Otura Yekun (Otura Yeku)

Odu Otura Yeku

Otura Yekun, represents the combination of the older Odu Otura and Oyekun, occupies position # 198 in the lordly order of Ifá. This Odu emphasizes the importance of authenticity and personal integrity. It teaches us that we must resist temptations that may divert us from our true path.

Overview of the Otura Yeku Sign

Names or Nicknames

  • Otura Oyekun
  • Otura Yeku.
  • Otura Aiku.

What is born in the Odu of Ifá Otura Yekun?

  • The great devilish power of Eshu.
  • Bone rot.
  • Obatalá Oshanilé.
  • The spirituality of the Devil.
  • Skin diseases were born.
  • This was where the Devil wanted to live in the world.
  • It was where Satan tempted Olofin.

What does the Otura Yekun sign talk about?

  • The Devil (Lubeya) speaks.
  • It is recommended to have a witcher's pot to shine.
  • The use of cards to look at each other is prohibited.
  • It is advisable to wear a crucifix around the neck.
  • It is an Ifá of corruption and vice.
  • Talk about the bad shadow.
  • No pacts should be made.

Analysis and reflection of Odu Otura Yeku

Otura Yekun warns us about the temptations that can divert our path, highlighting the importance of resisting activities that, although apparently attractive, can lead us to our downfall. The birth of the great diabolical power of Eshu in this Odu reminds us that will and cunning can be double-edged, leading to both salvation and fall.

Economic Aspects

In the economic sphere, Otura Yekun tells us about corruption and vice as stumbling blocks on our path to prosperity. The prohibition of looking at each other with cards and the need to have a witch's pot to shine, symbolize the importance of spiritual wisdom and self-knowledge in the management of our resources. This Odu warns against easy routes and shortcuts to success, reminding us that true prosperity requires work, sacrifice, and the blessing of the deities.


Skin diseases, bone rot and circulatory conditions are the physical ailments highlighted in Otura Yeku, reflecting the external manifestation of internal and spiritual conflicts. The prohibition of consuming spicy or salty foods, and the recommendation to receive Azojuano and Oduduwa, tell us about the need for purification and spiritual protection as a foundation for physical health.

Religious Aspects

This Odu teaches us about the spirituality of the Devil, “Lubeya”, introducing us to the complexity of the spiritual forces that influence our world. The presence of entities such as Obatala Oshanile, Azojuano, and Oduduwa, among others, reminds us of the richness and diversity of the Yoruba pantheon, and the importance of honoring and understanding each Orisha to maintain spiritual balance and protection against negative forces.

Personal relationships

In the field of personal relationships, Otura Yekun warns about betrayal and corruption of human ties. The narrative of this sign reminds us that relationships based on superficial interests or deception are destined to fail. Likewise, he emphasizes the importance of integrity and truth as pillars for building lasting and meaningful relationships.

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  1. Resist temptation: Avoid engaging in attractive but destructive activities, focusing on maintaining integrity and personal balance.
  2. Receive Azojuano and Oduduwa: To strengthen spiritual protection and obtain a brake on impulses that can lead to self-destruction.
  3. Keep a witcher's pot to shine in life: It symbolizes the importance of spiritual wisdom and self-knowledge as tools for prosperity.
  4. Wear a crucifix around your neck: As a constant reminder of faith and protection against negative energies.
  5. Head prayer with two doves and ekó: To purify and protect the spirit and mind from negative influences.
  6. Bury an Inshé-Osanyin in the city and another at the door of the house: For total domination of the environment and protection of the home.
  7. Avoid a life of vices and corruption: Maintaining ethical and moral behavior in all activities.


  1. Look at yourself in the Tarot or cards: This can divert attention from the true spiritual wisdom that Ifá offers.
  2. Eat spicy or salty foods: These can alter the physical and spiritual balance, especially in people ruled by this Odu.
  3. Perform prolonged physical efforts: They could alter the heart rate and affect the health of those under this sign.
  4. Make pacts or businesses with powerful people: This could lead to loss and failure due to power imbalances.
  5. Throw away what you have: It reflects the importance of valuing and conserving current resources and blessings.
  6. Trading morality for material gains: This Odu warns about the consequences of compromising ethical values ​​for short-term benefits.
  7. Abortion prohibited: This act goes against the spiritual and natural principles defended by this Odu, underlining the importance of life and moral responsibility in the face of creation and procreation.

Sayings of Otura Yekun:

  • The ox has no tail, God scares off flies.
  • The Devil knows more about being old than about being the Devil.
  • The salt was exchanged for sugar and OLOFIN tasted it.
  • Living from fantasy is the disappointment of reality.
  • Respect and obedience cleanse the soul.
  • Even the devil has a protective Egun.

The saying "The Devil knows more because he is old than because he is the Devil» emphasizes the importance of experience over mere cunning or innate intelligence. He maintains that knowledge that accumulates over time is invaluable, granting wisdom beyond that attributed to a being's inherent nature or condition.

Ifa ethical code of the Otura Oyekun sign:

  • Even the devil has a protective Egun.

