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go bear

Too much joy or happiness makes you sick. Irete Ansa.

What is born in the oddun of Ifa Irete Ansa?

  • That SHANGO is given 6 ataná at his consecration and 6 otá.
  • Give SHANGO a hand of Ifá for Power Control.
  • The jewerly. The disfigurement of beauty.
  • Say to the Moyugbar Ashe Egun Que Timbelorun, Ashe Baba Que Timbelorun, Ashe Yeye Que Timbelorun, Ashe Oluo Que Timbelorun.
  • The monster of the world that came out of the sea.
  • The real SHANGO and the fake SHANGO.
  • That SHANGO there is only one.
  • Exhibitionism, because OGUN came from the war and ended the obinis in the park.
  • The 3 waffles and the casserole speak.
  • OLORDUMARE determined that all things on Earth exist until their time comes.

What is the Irete Ansa sign talking about?

  • It is the Ifá of the five bears.
  • Roaches eat money.
  • The Awó must give SHANGO 200 Abó, 200 Eyá Bó and 200 akukó, and what he does is give Indian akukó.
  • 4 EBOSES are made to different cities.
  • The Prince aspired to be King and could never be.
  • This is the Frog speaking.
  • In this Odu Irete Ansa, joy makes you sick.
  • The Oddun talks about skin pigmentation (vitiligo).
  • The mother is the one who blesses, harmonizes with her.
  • This is the murderous beggar.
  • OLOFIN kissed SHANGO's feet, to save the world.
  • OLOKUN came out of the bottom of the sea.
  • They poisoned the fruits to kill IRETE ANSA.
  • The destruction of the Omologú originates.
  • Who for not IKU has to go through Osha or Ifá.

    The sign Irete Ansa (Osa) indicates:

  • OSHANLA had a great scare.
  • SHANGO transformed into ABITA.
  • They made OBATALA OGU.
  • They wanted to poison OBATALA.
  • The ants helped ORUNMILA.
  • OYA gives everything.
  • With this Odu, you have to receive OYA with any Saint who agrees.
  • SHANGO lived in love with OYA.
  • Bees and ants retreat but they always carry the fruit on their back.
  • The people of Heaven and Earth went to war.
  • They tend to be lazy.
  • They poison food.
  • You face competition in love relationships.
  • OBATALA leads people out of the hole and then they deceive him with false promises.
  • People are liars or false.
  • The Awó was crowned by SHANGO.
  • SHANGO is the one with the secret of religion.
  • He masturbates at 14, 15, 16 years old.
  • The Eweses are: Manajú, Llerén.

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Recommendations of the Irete Ansa sign:

Do not tell lies and much less be false with others.

Be careful where you feed as they can poison you.

Do not delay in what you have to do.

Do not sit in a broken chair.

Be careful what you do against yours, because you have to throw an OSAIN that you prepared.

Take care of your legs, sexual excess and drinking.

Do not save money in bills, because cockroaches eat it.

Sayings of Irete Ansa:

  • Who owes BABA, let him pay.
  • Fly carefully, bat, lest you lose your clothing in flight.
  • Excess of joy sickens and kills.
  • The liar is never saved before Ifa.
  • You are saved, if I speak.
  • I am King of Kings, SHANGO said.
  • A friend in appearance can be a false friend.

prohibitions from the oddun Irete Ansa:

  • Do not drink alcohol.
  • Keep what you promised, especially to SHANGO AND ABBATALA.
  • Avoid laziness. 

Says Ifa sign Irete Ansa:

That she is very happy and that she has people who envy her to break down her business. Take care of the woman, she is very happy. It must be drawn in the lottery. Out of jealousy, a friend denigrates you, beware of enemies, they want you to separate from your wife. Pay attention to dreams. They cheat and tell lies. Be careful crossing the sea and holes. Comply with SHANGO and OBATALA. Beware of something embarrassing that you will find on your way, do not do any nonsense with a cutting weapon. The young man at home, aged 15 to 16, masturbates too much. Harmonize with the mother. Take care of your position or position, as they put another. He works for the benefit of others and does not see the reward, because someone takes credit for what he does. Respect the waters, you can participate in a kill.

