Otrupon Iwori (Òtúrúpòn Ìwòrì)

otrupon iwori

Otrupon Iwori (Òtúrúpòn Ìwòrì) is Odu #184 in the lordly order of Ifá. This sign teaches that dishonest actions and living outside the law may bring temporary benefits, but in the long run, they always lead to ruin. Acting with integrity and seeking fair and honest solutions is essential to solving problems and ensuring a prosperous future.

General Description of the Otrupon Iwori Sign

Names or Aliases:

  • Otrupon Wori.
  • Otrupon Adakino.
  • Otrupon Dakino.
  • Oturupon Adawene.
  • Otrupon Adakiño.

What is born in the Odu of Ifá Otrupon Iwori?

  • Turn upside down to explain this Ifá and a silver coin in your mouth.
  • In atefá, Ifá is put on the ground, brandy is poured and omí.
  • In atefá 2 addié are given to Ifá and Oya in shilekun.
  • In normal view, the okpele is dragged by maiden and is given 0.50.
  • In Osode receive ikofafun or awafakan quickly.
  • Lowo Ifá Tundé with 19 ikines.
  • That cold weather kills Otrupon Adakino.
  • That Olofin threw Otrupon Adakino out of the sky.
  • In Ifá of awafakan or ikofafun, give addié meyi dun dun to the godfather's Ifá.
  • Give two addié to Orunmila kneeling (quickly).
  • In atefá the awó must receive Oduduwa if he does not have it.
  • Give a chicken to Orula for the river, another to Oya cemetery.

What does the Otrupon Iwori sign talk about?

  • That this Ifá steals 10 years of life from the godfather.
  • Assemble the first garment ordered by Olofin.
  • Dying from poor execution of the sacrifice.
  • The yoga land, formed with a jar and 4 yams.
  • That Otrupon Adakino restores the vital power of the dead.
  • The whale was killed with spears.
  • That Alade Orun is the treasurer of Olofin.
  • Eshu Ayankolo.
  • That Adakino is the guardian of Olofin's treasures.
  • The jar with yams inside as a garment.
  • Throw silver weight on the ground to give Eggun a coconut.
  • The Odu that represents the stomach in the human being, all its interior.
  • Put the ebo silver coin in this Ifá.
  • Put a silver coin in the mouth of the awó Adakino when he dies.
  • Awó Eyo Obani Eyo, name of Orula in the Odu.
  • The sudden death and the pride of Oya.
  • Receive urgent oddun to the awó of this Odu.

The Otrupon Adakino sign points out:

  • The oath of bones for the warlock garment.
  • In 9 days a big person dies suddenly and the whole town will talk about it.
  • It indicates short life decreed by Olofin.
  • Abo is given to the inherited garment.
  • The rider who did not make ebo and died speaks.
  • Aneweko is assembled.
  • Otrupon Adakweño was an impostor and posed as Orula.
  • It is given to the alawo who is born euré and addié meyi dun dun on his head, in a hole, with a board.
  • Orula gave awafakan to the bandits.
  • Orula decrees having awafakan to enter the igbodun.
  • Great luck is coming your way, but move when it comes, because Iku is coming after you.
  • They kidnap Orula.
  • Orula gave inshe Osain to the bandits to avoid Ashelú, Onilú and Akulayé.
  • Eshu swindled the bandits and Orula followed him.
  • Orula is denied.
  • Eshu brought wealth to Orula.

Otrupon Adakino brand:

  • Obanla's daughter gave birth to Olofin his omo Otrupon Adakweñe. You have to have Obanla in this Odu.
  • Olofin decreed that Iku would always be behind Adakweñe and his family.
  • The scythe is made with moruro and loaded.
  • Adakino has to swear in Orun and do Ifá.
  • Oya cursed the land of Adakino.
  • Oya eats goat and banana to save.
  • Olofin had 16 obiní and they did not give birth.
  • Oya tells Orula that people have to die.
  • Corn was attacked for not making a sacrifice.
  • The Eweses are: carob, shell pita and cayayá.

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General Analysis of the Otrupon Iwori Sign

Otrupon Iwori is a sign that highlights the importance of wisdom, intelligence and preparation to overcome difficulties. This Odu teaches us that, in dangerous or problematic situations, wisdom and foresight are more powerful tools than physical strength. This sign also warns of the dangers of excessive ambition and lack of honesty, pointing out that integrity and humility are essential to maintaining the trust and respect of others.

Economic Aspects

In the economic field, Otrupon Iwori suggests that people should be careful and meticulous in their businesses and transactions. Lack of attention to detail and disregard for instructions can lead to disastrous results. This Odu recommends carefully following the rituals and sacrifices necessary to avoid financial failure. People under the influence of this sign must maintain upright and honest conduct to ensure success in their endeavors.


Otrupon Adakino indicates the need to take care of mental and physical health. Stress and lack of preparation can lead to serious health problems. This sign signals that headaches and problems related to the spine may be common due to accumulated tension. It is recommended to avoid lifting heavy objects and making sudden movements. In addition, it is essential to maintain a balanced diet and exercise regularly to preserve health.

