Oshe trupon

Oshe trupon

He who thinks he is deceiving God is deceiving himself.

Other names for Oshe Otrupon:

Oshe Trupon, Oshe Group.

In the odu Oshe Trupon is born:

  • That he is not given any religion. He will not be the Godfather, says ORULA.
  • That BABA ASHO taught men the art of putting on clothes.
  • Wood carving, carpentry.
  • The little OSUN from OYA.
  • El Garrotero (Handsome or bully, who lends or gives for advantageous changes).
  • In the sign Oshe Otrupon speaks the great power of SHANGO, invincible warrior.
  • He has an embarrassment that serves him well.
  • He does not curse himself, because what he asks happens and he is blamed.
  • It is given to join the Ibeyis.
  • OGUN is called OGUEDAI. (A locomotive is put on it)
  • To the basket full of holes, the water will not come out, it speaks of kidney problems.

The sign of Ifa Oshe Otrupon points out:

  • The slave sold his town.
  • He only gives, if he has a profit.
  • In Oshe Trupon, the Cudgel speaks, by strangling the inmate.
  • Talk about the slave trade from Africa to the Caribbean.
  • This is the mocking and vile Parrot.
  • The ship heels (tips) and sinks with all her crew.
  • The elder did not consider the godson.
  • The disobedient girl was carried away by the river.
  • OGBE SA is the enemy of OSHE TRUPON.
  • The godson steals the godfather's own godchildren.
  • The Eweses are: the herb of the blood, the hot pepper and the blackberry herb.

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What is the Oshe Trupon sign talking about?

Oshe Trupon is an aggressive, indolent, handsome garrotero Odu, who only gives if he gets results in his favor, brought from his own sect, slave trader, garrote giver to his people, feared and ambitious, cruel as the locomotive, expansionist by the force, cursing and mocking of alien evil, disobedient, selfish.

If the mother is dead, her shadow is behind the child.

There is talk of difficult marital relationships, even if there are children.

Oshe Otrupon talks about skin rashes, pimples, sores, ulcers, herpes, scabies, etc., hemorrhoids. Feet swell.

Oshe Trupon Sayings:

  • Whoever thinks he is deceiving God is deceiving himself.
  • As a traitor, he left his native tribe in ruin.
  • Two snails, they never fight.
  • Favors can lead to ruin.
  • He can't handle the load he's carrying.
  • The loss of one is also that of the other.
  • Do not make fun of anyone's evil, because yours comes after.
  • OGUN charges for working.


Ifa code of ethics of the odu Oshe Trupon:

The Awó must not be addicted to alcoholic beverages so that he does not speak what he should not.

Description of the odu Oshe Trupon:

This is Odu # 234 of the Lordly Order of Ifá.

When this Oshe Trupon goes out to a person who goes to his house to receive something religious, it is not given, because ORUNMILA says that you will not be his Godfather, if he continues with the same he will steal his godchildren from the godfather.

He is not right even with the dead, because there is an Egun who, while alive, argued with him, and the Egun was right.

There is an Egun who walks through your block, put ashé and otí in the container so that Egun BURUKU can move away.

Regulate the use of hot pepper, ham and blackberry herb, especially in food, as they cause hemorrhoids to those who have this sign and both herbs are anti-hemorrhoid.

OGUN is given a locomotive.

Secret: When the Awó sees this Ifá, he will wash his wife's feet one night and during the day he will not let her do anything. That day the Awó will be his servant and luck will come to him.

It is not given to children for the reading.

ELEGBA is given a mouse.

An older person appears to want it and expresses the desire that the person go up, but it is the opposite.

IKU looks for it, but can't find it.

Feed SHANGO and invite a lot of people, so that their affairs run smoothly.

For the offense and death of a brother, he goes to war, hires experts and in the end loses.

Meaning of the Sign of Ifa Oshe Otrupon

Plunder by force.

For the love of a woman, he loses all values.

The sign Oshe Otrupon robs the godfather even the godchildren.

The client is engaged in unsuccessful exchange relationships.

Sellers and / or buyers take the cheap.

The value of his criteria takes precedence over everything, which is why he is not very believing.

The person spends so much work and finds himself in such a bad situation that his beggar's presence amazes. ORULA and ELEGBA get her out of such a situation.

You should not carry heavy things, not carry more than you can, because you can die or perish in the fight and, next to it, a close being.

He can die on the corner, he can be killed or vice versa; the traffic accident by motor vehicles or by the railway locomotive is the order of the day.

Avoid the ingestion of alcoholic beverages.

OSUN is an Orisha of great importance in the Odu.

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Says Ifa odu Oshe Trupon

Find out what Eshu wants. Refresh your heart and head for luck. Do not eat or drink anything that contains spicy food. Take care of OSHUN, who accompanies you; if she is a woman, she has to live with Babalawos. Beware of a dislike with your boyfriend or partner for another man, in the end the situation is resolved.

