Ofun sa

ofun osa

Born in the odu Ofun sa:

  • Medicinal herbs.
  • The 7 virtues and the 7 deadly sins.
  • Palm Sunday.
  • The vice of Fola Obó.
  • A blessing comes down from Heaven, but people let OLOFIN down.
  • Hepatic Cirrhosis speaks.
  • OFUN SA within the Igbodun, prevents man from entering.
  • Saint Lazarus is called Obilowo.
  • Babawa is fed.
  • OBATALA stopped being a warrior to be peaceful.

What does the sign of Ifa Ofun Sa talk about?

  • Here: IGU AGANNA speaks.
  • They bet ORUNMILA's omó and Iku's omó that the Moon would rise or not.
  • In Ofun Sa, Ikú proclaimed that human flesh would be his main food.
  • The Monkey was OLOFIN's trust and betrayed him.
  • The Obiní betrays the Okuní for owó.
  • Noah's Ark speaks
  • The Eweses are: Remove Curse, Breaker Shirt, Tate Quieto, Palo Ramón.

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Recommendations of the Ofun sa sign:

  • Do EBBO so that it does not find itself in difficult situations.
  • Be careful to get ambushed and hit.
  • Avoid vices in your general character.
  • Avoid the war that has you troubled and be guided by the advice of your elders.
  • Do not look with sexual eyes at the wife of your friend, or your father.
  • Avoid gambling and don't make bets.
  • Do not trust the woman you have as she speaks her secrets.

Sayings of Ofun sa:

  • El Mono doesn't even trust his own tail.
  • Boasting loses the person.
  • The son commits the father.
  • Do not try your neighbor badly being he trusting of you, because yours is walking.
  • The mouth of the righteous will produce wisdom, the wicked tongue will be cut off.
  • Because of a harlot woman, man is reduced to a morsel of bread.
  • The Crown that rolls with another.
  • Promises become hollow.
  • A single word does not guide the Awó from his home, a single word does not guide the Major from his home.

prohibitions by Ofun Osa:

  • Do not be profaned so that it is not lost.
  • No games of chance are played.

Says Ifa odu Ofun sa

The person has a very stubborn child, do EBBO so that he does not see himself in difficult situations; Baba is angry with you, do not talk about your partner, or separate from him, the woman has problems with her menstruation. Be careful falling into a
ambush and beat him; avoid gambling and don't make bets; Be careful what you speak, your child or minors at home hear you and be compromised. Keep the commitments of your profession, as you will be invalidated and lose your luck of not attending meetings or appointments. Avoid the war that has you troubled and be guided by the advice of the elders; Do not trust the woman you have because she speaks her secrets and you can be caught do not look at your friend's wife or your father's with sexual eyes; do not abuse Fola Obó as you will lose your luck; avoid vices in your general character.

Prayer of the Odu Ofun sa:

Ale nishe omo iku omo orunmila ale oyiña lole osnuworon oyisa lorudo ebo awo fun fun ila ozain, owo lamefa.

Ofun sa's Ebbo:

Ayakuá, osiadié meta, adié meyi dundun, 2 chests with their lid, bogbo iguí, ewefá, asho, inle lese iguí, inle lerí óke, akarita meta, agboran meyi, okán iguí, open the way, okán iguí grave four, óbi, itaná , ekú, eyá, epó, awadó.

Distribution: Ayapá and osiadié for OZAIN, with its ingredients. For paraldo osiadié with its ingredients. For ELEGBA, another osiadié.

NOTE: The caskets, one is made of wood, opens the way, along with the agboran are loaded with 21 apprehensive sticks and among them are these: ayúa, tame handsome, for me, jalajala, tate still, change voice and palo ramón. The other chest and its agboran are made of four tombstones and are loaded with 21 witch sticks and among them are these: loses course, victor, wins battles, breaks shirt, stick pepper, cuaba, turns world, sweeps everything, stick guaguanco Get out if you can, ya, guayacán, flying, jump close, guso, sack sack, larkspur, go far, dead man's stick, break ax and break saraguey. These chests live at the foot of OZAIN, where the dolls are inverted. The one who has the load with the 21 witch sticks lives planted in the little pot along with the agboran that has the 21 noble sticks. When doing the work, ORUMINLA is asked which casserole to work with, in order to find a balance by distributing sins and virtues.