Religious Aspects

Otrupon Adakino highlights the importance of following the teachings and guides of Ifá. This sign warns about the need to perform appropriate sacrifices and rituals to maintain spiritual harmony and avoid calamities. Orunmila emphasizes that wisdom and foresight are crucial to overcoming adversity. Furthermore, this Odu points out the relevance of receiving IKOFAFUN or AWOFAKAN quickly to ensure spiritual protection.

Personal Relationships (Love)

In the area of ​​personal relationships, Otrupon Iwori emphasizes the importance of honesty and integrity. Excessive ambition and lack of honesty can lead to downfall and loss of prestige in relationships. It is crucial to maintain humility and respect the opinions of others to preserve trust and respect. This sign also warns that lack of attention to details in relationships can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts. Therefore, it is recommended to be careful and meticulous in your communication and actions towards your partner.

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Otrupon Iwori:

  • If they don't obey, one goes after the other.
  • There is one who does not return.
  • They repress you for lack of zeal in your profession.
  • The mistake costs the life.

"If you do not obey, one goes after the other" warns us about the consequences of disobedience and lack of discipline. This saying emphasizes the importance of following established teachings and rules to avoid misfortunes. Failure to comply can lead to a chain of unfortunate events, affecting everyone involved.

Ifa Code of Ethics of the odu Otrupon Adakino:

  • The Awó that Osha establishes will do so before doing Ifá.

Meaning of the sign of Ifa Otrupon Iwori:

They do not believe in Orula, nor in her godfather, they are self-sufficient and believe that they know everything, that is why they even lose their lives. They think they know all the secrets of Ifá and they do not know that Orula is the only one who saves or destroys it.

Awó Otrupon Iwori puts a peso silver coin in his mouth to be able to go to Ará Onú, since Otrupon Adakino was thrown out of heaven and to enter he has to buy the ticket.

Shango, Osain and Orunmila, prostrate with their arms, revive the Egguns and Olofin fuses them with the Spirit to work religion.

Take care of living in secluded houses, do not assault and kill you, in addition to going to prison.

When Orunmila asks the Awó for addié, he cleans himself with them, starting from the lerí downwards, then he will give two addié kneeling and does not stop until the ceremony is over (with this the rider who falls is already on the ground).

Otrupon Iwori speaks of the land of the yogas, which was formed by a jar and 4 hairy yams.

If it comes out of the head, addié dun dun is given to the hand that is working, it is cleaned immediately and nothing is secured, it is washed first with omiero on the floor and there it is given; the addié goes to the nigbe, the one who wears this washes his hands when he returns with omiero.

In Atefá Otrupon Iwori, an omiero is ordered to be made with caimito and yagruma, a deep hole is opened in the patio and a board is placed over it, the alawó that is born stands on this and a euré is placed on its head and addié meyi dun dun. Then the omiero is poured on top, looking for a way for everything to fall into the hole and then it is covered. Afterwards, everyone makes Kofiborí with ewé dundun (always alive).

In Atefá, the alawó is made ebo with a lerí of agbo or abo, into which a nail is driven, it is placed on star apple leaves in the joro joro and covered with leaves of the same kind, a board is placed and It is done the same as when the goat is given in the hole.


  • Preserve an inherited garment.
  • Give Abo and make ebo with the lerí, and put 9 ribbons with 9 bells on a moruro stick the size of the person.
  • Give the Abo to Eggun or garment of 7 rays.
  • Assemble Inshé Osain with sandbox seeds, justice stick, win battle, dominator, open the way, 7 powers, war breaker, handsome tame, yarey, owl eyes, jicotea eyebale and lerí, etú jujú.
  • Eat ayakuá keke, akuaro and osiadié.
  • Put a silver coin inside the ebo.
  • Give Adiémeji to Oya for health.
  • Keep your mouth tidy, since the Odu represents the stomach.
  • Make Paraldo with addié prieta and rag doll and other ingredients.
  • Give Eggun 9 fish and give 9 pigeons.
  • Perform great ceremonies for Oya so as not to steal years of the godfather's life.
  • Have a scythe of the same size and the handle and handle filled with: lerí de addié de Oya, lerí de euré de Orunmila, caimito leaves, palo no te mueras, obi, eru, kolá, osun, obi motiwao, and lined with ileké of different colors; eat with Orunmila.
  • Move from where you live or work when great luck comes your way.
  • Prepare Aneweko: a doll dressed in the clothes of the interested party, loaded with Inso of all the parts of her ará, fingernails and toenails, eru, obi, kolá, osun, aará, obi motiwao; She begs and eats with Oya abebo addié okán, she puts 1 egg and adds it to the table.
  • Make Kofiborí with ewé dundun (always alive) after making the omiero.
  • Make ebo al Alawó with a lerí from Agbo or Abo, drive a nail into it, place it on star apple leaves in the joro joro and cover it with leaves of the same kind.
  • Give 2 addié to Oya with the Alawó face down.


