Obara Fun

ifa Obara fun sign

Other names for Obara Ofun:

  • Obara Fun.
  • Obara Ma Fun.
  • Obara Go Fun.

What is born in the odu Obara Fun?

  • Nervousness and restlessness in human beings.
  • Cramp.
  • They were born: The hunchbacks.
  • It is an Ifa of impersonation.
  • Why Obatala does not eat salt.
  • The Awó always has to do something.
  • This is Obatalá Ogan, the goalkeeper of Agayú.
  • Obara Fun talks about stroke.
  • The son separated from the father because of a brother.
  • The earth trembles because of Obatala.

The Obara Ofun sign points out:

  • He talks about the damage that is thrown at the Awó's food.
  • You cannot eat yams or banana fufu.
  • For this Ifá you have to pour three little pieces of water and Iyefá on the door of the house.
  • Obara Ofun speaks Obatalá Yekú Yekú.
  • Obatala is covered with white cloth.
  • The Awoses for liars ate dead.
  • You have to take care of the door of the house.
  • You cannot argue about money.
  • Promise is owed to the Saints.
  • Olofin's son died.
  • The herbs of the Odu are: sesame, knight beans, sarsaparilla and don-shayo.

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Recommendations of the Obara Ofun sign:

Here it speaks: Obatalá Yekú Yekú. This Obatalá is female, in Arara land they call it Lumeyo. She is very old and accompanies Oduduwa. This Obatala wears a crown with 16 parrot feathers, everything that is worn on female Obatala; Your Inshe-Osanyin, goes in a silver or cedar box. It cannot give it the sun or the air, it lives well wrapped in cotton and carries 16 stones separated from the tureen that are joined to it when they go to eat and then they are separated again. She eats white cock and Oke starts eating with her. He is also given a white ram. Before sacrificing him, this ram walks around him, clapping his hands and singing to him; on the eighth round the animal is laid down and sacrificed. This ceremony, with other secret elements, is done so that the person has health and development. When he is the Guardian Angel of a man, if he has no impediment, he can do Ifá.

Ifá indicates that the person should take cooked sarsaparilla and take baths as well.

Sarsaparilla: With this name and several others, the following wild species are designated, of the family of the Smiláceas. All of them are medicinal; its roots are purifying and diaphoretic.

The yam, or tuberculous root, is considered an antidote to some poisons. This plant grows in the mountains and on stony, arid soils.

It is a climbing plant, polyform, stinger or defenseless; with tuberous root; leaves alternate, petiolate, heart-shaped or halberd, usually acute. In Cuba this plant grows well knowing two types of them; Maroon sarsaparilla and stick sarsaparilla.

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Obara Fun Sayings:

  • One takes purgative and the other undergoes the operation.
  • For talking too much, I was disgraced.
  • For joining that yellow woman, misfortune came.
  • When I ate the banana, death took me.
  • The eyes of the bees prohibit seeing the danger in the hollow of the tree.
  • Being irresponsible, I ate dead.

Ifa code of ethics of the odu Obara Fun:

The Awó never argue about money.

Obara Fun bans:

This Odu predicts that a person like the Awó can be hurt in food. That is why Orúnmila says that you have to be careful with what you eat and drink, so that your enemy does not kill you.

The person with this Odu cannot criticize anyone, nor can he speak ill of another person. You should not say your projects, or what you do.

Here Eshu is blown brandy, and you cannot eat yams or banana fufu, or banana wine.

When this Odu comes out, you have to pour a little Iyefá and three little water on the door of the house and sing the following suyere: "Baba Ni Lodeo Baba Lona Jekua Baba Awo Omo Ni Ifá".

Meaning of the Odu Obara Fun

This is Odu # 121 of the Lordly Order of Ifá.

The Odu Obara-Fun speaks of great financial success. the time has come for the person for a new job or a successful business.

Here the Awó always has to do something. Also when a person is sick and this Odu is determined, he is not responsible for it, but does the works marked by Ifá.

In this Odu speaks Obatalá Ogan, the goalkeeper of Agayú whose legs were broken by sticks.

Speak slow digestion (embolism). The person with this Odu cannot lie down to sleep after eating food, as their digestion is too slow and can cause embolism.

This Odu speaks of the son who was separated from his parents because of a brother, and in the future he will have to do for them. The one who stayed with the parents will make life miserable for them.

Here the earth trembles because of Obatala's curse. As the cramp and nervousness were also born in human beings.

This Odu predicts that Shango is angry with the person.

The hunchbacks were born, and why Obatala cannot eat salt.

For this Ifá, you cannot argue for money and much less get uncomfortable, because you can leak blood from the mouth.

This Ifá commands the person to take great care of their door, because they may be doing things to you, so that you do not prosper.

This Odu commands the person who must be constantly checking with the doctor. Well, here he speaks of nervousness and restlessness, as well as cramps in the body, produced by the punishment of Obatalá. You have to see its parts well.

