Oyekun Otrupon: Meaning, tips, sayings, patakies and more

Oyekun Otrupon

Oyekun Batrupon is the combination between the main Odu Oyeku and Oturupon, it is the sign number 42 in the lordly Order of Ifa. This sign speaks to someone who is disrespecting Orúnmila (Orisha of Divination), it is necessary that they attend to him and propitiate sacrifice to this deity so that he does not punish him, if he does not do so he will become seriously ill and then he will die.

This person must offer the sacrifice. Life will favor him, but he must offer the sacrifice to overcome death, disease, loss, and all evils. An adult goat is the sacrifice. When he places his sacrifice to Eshu Elegua, Ifá advises him to dance so that his enemies see him and forget about you.

Other names of the Odu Oyekun Otrupon:

  • Oyekun Batrupon.
  • Oyeku Oturupon.

In the odu Oyekun Batrupon is born:

  • Cooking for the first time on the grill.
  • Yellow fever
  • Here: The pig saved humanity from death.
  • Talk about travel.
  • Suffering from suffocation.
  • The Chinese Egun (Filani) speaks.
  • Of the destruction of the Carabalí and Yoruba (Lukumí) Land by continuous wars.
  • Eshu is given pork.

What is the sign Oyekun Batrupon talking about?

  • For Awó: Make your Eshu so that you are well and win the war against your enemies and so that Eshu does not provoke the war inside the house.
  • Beware a family member steals a Saint.
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages is prohibited.
  • Take care of the dead, an inheritance is coming to you. If you don't, it will ruin everything and you will be dead.
  • Here the Awó does not care about Ifá and that is why they did not consider him as Babalawo.
  • Here Apetebí is given an assistant because she is tired.
  • Oyekun batrupon talks about the prohibition of stealing, because he can go to justice and he will lose his luck.
  • You have to be careful with fever, because here yellow fever was born.
  • She suffers from suffocation, so she can't be uncomfortable.
  • This Ifá speaks of the destructions of the Carabalí and Yoruba Land (Lukumí), due to continuous wars.
  • This war was bacteriological.
  • Here you have to do EBO so as not to kill.
  • The secret of this Ifá is with an Egun Felaní -Chinese-.
  • No one is denied food.
  • Think about going somewhere. Be careful, they can throw it away.
  • Talk about stomach disease.
  • Beware of hearing bad advice that you will lose.
  • Try to understand and cope with your spouse to avoid separation.
  • Beware of problems in your work. His enemies can defeat him.

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Meaning of the odu Oyekun Batrupon:

In this Odu it was where the Eledé -pig- saved humanity from death when Ikú went out to kill all living beings.

For that notice. Olofin cursed him not to speak again.

Here pork is grown in the shade.

Here Ifá goes on a trip.

Oyekun Batrupon speaks: Azojuano Afreson.

This was where it was first cooked on the grill. Talk about the torture of fire.

This is an Ifá of effeminates. Beware of them.

You can't eat pork with this Odu. You have to raise a pig but it cannot be killed, sold or given away. When he dies, Ebo is done with his head.

Brand: belly ailment, intestinal paralysis.

This Ifá is Kaferefun: Eshu, Orúnmila, Ogún and Oshún.

Here Eshu orders hutía and smoked fish.

The marriage can be ruined by jealousy and gossip.

Here the groom wants to eat early. Be careful not to lose.

You have to take care of your brain because in the family there are those who are crazy or died crazy.

Here the person was born because they prayed a lot and he is here for a miracle granted by a Saint.

Idefá is quickly put on

Ifá says: that the pregnant woman is the joy of the son of Orúnmila.

For Oyekun batrupon, Orúnmila gets a piece of ivory.

Oshún is given 2 pigeons and Oshinshin is given.

Here Ebó is made with the food that was left the day before.

Here it is used oshún necklace, the Idefá and the chain of Ogún.

Herbs (Ewe) of Oyekun Batrupon:

Wonder, Bledo, Blood Grass, River Fern.

Sayings of the Odu Oyekun Batrupon

  • Free from guilt and grief.
  • The anus seeks the stool and the stool to the anus.
  • Because of bad advice a people is sinking.
  • If those of your house do not consider it, the neighbors much less. 

