Odi Sa (7-9): Meaning, advice, sayings and more about this sign

Odi Bear

Odi sa is the Ifa sign number 70, it is the composition of the older Odu Odi and Osa, it warns us of a hostile environment full of falsehood, hypocrisy and deceit. Ifá exhorts this person not to ignore the taboos or advice given to him. He will have substantial wealth but must offer sacrifice for the sake of his detractors.

Other names of the Odi Osa:

Odi Sa. 

In the odu of Ifa Odi Sa is born:

  • Atefar with ORUNMILA when drawing the letter of the year.
  • Feed all positions for the letter of the year.
  • By raising the dead with the IRUKERE.
  • The bellows was enslaved to the forge.
  • It is an Odu of falsehood and deception.
  • The woman unwittingly marries the man.
  • OSANYIN speaks at Odi Sa.
  • YEMAYA is given a gelding to solve problems.
  • ODI SA is the Odu of the hanged man.

The sign of Ifa Odi Sa Speaks:

  • Talk about the mother's curse for something wrong.
  • There is something to receive from OLOKUN.
  • There is an EGUN that protects him and his name is FRANCISCO.
  • The Guardian Angel is sung.
  • It is an IFA of spiritism.
  • The women carry the man to the grave.

The Odi Osa Sign points out that:

  • Okra, taro, or red beans are not eaten.
  • Talk about the man who was stealing.
  • Talk about the limb's downfall.
  • The EFUN bath is recommended.
  • This is ALUBODE. The guardian of the gates of Heaven.

Recommendations of the Odi Sa sign:

  • Here you have to be careful that someone enslaves you and then cannot remove that slavery.
  • Because of this Odu, the person must be careful where they defecate, because they work with the excrement and make it sick.
  • Doing favors is prohibited, as it can be tied up.
  • Through this Odu of Ifa, the person is advised to be calm and serene, so that they do not lose it.
  • This Odu speaks of a person more powerful than you, who envies you for your work or social position and will not rest until you destroy it. Do EBO so you can defeat your enemy.
  • By the Odi Sa sign, there is always an inverted or inverted who lives with the person through cannon or sodomy, that person visits the house after two in the afternoon.

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Sayings of the Odu Odi Sa:

  • Reach out as far as it will go.
  • Bibijagua, load what you can.
  • An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.
  • Two leopards cannot bite each other on the head.
  • The head of a corpse cannot heal.
  • What went away comes back.
  • Heal me and make a reward for me.
  • Lying on a small mat is worth more than lying on the ground.
  • Yesterday was yesterday, tomorrow will be tomorrow, today drink and eat.

Oddun Odi Osa bans:

This Odu prescribes Atefar with ORUNMILA when drawing the letter of the year and guides him to feed all positions.

This is ALUBODE speaking. The guardian of the gates of Heaven.


The diseases that afflict this Odu: Impotence, digestive tract disease, mental situations (product of spiritualities), liver problems, and blood problems.

This is an Ifá of the resurrection, where ORUNMILA enters a room with an individual carrying a sack and with the horse's tails and the Eweses resurrected the deceased.

The herbs (Ewe) of this Odu:

Orozus, buttercup, rosemary, white white and roost.

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Ifa says in the odu Odi Sa:

Say no more than you know, because that's where your loss lies. You have to have ELEGBA to avoid embarrassment. His real wife is around the world and has been chasing her. You have to be careful not to tie or steal it and have to run away. A sick woman comes and she is having work, she has to receive ORUNMILA and then YOKO-OSHA, so that she can heal and prosper. He is a spiritist. You cannot do favors. It cannot eat okra, taro, or kidney beans.

Prayer of the Odu of Ifa Odi Sa:



Odi Sa Yemaya Omo Yalode Yemaya
Oshún Iya or Oshún Guere.

Ebbo of the Oddun Odi Osa:

To control the three EGUNS.

There are 3 pigeons. The interested party sits on a chair, ODI SA is painted on the floor to the left,

Inside a circle. To the right of the chair and within a circle the Odu of the AWO, Odu of the OMOFA or Odu APETEBI, as the case may be, is painted. For ALEYO the Odu TOYALE of the OSODE and its witnesses are painted. On the back, inside a circle it is painted: OSHE-TURA, those circles a lot of ashé is added.

In the ODI SA circle, the interested person's spiritual guide is called, ODI SA is prayed and a dove is given, the head of the dove is left inside the circle. In the circle on the right, the EGUN protectors are called and the Odu that has been painted is prayed and the same proceeds. In the circle on the back EGUN KUSITULA is called and the same is done. Then he is asked where everything is going.

Then those 3 Odus are painted on a plate that is placed in front of the door and there the EGUN is called to
convenient every time you want to solve something.

Description of the odu Odi Osa (7-9)

Everyday pressures cause emotional upheaval.

ODI SA is a sign of falsehoods, deception, slavery, the person has been a victim of witchcraft or the excessive ambition of other people that have led to the following situations.

Here a man, madly in love with a woman, has worked for her to live with him against her will or vice versa.

Here a skilled man lived with a close woman; entenada, cousin, niece, sister, etc. and to get rid of the embarrassment, he worked her to live with another whom he does not love.

Here, too, the woman starts to live with a man without wanting to, just for the sake of his position or money.

For this Odu, YEMAYA is given a trained ram to solve big problems.

ODI SA is the Odu of the hanged man. It indicates impotence.

In this IFA OSANYIN speaks very loudly.

