Children of Oshun: What are they like? Description and Features

Children of Oshun

Oshun It is one of the deities belonging to the Yoruba religion. She is the goddess of sweet waters and love. Her influence is present in various aspects of human life, but she manifests itself most strongly on her children, with whom she develops a unique and special relationship. That is why practitioners of the Osha rule (Santería) often wonder What are the children of Oshun like?? And what does it mean to be protected by this Orisha?

First of all, let us remember that Oshun is a loving and protective mother because she is the personification of love in all its forms, in addition, she is a wise counselor who guides and cares for the well-being of her children in the important matters of life. As a mother she is very overprotective, but quite severe when she feels that she has been offended in some way, making her an extremely delicate deity.

«One of the most dangerous Orishas when she is made to dislike is the goddess Oshún. Although she is the goddess of love and she ordinarily has a very sweet and friendly disposition, when she is offended she is merciless and spiteful.

(González, Migene. Santería in Latin America. 2000 p. 62).

Personality and Characteristics of the Children of Oshun

As for the the influence that Oshun has on his children, we can identify certain common traits that are inspired by the Orisha. They tend to be highly creative people with great artistic talent. They enjoy expressing themselves through dance, music, painting and any art form that can express beauty and charm. Also, they can dedicate themselves to jobs that help highlight aesthetic qualities, being excellent makeup artists, stylists, image consultants, barbers, masseuses, models, designers, among others.

They are good diplomats and very charismatic. The children of this Oshun can become excellent communicators, they have a natural charisma that helps them resolve conflicts, relate very well with others and attract people to them, even becoming the center of attention. But, this ability also requires care, because when they are in bad shape they can become charlatans, entanglers, and in the worst case scenario, scammers.

Regarding his temperamentThey are usually optimistic and happy. In fact, joy is one of the most special virtues of Oshun, pleasant feelings, union and evolution, are some of the energies in which it manifests itself, therefore, when her children vibrate in balance with her, they tend to become very positive people who emanate joy and satisfaction, because they see life with enthusiasm and have a good attitude towards challenges.

Also, they are highly empathetic and compassionate people, because they develop a special sensitivity for human emotions, they can deeply perceive and understand what others feel, which is why they become reliable and loyal counselors who are willing to help those who see them. surround. They value friendship, coming to deeply love their friends as if they were their own family.

At a material level, Oshun's children are lovers of luxury and comfort. They appreciate beauty in all its forms, therefore, they often surround themselves with beautiful objects and enjoy the pleasures of life, especially luxury. Luckily, the influence of the Orisha makes them achieve their goals no matter what, which is why they are usually very lucky and prosperous.

Therefore, they are very flirtatious and flirtatious. They tend to take great care in their personal grooming, rarely looking disheveled. In reality, they enjoy the attention they receive, even being called conceited and vain. However, this attitude is something that happens naturally to them because they like to take care of their appearance and dress in a flashy or elegant way.

In relation to the spiritual worldThey are very dedicated and loyal devotees. Just as Oshun deeply loves her children, they also love her. They become unwavering followers of her spiritual mother and actively participate in the ceremonies and rituals dedicated to her. They maintain an active and deep spiritual connection, and can act as intermediaries between Ochun and the underworld.

In addition, they have a deep connection with nature and rivers. They enjoy being close to water and the environment in general. It is recommended that they should be very respectful when visiting their home, and above all they should refrain from desecrating their rivers, either by having relations in them or polluting them in any way.

Children of Oshun in love

Children of Oshun in love

The children of this Orisha are very romantic, faithful representatives of the essence of the goddess of love. As a couple they are usually very tender, intense and dedicated. They value fidelity and stability in their relationships and are willing to commit completely to their partners.

Their children They have a natural shine inherited from their guardian angel that makes them stand out in any environment. They have an innate beauty that manifests itself in many ways, and they are usually very aware of it, which is why they tend to be very passionate and sensual. They enjoy their charms and dedicate themselves with great passion to their relationships.

Although, it is believed that they tend to be a little unhappy in love and disappointments can lead them to develop attitudes of promiscuity and sentimental instability. However, Oshun does not like his children to suffer for love, and severely punishes the offenses committed against his protected ones, especially when his daughters suffer abuse from men, to whom the Orisha grants punishments. relentless.

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What are Oshun's daughters like?

Daughters of Oshun

The first trait that stands out in the personality of Oshun's daughters is their charm and charisma. They are endowed with remarkable physical beauty and innate grace. They usually embody the essence and qualities of this divinity in a unique way, to the point that, in general, they are recognized at first glance as daughters of this Orisha.

This happens because it is believed that Oshun reflects on them, filling them with a magnetic appeal that attracts those around them. This trait allows them to radiate remarkable confidence and joy, developing a natural friendliness and charm that lights up wherever they are.

For Oshun's daughters, love is one of their priorities. They are extremely loving and compassionate, they give themselves completely to whoever manages to conquer their heart and they offer their help and support generously. They seek deep and meaningful relationships and when reciprocated they can be loyal and committed to their loved ones. They are very sensual and express their love freely while being very affectionate.

They are insightful women, with a highly developed sixth sense. on a spiritual level They are usually very alert and perceptive; and on an earthly level they enjoy creative thinking that makes them deeply passionate about the things they like. Their enthusiasm for life and their ability to enjoy sensory pleasures are very high. Their joy is contagious because they have a special ability to find beauty in small things, which is why they are pleasant people that everyone wants to have around.

Names of saint for the children of Oshun

After the consecration of Kariosha, the newly consecrated receive a new name that is indicated by their guardian angel. In the case of the children of Oshun, their ritual names usually highlight the virtues of the Orisha and are related to the river, the beauty, the wealth and the charms of the Iyalodde as we can see below:

  • Agadaniye: The brilliance of the Oshun gemstone.
  • Ocandeniye: The heart of Ochun's fortune.
  • Alamiyeye: Oshun's oars.
  • Aporoye: Oshun's youngest daughter.
  • Agbebe Osun: Oshun's fan.
  • Ocanyodde: The heart of the queen mother.
  • Ayaba owo: The queen of money.
  • Agueni Osun: The peacock of Ochun.
  • Arima Osun: The beauty.
  • Oloshunde: The Coronation of Oshun.
  • Ayaba Ibu: The queen of the river.
  • Ibu Ayaba Aña: The queen of the river drum.
  • Ayaba ocanoñi: The queen of the sweet heart.

Finally, let us not forget that, just as Oshun is a deity who loves deeply, he can also hate in the same way, it is even said that when he gets upset he never forgives, therefore, it is very important that his initiates respect the verbatim their taboos.

If you are a child of Oshun remember that: You cannot eat pumpkin or pumpkin, women cannot manipulate their foundation when they are menstruating and men cannot raise their hands to any woman, especially their daughters because they would unleash all their anger. Furthermore, Adrián de Sousa (2005), in his book The Orishas in Africa, points out among other of its taboos that:

«Ochún abhors the slug or snail of land, river and sea, melon, guinea corn, millet beer, duck, oil from the kernels of palm nuts, fried corn and the manipulation of their attributes by women when they go through the menstrual period. (p. 213)».

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