Ifa Ethical Code of the Ifa Sign of the Oddun Oyekun Otrupon:

 The Awó deals with Ifá so that they consider it as Awó.

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Recommendations of the Odu Oyekun Batrupon 

  • If you don't listen to advice, you are going to lose your luck and everything you have.
  • Move from where you live before your enemies destroy you.
  • He feels weak and, in the evening, he feels bad.
  • If you talk to a pregnant woman: The child you bring will be a fortune teller and will bring you luck and happiness.
  • Moderate the way you are with your spouse so that you do not separate.
  • Take care of your husband, who can go with another. Make Ebo.
  • Due to tragedy (intori eyó) He wonders if this tragedy comes from punishment of an Osha or punishment from Orúnmila or from the head of the person concerned.
  • Here you have to do works to please Orúnmila or the Holy One so that he can forgive him and let him live in peace.
  • Do not be contemptuous as a contempt for a Saint or a major of blood or religion can be fatal.
  • By Oyekun Batrupon, do not eat chickpeas.
  • By speaking what does not interest him, he is going to seek a big war.
  • Beware of effeminates, who raised false testimonies and voted you where you intend to go.

Says Ifa odu Oyekun Batrupon

That you are going to go to a place, be careful because they are going to throw you away from there.

Whose stomach hurts at home, Orúnmila is behind, beware of bad advice.- You are behind and have a lack of money.

Yesterday you didn't even have enough to eat at home.

Oyeku Oturupon says: They are going to kick him out of his job. You must receive an inheritance and you will have to do Ebo so that they do not throw you out of that place where you are going. Do not eat anything late. He came here to see his house because he thinks they have put witchcraft on him. You feel bad and your body, when night comes, feels weak.

If it is Babalawo who is looking; In his house where he lives, nobody calculates it like Babalawo. -You. he moves and then shows them all if he is or is not, because he is going to destroy the house of his people. The Apetebí is tired and the Awó has to find someone to help her so that she can rest a little. -Don't deny anyone food, take care of your stomach.- If a woman is seen in condition, she is told that she brings a son who will be a fortune teller and will bring you luck and happiness.

Restrain your temper and bad manners with your spouse, so they don't get separated.

Your husband can go with another, do Ebó.

Do not disrespect the Saints and even less Orúnmila, so that you do not get sick.

Prayer of the Odu Oyekun Otrupon:


Suyere from Odu Oyekun Batrupon:


Oyekun Batrupon's Ebbo:

Work against yellow fever:

3 roosters, jutía and smoked fish, corojo butter, toasted corn, casserole with Ogún and Oshún herb Omiero, sweat cloth, piece of iron, three tole ticos.

The tole ticos light well and go out in the Omiero casserole and put in the Ebó package.

The piece of iron is heated red-hot and placed in the Omiero casserole, then scraped off and goes to the Ebó package.

The interested party will take the Omiero after the Ebó.

To open the roads of Oyekun Otrupon (pig to Eshu):

This sacrifice has no characteristic Odu. But his birth is in the Odu Ogbe Ate.

It is made to open the roads in Oyekun Batrupon, which was where the pig saved mankind.

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Oyekun Batrupon Ifa Traditional:


Eekún ni sébúké
Èdò nor pàránkàtà
A day fún Dùndún ti on n pé LÁàfin òsán gangan
Dùndún ni ò ti réni pè é
kò gbayì
Enìkan ò mò or télè rí
Dùndún bá to àwon Eékún ni sébúké lo
Ó loòdò àwon Èdò n ni pàránkàtá
E ye òun lóókan ìbò wò
Wón ní kí Dùndún or rubo
Wón ní Òwúùrù eyelé lebo
Wón nire lópòlopò fún Dùndún
Dùndún bá rbo
Ló bá di àbàadì
Ni ón bá ransé pé won n pè é LÁàfin
A naà?
Tóun ti n be laì rénìkan bá seré
N ní wá n jó ní wá n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Eekún ni sébúké
Èdò nor pàránkàtá
Díá fún Dùndún ti on n pé LÁàfin òsán gangan
Ebo n won ni or se
Dùndún waá gbébo nbè
Ó rubo
Mo mò ti sebo Òyèkúbàtúrupòn
I'll go gbogbo wòmù!
Ayée wa tutu
Oh nini.

