Treaty of Oshe and its Omoluos

In oshaeifa we bring you detailed information about the Odu Oshe Meji and its combinations so you can learn more about your sign.

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Treaty of the signs of Ifa «Oshe»

Treatise of Oshe Meji and all its variants, from Oshe Meyi to Oshe Ofun. Learn what all these odu speak and learn more about your sign so that you can better carry the recommendations given by Orunmila. 

History of the Odu OSHE MEJI

The Birth

OSHE left Heaven to go to Earth without telling anyone. He did not make any divination or sacrifice. He was born to aging parents who had lost hope of having children. He was born with gray hair on his head and lived to an advanced age on Earth, but only after returning to Heaven to perform sacrifice. We will see later how he did it.

Growing up, he proved to be the terror among his age. His parents died when he was still a child and he later lived with his own devices. He neither practiced the Ifá vocation nor any respectable profession. He was a wandering fighter.

But he was not living a happy life. He barely earned to feed himself because he was doing nothing that was capable of supporting him.
One day he went out for his wrestling competition, which was the only profession he knew about.

He went to the ALARA Palace to challenge him to a wrestling match. He defeated ALARA in the competition, but was not given any reward for his victory.
He then went to IJERO, where he also challenged AJERO to a competition and was still victorious but no compensation was given for the achievement.

He went to OWO, where he defeated OLOWO. Then he went to BENIN, where he defeated King ADO. He did the same with all sixteen known kings in the World in
that time.

After his struggles, he would return home empty-handed. It was then that he met three Ifa priests on the road between ADO and IFE and was
stopped by them.

The Ifá priests were called:


One who leapt deadly and got twenty rewards
One that advanced and got forty rewards.
One that won a goat after three days.

They told him, after the divination, that he was starving because he was not practicing the profession that he was supposed to have come to exercise on Earth. They assured him, however, that he would prosper at the end of his career, chosen as a profession, but only after performing sacrifice, which he had to do in Heaven. He didn't take them seriously because he couldn't imagine how he was going to travel to Heaven to make a sacrifice.

By that time, Eshu had closed the route between Heaven and Earth. The Ifá priests told him that he could not expect those he defeated in the fight to reward him with some gift. However, they advised him to give whatever could be provided for the last father who saved him from his endeavor. When he got home, he offered his father a rooster and begged him to help him find his way to his destination.

Meanwhile, his father went to his Guardian Angel in Heaven and complained that OSHE MEJI was not doing well on Earth. His Guardian Angel replied that it was because he was very warlike. Between his father and his Guardian Angel they decided to persuade the good things of Heaven to go and visit OSHE MEJI on Earth.

Traditionally, as soon as the rooster crows in the morning, it is a sign that all the good things in life are leaving Heaven on their daily visits to Earth, consisting of: children, peace, wealth, abode, money, health and prosperity. All of them left Heaven in the early hours of the morning to visit whoever could receive them on Earth. They visit the room in Heaven inhabited by the guardian angels of all who live on Earth before leaving Heaven in the morning.

OSHE MEJI's father spent that night with his son's Guardian Angel. In the early hours of the next morning, after the rooster crowed, the good things of Heaven were reporting to the guardian angels who were leaving for Earth and asked if they had any messages for their guardians. The Guardian Angel of OSHE MEJI asked them to visit their protégé on Earth. They all responded unanimously that they did not dare to visit him because he would destroy them. They reminded their Guardian Angel how warlike he was in Heaven and the commotion he caused before escaping to Earth.

They insisted that good and evil did not live together except as combatants, that heat and cold could not live together, just as light and dark did not live in the same environment at the same time. As OSHE MEJI insisted on antagonizing and disgracing those who would have benefited him, they would never go in that direction. With these pronouncements, good departed from Heaven to Earth.

Some time later, his father began to sob in the hopelessness of his son's situation. Then, he appealed once more to his Guardian Angel, who revealed to him that he made him spend the night with him so that he could witness what had happened since AJAKADI left for Earth. His Guardian Angel said that he had persuaded the good of Heaven for years to visit OSHE MEJI.

But they had consistently refused to do so for the reasons they had just given.

As a result of his father's persistence, the Guardian Angel decided to hatch a new strategy to deal with the situation. He told the father to go home and see his son before the crowing the next morning. The father did not understand the importance of what the Guardian Angel was saying. As soon as OSHE MEJI's father left, the Guardian Angel went to see Sickness, who is the wife of the King of Death, and gave him gifts of kola nut. Just as the good of Heaven visits Earth daily, Disease, wife of the King of Death, visits Earth daily as well. But not herself, but Death sends wanderers.

