In the Sign Baba Eyiogbe Obatala I condemn the Rooster

In the land of Adie Miyeren that was governed by Obatalá it was strictly forbidden to kill mice and they lived in a cave that was a sanctuary and whoever killed them paid with his life by decree of the orisha obatala.

In this land lived the rooster that was an important man and had a lot of prestige among the

men of that land and Obatala highly esteemed him. The rooster was always in the house of Orúnmila, who in that land was called Awó Orun and when one day Orúnmila made the rooster bear for the first time he saw the Ifa Baba Eyiogbe sign and he said: You have three things that you must take care of so as not to lose yourself, which are:

  • The ostentation and the cult of personality.
  • Women.
  • The money.

Patakie: Obatala condemned the rooster to be hanged at Oddun Baba Ejiogbe

In that land the Ibejis lived and played near the mouse cave and accidentally killed some small mice, then they were horrified and ran away, they were crying because they knew that it was going to cost them their lives and in that they found the rooster that when he saw them crying, he asked them what had happened to them and they told him everything that had happened in tears.

The rooster told them not to worry, when they discover themselves I will tell them that it was I who killed them unintentionally and since I have so many influences in front of Obatalá, nothing will happen to me and he will forgive me and thus you will be free of guilt.

When Obatala found out what had happened and that the rooster said it was him, he said:

The rooster is my friend, but he has broken my law therefore he has to pay his guilt. The rooster has to die.

They caught the rooster and condemned it to die, because that land was the gallows in a bush in Aragba that was on the outskirts of the town.

The rooster had disobeyed the first thing Orunmila had warned him about. On the day of the execution the whole town was gathered around Aragba, when they brought the rooster he looked at Obatalá and Orula and began to cry and with his tears a spring formed that wet the feet of all those who were there, then they killed, hanged the rooster.

Orúnmila, told all the Oshas present that they knew of the innocence of the rooster, from now on everyone who is going to die for you has to wash their feet in remembrance of the rooster, Orúnmila took that water and prayed:

"Abelle belle Adie Niyero, That Wemo Omí ye Sokun Akukó"

Osanyin and Egun were not present and remained except from Orúnmila's predictions.

Since then it was born that, to kill rooster, hen, banana, pigeon, quail, etc. Either for Osha or for Orúnmila, you have to wash their legs with prayers to erase the guilt and that everything is fresh.

Note: Animals are not washed for Egun and Osanyin.

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