For this Oddun, the house is ordered to be stripped with purslane and dead scarecrow (Aberikunló), as well as the EFUN or MEWA bathroom, in case of serious illness.

When this Odu is seen on an OBINI: her husband has not touched her for more than 15 days.

Odi Sa talks about older deceased relatives, who must be fed.

This Odu marks a mother's curse for something wrong or bad behavior.

The person who governs this Odu has three EGUNS that must be controlled.

Odi Osa has the virtue of raising the dead through a pact he had with IKU. This secret consisted of two horse tails, one white and one black.

Ifa code of ethics of the odu Odi Sa:

The Awó plays the drum of the Angel of his Guardian.

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Patakie of the sign of Ifa Odi Sa:

The deceased woman.

There was a man who lived in love with his wife, to the extent that she was the only one in his life, but he did not realize that she did not love him, that she was only by his side because of the economic development he had.

One day the woman died and her husband hastily buried her in his own home, making a valuable trestle-shaped grave for her. The man lamented his bad luck for having lost her and since it was impossible for him to live without her, he decided to die too and to achieve this, he only fed on the yucca root.

The man called her at all hours of the day and implored death (Ikú) to come and look for him, to join the deceased.

He called death so much that one day it came to him and said: -That woman for whom you suffer and cry so much, never loved you, leave her alone. But he insisted that he wanted to see her and talk to her and kept crying. Faced with this situation, death said to her: -Take a white horsetail and a black horsetail and herbs and call her at midnight, so that you can talk to her.

The man did so, the woman introducing herself immediately, who said: -I never loved you and I beg you to let me rest easy and you will have to rebuild your life, looking for a woman who loves you, I apologize for having cheated on you for so many years, but in return I will leave you a fortune.

After this dialogue, the woman pointed him to a place in that mansion, recommending that he search well there, and he disappeared instantly. The next day the man began to search, finding a great treasure.

Odi Osa Ifa Traditional

Ifá says that this person must offer sacrifice. He should not fear when people confront Him. Even if they confront you, you will prevail, but it must be clear that sacrifice is necessary.

Ìdin sàá
Ìdin only
The sharp blade shaves the head in quick strokes
They prophesied Ifá for an uncountable number of animals
On the day that they would challenge the Tiger in a fight
On the day that they would take the Tiger as a common enemy
They advised the Tiger to offer sacrifice
They declared their enmity
El Tigre added 2 cowries with three
And he went to the priests' house Ìdin sàá Ìdin sòó
He said: "I need an Ifá consultation, and give me the ìbò"
They advised him to offer 20 sharp blades as a sacrifice
The King of the forest offered it
Of the 20 sharp blades
His Babaláwos gave him 10
They told him to take them and take them home
And they kept the other 10 as gifts
Èsù, then inserted the 20 sharp blades into his hands and feet and created the claws
All the other animals were coming one day to fight the Tiger
So the Tiger tore them with his hands
And with his hind limbs he took out their intestines
He who offers sacrifices
He is far above any power that is against him
Ìdin sàá
Ìdin only
The sharp blade shaves the head in quick strokes
They prophesied Ifá for an uncountable number of animals
On the day they engaged the Tiger in a cold war
On the day that they would take the Tiger as a common enemy
They told the Tiger to take care of the land and offer sacrifice
The Tiger heard about the sacrifice
And he did it with faith
Who challenged the tiger to a fight
You who declared the Tiger as your common enemy
You can't get over it
You all can never get past it.

Odi Osa Story: The mother is selfish with her children

Oshún had a daughter named Oshún were who was cheerful and funny, she dealt with everyone and as a result of her behavior Oshún the boot of his house when Oshún were left crying for the loss of his Iyare and his ilé and for the loss they had put him through and he sang.

Yemayá omo ibolede Yemaya Oshún were.
Yemaya ni Olona inasaku Yemaya.

Yemayá who heard this song immediately went out on the road seeing how Oshún was coming, they were crying and what he said in his song and Yemayá asked him what was happening to him then Oshún were told him everything Yemayá told him come to my house she lived in a Little stone house next to a lagoon and where all the people went to look for holy water which was blessed by Yemayá and there Yemayá told him about you they are talking a lot and that makes me feel sorry and embarrassed and to get rid of that babinu from you I'm going to give ebó misí with ewe bulle opens the way oni and oti you will bathe five days in a row with that.

After a few days Yemayá told Oshún were I have to go for a few days to the land of Ife Ewede and that when he heard a knock at the door and they said iya, he would answer him modupue since he was someone who would come to get holy water. Yemayá left but instead of a few days as he had said, five years passed.

When Yemayá returned, they gave him a grand reception, accompanying him to a demonstration to the door of his house where Shango was waiting for her.

Shango sang and touched the canvas, being the first time that Yemayá danced her footwork and when she finished dancing she hugged Shango and observed an Oshún were very different from the one she had left five years ago since while she was dancing Oshún were was Knees now had long, beautiful hair, very seductive and more attractive, but turned into a respectful lady who had managed to win her distance from the town.

Seeing these changes and with the tranquility that Oshún were lived, Yemayá told him daughter take possession of my house for life I will live in the town and as long as the world is world you will be queen of the sweet waters. Then he took adie meyi and gave it to Oshún, she asked him why this gift. Yemayá responds to him for the fault that your daughter Oshún were committed to forgive her. Keep in mind that children do not go out to parents. Before giving him the goodbye, he put an igba with oñi and corojo to collect the eyerbale that is taken to the river with the leri of the goodies.

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