Prayer of the Odu of Ifa Irete Ansa:

Kera Awo Mowate Omo Shango Omo Oya Ayeni Oni Babalawo Ubanyoro Banyoko Ifa Banyoko Orisha Banyoko Yenkoro Yeni Ifa Yoro Yereni Kaferefun Shango Maferefun Orunmila.

Ebbo of the Oddun Irete Ansa (Osa)

Irete Ansa's paralysis to the mother.

Ounko, ashó pupúa, igí ekué, otí pupúa, ekú, eyá, awadó, malaguidí okuní, adé, inle elese, ashé ará, opolopo owó. The Ounko of the EBO is to give to Eshu ELEGBARA after the EBO, with the akukó.

Note: When ELEGBARA is given the Ounko, he covers it with the pupúa, but first he is given a bit of otí pupúa. This is distributed for three different sleeves.

Other names for Irete Osa:

  • Go Osa.
  • Go Ansa.
  • Irete Temusa.
  • Irete Craving.
  • Irete Me.
  • Irete Sa.
  • Irete Tomulsa.

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Meaning of the odu Irete Ansa (Osa):

It is Odu # 221 of the Lordly Order of Ifá.

Kaferefun Oya.

Feed OSUN to your leri.

Put a little drum on ELEGBA.

The Awó of this Odu is given sandpaper, he boasts of cuteness, he likes to live figuratively.

Ifá of rain, do not let that water fall on you.

Do not be persistent, luck comes to you.

Give 1 Osiaddie to Eshu in the spout.

Do not sit in a broken chair.

Do not delay what you have to do.

Give 4 pigeons to EGUN de la Iyáre to achieve power.

Take care of your legs, sexual excess and drinking.

Ask God with all your heart, otherwise you will not see anything.

Beg I read it to the mother so that in the term of 1 year she does not die.

Do not save money in bills, because cockroaches eat it.

Oddun from Ifa Irete Osa Osobo

It is an Ifá of frustration and unhappiness.

He speaks of separation between Godfather and godson, they must do work in the mountains with akukó in a fire to avoid it.

Do not cross the sea, or jump holes.

Excess of joy can kill you.

A blessing or happiness comes, but it can get out of hand.

The woman does not leave in condition, give Ounkó and akukó to ELEGBA.

You can fracture both legs by fall or accident.

Always the shadow of EGUN de la Iyáre will help you out of a problem.

Irete Ansa sign in Ire

Sign documents to define properties.

You must receive ODUDUWA, OLOKUN.

ORUNMILA atefá with the plate to eat, a bone was the Irofá and of the wall it took the Iyefá.

The couple does not achieve the marriage union, do works for it.

Avoid laziness.

Give ram and griffin rooster to SHANGO to achieve power.

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Pataki of the sign Irete Ansa

The Prince aspired to be King

The Prince was desperate to be crowned King, but his father lived many years and desperate, he left for the country. There he thought of making otí from the seeds of the palms, although they advised him not to climb them. But he decided to upload them.

One day, perched on top of a palm, a messenger arrived with the news of the King's death. Of the joy received, because he was finally going to be King, he was careless, let go and fell to the ground, breaking his legs in several places. As he was disabled, he could not rule that land.

Note: Ifá of unhappiness and frustration.

Lola Lola Lola Akere Aje. Irete Ansa's story

"FLY CAREFULLY BAT FROM THE HOUSE, DON'T BE THAT THEY TAKE YOUR CLOTHES FROM YOU IN THE TREE" was the one who launched Ifá for Rana when he was going to be named ONISHINDO. The day after tomorrow, they told him that he would sacrifice 4 pigeons, 8000 shells and on a red cloth with clear lists, lest the excess of joy kill him. Frog refused to do
the sacrifice. Rana was the son of the King of OYO. Not long after, his father died and they went looking for him to make him ONISHINDO. But Rana was not at home when he was summoned, he was in the field. They told his wife to go to the field to warn him.

