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ogbe yekun sign

It was Ogbe Yekun the Odu of Ifa who escaped from Death, he lived for a long time on earth, he was the one who taught us the value of metals. This is odu number 17 in the lord order of Ifa.

Interpretation and analysis by Ogbe Yekun

In life decisions have their consequences, if we act in a good way we will surely be blessed and our life will be good, if on the contrary we act in a bad way, we should not complain when things do not go well, if we get involved in adultery and we are discovered, it is most likely that they will abandon us, seeing us alone we cannot blame our luck or the Orishas for our loneliness, life is a process of action and reaction.

"Ogbe Yekun is the eldest of the brothers, the eldest of the Omoluos, he deserves respect just like any elder, just like any minor."

Ifa says that we must take care of the relationship with our relatives, especially with our brothers, we must avoid internal struggles within the family and recognize each one has their role, the priority in the family must be to help those who need it most. Parents must see to it that all their children stay together.

Ogbe yekun sayings

Religious aspect

Ogbe Yekun talks to us about gratitude, we must never forget when someone reaches out to us, be it a friend, a relative, a religious major, a deity, Ifa or even Olodumare himself, we must always give thanks for the favors received.

Ifa says that as long as the person asks with faith and makes the recommended sacrifices, they will be able to achieve their goals and ambitions, in this sign we must never forget Oshun because this deity will be the one that accommodates the way so that the person can establish themselves in a better position. than the one you already have.

We must avoid blaming the deities for negative situations that arise since it is most likely that these situations are caused by a decision of their own or by bad behavior. Ifa says that as long as the prescribed sacrifices are performed, any Ajogun will move away, misfortune will stop and good fortune will come.

Ogbe Yeku recommends asking Ifa if a person is the right one to start a romantic relationship, this is how Orunmila did it before committing to Odu, Ifa said yes but what he should do ebbo, Orunmila did it and he and Odu had many children.

Who is born in Ogbe Yekun?

  •  The Adams of Oshún.
  • That humans clean their teeth and wash their mouth after food for hygiene and good teeth.
  • The virtue of Urine. Just as the body eliminates impurities through the urine. She has to shed all the bad around her.
  • Orungan.
  • In the sign of Ifa Ogbe Yekun the three Itá de Ifá are born.
  • Make revenge, Ogbe Yeku will be important by hook or by crook.
  • Ogbe Yekun marks stripping of positions, be careful not to remove him from the position he holds.
  • Debts with Oshún. She is angry.

What is the sign of Ifa Ogbe Yekun talking about?

  • The goat speaks (the person does not have a home, he has strong sweat, his digestion is slow, he cannot drink many liquids at meals, he likes to eat salads, he is always protesting. He sleeps little, he is nervous).
  • Talk about stomach ailments and circulatory problems.
  • Ogbe Yeku talks about living surrounded by enemies and envious people.
  • You are looking for a good conjugate and you cannot find it.
  • Talk about a vicious person. Control of sexual debauchery.
  • Talk about delicate situations due to family deception.
  • The person was not raised by the father.
  • Talk about the mother not wanting the son to marry.

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Prohibitions of the Ogbe Yekun Sign:

  • Do not argue with anyone.
  • Master your temper so you don't lose.

Ogbe Yeku Recommendations:

  • If you want all your things to go well, attend the Saints and the Dead.
  • When this Oddun of Ifa manifests in divination, the person is advised that his enemies are pursuing him. He must make sacrifice to escape the danger of death.

Warnings of the Ogbe Oyekun Odu:

  • Be careful to express a judgment or opinion about an argument or about something that they ask you so that you do not harm yourself.
  • Be careful with the father who if he is alive he can die within a year.
  • Beware of justice and cheating in matters of papers.

Sayings of Ogbe yekun:

  • The Rainbow only occupies the section that God sends.
  • Whoever wants not to be deceived, not to be deceived.
  • To do evil, there is no small man.
  • When the mouth does not speak, the words do not offend.
  • It descends on death.
  • The head that does not have to go naked, will find a hat when the market opens. 
  • An arrow also knocks down a crown. 
  • Stretch out your hand to the afflicted and keep away from haughty eyes. 
  • Anyone lost in a seductive night, anyone is saved by sacrificing Olorun. 
  • The ill-gotten loot ties a rope around the thief's neck.
Ogbe yekun meaning

Ifa code of ethics of Oddun Ogbe Yekun:

The Awó masters his genius so as not to lose.

