Otura Niko the foreman of the dead.

patakie otura niko

In this story, in the land of Yewe Inle, there was a time when there was a terrible drought, everything was a great disaster, it was when the main kings met with the Obá Ikú, Ifá, Elegua, and Iroko to deliberate in an assembly . The result of this assembly was that everyone should do EBO.

The last three, as they had no money for the Ebó, decided to ask Oba Ikú for twenty-four pesos, he accepted, but on the condition that it be returned to him in three days, they formally promised to do so.

When the three days passed. Obá Ikú went to Elegba's house to collect, finding him sitting in the doorway of the house, he refused to pay. Obá Ikú hit him with a cane and killed him, he made a crab earth hill (Ilekan) and buried him there, together with his Ifá hand, he sacrificed a rooster to him, and said: From today, you will be The Orisha Elegua.

Obá Ikú continued to Iroko's house and found him in the heart of the mountain and asked him for the money and he refused it and then Obá Ikú took his cane and killed him, throwing two majá that Iroko had in his room, two white jars , a white cock killed him and sang to him: «IROKO DILOYU, IROKO DILOYU, BABA IKU EGUN LAYE, IROKO DILOYU».

And he said to Iroko: You will be Orisha, everyone will adore you. And at that moment a sacred tree rose, which is the Iroko.

Obá Ikú sent an envoy by ORUNMILA and he had made divination and the Odu Otura Niko, where he made EBO, feeding his ancestors along with the land and his Ifá, he prepared a large ajiaco casserole.

Otura Niko becomes a child

When Obá Ikú arrived, ORUNMILA invited him to eat, when they finished Obá Ikú thought: I killed Elegba and Iroko, I must also finish ORUNMILA. Obá Ikú raised his scythe to land a blow at ORUNMILA, he got out of Obá Ikú's blow, then he persecuted him tenaciously, where ORUNMILA becomes sarayeye (Cleaning) with a dead scare and in that he reached the river.

From the shock, ORUNMILA threw himself into a swim, but Obá Ikú absorbed the river and ORUNMILA escaped.

Then Obá Ikú, disheartened, walks away leaving ORUNMILA the winner.

The river continued its normal course, where ORUNMILA comes out of the water singing:


Then Orula turns into a child, to avoid being recognized and starts to cry. He stays at the foot of a laurel bush, which had a lot of curujey on it and continues crying. At that moment he meets two women who were passing through, they prepared a jar and opened one for him, they filled it and some plants with leaves and placed the child (Orunmila) inside and took him to Olodumare's house. One of them gave him to suck at her breast. This was called Aiyé.

When they arrived at OLOFIN's house, the boy, to the surprise, talks to OLOFIN and tells him that he wants Aiyé to take him home, she rejects this, but since it was a direct order from Olodumare, Aiyé accepted and took him away. . She prepared a mat next to hers.

When night comes, Orunmila returns to his normal state and tells him: I am Otura Niko and now I am your husband, with these transformations I defeated Obá Ikú, because I am the EGUN foreman, but never reveal this secret to anyone.

The woman got engaged and they lived happily, where the fame of OTURA NIKO began to spread throughout that land.

Orunmila makes a pact with Shango

After some time, he comes to visit OTURA NIKO, EGUN, SHANGO and OSHUMARE.

To receive it with dignity, he tells his wife Aiyé to cook great delicacies.

She answers him in front of SHANGO: I don't have time, where OTURA NIKO threatens her and she mocks him and insults him, saying: You are very great because you are the EGUN foreman and capable of transforming you. At once, OTURA NIKO grabbed her Irofa and ran after her, which was where OLOFIN was.

Before arriving, OTURA NIKO hit her with a blow from his Irofá and killed her. Then he said: I killed you for having violated your oath. At the time, he made a pact with SHANGO, also giving her his secret and OTURA NIKO's ashé.

He took Aiyé and buried her. Then he put his Ifá next to the grave and gave 2 black hens to the spirit of Aiyé with his Ifá and put the hens with Ekó to EGUN. They took down the tñosas and ate them, making him know the power of EGUN that he had.

Prayer of Otura niko, Otura Ogbe

Otura niko adifafun iku alashona oumbo wa ni eshu ishonshon oba lele iroko oba lele orunmila ore lawa oba iku yen ore amaiyekun belele iya lele lokua ariku omi orunmila oun headquarters otura niko umbo atefa ni egun agboran iku agweran inle odoofin yeunoko iku agweranika odoofin yeunoko irunika according to gbogbo iya kalalu elebo owunko elebo moyeni iku orunmila akue ye akualosiña iya laye oba iku.

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