Otura Ofun

otura fun - otura adakoy

Names or aliases of the Sign Otura Ofun:

  • Other Fun.
  • Otura Adakoy.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Otura Fun?

  • Nasal secretions.
  • That everything that dies has to get sick.
  • That the disease spread in the world by the blood of IKU.
  • The secret of misery and union with disease.
  • The origin of ABAKUA and its squares.
  • The ability to transmigrate the figures through the mirror.
  • That Ogún and Ayaguna use the same machete, which is the cutlass.
  • The paralytic tremors.
  • Otura Fun is called IFA ORUN.
  • For this Odu (Otura Ofun), when I eat EGUN it will be with OGUN.

What is the sign Otura Ofun talking about?

  • Otura Ofun speaks the flower of the dead.
  • Warn that a brother or someone close to him is going to be arrested.
  • OYA has a secret name: LAMO TATA.
  • The cat was cursed by OLOFIN.
  • The daughters of OSHUN must be respected.
  • Spiritism should not be practiced.
  • OGUN must be reinforced and quickly catch KAKUANARDO.
  • OGUN comes with death on his head.
  • No one can flee to destiny.
  • It is sent to spread Epó in the mouth.
  • The person is violent.
  • It is forbidden to put flowers in the house.

The sign Otura Fun points out:

  • Pheasant is given to OSHUN.
  • It is forbidden to go to the square.
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages is prohibited.
  • Otura Fun is an Ifá of demonstrations.
  • Favor kills man.
  • AGORONA speaks of the cult of sorcery of the kingdom of IYAMI OSHOORONGA.
  • The enemy is imperfect.

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Recommendations and advice of the sign Otura Ofun:

This Ifá speaks of imminent good luck, if the person avoids doing malicious acts. The person must also resist an adulterous relationship.

The person will be very careful, because sickness and death surround him. There is also justice involved.

For the Awó to speak the Odu of Ifa Otura Fun (Adakoy), one has to spread corojo butter and water on the roof of the mouth, as well as the client because the disease surrounds him.

In this Odu the nasal secretions were born in man.

Here the enemy is imperfect. This Ifá talks about the flower of the dead. Warn that a brother, godson or close friend is going to be imprisoned.

In this Odu, favors enslave man until he is killed.

When this Odu is seen in an ordinary view with the okpele, in addition to smearing corojo butter with water in his mouth, the money will be mounted on the okpele and he will spread corojo butter on the okpele, to be able to follow the consultation.

This Ifá indicates that the Awó OTURA ADAKOY, as the first step to win in life, has to receive KAKUANARDO quickly. If you do not have it, then receive OYA, OSANYIN, AZOJUANO and mount AGORONA.

When this sign appears in IGBODUN (UNTEFA), the first thing that is done is to wash both hands of Ifá with Omiero. When Atefar finishes, the Godfather, Oyubona, Obá and the Alawo, have to pray with a hutía. The hutía is roasted and hung in the house, so that it falls apart and thus the disease goes away, which this Odu brings about the main responsible for that consecration.

Esl Oddun Otura Ofun, however he is speaking, you have to do Ebó, so that luck may come. Ebó: two doves, two bottles of brandy, two ekrú, two guinea peppers. All this is crushed and praying of the head. The good is sure.

This Ifá indicates that the person is very violent and can even kill, so they should not use weapons above.

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Otura Ofun:

  • To be without friends is to be really poor.
  • One cannot say, not even in revelry, that the mother is dying.
  • Consent would kill the rich man's son.
  • He who eats fresh yam invites others to eat it.
  • When adultery is not performed, wealth comes to hand.
  • When bad advice is accepted, the man is lost.
  • When disease invades, death follows.
  • Violence only brings misfortune.

Odu Otura Fun Ifa Code of Ethics:

When Olodumare decides, Ikú comes anyway.

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Says Ifa Otura Ofun (Adakoy):

Because of this Odu, you are advised not to do favors for anyone, or to host them at home (family and friends), because those people have bad drives and you will lose your luck. And less if they are persecuted by justice.

