Ayao: Oya's younger sister


Ayao is considered a minor Orisha within the Yoruba pantheon. She keeps a close relationship with the forces of nature and the secrets of sorcery. She is recognized for being the younger sister of the deity Oya, her bond is so important that this powerful spirituality is a fundamental deity for the children of that Orisha.

Who is Aya?

She is a female Orisha. She goddess of virginity, therefore she is pure and chaste. Raised by Orun and Yana. She is Oya's younger sister. She is said to be very small, so much so that she lives among the roots of the Ceiba. It is estimated that her worship has a certain Arab influence, for which she is also recognized as an Orisha of the desert.

It also belongs to the heights. In fact, the story tells that Ayaó, due to his purity, went up to heaven and gave the ceremonial table to Odduduwa, which gives her the honor of getting on his table.

Ayaó is the guardian of the Eggun zaraza (entertainment prepared on a throne with a large number of traditional dishes, drinks, flowers, and candles in the name of Oya and the dead). As for her relationship with nature, Ayaó works with the air, and she is present in the small whirlpool and in the eye of the storm.

She is a fierce protector of girls and maidens. In addition, she is a virtuous sorceress, knowledgeable in the secrets of witchcraft, an excellent companion for spiritualists and mediums. She works with Osayin, especially Oronikuin (who is a female Osayin).

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This Orisha likes to live in the highest places of Iroko (the ceiba tree). She does not agree to go down to the ground under any circumstances, not even touch it. That is why her ceremonies are performed on top of a table.

Ayao sits in the highest part of the Ceiba to observe everything that happens in the earthly and spiritual world, it is from there that she cares for and protects the spirits and thus helps them to pass through the spiritual portals and manage to live in the kingdom of Olofi. That is why, when an initiate of Oyá is performing the ceremonies prior to his consecration as a kariosha, the spirits they collect are cared for and guarded by Ayao.

Ayao tureen

Its receptacle is a wine-colored tureen or bowl that hangs from chains that are fixed to the ceiling.


Among its attributes is placed: 2 large cowries snails, but of the Carmelites (macro type) that carry a special secret cargo. In addition, it uses an arrow with a crossed snake and a pen made of copper.

Their colors

Its colors are brown, yellow, pink and mother-of-pearl. Their fabrics are usually flowery with the presence of these colors.

ayao's necklace

Its necklace is made with colored beads: matipó, yellow, mother-of-pearl, pink and jet, with interspersed Oya beads.


Ayao mi mud ee.

Ayao mi mud ewe.

Ayao milodo.


Share the herbs with Oya, among them: ceiba, ax head, star apple, star apple, fruit bomb (male), guara, pomegranate, granny, stick and leaves, cordovan, custard apple, avocado, caleta grape, acacia, framboyán, all crotos, malva mondonguera, gummy grape, thousand flowers, atori, peregún, marpacifico, itamorreal, carob tree, cockroach, fennel, yaya.

What is required of Ayao?

The Orisha Ayao is asked in the following circumstances:

  • To propitiate or break spells of witchcraft, spiritism and black magic.
  • He is entrusted with the protection of girls and young ladies.
  • You are asked for the protection and progress of our eggun or spirit guides.
  • His intervention is invoked to improve the development of mediumship.
  • Your help is requested to improve our economic situation and to prosper.

How is it received?

Ayao is not a settled Orisha, therefore, she cannot be crowned through a kariosha ceremony. His sons must crown Oya. On the other hand, the children of Oya must also receive this Orisha, which is very opportune for her energy. Its ceremonial is very simple, like the rest of the Orishas, ​​it lasts three days; the first is the consecration; the second day is rest; and on the third day the Orisha is delivered into the hands of the initiate. He doesn't go to ita imale.  

How is Ayao cared for?

Ayao eats next to Oyá, but it can never be placed directly on the floor, to offer sacrifices or attention it must be placed on a table, which is adorned with flowery fabrics. In addition, the place where you are going to be treated must be very clean, previously perfumed through the use of perfumes, colognes and strong incense. Their altars are filled with many traditional Afro-Cuban dishes, especially those that Oya and Shango like; Many flowers, fruits and different drinks are placed on it.

That eats?

The same animals are sacrificed to him as to Oyá. Eat chickens and guineas.

Benefits of receiving Ayao

Ayao is an Orisha that is received to get rid of spiritual wars and to be able to defend oneself in a timely and effective manner from enemies. Oya's children are the Olorishas who commonly receive this foundation, since it helps to balance their energy. However, she can also be received by the rest of the iworos, with the exception of Yemaya's children. Among its benefits, it also stands out that it is highly effective for channeling and spiritual balance of the initiate, favors spiritual development and clairvoyance.

Ayao and Oya

Ayao and Oya

Ayao besides being Oya's sister, has a particular relationship with that Orisha. It is believed that Ayao is the one who carries the messages to Ikú (spirituality of death) and Oya.

On the other hand, it is said that Ayaó is in charge of taking Oya's notes, accompanies her at the cemetery gate, attends to the 9 Egguns who guard her and who are related to the 9 places where the previous ceremonies are carried out. of their consecrations.

Ayao is an Orisha capable of propitiating very strong and effective spells regardless of their nature, she responds with terrible consequences without any kind of discrimination; On the contrary, when we invoke Oya who represents breathing, good spirituality and life, it should be done to request her help if we really need to resolve conflicts in an effective but balanced way. In fact, it is estimated that on some occasions Oya uses her relationship with Ayao to request her intervention to free certain spirits and put an end to the fights.

It is very important for the children of Oya to receive the foundation of Ayao, as it stimulates the balance of Oya's energy, promoting greater calm in their lives and in their spirituality.

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Work with Ayao to resolve conflicts

The space is prepared with a lot of incense. Ayao is placed on a table with a new flower tablecloth. Its foundation is placed in the middle of the table surrounded by many colored flowers and nine lighted candles. He is given knowledge of the situation that he wishes to solve and it is agreed with the Orisha that as soon as the victory is obtained, he will be fed a guinea fowl in gratitude.

Story or Pataki: Ayao and Obon saved the Takua land from Oya.

It happened that in the Takua land, where Oya (Yanzan) reigned, there was a great conspiracy prepared by the locals who wanted to do many evil things, and Oya did not allow it. She, aware of everything they were plotting thanks to Eshu, she immediately went to Orunmila's house, who made divination for her. Ifa looked at her through the Odu Osá Kana, for which Orunmila marked her corresponding ebbo.

Oya diligently gave the 3 geese to Eshu as instructed and hid all the other ebbo waxes in the palace; when all the citizens came to claim Oya, she threatened them with the chain and began to kill them with the whip and the knife she had hidden, so much was the punishment that Obon, who was Orisha of that city, went to see Oya together with Ayao and begged her to have mercy on the people. She is moved by her sister Ayao's singing and Obon's pleas, she forgave all her children, making peace reign again in the Takua land.

What are Ayao's children like?

Ayao's children are usually people with a rather complex character, often moody, just like the Orisha. However, they know how to hide that particular characteristic with great cunning, because they enjoy a particular intelligence, thanks to which they are perceived as calm and calm individuals, but, in reality, they are that reckless character who manages to provoke uncomfortable situations. They do not like to be stagnant and abhor everything that is immobile. They are lovers of changes no matter what is necessary to do to achieve them, so they are not worried about creating conflicts and differences in order to achieve their goals. They are usually people who move from one place to another, frequent travelers. They usually reach high management positions in non-governmental companies, they can be revolutionaries, soldiers, or volunteers.

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