Explore the mystical world of jimaguas (Ibeyis) in our Yoruba culture, where duality and youth are intertwined in a fascinating web of beliefs and rituals

Says Ifa odu Otura Yekun:

  • You have a receipt that you should not discard or return, as it could have fatal consequences.
  • He longs for his wishes to be fulfilled quickly; Impatience generates frustration and is the source of his problems.
  • He has been subjected to a curse, which negatively affects his life.
  • You experience recurring dreams with dead people, indicating the presence of EGUN in your life.
  • You should be alert to possible family misfortunes and dog attacks, which can be warning signs.
  • Although he has knowledge, he finds himself in a situation of delay and difficulties, including the possibility of having to move.
  • You should be careful with harmful objects or situations that may enter your home, especially if they are related to children.
  • Their impatience and lack of faith in the rituals performed are obstacles to their progress.
  • Traveling or undertaking new projects is discouraged due to the likelihood of failure.
  • A woman related to him suffers from a leg condition due to stepping on something harmful.
  • Your relationship with your young partner presents challenges of obedience and respect.
  • A deceased man chases him; he needs to perform rituals to free himself from this influence.
  • He has a witch's garment from another religious tradition.
  • You should avoid abortion and seek family unity and support.
  • He has outstanding debts to a dead person, possibly related to broken promises.
  • A head-to-head discussion is necessary to prevent legal problems or misunderstandings.
  • He has not kept a promise made to AZOJUANO (San Lázaro), which requires urgent attention.
  • Divination with cards is discouraged as it could delay your progress.
  • You will receive a gift that will bring you good luck; It is important to appreciate and value the gifts received.
  • You will have a positive premonitory dream; It is crucial to thank and attend to your own head.
  • The fulfillment of your wishes and recognition by others are assured if you follow the instructions of your saints and fulfill your religious obligations.

Prayer of the Odu Otura Yekun:

Otura Yeku Malú Agronika Adifafun Oniko Akuko Lebo Aguibo Abure Koko Ogu Adifafun Aki Umbatinlo Lowo Bala Ayelogun Lebo.

Ebbo of Otura Yekun to confront enemies:

A glass of water dedicated to Oluo Shashalowo is taken. At midnight, with the glass in hand and with your back to the street, it is pronounced: «Oluo Shashalowo, may those who owe you pay you; and if they do not do it, you yourself can claim what is due. At the end, he throws the water over his shoulder into the street.

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Meaning of the odu Otura Yekun (Oyekun):

In the Otura Yekun sign, the birth of the great diabolical power of Eshu is narrated, which is consecrated by offering Eshu a black dove together with ABITA. This Odu warns that, when appearing in a divination, it indicates the imminent presence of EGUN, so it is recommended to change seats.

LUBEYA, the Devil, introduces his protective spirituality here, where his desire to inhabit the world is revealed, a desire that is frustrated by the Jimaguas. This sign also marks the origin of bone rot and various skin diseases, such as rashes and impetigo.

It is essential to receive AZOJUANO and ODUDUWA for this Odu, as well as possess a witch's pot to ensure brightness in life, despite the danger involved in abandoning it. The use of Tarot or cards for divination is prohibited and the birth of OBATALA OSHANILE is highlighted.

Protection is symbolized by wearing a crucifix around the neck. It is mentioned that the person may experience dizziness and weakness, and it is recommended to perform a Paraldo in a chair as a remedy.

Satan, tempting OLOFIN, offers all the kingdoms of the Earth in exchange for the soul, highlighting the temptation and power of corruption. The appearance of this Odu in a Toyale divination implies a warning about the proximity of EGUN.

It is associated with risks of road accidents and the possibility of family tragedies. It expresses the desire of some men to marry women of apparent beauty and warns women about the need to face and organize their past to avoid living in moral disappointments.

Eshu, under this Odu, punishes severely, altering life plans and may provoke animal attacks if the person is persecuted by this orisha.

Finally, OTURA YEKUN is an Ifá that talks about vices and corruptions, warning about the consequences of falling into these practices.

Treaty of the Sign of Ifa Otura Oyekun (Tips)

In this Odu, Otura Yekun, a güiro is prepared with taro leaves, and the other necessary ingredients are consulted, which will be kept in the house permanently.

The Awó Otura Yekun must bury an Inshé Osanyin in the area of ​​the city where he resides to achieve complete domination of it, and another equal one at the entrance of his home.

This Odu warns us about the presence of an evil shadow.

It emphasizes not getting rid of what you own.

When a person has a ritual performed and does not see immediate results, they often mistakenly conclude that religion does not work, which is a cause of loss.

This Odu indicates that the person may be cursed.

A woman under this sign may think about harming her husband with boiling water or fire if he offends her, acting under an intense negative influence.

It is discouraged to make pacts or businesses with individuals of great power, since a loss is expected.

To consecrate Eshu in this Odu, it is necessary to first determine if the stone comes from Mt.

For the woman (Obiní): If her husband is older than her and does not show her respect, this could be dangerous.