Meaning of Oddun Ogbe Yekun

Ogbe Yekun Osobo Iku

  • Persuasion
  • There may be situations with the person's father as he can die within a year.
  • When this sign "Ogbe Yekun" manifests itself in divination, the person should be advised to serve Ogún with a dog to avoid accidental death.

Ogbe Yeku Osobo Arun

  • Control of sexual debauchery.
  • You suffer from the stomach, a possible cause of poor oral hygiene.
  • You suffer from circulatory problems.
  • He suffers from toothaches, due to possible tooth decay and other problems.
  • It suffers from slow digestions.
  • You should not drink a lot of fluids with meals.
  • You should not eat salads and other foods high in salt.
  • Take care of your nervous problem and treat your insomnia. Take dried Sapote leaves in cooking for this problem
  • and to recover the forces lost in long daily tasks.

Sign of Ifa Ogbe Yekun Osobo Ofo

  • You have to master the character.
  • The person has no home.
  • In Ogbe Yekun the person grows up without the presence of the father.
  • The person seeks a new partner but is unsuccessful.
  • When this sign of ifa manifests itself in divination in Igbodun, the person will be told to make a special sacrifice with a ram, and an apple, so that he can live a consummate old age.
  • Ifá says that a person who is poor and despised will come out of there and occupy an important position and will remain in that position before dying.

Ogbe Oyekun in Osobo Eyo

  • Make revenge.
  • Loss of job positions
  • Be careful to express judgment or opinion on something that is asked so that you do not harm yourself.
  • There are delicate situations due to deception between relatives.
  • The mother does not want the son to marry, because she thinks that like her, no one will attend to him without realizing that the son needs sexual relations.
  • In Ogbe Yekun you must be careful with justice.
  • Beware of cheating on paper.
  • Avoid arguments.
  • Master your temper so you don't get lost.
  • Mark debts with Oshún, find out what you want and pay.
  • You are surrounded by enemies and envious.

Ogbe Yekun Ire Ariku

  • Here they crowned the old vendor in the square as king.
  • Path where Oshún met Oduduwa in the river.
  • He dies at an old age.
  • By this Ifa "Ogbe Yekun" Ifa predicts prosperity if the proper sacrifices are made. 

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Says Ifa odu Ogbe Yekun

Ifa says that you have to be careful with your friends as they may plan something to harm you, but Shango He will not allow the conspiracies against this person to take effect, you always have to make a sacrifice to this deity and you must constantly beg your head because between Shango and his Ori they will be the ones that make this person emerge victorious.

Ifa says in Ogbe Yekun, that the person to whom this Oddun is revealed will overcome all his adversaries, he must offer sacrifice and must feed Ifa and Oggun so that the two of them protect him or her and thus break the conspiracy of his enemies.

This oddun tells us about loyalty problems, you have to be careful with close people since they are the ones who are planning their destruction.

Belly praying is advised to women who are pregnant, since when people talk about the difficulty of generating healthy children, Ogbe Yeku orders them to be obedient to the advice of Ifa, he recommends not breaking taboos.

People who are governed by this sign should avoid self-medicating or medicating other people, since any medicine or herb can generate an allergic reaction which could put their life or the life of the person who is trying to help at risk.

You should also be careful with field work, you should avoid injury, do not use tools to cut grass or mount. Do not wear dark or striped clothes as you are astrally calling the power of ashelu.

When this Odu comes out in divination, he asks himself if there is a sick person in his house, if so, he must be cared for because he may die.

Prayer of the Odu Ogbe Yekun:

Ogbe yeku baba omolu abakaka baba or adifafun awano ikibe akora keke awano uncle pito biye leke sonko andobelashi gbogbo sonko lorubo keke medilogun were malu, eku, eya, awado, oñi, opolopo owo.

Suyere of the sign Ogbe Oyekun:


Ogbe Yekun's Ebbo:

Works to eliminate taken witchcraft.