Do what the Saints tell you, pay them the promise you owe them. In your house there is no peace and there is always an upset, thank OSHUN and ORUNMILA. When you cross a river, say hello. Fight no more, lest you become a slave from free. He is incredulous. Your spouse is not in good health, he is going through very unpleasant moments. Take care of a fall and an accident in means of transportation.

Do not lend your clothes. Be careful use your physical powers and gifts to blackmail and take it as a vehicle or puppet. You will go through very difficult economic situations, do not sell yourself for anything or betrayals, because in the end you will pay a high price for it, if not, you will be very happy in the end. Don't curse. If she is Obiní, she must have her children with the man who makes her happy, since her marriage tends to fail if not. Do not do OFIKALE TRUPON in the menstrual cycle. Find out why your period is withheld. Even if you feel despised by your partner, that will serve you well, because another with better conditions will come, if he is Babalawo better.

Beware of fire in the house. Don't be desperate. Do not tell anyone about your affairs. For a gossip a mess will form and there will be revolution. Give the egun of your Baba Tobí an akukó. Do EBO so you don't kill or get killed.

Prayer of the Odu Oshe Trupon:

Ikabagun Mayalayala Aun Yagunlo Olowo Tule Adifafun Piti Aretinlo Leyo Tinshe Arema Boga Ounko Lebo Ologun Kante, Eyele, Akuko Lebo Kaferefun Shango Eshu Ati Orunla Oshe Trupon Ire Ni Ifa Wi Lodafun Eshu.

Oshe Trupon's Ebo:

Ebo to solve:

Akukó, eyelé, yam, maloja, corn, jutía and smoked fish, roasted corn, many sticks, house land, square, railway, a wooden locomotive, 2 dolls (female and male), coconut, brandy, candles, a lot money.

Patakie of the Oshe Trupon sign:

The great porde of Beko Bense (Shango) and the union of this with Oshum.

Once upon a time there was a famous warrior, as then another was unknown. In a brawl with those of the neighboring tribe, that warrior, who was called NGEMA ESHUGO, managed to kill one of his main leaders. A brother of the deceased, who took charge of the tribe, that is, the direction of the tribe, only thought from that moment in the middle to destroy the powerful OSUMO people.

For this he decided to recruit some of the most notable warriors from the friendly tribes. For this purpose, he went to the BISHA BIFOS tribe, where he obtained the adhesion of the feared EKANG NGOMO. He then visited another warrior, highly admired for his exploits, from the ESHEG tribe, named BUERE SUE SUE, who agreed to take part in the company, provided that the union of the well-known OHOMOMBUE, of the OBANG tribe, and N- NANLEL MILAK, from the YEBON family.

The enraged brother managed to unite all these leaders, who 4 days later met at the head of their hosts in a certain place, to study the battle plan. Then the great offensive against the OSUMO people began. This invasion was directed to the town of NGEMA ESHUGO, in whose vicinity they camped. As was customary, they sent the OSUMOS emissaries to inform him that, in a short time, if they did not surrender, they would reach the town to loot it by force.

When this news reached OSUMO, a remembered warrior named BEKO BENSE summoned the people and promised that he alone would stand up to the invasion. BEKO BENSE, in addition to his skill in arms, achieved great fame for the power that the wonderful secrets he possessed. And, to demonstrate his resources to the people who listened to him skeptical for such madness, he performed the following tests.

He sent for an ABO, one of the largest there was, and a bunch of bananas, the most beautiful there was; an Ayakuá, as well as a pot large enough, capable of cooking such abundant food in it. Locked up in a house, completely alone and with vigilance at the door, he prepared the ABO and the bunch of bananas, which he consumed that very night, without leaving the slightest hint of the monstrous banquet. The next morning, the amazement of those who entered the guarded hut was incredible.

Gathered after the conclusion of this first demonstration, all the men were grouped in the house and he ordered that a large basket be brought to him, with which they went to the river. Once there, he put the basket in the water, taking it out without losing a single drop of water through the infinite holes it had. With the water from the basket he made each of those present sprinkle their arms and legs, which the crowd obeyed, convinced that this powerful man might be able to resist the announced invasion by himself.

But he did more still. Taking a very fine fiber from a banana, he crossed it in the middle of the street, tied at the top at both ends. Retreating a considerable distance, he threw his spear toward her, splitting it into two perfectly equal parts. All this caused the amazement of the people, who believed in him.

The day after these wonderful events occurred, it was announced for the invasion, which was stopped by the dense and resistant fence that surrounded the town of OSUMO. OLOFONBUE, addressing BEKO BENSE, ordered him to open the gates of the fence, but the latter told him that before they had to withdraw to a safe distance. This was done by the invaders, while BEKO BENSE opened one of the narrow passageways, through which barely a single person could fit in front.

