Ika Iwori (Ika Fefe)

ika iwori

What is born in the odu of Ifa Ika Iwori?

  • The Bat Radar.
  • Let Igba-Odu (Olofin) bear the head of an Elephant.
  • Orientation through radar.
  • Elegba was crippled by prostration of the feet.
  • The person can die abandoned by his family.
  • You have to beg your head with a big fish.
  • There is a garment that is tied with a chain.

What is the Ika Iwori sign talking about?

  • This is the quail and the quarreling marriage.
  • Speak Abikú
  • This is Eshu Manibo.
  • Osanyin must be activated.
  • When the person solves their problems, they no longer return to the Awó's house.
  • Talk about spousal cheating.
  • You can't do favors.
  • No one can be accommodated in the house.
  • The grass of this Odu is Ikami (it is a vine)
  • Beware of burns to your hands.
  • Everything that a person does with his hands he thwarts with his feet.

The sign Ika Fefe points out:

  • To achieve your goal, you must be persistent.
  • Here: For this Odu you can not ingest alcoholic beverages.
  • You have to try to have your own home
  • Predict a cursed Odu.
  • The wrongdoing of others is paid.
  • The quail knew so much, slept on the ground.
  • Talk about reinforcing an Inshé-Osanyin.
  • The diseases are: Stomach problems; ulcers, gastritis, spasms, circulatory problems, vision problems, fire burns.

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Recommendations of the Ika Iwori sign:

This Odu "Ika Fefe" speaks of the fact that the person must be more intelligent in their daily conduct and not be like the quail, which, for so long as it knew, slept on the floor. It also talks about the marital problem and the infidelity of both spouses.

It is an Ifá of Abikú. Kaferefun OSHUN.

Oshún is given two quails, which are burned and made into dust and blended with curse-removing grass powder, Iroko, buttercup, ram bone powder, a guinea pepper, obi, kolá. The green herbs are juiced and blended with the other ingredients and for seven days seven stripes are made in the key points of the Abikú child's body.

For Ika iwori, Ebo is made with the animal you pick up, a pumpkin, which is drilled in the crown and a slug is thrown into it.

Here the bat radar was born. The person has a thing that goes away and comes back.

The herb of this Odu is the vine called Ikamí.

In this ifa sign "Ika Iwori" was born that Olofin wears the head of an Elephant in his secret.

This Ifá predicts that the person should pray for his head with a large fish, with the tail in his mouth and two coconuts. The fish must be a large snapper.

Here the person is cleaned in the cemetery with a bouquet of flowers, invoking all the Eguns and then placed in a poor grave.

Here is a garment that is tied with a chain.

To remove everything bad from this Odu: The house is sarayeye done with a rooster, it is made Ebo. The rooster is thrown in three ways. A glass of water with seven red flowers is also placed in front of the entrance of the door of the house.

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Ika Iwori:

  • What you do with your hands you undo with your feet.
  • There is something covered that can be discovered.

Ifa Code of Ethics of the odu Ika Fefe:

  •  The Awó takes care of his hands because they are his I will.

Says Ifa Ika Iwori:

That everything you have done with your hands you have ruined with your feet. He has done favors and they have not thanked him.- You have two women, and you have found one of them talking to another man; You have to want to fight and you will lose.- You were waiting for a woman in the corners, that woman hid, she did not go to the place.- You have a lot of luck, but you will have to do ebo so that you can acquire that luck and I know free from disease or treason and from his enemies. If you do not do ebo you will be in a very great misery.- You have to beg your head with a big snapper, with the tail in your mouth and two coconuts.- You suffer from the belly.- Remember what you dreamed days ago with Oshún.- Be careful with something that you have covered, do not discover it.- The money you have is not enough to pay attention to it.- Be careful with burns on your hands.- Look to see what the Angel of your guardian or Yemayá.- You are unfaithful to a woman and she to you and they will all meet in a place and you will lose. You have to be careful with your legs and the circulatory system.- You have an Inshé-Osanyin that you have to activate. You have to attend to the family Eguns

Prayer of the Odu Baba Ika Iwori:


Suyere Oddún Ika Fefe:


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Ebbo of the Odu Ika Fefe Ifa:

To remove the bad:

The house is cleaned (sarayeye) with a rooster, brandy and tobacco smoke, invoking Orun. The rooster bounces in the 4 corners. Then a glass of water and flowers is placed in front of the entrance of the house.

Ika fefe's work to ward off enemies.

Take a stone, wrap it in a paper with the names of the enemies, chalk it in black and white thread, waxed well. A bat is caught, it is opened by the chest and the prepared small stone is introduced together with pins and ground glass and it begins to eat jicotea with Osanyin. He wonders how many days in front of Osanyin and where he is leading.