  • Do not accept gifts of tissues, flowers, perfumes.
  • Never do harm to your benefactor.
  • Never sit on leather or eat the skin of any animal.
  • Never be silent about what is agitating your mind.
  • Never use Aworokoso paá jaro for anything.
  • Not having any carved images, apart from icons of Orisa in your house.
  • Never be too dirty.


  • Death always follows them and includes their children.
  • If Paraldo is not done, people have to die suddenly and there is no time to save them.
  • The death of someone who went out in a group will be known in 7 days.
  • It indicates short life decreed by Olofin.
  • Someone is looking for him to kill him if he doesn't move from where he lives or works.
  • In this Ifá, the rider who did not make ebo died.
  • Otrupon Iwori speaks of death as a result of a failure or error in the execution of the sacrifice.
  • This Ifá makes trouble and nothing is assured.
  • If the ceremony is not followed, even life can be lost.
  • Death always follows them and includes their children.

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Says Ifa Otrupon Iwori:

Great luck comes to him, but he must move from where he lives, otherwise he could die. Beware of a trap and a tragedy where blood will flow. Where you intervene, everything falls apart. Take all necessary measures at a party, outing, or other similar activity to ensure you return safely.

The hidden business will be discovered. Do not go to see the sick or to wakes. Avoid justice, as you could be arrested and lose valuables. Thank Elegua and Orula. Don't cry so much. Apply wisdom and patience to overcome all difficulties and destroy obstacles in life. Avoid robberies, assaults and other misdeeds.

Prayer of the Odu Otrupon Adakino:


Ebo of the Otrupon Iwori Sign:

Ifá says that all the rituals, ebo and preparations that this person has been doing until now were not accepted by the deities. There is a need for this person to offer a new ebo to facilitate the acceptance of his sacrifice. The materials needed for the ebo are: eight rats, eight fish, eight guinea fowl, eight pigeons and money. Some of these materials are used to feed the deities. After doing this, his ebo will be accepted.

Aworo Soosoo Bird entered the earth in the middle of the night
And he went to consult Ifá in a hurry
The Ifá message for Orunmila
When he was offering ebo
And all his ebos were not accepted
He was advised to offer a new ebo
Our ebo are accepted into heaven today
All our ebos are accepted in heaven

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Pataki (story) of the Ifa sign Otrupon Iwori:

The 19 Ikines

Orunmila lived with his 20 children, all warriors, known as Mogue Lowo Tunde. One day, her children decided to go out into life and Orunmila performed an Osode for them, seeing the Otrupon Wori Ifá Adakino sign. She warned them: «You must do ebo so that everyone returns without incident. Be careful, because there is one among you who will not return.

The sons laughed at their father and ignored him, leaving for war without performing the prayer.

A long period passed and Orunmila's children became assistants to all those who requested their services, both for good and bad. At the end of the war, they returned to their Baba Tobi Orunmila's house and told him: "Baba, we are back and we have all come." They had lost a brother in the war, but they brought him tied to the horse, pretending that he was alive.

Orunmila, that day, had seen Otrupon Adakino and was lying face down, giving himself oborí eledá with eure and abeboaddié next to his Ifá. Without looking, she told them: "I see you have arrived, but one is missing."

The brothers replied, “Baba, we are complete, how can one be missing? Come on, tell us. Then Orunmila told them: "Let's see, get off the horses." Everyone got out except the one who was dead, showing that Orunmila's word is always fulfilled.

Lowo Ifa Tunde had 20 children and was left with 19. This is the secret of the hand of Ifá in the fight for existence. He is given 19 ikines, not 20, so this Ifá is known by his first and last name.

Explanation: This story teaches us the importance of listening to and obeying the warnings of the wise. Sometimes arrogance and disrespect for ancestral knowledge can lead to tragic consequences. Obedience and humility are essential to avoid misfortunes and ensure the well-being of all.

Otrupon Iwori Ifa Traditional Nigerian

Verse of the Odu Òtúrúpòn Ìwòrì

Ifá wants this person to be well. He must be persistent in his speeches so as not to be overcome by his enemies. He must also be sincere, since his mouth will be his tool to overcome. He must have good vocabulary. Ifá says that he will not allow him to see any war or be arrested.

They were the ones who consulted Ògún
Who was in the midst of his sworn enemies
He was in the midst of enemies
They advised him to make sacrifice
They advised Ògún to perform sacrifice
Anyone who waged wars against the Weapon (pistol, rifle, cannon) was declaring war on Ògún
They said that it is the Weapon that would win for Ògún
They did nothing else
They clashed with the gun
Life pleased Ògún
The Weapon helped Ògún win
He said it was exactly as his Babaláwos had said
They were the ones who consulted Ògún
Who was in the midst of his sworn enemies
He was in the midst of enemies
They advised him to make sacrifice
Ògún heard about the sacrifice
He did it
The mouth speaks through the gun
It is through the same mouth that he beat them
I have performed the sacrifice of Òtúrúpònlàwì

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