Prayers to Obatala for health, prosperity, love and more

Prayers to Obatala

The prayers offered to the Orishas are fundamental in the practice of the rule of Osha and Ifa, through the prayers the presence of the Deities is requested and it is guaranteed that the sacrifices are received and the requests heard. Obatalá, because he is an Orisha representative of fatherhood, peace and serenity, usually comes quickly to the call of his followers, so the use of his prayers is of great help to invoke him.

Why pray to Obatala?

It is well known that Obatala He is a very benevolent, wise and humble Orisha. These virtues are the main reasons why we invoke his help, since he has a great disposition to guide and protect us in the journey of the earthly path.

What is asked of Obatalá through the prayers?

Short prayer to Obatala

Prayers are used to communicate or attract the energy of the Orishas. We can use them to request their help in certain circumstances or we can also use them to praise or thank the Orishas for the blessings we have received due to their intervention. In the same way, these prayers can be a guide to appropriately request the help of the Orishas according to their attributions or powers. We can ask Obatala for his support in the following matters:

  • Being considered the judge of the causes in the Yoruba pantheon, we can ask for your help in matters in which injustices are suffered.
  • It intervenes efficiently in the face of health problems.
  • Due to his power over thoughts and dreams, we can ask him through prayers to help us to have calm, peace, patience, tranquility and mental health.
  • You can pray to her for help in conceiving children. Infertile women or women with problems during pregnancy ask you to participate in a positive way in the gestation and formation of the embryo in the womb.
  • He is prayed for his energy to emanate in our lives his wisdom, stability, attract good interpersonal relationships, true love, or good negotiations.
  • It is also invoked to protect ourselves from enemies, when we are victims of witchcraft and sorcery, especially of paleros or mayomberos.

How to pray to him?

Obatala is a "major" Deity of the Yoruba pantheon, which is why he is identified as a symbol of fatherhood, which gives him a special hierarchy and considerable respect. It is precisely in this way that Obatala should be prayed, with a lot of respect, love and above all with a lot of faith. Regardless of the prayer that is used or the language in which it is performed, the Orisha will always understand what is in our heart and the need with which we make requests, as long as our prayer is sincere and kind, Obatala will always be willing to listen to us.

Short prayer to Obatala

Short prayer to Obatala

«With the blessing of Olofin, Olorun and Oloddumare, with the blessing of my father Obatala, whom I invoke today to help me. You, Obatala, mighty King of Ejigbo, silent in judgment, calm judge, I ask you today to free me from all osogbos and bring all the ire into my life so that health, happiness and prosperity may abound in me. Ashé to iban eshu ».

Long prayer to Obatala

«I greet the King who owns the brilliant white cloth, the one whose days turn into a party.

My father Obatala, you are the sole owner of the chain in the courts.

He always stands behind and stands behind people who speak the truth.

Come to my aid just as you protect the disabled.

Obatala, blessed warrior of Osagiyan, bearer of shining white hair and elegant beard, accompany me in all my struggles and save me from betrayals.

Just as you woke up to create two hundred customs that served to civilize, likewise, organize the steps of my path to be able to achieve the correct habits that will lead me to fulfill my destiny.

Praised King of Ifon, may your mercy forgive all my mistakes and allow me to reconsider based on the progress of my life and my soul.

Cover me with your white cloak, Oshanla grant me a white cloth of my own.

Spirit that only does white things, enlightens my mind, my thoughts, my heart and my spirituality to be able to reach the success of my purposes, high as a barn, high as a hill, where you rest immaculate and peaceful.

King who leans on the white metal staff, may your blessing always reach me wherever I am, today and always. Asé ».

Short sentence in Yoruba language to Obatala

«Jekua Obatala, Obatala biriniwa, aliwalan Yakuto kabo, kabo oke,

dederé laború, dederé laboshishe, to balorí, meridilogún, jekua Baba ».

Long prayer in Yoruba language to Obatala (Oríkì Obàtálá)

«Iba Obatala, Iba Oba Igbo, Iba Oba, N'le ifon, O fi koko ala rumo.

Òrìsà ni ma sin. Òrìsà ni ma sin. Òrìsà ni ma sin.

Obatala or his n'un àlà. Obatala or ji n'un àlà. Obatala or tinu ala dide.

A-di-ni boitti, Mo juba.

Iba Orisala osere igbo, iku ike gold.

Ababa je'gbin, a s'omo nike agbara, a wuwo bi erin, Oba pata - pata ti nba won gb 'ode iranje. Roast ».


Praise Obatala, praise the King of the sacred grove, praise the King of heaven, I salute the owner of the White cloth.

It is the owner of the white light that I serve. It is Orisa that I serve. It is the owner of the white light that I serve.

Obatala sleeps in white. Obatalá wakes up blank. Obatalá is on target.

He is the one who creates according to his will, I give him my respect.

Respect for the Spirit of white light, the messenger who brings goodness to the forest, and his power surpasses death.

