Ika Junko (Ika Ojuani)


What is born in the odu of Ifa Ika Junko?

  • Make statues of the martyrs.
  • Fingernails.
  • The Totem Pole and Religious Images.
  • That evil hides in love.
  • The phrase: "Hate is affection"

What is the sign Ika Junko talking about?

  • The weak should not be abused.
  • You have to be careful not to get killed by a blow to the back of the neck.
  • The herbs are: carnation, French rose and bobo wood.
  • Beware of theft.
  • There are big health problems.

The Ika Ojuani sign points out:

  • Giving blood to the head is prohibited.
  • Eating is prohibited: corn and fish.
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages is prohibited.
  • Ogún is given a stripper and Ode ivory.
  • The diseases are: thistle-vascular, celebre thrombosis, vision problem, thyroid, loss of a limb, vocal cords, glandular and pelvic inflammations.
  • Talk about war between two.
  • You have to be careful with your children.

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Recommendations of the Ika Ojuani sign:

The son of this Odu (Ika Junko), even if he is great and powerful, should not abuse the weak and helpless, because one of them can kill him. You can't hurt for fun. You have to be careful that they can hit you on the back of the neck and kill you.

Stealing is prohibited, because they will curse it and the curse will be fulfilled.

The person with the Ika Ojuani odi cannot despair for the money that he comes and goes.

If the person has children; you have to take good care of them and always have a little animal in the house to pick up the bad; when it dies, find another so your enemies can't see what they want.

Because of this sign of Ifa the person had an upset and they threatened him, the cause was because of a woman, do Ebó to get rid of the tragedy.

The person may be presenting a delay in life, as a result of a debt with a dead person (Egun)

Comply with it so you can overtake.

For this oddun, the client will be explained not to teach his profession to his friends, because they will declare war on him and he may lose his job.

The person must receive Eshu and take care of him so that he can free himself from his enemies, who are strong and powerful.

Beware of theft. You should be grateful and heed the advice they give you as well as your health that is not the best, because you can suffer from circulation, digestive system, kidney problems, skin eruptions, thrombosis and heart attacks, brain disease, glandular swelling and pelvics.

The person must be measured so as not to be lacking. Here the person has to do something to Obatalá, he claims it, he has to do Santo to improve his Health.

Ika Ojuani predicts that the person has to be careful about robbing an old man, he curses him and will never raise his head in life. The person cannot be self-sufficient, nor say that he knows more than others, he must improve his character and try to always have a smile on his lips.

By this sign, these three symbols are worshiped: Totem, Statues and Religious Images. The person under this oddun will not have marital stability, a product of their character, they will also suffer from situations with their children regarding their stability. They must be doing Ebo to their tutelary Angel, so that it guides them in their life, since everything that appears negative to them is produced by their own head.

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Ika Ojuani:

  • Hate is darling.
  • The luck that you expect is your misfortune.
  • Whoever thinks he is wise, they destroy him.

Ifa Code of Ethics from odu Ika Junko:

Even if you are big, strong and powerful, do not abuse the weakest because one of them will kill you.

Ifa Ika Ojuani says:

That you do not despair for money.- If you have a child, take care of it and always have an animal so that it is the one who does the cleaning, and if the animal dies, buy another, so that Your enemies do not achieve your wishes.-You came here because of an upset that had to be threatened, the cause was a woman, and justice intervened.-Your arrears are the product of a debt that you have with a dead person, comply with him , so that he can advance and be free from so much evil and from his enemies that are very strong.

Be careful with a friend who wants to learn everything you know, to later win the war. -It says here that you will not be able to do Ebo.

You cannot eat corn, nor fish, nor ingest alcoholic beverages. Never say that you know more than anyone. -You cannot hurt by taste. -Be careful not to hit you on the back of the neck. He cannot steal, because they will curse him and the curse will be fulfilled. He has to receive Eshu and take good care of him, so that he eliminates his enemies who are strong. Do something to Obatalá, that he is claiming you. has to do Yoko-Osha (Holy Settlement) for health problems. It cannot be considered stronger than the others.- You have to be careful with the Head's prayer, which will never be with blood.-You have to take care of your brain.

