Prayer to Elegua: Invocation, to Open the Paths, Defeat the enemies, Love and Dominion.

Prayer to elegua

Elegua, one of the Orishas of the Yoruba pantheon, this deity or saint is known for being the owner or lord of the roads that is why believers and in the Yoruba or Santeria religion use prayers and prayers to earn their favor and blessings .

The habit of Praying in which religion is of utmost importance since this act makes us connect with God or the deities of which we are believers, prayers are common in Santeria with them we can invoke the Orishas to make different requests as they can be , economic development, win a lawsuit, defeat enemies or ask for love.

There are also Prayers with which the favor of the deities is requested to be able to dominate some person.

In the case of Elegua, most of the invocations, prayers and prayers are used to ask to open the roads and thus give us economic opportunities, find employment and improve luck.

How to Summon Elegua

Generally, when we are going to make an Offering, sacrifice or requests to Elegua, it is done as follows:

First we approach the throne, or space where Eleggua lives, it is usually placed behind the door. We approach its foundation or Ota and strike the ground three times and begin the invocation with the following Prayer.

Eshú Elegua, Awo oni bode Babamí, dacomo omó, dacomo afefa, Ogüedé mefa, ogüedé Ilú, azorán llamacotiti cocoribilla


Echú, Elegua, my father, the only and greatest gatekeeper, stand up well, you gave six gold coins for six bananas to save a town, and you stood firmly, doing little by little until winning, please come and listen to me.

After this, two candles are lit and placed in front of the Orisha, brandy or gin is blown three times, epo (corojo butter) is spread while the requests are told.

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Prayer to Elegua to defeat the enemies:

Whenever we have a war, a conflict with someone we consider our enemy, we can ask Elegua to help us emerge victorious from any situation and thus defeat anyone who wants to harm us, that is why we can pray the following Prayer to Elegua:

Oh my father, here I am your son (Full name and sign) reciting this Prayer, it is not my intention to bother you, but the concern and disturbance generated by the person who goes by the name (name of the enemy) forces me to come here and beg you to help me win this war.

You who always came out victorious from the Conflicts, you who with your great ability could get out of traps and managed to be the greatest of the Orishas I ask you to get rid of my Araye (enemy), be you who fight my wars and me Help me to be able to defeat my enemies and I know that this will be the case for you, you never let me fall. Ashe to iban Eshu.

While praying it is important to concentrate and visualize our enemy, you can also write the name of the araye on Ebo paper, put it on the floor and place Eshu Elegua on top.

To finish, three cigars must be smoked, asking Eleggua for victory in any conflict we have.

Prayer to Elegua to Open the Roads:

At some point in life we ​​have all gone through some negative stage, in which we see that things do not flow in a correct way, we are stagnant, or we cannot get out of the crisis.

It is the moment in which we go to Elegua to ask to open the roads for us, and to be able to achieve that development, that opportunity to be able to progress and improve our luck quality of life.

Elegua being the Orisha Owner of the roads and gates of destiny is the one who can unlock our luck.

There are different reasons why we can have the roads closed, Witchcraft, lack of ebo (Sacrifice), debt with some deity, contraction of the Ori, Curses among others. Although there are any of these Osobo there is nothing that Eshu Eleggua cannot achieve that is why when attending to its foundation we can pray this Prayer to elegua to open the roads:

Eshu-Elegua you who are the balance, you who helped Oshe Tura in times of need to bring the rain, help me to achieve my goals, do not allow any curse to block or hinder my path, I ask that my destiny be prosperous since my ways will be open if that is your will.

Remove from my mind any bad decision that I may make, close the door of what is not convenient for me and open the door to my happiness. Ashe to Iban Eshu.

If Elegua is pleased by the attention received, the prosperity and improvement will be remarkable. You can accompany these Prayers with an Offering or Adimu, we recommend that you place three fried fish n Butter of corojo and Honey.

Prayer to open the elegua roads

Prayer to Elegua for Love:

The sign of Ifa Iroso Di says: In the kingdom of love some love and others are loved; happiness is being able to be both. Love is one of the strangest feelings that human beings have, at the moment it makes us happy and for others it can sink us into total sadness, many people face feelings of loneliness or continuous instability in their love relationships.

There are Prayers with which we ask Elewa to help us find love, or stability with the partner we have, we approach this Orisha recognizing that we do not want to be alone.

This Prayer is focused on finding a partner:

Great orisha Elegua

you want worthy of admiration

You, whom the other Orishas look at with admiration.

Here I am your Omo (Full name)

I am your faithful believer

I, without your asking, I always attend you and greet you

I, I pose before your presence asking you to put in my path a person with whom to share my life.

I ask you to help me find love.

I ask you to bless me to be able to form my Ile (Home).

With this prayer I manifest my faith in you and I know that soon what I ask will come.


prayer to elegua for love

Prayer or prayer to dominate with elegua:

For love there are different Prayers and prayers with different purposes, there are those who ask to be able to find love, but there are also those who for some reason want to dominate that person they love, in that case we can ask Elegua to give us the blessing for that tie , control or loving dominion for that man or woman that we have not managed to conquer.

This Prayer to Elegua must be prayed with an Oñi (honey) on hand:

Eshu, Elegua, Elebara, Barakinqueño, by all your names I invoke you.

You who are the true owner of honey and its powers.

I come to you by rendering moforibale.

Offering you these candles, tobacco, Corojo and Honey.

For you to help me control, dominate, own.

Flesh, bone, thought and five senses.

Of the person who is named (name of the person we want to dominate).

That I have no eyes, ears, mouth for anyone but me.

May his thoughts and dreams only be me.

That only I can dominate it.

While reciting this Prayer to Elegua, the honey should be dripped on top of the Orisha. Then they proceed to smoke a tobacco that is entrusted to the thoughts of the desired person.

When going to pray to any Orisha, especially Elegua, it is important to be clean, women should not be menstruating, you should go in a calm, totally serene way and with great faith.

I hope your prayers and requests are heard. Ashe to Iba Eshu.

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