To remove witchcraft from the stomach, for 7 days, decoction of parsley root with romerillo flowers and sacu-sacu mixed with raw milk and brandy is taken. If it is difficult to get the parsley root and the sacú-sacu, the leaves are used that are crushed well to extract the juice.

Pataki of the sign Ogbe Yekun:

Ogbe Yeku guessed for Agboya.

Ogbe Oyeku, Baba imolu

ogbo ato baba edon,

Adifa fun Agboya

Epon ko abiru Kilo nigbat wonfi

Iku re of eye kini kin.

It means:

The two soothsayers who guessed for Agboya: the scrub animal with a large bent tail on which the death sentence had been pronounced.

The two soothsayers advised Agboya to make sacrifice with two cow tails (tails) and a father ram. When the hunters were desperately looking for him to kill him, he made the sacrifice.

The next morning, his body was covered in abundant fur. The hairs that covered his body made it impossible for hunters to recognize him in the forest. The hunter organized a hunt, which followed his trail for 7 days. Although they passed near him many times, they could neither see him nor recognize him. So they left him alone.

This is how the saying came about: “AGBOYA ERON, ABIRO KILO”. "The animal that does not die of sudden death."

The Goat, the Lion and the Tiger.

The Goat had a piece of land and made it, and for that place the Lion was the king. All the animals went into the Lion's house, even the Goat himself. One day, the Goat went to claim his position and all the animals turned against him and agreed
kill him in a meeting.

The Goat, when he realized all those enemies, went to Orúnmila's house, who made him Osode seeing him Ogbe Yekun and did the one indicated above. After the ebo was done, Orúnmila told him to go to the meeting that they were going to celebrate with a gourd with guinea meat and food and not to give him anything but the Lion, who was his friend and who was going to defend him.

When the Goat arrived at the meeting, he approached the Lion's side and when he saw the gourd, he asked him what he was eating; the Goat told him what it contained and added; Try if you wish, the Lion tried and asked the Goat if he could cook that meat for him, the Goat said yes, then the Lion said: I will save you.
The Goat that was being checked by the Tiger, went and told the Lion, who very intelligently approached the Tiger, when he saw the action of the Lion, he asked him what was happening and he replied that it was that he did not hear well, but in a carelessness of the Tiger, the Lion threw himself at him and tore him to pieces.

When the other animals saw what the Lion had done to him, they fled from there and the Lion handed the manufacturing papers to the Goat and then demanded that he cook that meat for him, but the Goat also demanded that he tell the other animals that did not bother him more. The Lion made it known to the other animals by telling them: Here I am in charge of disturbing the Goat. All the animals obeyed and withdrew from those places.

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Ogbe Yekun Ifa Traditional


Ogbèyèkú ni baba Àmúlù
Orí Ogbo
Ori Ato
ok omidan
A day fún Èèbó
Omo afòkun sede
A bù fún Èèbo
Omo afòsà wese
Ebo n won ni kí won or se
Òyìnbó gbébo nbè
Ó rubo
Rírú ebo èèrù àtùkèsù
E wáá bá ni ni jèbútú rere
Àrà tÈèbón dá ò le bàjé
Gbogbo e ní n gun rekete lójú omi.

Ifá says for whom this Odù is revealed, foresees IRE of prosperity he or she will prosper in all his or her commercial tasks. Ifá says that year in this or its year of prosperity. His or her business will rumble before the year ends. He or she must offer sacrifice and perform ritual for their Orí.

Ogbèyèkú is the father of all Àmúlùs
May your Orí be old
May your Orí be healthy
The one who is the husband of the single women
They made divination for the White Man
The son of the clan who uses the ocean as his path
He also made divination for the White Man
The son of the clan who uses the Albufera (lake) to wash his feet
They advised them to sacrifice
The White Man heard of the sacrifice
And he did it
Offering sacrifices and giving his part to ùsù
Come and meet us with good news
All good functions are recording success.



This Eshu lives covered in beads and snails and in this Ifá he came down to earth accompanying Oshumare, carrying in his load: land of crabs, land of a cemetery, of the mountain, 7 needles, dust of rooster's head and jicotea, obí motiwao and three Ikines eaten.

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