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The Ifa Obara Fun odu speaks of:

When this Odu appears in an ordinary register, the person has a habit of talking a lot.

But nevertheless you must be careful so that your words do not bring you negative situations.

You should avoid behaving as if you know more than your boss or teacher. You must avoid self-reliance, in order to avoid losing the benefits of humility and modesty.

When this Odu is put on an Athena or written on the board, no one should eat any food in the room.

When this Odu appears in Igbodun, the person is warned that he cannot allow any relationship to live or remain with him, that he has nothing to do with a yellow woman who does not drink and to have a party with a goat and her relatives after serving Eshu with a goat and a large bat.

In Igbodun and in an ordinary registry, the person must generally take care of a woman. He must give a goat to Ifá, a dog to Ogún and a goat to Eshu so that a woman does not hand him over to her enemies. You can't drink banana wine.

When this Odu appears in an ordinary record for a woman, she is warned not to think about abandoning her husband, because she will regret the action.

When this Odu appears in an ordinary record, the person is warned that he must make sacrifice to avoid repeating a harmless action of which he himself was the victim. Orúnmila promises to prevent him from becoming the victim once again.

When Obara Fun appears for a woman eager to have a child, she will be told to sacrifice a goat and two chickens to Orúnmila and she will surely begin to have children.

Says Ifa Obara Fun:

That you are late, you have family in the field and many enemies. Remember the dream you had last night.-In your house to a sick child who is the son of Obatalá, and you said that you were going to cure him and he did not comply. You are a friend of offering and not complying.-You divulge one thing and you are doing the same and therein lies your misfortune, in divulging about the people.-You have said something that is a lie and for that reason they will offend you you will want to fight.-you have talked about two people and then
He met a person and also spoke: -Don't eat banana fufu and less yam.

They will send you to look for the field and when you arrive they will tell you that they no longer need you, do not be angry that the one who is doing what you were going to do, is going to leave and then they will send you to look for . Feed Eshu.-You wanted to deceive a person and the one who was deceived was you. You have been invited to drink and when you went to put the glass in your mouth, you did so with your eyes closed.

Do not hang out with anyone, nor do not drink or eat where you do not know, because you can eat dead and get sick to your stomach.-Do not be a liar or a scoundrel. They are setting a trap for him.

You cannot argue about money.-You should not go to bed after eating.

You have to take care of your parts. They are going to put witchcraft on your food. You separated from your parents because of a brother and in the future you will have to do for them.

You have to go to the doctor.-Pay attention to the door of your house that is hot.

Prayer of the Odu Obara Ofun:


Suyere of the Obara Fun Sign:


Ebo from Obara Fun:

Inshe from Obara Fun to solve situations.

A piece of beef bone marrow, moist earth 21 sticks (they wonder what they are), hay, fish head, Iyefá, cocoa butter, husk, head, heart, liver, eyes and feathers of tinea pig.

Work with Obatalá:

White cloth is taken and the interested party is made sarayeye, then Obatalá is covered with that cloth, Agogo is touched and that the interested party requests.

Herbs (Ewe) from Odu Obara Fun:

Sarsaparilla , Pata de Gallina, Alamo, Pacific Ocean.

Patakie from the Obara Fun sign:

Divination was made for the parrot when it tried to learn Ifá.


He made divination to the parrot when she was going to learn Ifism from a priest named Awoko. He was warned that he must make sacrifice. But she didn't think it was necessary since all she wanted was to learn the art. Without having made the sacrifice, she went to Awoko's house to start the course. As soon as Awoko spoke the name of Obara-Ofun, Eshu subjugated the parrot with the knowledge of everything syndrome and she told the master that she knew everything he intended to teach her. Awoko, who felt unnecessarily interrupted, asked her if it was not Ifá, what she wanted to learn.

The parrot as if it were possessed "moti mobara, mo mofun" which is called to this day as the sign of the parrot. So Obara Ofun remains with the only two words that the parrot knew from Ifá because she refused to make the sacrifice.

When this Odu Obara Fun appears in an ordinary register, the person has a habit of talking a lot.

But nevertheless you must be careful so that your words do not bring you negative situations.

You should avoid behaving as if you know more than your boss or teacher. You must avoid self-reliance, in order to avoid losing the benefits of humility and modesty.

When this Odu is put on an Athena or written on the board, no one should eat any food in the room.

Orúnmila and the two Awoses. (Obara Ofun)

Once Orúnmila and two Awoses went to visit Olofin and found his son sick. Orúnmila made him Osode and ordered him to make Ebo.

It happened that when they were able to obtain the elements to make the Sacrifice, the two Awoses who had been with Orúnmila in the registry, did the Ebó, without counting on ORUNMILA. The next day, Olofin's son died. Olofin cooked yams and served them with the dead man on the table, for them to eat, since they had said that with the Ebo they had made, there would be nothing new. He did this to serve as his experience.

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