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Meaning of Oddun Ofun sa:

  • He is an Odu of willpower to defeat.
  • Promises become hollow, meaningless.
  • It is an Ifá de Ainá, high voltage current.
  • OFUN SA walks 12 cm. above the floor, everything is in the air.
  • Don't be persistent if your clothes get dirty, don't get mad.
  • When the person you are looking at was born, they brought the umbilical cord tangled around their neck.
  • He dreams of Santos and Eggun with whom he has sex and enslaves him.
  • Don't teach women secrets or do favors.
  • In Ofun Osa (10-9), OSHUN YUMU and OSHUN OLOROMI speak.
  • It is Awó Orere, with a long view.
  • Ifá de Adelú, the crown that rolls with another.
  • In his conduct, sins and virtues must be balanced.
  • Innocent children are not admonished, for God punishes them.
  • ORUNMILA pronounces his treatise that God created man and they do good and evil, and Ikú takes them without distinction.
  • You are boastful and you talk about what you can and what you cannot, and you pay a price for this.
  • This sign of Ifá is to stay away from wars and dress in white (inside and out).
  • Young people do not apply shrewdness, prudence or sanity and they will eat the fruit of their path, and they will be fed up with their advice.
  • The enemies use his wife to destroy him.
  • A light woman will be your downfall, avoid the vice of Fola Obó.
  • Avoid alcohol in all its forms, as it leads to fatal diseases, such as Liver Cirrhosis. He can also commit sexual aberrations that will be his downfall.
  • Avoid sexual excesses. Brand impotence.                     

Ifa Ofun Sa Ifa Traditional Sign


Òfún sà léfun
Òfún sà lÓsùn
Òfún sà á ní mòrìwò òpè ye yèè ye
A fún day Alágemo teéré
Èyí tíí se wolé wòde Òrìsà
Wolé wòde Òrìsà ni Alágemo
Nígbà or said kan
Alágemo bá rò
Ó bá saca kúò lódò Òòsà
'Òòsà eni òdòò ré nko'?
Ó lóun ò ri mó
Òun ò sì tíì fún laser
Nbi Alágemo
Or is it seen?
ko ba mu
Wón lóó tùún padà lo òdò Òòsà too ti kúò
Ó bá padà sódò Òòsà
Òòsà niwo Alagemo
O ó níí kú
O ò níí rùn
Èmíì ré or gùn
Sùgbón móo rora se
Alagemo bá rora n telè gélé
hey hey
O ni Òfún sà léfun
Òfún sà lÓsùn
Òfún sà á ní mòrìwò òpè ye yèè ye
A fún day Alágemo teéré
Èyí tíí se wolé wòde Òrìsà
Riru ebo
Èèrù àtùkèsù
Ayé waá ye wa tutúru.
Ifá says that life will please this person. He should be generous with the devotees of Òòsàálá. If he is still in training and he is thinking of returning, he should give up his thought.
Òfún marked it with chalk
Òfún marked it with Osùn cream
Òfún cheerfully decorated it with palm leaves
They were the ones who made divination for Alágemo tééré
Òòsà's close companion
Alágemo was a close companion of Òòsà
But one day
Alágemo cleverly devised a plan
He abandoned Òòsà
'I won't be able to see him come again' was Osà's response
'Incidentally I have not given him his freedom'
To the place where Alágemo fled
He tried to do all kinds of things with his hands
But I could not achieve breakthrough
They told him 'You have to go back to the house of Òòsà, whose house you left'
He then decided to go back to Òòsà's house
Òòsà said, 'You Alágemo'
'You will not die'
'You will not be afflicted by any disease'
'You will live a long time'
'But be patient'
Alágemo then began to walk gently
Life pleased Alágemo
He said Òfún marked it with chalk
Òfún marked it with Osùn cream
Òfún cheerfully decorated it with palm leaves
They were the ones who made divination for Alágemo tééré
Òòsà's close companion
Offering sacrifices
And giving his portion to Èsù
Life pleased us very much.

Patakie of the sign Ofun Sa:

Where the omo de orula, the son of death and the moon.

ORULA's son began to insist with death that the Moon did not rise that day. ORULA, when he found out, made EBBO right away with ekó, corojo butter and put it on a hill. When the Moon was ready to leave, a dog arrived earlier and lay down on the ekó and soiled the whole Moon, which was so upset that it did not want to come out again in three
nights. For death not to recognize him, he must have Idefa. If you are a woman, you have retention in your period.

NOTE: Boasting loses the person, promises become hollow. Don't be persistent. If an animal soils your clothes, do not go out, clean yourself with ekó and epo, and take it to a hill, everything is in the air.

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