When his wife came to the field and told him the news, he told her that he would not go straight home Rather, he would go to buy all the palm wine that he could at the entrance of the town and that she should call her drummers to wait for him, with her, at her house. When he got home, he found that his wife had done what he had told her and there she was.
waiting. He went to the drummers and said: Everything is ready, I want you to accompany me to visit all the Kings before I am crowned as such, because after I take the title, I will not be able to do it.

He began to tie medicines on his body and tied one also on the neck of the drummers and said: Begin to play the drum tomorrow, because tomorrow Rana will be ONISHINDO. As the car was beating its drum, they quickly went to IBAÑAN. When he got there, they told him that they were expected to give him some kola nuts. But he told them that they would bring it home when they had received their degrees again. He told his drummers to play his drum and wheelbarrowed it to OYO, and so they continued until they finally reached YESA.

But when they returned from YESA, the medicine he was using ran out and just when he was close to getting home. Then he fell on the top of a tree and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get down from there. Shortly after, his family learned of the accident and went looking for him. When they arrived where he was, they took axes and threw the cotton tree on top of which Rana was standing. When the tree fell to the ground with Frog on it, it broke its legs and arms. They took Rana home, began to cure him, lit his fire and tended him all night. When it dawned, the townspeople were waiting for his arrival, so that they could tear the leaves of his title on his head. But when they saw that he did not arrive, they sent a messenger to his house. These, when they saw in the condition in which he was, told the people and they took another person and crowned him as King. In this way, Rana never got to possess the title because of the excess of happiness. And ever since, the people have been saying: Too much happiness fractured Rana's legs.

Note: A happiness or a blessing comes to someone but who must make a sacrifice, lest it get out of hand.

Irete Ansa Ifa Traditional Nigerian


Tèmbèlè kan ò gbònà kó gba inú ìgbé
A day fún Òpòló
Tí n lo rèé jìn si òfin omo aráyé
Òpòló ló kóónú òfin
Òpòló or rónà jáde
Àwon aráyé sì gbé òfin
ofin jìn
Àwon wáá leè jade nnú òfin yìí?
Òòsà yes n you Ìrànjé ilè lo Ìrànjé oko
TÓòsà bá sì ya itan kan báyìí
Ìrin egbèrin odún ni fún èèyàn lásán
Òòsà n wá erin lo Ìrànjé oko
Bó bá ti esè báyìí
Yóó wolè labé esèe rè
Bí nnkan bá se déédé abé esèe rè
Òòsà or yes mú u
Ó bá rìn kojá lórí òfin
Àwon Òpòló bá rí Òòsà
Ìwo Òòsà gba àwon
Àwón ti kó Sínú òfin
I àwon dákun
Òòsà lóun ò duó
Nnkan túun n wáá I gave it to him
Àwon Òpòló bá bèèrè wón ní 'kín lò n wáá ló'
Òòsà neither erin nor
Àwon Òpòló lÉrin lásán lòó n wáá lo?
Erin táwon ó mùú fún or lésè kan
Táwon é e lé or lówó
Òn rìín lo
E è se gégée rè
Lésè kan làwón ó bòó Sínú igbó táwon ó mùú erin fún o
Sùgbón yo àwon ná
Òòsà bá fa àdó make sure I nnú àpò
Ó bá na an sókè
Ojú òrún bá lé kóró kóró bí ojú eja
Ó dè gbèjè gbèjè bí ojú ìsín
Atégùn ayé dìgbò lu torun
ka ka ka ka ka ka
Ojó bá dé
Òjò yes rò títí
ofin bá kún
Àwon òpòló bá jáde
Òòsà ní toò
I was already
Erin tee léé mùú fún òun
Erin ohun dà?
Àwon òpòló bá kó hà
Àwón le mérin ni?
Be ìwo Òòsà sì rò pé àwón le mérin
Àwon or le mérin kankan
Orin làwón or móo dá fún or lódoodún
N làwon òpòló n se lódò tee dòla
Láyé ìgbà kan tí on n bo Òòsà dáadáa
Ojó métàdínlógun làwon òpòló funfun or wàá se layé
Ngbà ó bá to gégé à á gbin bàrà
Bómii won bá ti dé
Wón ó jàá wa ni láti ojú òrun
Bó bá sì ti said ketàdínlógún
Gbogboo won ni ó di dúdú
N ní wá n jó ní wá n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Tèmbèlè kan ò gbònà kó gba inú ìgbé
A day fún Òpòló
Tí n lo rèé jìn si òfin omo aráyé
Ebo n won ni or se
Òpòló gbébo nbè
Ó rubo
Òòsà I ìyá or yomo
Or I obìnrin pèlú
Ó yòyá or I drool
Ó yomo pèlú