OSHE's Guardian Angel persuaded her to meet her protégé on Earth and invite him to Heaven, because she had something important to do for him. The old woman agreed to deliver the message that same day. Meanwhile, on Earth, OSHE MEJI suddenly fell ill, which was a first, since he had never been ill before. Late that night, the illness worsened and he fell into a coma. Since no one wanted him, he had no one to take care of him. In fact, people were amused when they found him in a coma. Just before midnight, he gave up his soul and no one knew he was dead because no one was present, as he had no wife or children of his own. As soon as his life left him, he instantly appeared in Heaven before his Guardian Angel, who had told his father early on to return home after the twilight of the day. Therefore, his father was present in the house of his Andel de la Guarda when OSHE MEJI arrived in Heaven. It was then that his father realized what his Guardian Angel meant when he said that he would see his son before the crowing of the rooster the next morning. They both welcomed him before the rooster crowed that morning. His Guardian Angel instructed him to hide behind the paraban he had prepared for the occasion.

Shortly after the rooster crowed, the good news from Heaven was visiting the home of each Guardian Angel. When they reached the entrance of the house of their Guardian Angel, the latter called each of them by their respective names: children, friendship, wealth, prosperity, money, etc., and begged them once more to visit his guarded OSHE MEJI on Earth because he was suffering there. Once again, they told him that they were not used to singing the same song on the day of entering and the day of leaving. They told him that their guarded fighter was too vindictive to arrange a decent reception with any of them.

Furthermore, they had solemnly sworn never to be near the street where he lived on Earth, nor to visit him. They said in unison that they were not used to visiting anyone who would destroy them, since the man was very warlike. They added that he who dared to overthrow kings, princes and divinities alike, in fighting competitions, would easily crush them between his fingers.

The father then shouted that the man behind the paraban should listen to what the agents of divinity fortune were saying about him. In effect, he had hidden behind the paraban, and it was then that he realized that he had been pursuing the wrong ends in life.

As soon as the charity hosts passed by, he went out to ask his Guardian Angel and his father what he was going to do, and they told him to make the sacrifice he did not make before leaving Heaven. They advised him to give a goat to Eshu, who would wash his head and back to reduce his physical and devilish strength. He made the sacrifice right away because the goats that he left behind in Heaven had multiplied in numerous ways. He also told his Guardian Angel that he would offer the largest cow to the heavenly police for a feast (banquet).

A little later, his Guardian Angel told him to take a special path with which to return to Earth. As soon as he stepped onto the sidewalk, he blinked his eyes at the Earth and instantly regained consciousness. Three years later, he became good and despite what had transpired in Heaven and vividly remembered, once again he began to prepare his round of fighting. Before this, he brought one of his goats and prepared it for his father and gave a ram to his Ifá -which is the earthly representation of his Guardian Angel- and held a great party with them.

The people around him wondered what it was that had changed his appearance, for it was not known that he had made any prior sacrifice.

He also gave a goat to Eshu. Two days after that, he left for the ALARA Palace. On the way he met an old Ifá priest, who was a transformation of Eshu, and the man turned out to be a fortune teller. The old man told him that he was going to a wrestling competition, but that although he could defeat his opponents, he should pretend to fall to the ground as soon as he caught them, and that he should observe the subsequent results, which he would not regret. The man clearly told him that as soon as he yelled GDIGBO, GDIGBO - which is the tune for a wrestling match - should pretend to fall to the ground.

It started with the ALARA Palace, where GDIGBO shouted, GDIGBO, and the signal called ALARA outside. As soon as they caught each other, OSHE threw ALARA, but very quickly it fell to the ground before the King fell on it. In keeping with the advice that the old Ifá priest (Eshu) had given him, he remained on earth without getting up. 

Eshu helps Oshe 

Meanwhile, Eshu created an unprecedented commotion in the village. It was covered in total darkness and the earth began to shake. The roosters began to lay eggs, the hens to crow like the rooster. The women who were pregnant began to have false fatigue and the forest animals were eating riotously within the village, while the domestic animals began to escape to the forest.

When he ALARA saw what was happening, he begged OSHE to get up off the ground. Once again, the old Ifa priest that OSHE MEJI encountered on the road appeared out of nowhere and intervened. The man told ALARA that it was forbidden for him, the son of ORUNMILA, to fall to the ground, and for him to get up it was necessary to appease him with a hundred corpulent men, young and single women, cows, goats, roosters, chickens, bags of money , etc.

Without hesitation, he ALARA quickly ordered each house in the village to deliver the required repair. As soon as all the compensation was gathered, OSHE MEJI stood up and the old man prepared divination powder, blew it into the air, and light, peace, and quiet at once replaced darkness, shock, and confusion. OSHE MEJI then ordered the human gifts to be brought home to IFE and to begin building new abodes before he returned home.