Oyekun Batrupon says: This person complains about the delay in the success of his aspirations. Ifá says that he will have honor in life. But you must make the sacrifice.

Eekún ni sébúké
Èdò nor pàránkàtà
They made divination for the Dùndún drum when it was unexpectedly invited to the palace
Dùndún had never seen anyone to invite him
He was not important
No one was paying attention
Dùndún then went to the priest's house «Eékún ni sébúké»
And to the priest "Èdò ni pàránkàtà"
Please consult me ​​and give me the Ìbò
They told Dùndún to offer sacrifice
They said 'A grown pigeon is the sacrifice'
They said that there are many fortunes for Dùndún
Dùndún offered the sacrifice
And without warning
They called him from the palace
And surprised he screamed
'I had never been invited by anyone'
He was then dancing and he was happy
He praised his Babaláwos
Their Babaláwos praised Ifá
He said it was exactly as his Babaláwos had said
Eekún ni sébúké
Èdò nor pàránkàtà
They made divination for the Dùndún drum when it was unexpectedly invited to the palace
Sacrifice was the prescribed antidote for him
Dùndún heard about the sacrifice and did
I have offered the sacrifices of Òyèkúbàtúrupòn
All good fortunes should come to me generously
Our lives got better
And it is comforting.

Patakie of the sign Oyekun Batrupon:

The pregnant woman and Orúnmila.

On this path, Orúnmila left for Yere Oko. On the way he met a pregnant woman with a sick stomach. She greeted him and said, "Lord, I'm hungry and I'm aimless, help me."

Orúnmila replied: «Follow me, we will soon arrive at Yere Oko, where we will eat because there I have the food assured and later I will see what I have to do to cure you». But there was a little bird perched on a branch that heard everything and, taking flight, arrived at Yere Oko quickly and told people that a liar was coming along the way; He told them everything he had heard and frightened them, saying that if they were given shelter, bad things would happen there.

When Orúnmila arrived at Yere Oko together with the woman, they could not enter because they were threatened to beat them. When they withdrew, they met Ogún, who was going to Yere Oko to carry out the war and, finding out what had happened to Orúnmila with those people, he changed the route and entered Yere Oko, killing everyone he met. in its wake and wreaked great havoc.

The King of Yere Oko was alarmed by what was happening in his land, he ordered to investigate and Ogún sent him to tell Orúnmila what they had done there and that he was punishing all those guilty and, to end the slaughter, he he demanded that the guilty of those acts be handed over to him.

They continued investigating and took the Akampala bird and his entire family prisoner and handed him over to Ogún, who handed them over to Orúnmila as slaves.

Eshu of the Odu Oyekun Otrupon:


It is mounted on a piece of hard quarry stone, where the head, neck and part of the chest are carved. It is drilled from below to load it with: mouse powder that was previously given in the mountains, Iyefá prayed by Odu

Oyeku Batrupon, jicotea, rooster, chicken head powder, tinea, Egun, Jewish bird, stick powder: victor, devil, fool, powders of 21 herbs of Elegba or Eshu, ero, obi, kolá osun naború, obi motiwao, quicksilver, hutia and smoked fish, roasted corn, brandy, honey, dry wine, 21 peppers, 21 peonies, 21 wonder seeds, sulfur and other ingredients from the Eshu's cargo.

39 snails (dilogunes) are needed to distribute them in the following way: two for the eyes, one for the mouth, two for the ears, three on the forehead -vertical-, 10 around the neck and 21 around the base; knife
conventional with its corresponding feathers and Orúnmila beads. They are washed with Omiero of all the Elegba or Eshu herbs used for the load.

Before loading it, it is given a mouse in the bush; this when it has the crown and all the snails mounted and has been washed with Omiero.

The body of the mouse dries up and turns to dust and goes to charge. After the load is sealed, it is washed again and it is given a rooster with the Eshu of its Godfather.

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