It is advisable to live in reality and not get carried away by fantasies.

This Odu is associated with diseases such as skin rashes, impetigo, psoriasis, general weakness, circulatory problems, leg pain, hypertension and dizziness.

The deities involved in Otura Yekun include Eshu, Elegbá, the Devil, Obatalá, Azojuano, Oduduwa, Osain, Egun, Orunmila, and Oshun.

The specific herbs of this Odu are Capulí, Ayua and Palma, Salvia and Tuya.

Impetigo is an infectious dermatosis, characterized by vesicles or pustules that form yellowish crusts without leaving a scar, with several varieties such as acneiform and blistering.

The Awó of this Odu must offer sacrifices with two malú moñingas in each hand and maintain a complete ivory Ifá set.

The person must perform an ebbó and head prayer with two doves and ekó to prevent legal misunderstandings or threats related to accusations of theft or illegal acts.

It is crucial to fulfill the promises made to Azojuano (San Lázaro) to avoid negative consequences.

To protect the family from loss, oil lamps are lit for three consecutive Wednesdays, accompanied by prayers.

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Traditional Otura Yekun Ifa Sign


Òtúá yànpín or
Ìyànnyàn yànpín or
Won ò mò pé inú onípìín ò dùn
Won ò mò pé inú onípìín bàjé
A day fún Òòsà Òsèèrèmògbò
Níjó tí Ojú omoo rè ó nù lo
Òun le rÓjú like òun bàyìí?
Wón ní kó rbo
Ó bá rbo
Òòsàálá ruby ​​tan
Wón bá rÓjú like Òòsà
Inú Òòsà dùn
won ba n yo
Won bá n jó
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Òtúá yànpín or
Ìyànnyàn yànpín or
Won ò mò pé inú onípìín ò dùn
Won ò mò pé inú onípìín bàjé
A day fún Òòsà Òsèèrèmògbò
Níjó tí Ojú omoo rè ó nù lo
Wón ní kÒòsà ó rbo
Kó lè rÓjú or
Òòsá gbébo nbè
Ó rubo
Àwá mòmò rójú or
A momo raye
A sì rÓjú omo Òòsà tú nù o.

This person's things will not be affected. He must sacrifice efun, camwood, a hen and a pigeon. This person must be a devotee of Òòsà.

Òyou choose a destination
Man, choose his destiny
They never knew that the person is unhappy with fate
They never knew that the owner of destiny is sad
They were the ones who made divination for Òòsàálá Òsèèrèmògbò
On the day that Ojú, his son was lost
He asked, Can I find Ojú, my son?
They advised him to sacrifice
He did it
After having made the sacrifice
They saw Ojú, the son of Osà,
Òòsà was very happy
They were dancing then
They were happy
Òòsà said it was exactly as his Babaláwos had said
Òyou choose a destination
Man, choose his destiny
They never knew that the person is unhappy with fate
They never knew that the owner of destiny is sad
They were the ones who made divination for Òòsàálá Òsèèrèmògbò
On the day that Ojú, his son was lost
They advised òsà to perform the sacrifice
So that I could find Ojú
Àòsà heard about the sacrifice
And he did it
We have definitely found time
And we have found space
We also found Ojú, the son of Òòsà who had been lost.

Patakie of the Otura Yekun sign

The lost faith

Ologui Fun wanted to go on a trip, but despite his efforts, something always came up that frustrated his plans, leading him to lose faith in their realization.

Deciding to find a solution, Ologui Fun consulted Orunmila, who, after performing an Osode, revealed this Ifá to him, indicating the need for a prayer and to pray his head before embarking on the desired journey to avoid failure. Ologui Fun followed the instructions and, finally, managed to make the trip he longed for.

Explanation: The story of Ologui Fun teaches us the importance of perseverance and faith in the pursuit of our goals. Additionally, it highlights the value of seeking spiritual guidance or wise counsel in the face of obstacles, reminding us that sometimes we need to prepare ourselves internally before we can achieve our dreams.

The fantasy

A young woman, captivated by her own image, dreamed of finding a man who embodied all the ideal virtues and perfections. Sitting in front of her house, she saw a man in the distance who seemed to meet her expectations. As he approached, the young woman's excitement grew. Convinced that he was the one, she told her mother about her decision. Being close to her, she impulsively launched herself towards him, filling her family with joy to see her so pleased. However, the man continued on her way and she followed him.

After walking a distance, a voice demanded that the man return his arms. Immediately afterwards, he detached himself from both and threw them into the air, where they disappeared. The same voice then demanded his head, and he, obeying, took it away and continued on his way until he reached a river of impossible colors, symbolizing a pure fantasy. The man revealed himself as an entity without a defined form, who did not walk, but moved in jumps.

Explanation: The story warns about the dangers of falling in love with illusions and emphasizes the importance of staying anchored to reality. The search for absolute perfection in others can lead to deep disappointments, since behind the idealized facade a very different reality can be hidden. It is crucial to accept people as they are, with their strengths and weaknesses, instead of chasing a non-existent ideal.

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