If this Odu is guessed at a woman, she will be told, if she is married, that her husband can be taken from her, because she is surrounded by enemies. Also that three men will fall in love with her and she has to choose the last one she met. If she is a young lady, she is afraid of getting married because of a trauma, because she had a boyfriend who subjected her to excessive caresses and lost her virginity, due to drinking. If she is a pregnant woman, she must do Ebó, because her enemies do not want that child to be born.

If you are a man: He got into a fight with his wife and wants to find a better one.

In this Odu you have to be careful with tragedies.

The Awó of this Odu, to receive OLOFIN, carries a ceremony with 101 jio jio.

Here the woman will take an inheritance or pension from the man she has.

In Otura Ofun the ingestion of alcoholic beverages is forbidden as it will surely have tragedy and legal problems.

Prayer of the Odu Baba Otura Ofun:


Suyere Oddun Otura Adakoy:


Ebbo of the Odu Otura Fun Ifa:

Work of Otura Ofun to remove curse.

A hutia will be given to Eshu-Elegba, at the foot of a well. The Awó who performs this work will then bathe for seven days with the herbs of his Odu.


Behind the door of the house, the following Athena is painted: OSHE TURA, OTURA FUN, OTURA SHE. This Athena will be given a chicken.

Eshu Elegba is caught, wrapped in yellow cloth and taken to a well and placed next to it, with a bunch of banana fruit.

Obi Omi Tuto is given to the well and Eshu-Elegba, giving him an account of what is to be done; A male hutia is given to the well and to Eshu-Elegba, the head is left at the foot of Eshu-Elegba and the body of the male hutia will be thrown into the well, with the bunch of bananas.

Afterwards, a rooster will be given to the well and to ELEGBA, the head of the rooster at the foot of ELEGBA and the body of the rooster to inside the well. The head of the male hutía and that of the rooster are wrapped in the yellow cloth, together with ELEGBA, and carried home.
When he gets back home, OTURA ADAKOY and OSHE PAURE are painted on the floor. A white rooster is given to this and the body is placed on the yellow cloth, everything is wrapped and it is taken to the mountains. But first, the head of the male hutía is painted OTURA OFUN, OTURA NIKO and IRETE YERO.

With the head of the white rooster, earth from the well, ELEGBA's scrape, bone from the head of a dead woman, ero, obi, kolá, obi motiwao, 16 guinea peppers, an AWERU OSANYIN is mounted, which eats banana with ELEGBA.

After the work is finished, the Awó bathes with the three main herbs of his Odu (to give the male hutía, the curse must be removed).

Meaning of the Sign of Ifa Otura Ofun:

This Ifá indicates that the disease spread in the world by virtue of the head of a mouse. That is your enemy.

By this Odu, the importance of dreams in the person is pointed out, so you have to pay close attention to them. When the person who governs this Odu is asleep, to wake him up, he will gently touch his feet, to avoid violence.

OTURA ADAKOY's mother was called IYA YEYEKUN and she wanted her son to be brought before the great secret of ORUN.

This is a businessman's Odu, but as soon as wealth is achieved, such as poverty. OTURA ADAKOY has to give OBATALA a hutía, to remove the curse from him.

For this Odu, two black hens herds are given to ORUNMILA, so that the Awó does not go to see macaw.

Here it was born that everything that dies must first get sick, when that death is produced by the woman of death.

The Iyefá of this Odu cannot lack roasted corn and licorice grass, larkspur stick.

Here ORUN is given two hens in the river, one black and one black. ORUN should be taken to the river.

If OTURA ADAKOY's mother is deceased, a gray hen is given to her spirit. OTURA ADAKOY has to feed the river, then reach into the river and take out a stone, which he will use to mount OSANYIN, which is the base of its foundation.

For this Ifá, you have to listen to the advice of your relatives before the promises of strangers, so that you do not get lost.

This Odu speaks: synovial joints and the patella in humans.

OTURA OFUN is the owner of the quicksilver, which he obtained with the blood of the Devil, and with it he made the mirror, but as it was the blood of the Devil, it caused tremors in his hands and he had to make an Inshé, to neutralize the spirituality of the Devil.

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Pataki of the sign of Ifa Otura Fun:

You cannot run away from fate.

There was a king who had several servants, among them he had one who was a trusted errand boy for all his things.