Trying to pass one by one, the first four foreign warriors were nailed at a distance by spears, handled with the same precision as before when breaking the thin banana fiber. This is how those leaders of the invasion of the OSUMO people died. Upon realizing what had happened, the invading warriors fled and fearfully went to take refuge in the nearest forest, where they remained the rest of the day, seeking revenge. The vanquished, seeing that by means of arms they could do nothing against the OSUMO people, they decided to set fire to the town and flee.

At night they did so, but BEKO BENSE not only destroyed the leaders of the invasion, but at the same time, with the water that he held in the basket, he was able to put out the flames that threatened the destruction of the town and defeat those who they wanted to destroy it.

Maferefún Shango, Kaferefún Oshún.

Treaty of the Sign of Ifa Oshe Otrupon Ifa Traditional


Say say
Awo Òro ló día fun Òro
Níjó ti Òro ní fomi ojú sògbérè omo
Wón ní yóó bímo lópòlopò
Ebo omo ni kó waá se
dìgángán dìgángán
Awo Osán ló díá fún Osán
Osàn ní fomi ojúú sògbéré omo ní bíbí
Wón ní yóó bímo lópòlopò
Ebo omo ni kó waá se
Wón ní kí àwon méjèèjì ó fí aso pupa rubo ntorí ìgbèyìn
Ebo omo ni wón ru
Won ò rubo ìgbèyìn
Ngbà òro bá sì so
Ti ò bá tíì put
Won ò níí n omo è
Bí Osàn náà bá so béè
Won ò níí n omo è
Níjó ti ón ba fi aso pupa bò ó
Ojo naà ni wón n nnkan
Àwon èèyàn or bàá móo pé
Òro yìí ti put
Wón bá n ká omo wóón je
Òro yìí ti put
Osàn yí ti put
Wón bá n ká omo wóón je
Wón làwon ò pé kée rubo
Won ni say say
Awo Òro ló día fun Òro
Òro n fomi ojú sògbérè omo
Wón ní yóó bímo lópòlopò
Ebo omo ni kó waá se
dìgángán dìgángán
Awo Osán ló díá fún Osán
Osàn n fomi ojú´ju sògbérè omo ni bíbí
Won ní yóó bímo lópòlopò
Ebo omo ni kó waá se
Wón ní wón ó rbo kí wón ó le bímo
Wón tún ní kí wón ó rubo káyé ó mó baà fojú yes omo won lára
Ebo kí wón or bímo ni wón ru
won pawo lekee
Won pèsù lolè
Wón wòrun yànyàànyàn bí eni ti ò níí kú láyé
Wón bá kotí ògbonhìn sebo
Wón ò rubo káyé ó mó fojú somoo won lára
Riru ebo
Èèrù àtùkèsù
E wo Ifá Awó kì bí ti n se
Àì rubo
Àì you èerù
E wo Ifá Awó kì bí ti n se

This person should offer a piece of red cloth so that their children can live a long time. He is destined to have two wives and many children. The two women must also make the sacrifice with red cloth. You are advised not to neglect them to prevent the attack of the witches.

Say Say.
It is the Babaláwo of the Plum who made divination for the Plum
During the day that Plum cried because she had no children
They said that she would have many children
But I should make the sacrifice in order to have children
Digángan Digángan.
It is the Babaláwo of the Orange who made divination for the Orange.
La Naranja was crying because he had no children.
She was told that she would have many children
But I should make the sacrifice in order to have many children, they said
They told both that they should sacrifice a red cloth against the time of their children's maturity
But they offered the sacrifice just to have children
They did not make the sacrifice for time
When the plum germinates
If it does not mature
No one will see their children
If the Orange germinates in the same way
No one would notice their children
One day her children were covered with red cloth
That was the day that they would experience the evil of the human being
The Man began to say
'This Plum is ripe'
'This Orange is ripe'
The man began to tear his children to eat them
And so it was that they reminded them of the warning they had given.
They said say say say
It is the Babaláwo of the Plum who made divination for the Plum
During the day that Plum cried because she had no children
They said that she would have many children
But she should make the sacrifice in order to have children.
Digángan Digángan
It is the Babaláwo of the Orange who was the one who made divination for the Orange
La Naranja cried because he had no children
She was told that she would have many children.
But I should make the sacrifice in order to have many children, they said
And also that they offer sacrifice so that the man would not be interested in his children
But they offered the sacrifice just to have children
They said that Babaláwo is a liar.
They refer to Èsù as a thief
They looked at the sky with contempt as if they would never die.
They turned a deaf ear to the warning of the sacrifice.
They refused to make the sacrifice that would avoid human interest in their children.
Offering sacrifices.
And giving his portion to Èsù.
Look that the prediction of Ifá the other day sung by the Babaláwo happened
Refusing the warning of sacrifice
Refusing to give his share to ùsù.
See that the Ifá verse sung by the Babaláwos that proved to be true.

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