ogbe Sa sign:

It was guessed for Orunmila to have immunity from the evil machinations of his four enemies.

Like ORUNMILA, ogbesa he had numerous enemies in Heaven; it was because of the ANCIENTS OF THE NIGHT that he hastened to seek refuge on Earth. He reveals what ORUNMILA did to gain immunity from the evil machinations of his four mortal enemies, which were:

The Bright Sun, The Moon, The Water and The Fire, whose celestial names are:
Uno Omo Ojogbo ………… The Fire
Orunrun Ojodon ………… .. The Bright Sun.
Oshupa Ota Giri Konran. Moon.
Eye Giri Ke Somo ………… The Water.

They conspired against ORUNMILA. Then, he made a divination early in the morning, in which Ifá indicated the plot of his four enemies. Accordingly, he was advised to sacrifice a hen and prepare soup in three clay pots while leaving a fourth empty pot, without soup. He also had to prepare four plates of crushed yam, they had to be made of pumpkin or güiro. He had to get an uncut güiro and a pile of stakes and deposit the sacrifice at the last road junction before reaching his house. He made sacrifice without delay.
The following day, the Sun, Fire, Moon and Water set out to fight ORUNMILA at his home.

On their way home, they saw the sacrifice at the crossroads and stopped to eat from it. The fire took a plate of mashed yams and a pot of soup.

The Sun and the Moon took the other two plates. Meanwhile, the divinity of the Obstacle (Elinini or Idoboo) had taken and carried away the empty güiro, thinking that it had food. Agua, the youngest of them all, picked up the remaining bowl of mashed yams, but there was no soup left for him. So, he asked the Fire to give him part of his soup to eat his crushed yam. The Fire refused the request, on the pretext that he did not share his food with anyone else by tradition. He also appealed to the Sun and the Moon.

They also refused to give him part of their food.

Angered by the Water, he accused the other three of underestimating him because he was the youngest. He reacted by throwing his mashed yam away and began to sing a war song. He struck the Fire with the stake, which consisted of raindrops, which extinguished the Fire.

It also struck the Sun and Moon until they were annihilated with heavy raindrops.

This is how ORUNMILA's enemies destroyed themselves and he was left alone, with peace and tranquility. Therefore, when this odu manifests itself in divination for a person, he must tell him that he has four mortal enemies who are looking for him to kill him.

He must make sacrifice to get them off his back.

Get things done

There was a hunter who had not hunted for several days, and therefore wondered the reason for this, reflecting on he decided to go to Òrúnmìlà's house, who made him bear and sent him ebo.

The hunter went to Orúnmìlà's house the next day to make the ebó, but he only had half of what he needed.

Later the Deer arrived and told Orúnmìlà that he did not have a moment of rest because of the hunter, Orúnmìlà made him bear and sent him and sent him the same prayer, and he took half.

A few days later, the very sad Deer appeared and told Orunmila that his son the hunter had been killed. Orunmila replied to be happy, because the prayer had been half done and that it had not reached enough for him.

Later the hunter appeared complaining that among the deer he saw, the smallest hunted. Orunmila replied, rejoice, because the ebo you made, you did it halfway and be satisfied with what you hunted.

Note: Get things done.

Eshu of the Odu Ogbe Sa:

Eshu Katero:

This Elegua is made from dough. In addition to the essential ingredients, it has: Ileakan, three black cents, 3 grains of agbadó mora, Hierva garro, picapica, pendejera, ekú, eyá, epo, otí, erú, kolá, osun, 13 ataré. The blade is loose in the ikokó.

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