One day he had to send him to the town square to find something he needed. Upon reaching the square he had to bump into a character, being stunned in front of him, at the same time the character was astonished to find the King's servant there (This character turned out to be Iku, death).

The servant, without acquiring the errand that the King had given him, quickly returned to the palace and almost without being able to speak told the King what had happened to him. He also asked him to give him his freedom to return to his hometown, which was granted by the King.

At the moment, without collecting his belongings, he left for his town, which he arrived at in the late afternoon. The King, who thought this was something strange, what his servant had told him, went personally to the square, to verify with his eyes what the servant had told him, that he had stumbled upon a character dressed in black and with strange characteristics . Upon arrival, he bumped into the character at the entrance and asked him what he had done to his servant, that he had arrived at the Palace very terrified and that he had left for his town. Death replied: I have done nothing to him, only that he amazes me to see him there, because it was in his town where I had to go to look for him that day at night.

That's how it went. That night death came to the servant's hometown and took him away.

NOTE: No one can flee from destiny.

Otura Ofun (Adakoy) Traditional Nigerian Ifa


Òtúá fun fun fun
Awo Oyin ló día fun Oyin
Ayé òún dùn báyìí?
Wón ní kó rbo
Wón láyée rè ó dùn
Òtúá fun fun fun
Awo Àdò ló día fun Àdò
Ayé òun dáa báyíí?
Wón ní kó rbo
Wón layée rè or dáa
Òtúá fun fun fun
Awo Ìfùùnfun Èlùjù ló día fún Ìfùùnfun Èlùjù
Wón ní gbogboo wón ó saca káalè
Ebo ni wón o se
Oyín rubo tiè or pé
Àdò ru tiè
ó tele e
Ìfùùnfun náà ru tiè
Gbogboo won naa ni ón ni adùun tiwon
Ifá pé òun pé I will go adùn
Ilée won kún fun owó
O kún fun omo
N to dún ní n se gégée won
Ayé ye won
N ní won wá n jó ní won wá n yò
Ni won n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Wón ní béè làwon Babaláwo tàwón wí
Òtúá fun fun fun
Awo Oyin ló día fun Oyin
Òtúá fun fun fun
Awo Àdò ló día fun Àdò
Òtúá fun fun fun
Awo Ìfùùnfun Èlùjù ló día fún Ìfùùnfun Èlùjù
Níjóo won n fomi ojú sògbérè ire
Wón ní wón ó rbo
Oyin mò n hó o
Àdò n sù
Ìfùùnfun ò sì tun dákée tiè nígbà kan
Ayé dùn rinrin
Í dùn rinrin sì ni won n wí.

Ifá says that this person's life will not be bad. Your life will be sweet.

Òtúá fun fun fun
It is the Babaláwo of the Honey who made divination to the Honey
He asked: Will my life get better?
They advised him to offer sacrifice
They assured him that his life would be sweet
Òtúá fun fun fun
It is the Babaláwo of Àdò who made divination for Àdò
He also asked: Will my life get better?
They advised him to offer sacrifice
They assured him that his life would improve
Òtúá fun fun fun
It is the Babaláwo of Ìfùùnfun Èlùjù who made divination for Ìfùùnfun Èlùjù
They advised him to take care of the earth
And offer sacrifice
Honey made his full sacrifice
Àdò made his too
After that of the Honey
Ìfùùnfun Èlùjù also performed his sacrifice
They all have their respective and peculiar sweetness
Ifá wishes for this person the sweetness of life
Their houses were full of money
And of children
The sweet side of life would meet them always
Life pleased them all
They started dancing and they were happy
They praised their Babaláwos
And their Babaláwos praised Ifá
They said that their Babaláwos had told the truth.
Òtúá fun fun fun
It is the Babaláwo of the Honey who made divination to the Honey
Òtúá fun fun fun
It is the Babaláwo of Àdò who made divination for Àdò
Òtúá fun fun fun
It is the Babaláwo of Ìfùùnfun Èlùjù who made divination for Ìfùùnfun Èlùjù
The day they cried for all the good things in life
They were advised to offer sacrifice
Honey bubbles
Àdò foams on the surface
Ìfùùnfun Èlùjù doesn't stop boiling too
Life is now very sweet
It is now very sweet, is what they are singing.

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