Ifá will save this person from the clutches of death. He must be a devotee of Òòsà; if he promises him things that he is unable to fulfill to àòsà. Òòsà will see him through a trial period, as he will. Ifá says that the prayers will be beyond his capacity so that Òòsà can save him.

Tèmbèlè kan ò gbònà kó gba inú ìgbé
He was the one who made divination for The Frog
The one who was trapped in the ditch dug by man
The frogs were trapped in the ditch
And they couldn't find any way out of there
So man had dug this ditch to collect water
And this was very deep
They asked: How will we get out of this?
Òòsà was traveling from Ìrànjé ilé to ta Ìrànjé oko
And every step taken by Òòsà
It is a journey that it would take an ordinary man to make in 800 years.
Òòsà was heading towards Ìrànjé oko to look for an elephant
Once he decided to go on this journey
He would see between his legs to the ground
If something of interest captured his attention between his steps
Òòsà would take it
He then accidentally approached the deep well
And the frogs saw it
'Òòsà please help us!'
'We implore you to help us'
'We are trapped in the ditch of man'
'Please save us', they begged him
'I can't' answered Òòsà
'I am going to fulfill an important task'
The Frogs asked him: 'What are you looking for?'
Òòsà replied: 'I'm looking for an elephant'
'A simple elephant!' The Frogs said, relegating the search.
'That simple elephant, we will just move it in just minutes'
'And on his hands he will have it as soon as he wishes'
'You have been walking and traveling'
'But he has had no luck getting any'
'Just by jumping into the forest we will get the amount you want quickly'
'But please save us from this trouble to begin'
So Òòsà extracted his medicinal gourd from his pocket
And pointed it up to the sky
So the sky produced marks like the eyes of fish
And soft clouds like slug eyes
The tidal wave of the earth mixed with that of the sky
ka ka ka ka ka ka
And it started to rain
It rained so much
The well was filled
The frogs were unscathed
Òòsà said: 'Now it's your own turn of the deal'
'We must work immediately'
'The elephant you promised to give me in minutes'
'Where is the elephant?'
'The frogs shrugged their shoulders indifferently'
'Do you think we are capable of capturing an elephant?'
'Evaluate yourself, if it is possible that we will be able to capture an elephant'
'We cannot capture any elephants' We are not strong enough
'But we will sing for you all year long'
This is the same thing that frogs do today. '
In ancient days when the sacrifice was used to offer to Òòsà
The white frog would be on the ground for 17 days each year
This is usually around the time melon is planted.
Once the rain brings them down from the sky when it starts to fall
They would fall from the skies
After 17 days
Would turn to black
So they started dancing and they were happy
They praised their Babaláwos
And their Babaláwos praised Ifá
They said it was exactly as their Babaláwos had said
Tèmbèlè kan ò gbònà kó gba inú ìgbé
He was the one who made divination for The Frog
The one who was trapped in the ditch dug by man
Sacrifice was the prescribed antidote for them
The Frog heard about the sacrifice
And he did

Òòsà rescue the mother and the son
He rescued the women too
He rescued the father and mother
He rescued the youngsters too

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