The next morning he went to the AJERO KIN OSA Palace, where the same thing happened, followed by similar visits to ORAGUN, OLOWO, OONI, ADO, etc., where he obtained similar rewards. At the end of his mission, he became an extremely wealthy man, for prosperity had finally come his way.

This incident marked the beginning of paying with money for divinations, because throwing the instrument of divination, OKPUELE, to the ground signifies the fall that OSHE MEJI had in the hands of the kings, for which they paid for the repairs.

OSHE MEJI revealed how money came from Heaven to Earth

OSHE MEJI is not known to have done a spectacular job in Heaven.

He was notorious only for his pugnacity or bellicosity. However, he was the one who revealed how the money came from Heaven to Earth. He discovered how a priest
of Ifá, called OROKUN ARO KOOSE MUNUKUN, performed divination for money when it was preparing to leave Heaven and come to the
Land. The same Ifá priest also made divination for the two deities about what had to be done to be able to enjoy the
benefits that money can confer.

The meaning of the name of the Ifá priest is "the knee of the crippled person does not bend."

Each of the deities was told to sacrifice with sixteen pigeons, sixteen chickens, sixteen hutias, sixteen fish, sixteen bean muffins, and sixteen corn muffins. Instead of performing the sacrifice individually, as they were advised, they decided to join forces to make a single sacrifice. After that, the money left for Earth in the form of cowries, growing from Heaven until it touched earth. As soon as they saw the impact of money on Earth, the divinities got together and deliberated on how to take it to their different houses to spend it.

However, ORUNMILA warned them not to withdraw the money until they made a new divination and sacrifice. OGUN challenged ORUNMILA to stay home and make their divination and sacrifices while the rest of them went to dig for the money. He wondered what was the need to perform divination and sacrifice before eating the food served at the table. ORUNMILA accepted the challenge and told them that he did not intend to join in digging for the money at that time, nor to join his desire to their challenge and that they were free to continue without him.

OGUN took the guatacas and the picks that he had made for that purpose and left for the pile of money. When he got there, he dug up to find a lot of money and put aside whatever he was able to extract. Digging deeper into the pile, the top of the tonga fell on OGUN and buried him alive under the rubble and left four pieces of cowries on his chest.

SANKPANA was the next to go on the pile and ended up the same way, with sixteen cowries on his chest. All the other divinities had similar experiences, including SHANGO and OLOKUN. When they did not return home, ORUNMILA began to reflect on what had happened to them. He decided to go and see for himself what was holding them back. Upon arriving at the place, he found them dead and collected in separate plots the number of cowries he found on
the chest of each of them.

That is why it is said that it was greed that sent the first generation of divinities that inhabited the Earth back to Heaven. OSHE MEJI advised that if the
The search for money is not stopped with discretion and patience, it would come in an avalanche for the seeker and destroy him. That is him why all those who
they seek money with greed and avarice are buried prematurely under the money itself.

Meanwhile, ORUNMILA decided there was no point in approaching money the way the others did and went home without touching the pile. He approached the situation differently, based on his characteristic over-perception.

When he got home, he called Ifa and told him to perform sacrifice with two doves, two ladders, and four locks. He told him to drive the U-shaped bolts into each
one of the four corners of the pile, and to offer to it with the two doves after nailing the bolts in a U. They told him to throw pounded yam (OBOBO in Benin and EWO in Yoruba) right around the pile, since pigeon and mashed yams are the staple food of money. In addition, he had to locate the
ladders over the pile and begin by digging from the top rather than from the bottom.

He did it as he was advised by Ifa and while offering the sacrifice to money, he recited an incantation to it, which said that no one kills the offering of money.
food for him. And he begged the money not to kill him as he did the others, since he offered him his food. Afterward, he climbed the pile with the ladder and dug small
amounts until he brought everything home. It was from that day that ORUNMILA began to sit on top of money, which is why its altar is sometimes decorated with a throne of cowries. To consult ORUNMILA, by serious divination, the Ifá priest has to first sit him on a
throne of cowries.

After obtaining the pile of money, he invited the eldest of the sons of the dead divinities and gave each of them the amount of cowries that he
found on his parents' chest, respectively. This number of cowries that ORUNMILA gave to the children of the deceased divinities are what they
used for divination to this day.

The children of OGUN use four cowries for divination, while the children of SANKPANA and SHANGO use sixteen.

That is the reason why anytime OSHE MEJI comes in divination for anyone, the person is advised to look for money carefully and discreetly so that it does not destroy it.

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