Tips from the oddun of Ifa Ika Iwori:

Here the mancaperro when he goes to die gets sick in the belly and inside his guts break and with pain he leaves the mountain towards the middle of the road and dies in it, abandoned and without recourse and without anyone being able to help him, match in round rings. When people see him he is already dead. This Odu predicts for the person, what Ebó must do so that what happens to the mancaperro does not happen to him and he is free to die alone and abandoned by his family.

By Ika Iwori Elegba was crippled by prostration of the feet. You have to activate an Inshé-Osanyin or an Osanyin.

For this Ifá, when the person begins to solve their problems, they no longer return to the Awó's house.

Here Oshún went into the forest and renounced the quail, because it had deceived him.

This is an Ifa of impersonation where one can pay for the misdeeds of another, you have to open your eyes wide and be suspicious. You should not rest on your laurels, as well as do your things and not send anyone to do them, you must take care because they can supplant you.

This Oddun determines that the person cannot pick up anyone or house them at home, because they may lose their position and find themselves on the street as homeless.

Through this Odu, a person destroys everything he has done with his hands with his feet. You can't do favors, they won't thank you. You also have to watch out for hand burns from an accident.

In Ika Iwori you suffer from the stomach, gastritis problems, ulcers and many gases. It should regulate the
feeding as well as meal times.

For this Odu the person has to be careful with something that he does not want to be known and discovered, because it will bring him great problems. You have to see what the Guardian Angel or Yemayá wants with the person.

You are unfaithful to your wife and she to you and they will all meet in a place, if you fight you will lose.

The person for this oddun of Ifa must be persistent in his things to achieve his goals and must always have the motto: "Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today"

For this Ifá the person has a great burden on him and is cursed. All the weight of your home is carried by the person. Here the person runs into many obstacles and no one helps him to solve them, as he is always floating in the air.

For this Ifá you have to take care of a woman in condition, do not have to carry her and take care of your children. It is forbidden to raise other people's children, because they will be your enemies, because they are ungrateful. It is forbidden to give shelter to anyone in your home.

Here for the person to have stability at home, they must do Ebó. The main thing about this Odu is that the person must beg his head with a large snapper.

Pataki of the sign of Ifa Ika Iwori - Ika Fefe: 

Because the bat flies without guidance.

At first on earth, the bat did not have wings and people trampled it, also offended it by saying: - "Look, it's a mouse." Seeing the bat all that was happening to him, he decided to go see Orúnmila for advice.

When he showed up at Orúnmila's house, he made him bear and the Odu Ika-Iwori came out and Orúnmila had him make Ebo with: rooster, 2 pigeons, 2 white sheets and other ingredients.

The bat performed the Ebó and the next day its wings came out. Thinking that with that he had solved his problem, he did not return to Orúnmila's house, and he was left without direction, not knowing how to distinguish things and sleeping during the day hanging by his legs, and what they put in his mouth, the same boot, who eats it or smokes it.

Note: As can be seen, because of this Odu the person may not have stability in life and because he is not religious, he begins to stumble, without having a fixed whereabouts. He also has no direction in life and can fall into many hard facets in the course of his life, because he does not know how to make decisions. When he decides to go to seek the advice of Ifá and begins to solve his problems, he does not return to the religious house that gave him advice.

Ika Fefe Ifa Traditional Nigerian


Ìká fefe làá foye
Ìwòrì fefe làá fogbà
A day fún Oníbàyì dudú
Omo améwúré sorun è ntorí omo
Wón ní kó rbo
Wón gbogbo nnkan è ti ò daa
Wón ní gbogbo è ní ó daaa
Ó rubo tan
Ayé bá ye é
ni n lájé
Ni n laya
Ni n bimo
N ni wa n jó ni wá n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Ìká fefe làá foye
Ìwòrì fefe làá fogbà
A day fún Oníbàyì dudú
Omo améwúré sorun è ntorí omo
Wón ní ó saca káalè ó jàre ebo ní ó se
Oníbàyì didu gbébo nbè
or ruby
riru ebo
Èèrù àtùkèsù
A wáá kóre de tutúru.

Ifá advises this person to make sacrifice. Your life will be better, but you must sacrifice for children.

Ìká fefe làá foye
Ìwòrì fefe làá fogbà
He made divination for Oníbàyì dúdú
The descendant of Améwúré sòrun è ntorí omo
They advised him to make sacrifice
They told him that all the things that had never been right
Everything will get better from now on
He finished the sacrifice
And life pleased him
He was having wealth
He had wives
And children too
He began to dance and rejoice
He was praising his Babaláwos
His Babaláwos were praising Ifá
He said it was exactly what his Babaláwos had said
Ìká fefe làá foye
Ìwòrì fefe làá fogbà
He made divination for Oníbàyì dúdú
The descendant of Améwúré sòrun è ntorí omo
They advised him to take care of the land and offer sacrifice,
Oníbàyì dúdú heard about the sacrifice
And he did it
Offering sacrifices
And giving his part to Èsù
We have brought good fortunes home in droves.

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