Immortal father who eats snails, the son of the oldest, the one who brought the mystery of the mystical vision, head of all things that exist in the world. Asé.

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Prayer to Obatala for love

Prayer to Obatala for love

For being an Orisha representative of brotherly, family and above all paternal love, Obatala is a Deity who perfectly understands the importance and value of love. In case we need your help in this regard, we can use the following sentence:

«O my father Obatala, King without any stain, with your flawless white cloth.

Father among parents, guide through darkness, today I invoke you on earth even knowing that your home is heaven and your glory is hope.

My heart, my love and my faith I put them first on you. Asking for your charity in what ails me and worries me today, but I am not afraid, because I know that by leaving my needs in your hands my concerns will be satisfied and my hopes compensated.

I require peace in my life, beloved father, that which flows from your being and in which I trust, because I have to receive your blessing in my life, in my home and in my sentimental world.

You know well what true, pure and sincere love is, and that, my father, is what I require today. At your feet I entrust my supplication, hoping that the infinite patience that characterizes you covers me so that I can hope that you bring into my life a love that strengthens me, the appropriate company for a good life and the correct wisdom to maintain a good relationship full of happiness. (make your request).

Those who have a partner can add: And if the person who accompanies me is the correct one for my evolution, stability and firmness, bless that union, holy father, take care of me and (name of the loved one) night and day. Enlighten us with your white light to enjoy a good relationship, fill it with excellent communication, understanding and love. That only you can act and intervene among us for the good of all. Asé ».

Prayer to Obatala for health

Prayer to Obatala for health

«Father of mercy, blessed Obatala, today I implore you. Only you, leader of all goodness, of purity, the one who brings infinite tranquility with the snail. I implore, surrendered to your feet, the healing and health of this being that suffers (name of the sick person), that his illness find a cure regardless of the nature of its origin, natural or false, brings here the spirituality of healing, already his mind will have the strength to face the recovery process that from now on will be much more bearable because it will run through your hand and you are always a merciful and pious father.

Father Obatalá, I also ask you for myself, for my family, my friends and benefactors, for everyone who struggles to get out of bed, who suffers from illness and does not lose hope of healing. Protect us, and do not abandon us, I trust you today and always. Asé ».

Obatala's prayer for prosperity

«Mighty well-dressed King, Baba Obatala, today I greet you and put my prayers at your feet. I have the absolute certainty that I came to this world to succeed, therefore, it is necessary for my mind to stay fresh in order to make the correct decisions that will lead me to prosperity.

That is why eternal father, that today I ask you that just as you live in the brightness of all the stars that you have created, you live in my thought, in my actions and in my existence, so that my paths are illuminated, my businesses accepted, my purchased merchandise, my multiplied investments, my paid work and effort (make your request).

May I never lack your intervention, as well as, never lack bread on my table. I also ask you for those who suffer and lack, that they find your hand on their way through the miracles in which you work, that they satisfy their hunger and that their life may prosper.

I remain in peace and rest because I am sure that my prayer has been heard and will soon be materialized, that your blessing always keep me. Ashe to iban eshu ».

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Prayer to Obatala to open the roads

«Old father, old king Obatala, you who know all the history of the world. You were a witness and a participant in his creation. You know all the passages, all the virtues and all the defects that are found in the beings that inhabit this earthly plane and those that inhabit the spiritual plane.

You, King of the white robe, whose purity is such that no Deity can influence your great wisdom by command of God, you know even our deepest thoughts, you embrace us all with patience and love.

Today I beg your company along the paths of life that for the moment have been darkened, and are closed. These roads do not belong to me today. That is why I implore your intervention so that with your white ray you illuminate my steps and destroy all setbacks, natural or sent disorders, and everything that I cannot free myself from. Save me from despair caused by uncertainty. Take me along paths where I can find my evolution and prosperity (make your request). I ask for your blessing and I honor you Orisha with the white beard, I trust you today and always. Asé ».

Prayer for health and protection

«Father Obatala, king who shines above all that exists, I come to you to implore your help, your guidance and protection. Just as your mantle has covered you for incalculable times, it covers my body so that health reaches me, and when it arrives it will be maintained, renewing my strength to continue until I reach my goals. Cover my existence with tranquility, even in moments of difficulty, may your calm always keep me in order to understand the reason for so many things, accept, let go and overcome. You are my light, you are my peace, your blessing always accompanies me. Asé ».

Prayer of the sons of Obatala

Prayer of the sons of Obatala

«The Great Orisha is my father,

the king is great, that's Obatala.

I am the son of the King of purity, his blessing is with me,

I am the son of the lord of the white robes, his light never forsakes me,

I am the son of the lord of visions, he always keeps my mind fresh.

To you great Orisha today and every day I pay homage, I thank your guidance and accept your company.

I have come to the world to fulfill what was agreed upon in heaven,

and you will be my companion until the end of my days.

Give me your blessing, I will worship you forever. Asé ».

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