Prayer of the Odu Baba Ika Junko:


Suyere Oddún Ika Ojuani:


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Ebbo of the Odu Ika Junko Ifa:

To defeat enemies:

You will have to attend to Eshu, if you do not have one you have to mount one on the run.

Ebo against death: Chiva, rooster, fresh fish, goat, sweaty clothes, other ingredients, a lot of money.

Ebbó: Gallo, with which the cattle stand out, other ingredients, a lot of money.

For this Odu the head with blood should not be begged.

You must attend to your

Guardian Angel and Eshu-Elegba.

Meaning of the oddun of Ifa Ika Junko:

This Odu speaks of war that has to end for peace to reign.

The sons of Yemajá and Oshún fought behind their mothers' backs. The sons of Yemajá said: That they were better than the sons of Oshún, and the children of Oshún affirmed that they were the best, and thus they lived in war.

By this Odu the client is told that he should not compare whether hers is better or worse than others, nor think that she is better than others, because envy and the desire for superiority are bad things, and it will bring him great wars that will have it without material and spiritual tranquility.

In Ika Junko it is forbidden to eat corn, fish, argue, drink alcoholic beverages.

The person is commanded to get along with people, to make his life easier.

Fingernails and toenails were born.

Ika Ojuani means: "The evil shielded in the affection" They treat it with affection but deep down they despise it.

The phrase was born: "" Hate is affection "

This Odu is an Ifá of thoughtlessness. The head of the son of this Odu is very large.

Here Ogún gets a stripper and Ogún ivory.

For this Ifá you cannot do Head Rogation (Ko-Bori) with any kind of blood, it is strictly forbidden.

For this Ifá, a coconut is painted white and blue and put on Yemajá.

Pataki of the sign of Ifa Ika Junko - Ika Juani:

The Eagle and the Jicotea.

The Eagle was fighting the Jicotea to eat it, but it was so hard that it stung and did not hurt. So harassed was the Eagle to the Jicotea that he went to see Orúnmila, who saw this Odu Ika Ojuani and told him: -You have a great war, and to defeat it you have to do Ebo. La Jicotea did not want to do the Ebo.

One day there was a party and the Eagle deceiving the Jicotea invited her to the party that was on a hill, the Jicotea replied that she could not climb that big hill. Then the Eagle playing his cunning said to him: I will carry you on my wings, the Jicotea hesitated, but in the end the temptation led her to fall into the trap and she accepted the invitation of the Eagle, when they were at the top of the hill, the The Eagle dropped the Jicotea from its wings and fell on some rocky ground and fell apart, taking advantage of the Eagle to eat it.

Ika Junko (Ojuani) Traditional Nigerian Ifa


Akòko ni gbàdàgi
To day fún Aláaka
Ti n how I rèé bÓkè
Wón ní kí Aláaká ó rbo
Akòko ni gbàdàgí niwo Aláaka
Ire omo n be fun o
Sùgbón lésè òkè ni or komoò re lo
Aláaka bá rbo
Ó korí yes it is òkè
Ló bá bèrè sií bímo
Ní bá n yin àwon Akòko ni gbàdàgì
Àwon Akòko ni gbàdàgì in yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babalawo tòún wí
Akòko ni gbàdàgi
To day fún Aláaka
Ti n how I rèé bÓkè
Akòko ni gbàdàgì
Iwo Lawo Aláaka
Aláaká deni àbímo yè nbè
Akòko ni gbàdàgì
Ìwo lawo Alaaka.
Ifá wishes the fortune of children to this person. The children will live. He will not die prematurely or get sick.
Akòko ni gbàdàgi
He made divination for Allah
Who would take their children to meet Òkè
They advised him to make sacrifice
Akòko ni gbàdàgi called her 'You Aláaka'
'There are fortunes of children for you'
'But you must take your babies to the side of a hill'
Aláaka observed the sacrifice
And went to the edge of the base of a hill
And there she started having more babies
She started praising her priest
Akòko ni gbàdàgi was praising Ifá
She said it was exactly what her Babaláwo had said
Akòko ni gbàdàgi
He made divination for Allah
Who would take their children to meet with Òkè Akòko ni gbàdàgi
You are the Babaláwo of Aláaka
Aláaka successfully fed her children there

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