Otrupon Kana (Òtúrúpòn Òkànràn)

otrupon kana

Otrupon Kana (Òtúrúpòn Òkànràn) He is the Odu of Ifá number 189 in the genealogical order of Ifá. This sign teaches us that true courage and competence are revealed through actions, not words. Honesty and authentic courage will always be recognized, while falsehood and cowardice will inevitably be exposed.

General Description of the Odu Otrupon Okana

Names or Aliases:

  • Otrupon Okana.
  • Otrupon Kana.
  • Òtúrúpòn Òkànràn.
  • Otrupo Karan.

What is born in the Odu of Ifá Otrupon Kana?

  • To destroy the lyrics, malú liver is taken, crushed and sprinkled in shilekun, everyone steps on it.
  • Give blood to the shilekun and house to explain the Odu.
  • Give obi meyi to the lerí of the Awó who sees the Odu (harms him).
  • The son of Otrupon Kana carries the soul of a criminal.
  • Guiro with the Odu, blood and water, and water it in the Ilé.
  • That the Oyugbona seduced the Oluwo's ​​wife and she became ill.
  • For thief and bad beat him.
  • That the banana, where the night takes him, stays there.
  • The ceremony of Fifeto.

What does the Otrupon Kana sign talk about?

  • The bored and harassed woman speaks.
  • Ogan, a male Obatalá, who lives behind him out of fear, because he was bad.
  • You forget about me, said Orula.
  • That Orula takes the religious habits of her enemies and with that defeats them, because they felt an inferiority complex before her.
  • That Ogun wanted to kill Orula.
  • The sacrifice of Mobori (Chivo) in the Abakuá.
  • The shark's backbone as Ekueñon's knife.
  • The Ekoi land that came from Ifé.
  • The highlights when Shango eats with Oduduwa.
  • Elegba breaks the legs of traitors with ologbo.
  • Shango wanted the Great Kingdom of Agayú.
  • Ogan, Odua's favorite, Agayú's trust, sold himself to Shango.
  • Elegua eats etú.
  • Ogun and the tied rooster speak.
  • The lions preyed on the town.
  • Cowardly hunters became slaves of the brave.
  • Even cowards killed lions.
  • The princess did not recognize Orula after she triumphed.
  • The king speaks greedy and proud, he believed himself to be master and lord of the world.

The Otrupon Okana sign points out:

  • This is Tanze, the fish god of the Ekoi.
  • The etú couple speaks aimlessly.
  • Elegua wanted to displace Oduduwa.
  • Elegua is the owner of the roads given by Oduduwa.
  • Eyilawa (Shango) is the owner of the candle given by Oduduwa.
  • Elegua and Ogun ask for eyebale and are given an akukó.
  • The Eweses are: Wonder.

Analysis and Advice of the Odu Otrupon Kana

Otrupon Kana is a sign that speaks of betrayal, deception and disloyalty. This Odu reveals that people ruled by him can forget about their friends and benefactors, acting disloyally to achieve their goals. They find themselves embroiled in problems of justice, accusations and tragedies, even when they occupy advantageous positions. Cowardice and weak behavior towards the opposite sex are also characteristics of this sign. In this Odu, it is crucial to maintain loyalty and justice to avoid ruin.

Economic Aspects

In the economic sphere, Otrupon Okana warns about greed and betrayal. People governed by this Odu must avoid dishonest actions and corrupt behavior. Ifá suggests being loyal and fair in business transactions to ensure long-term success. Arrogance and abuse of power can lead to downfall, so it is vital to act with humility and respect towards others.

"Salud" and wellness

Health under Otrupon Kana can be affected by dishonesty and bad actions. Ifá indicates that it is common for people with this Odu to suffer from chronic illnesses that start simply, such as a cold or fever, but can escalate if not managed properly. Stress and anxiety can also be recurring problems. To maintain good health, it is essential to make sacrifices and regular consultations with Ifá.

Religious Aspects

Otrupon Okana teaches us the importance of respecting taboos and making appropriate sacrifices. This Odu emphasizes the need to maintain a constant connection with Ifá and the Orishas. Betrayal and disloyalty toward religious elders can lead to severe punishments. It is crucial to honor Elegua and Obatala, who have significant roles in this Odu. Elegua, in particular, is key to opening and closing paths, while Obatala offers protection and wisdom.

Personal Relationships (Love)

In the area of ​​personal relationships, Otrupon Kana warns about disloyalty and betrayal. People ruled by this Odu may face difficulties in their relationships due to their deceptive behavior. Honesty and respect are essential to maintaining harmonious relationships. Ifá suggests avoiding conflicts and being honest with couples to avoid breakups and misunderstandings.

Meaning of the sign of Ifa Otrupon Kana:

People ruled by this Odu usually forget about friends and benefactors. They are capable of deceiving, killing, stealing, selling themselves, usurping positions and bribing to achieve their goals. They are often cowardly and behave weakly towards the opposite sex. Where the night takes them, there they stay. They find themselves involved in problems of justice, accusations and tragedies, even in advantageous positions. They are brutal and fight among themselves when they can't find anyone to do it with.

They accept other people's merits and are ostentatious, talkative and excessively talkative. His tongue reveals his purposes. They feel bored and harassed, losing their way. They are trusting and imitative. They speak ill of the Awó who looks at them and he finds out.


  • To scare away IKU, EBO is made with: 1 guiro, 1 piece of chopped malú liver and ologbo meyi.
  • Ifá advises this person to collect all the clothes that belong to a dead person and set them on fire.
  • Ifá advises this person to gather all the materials that he/she inherited from a dead person and set them on fire.


  • You should not eat fish of any kind to avoid unconsummated fortune, melancholy, failure or disaster.
  • You should not practice any profession without first achieving competency to avoid problems of slavery and imprisonment.
  • You should not raise or eat sheep under any circumstances to avoid problems in raising children.
  • You should not have illicit relations with another person's spouse to avoid unconsummated fortune, ridicule, humiliation and regret.
  • He/she should not get involved in disputes or confrontations to avoid causing physical harm to others or suffering harm to himself/herself.
  • You should not inherit the dresses of deceased people to avoid premature death.

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Says Ifa Otrupon Kana:

Currently, you have no fixed whereabouts and your businesses are in decline. He has even considered making an attempt on his own life.

He hides from his friends due to debts and lack of resources. However, he will soon be presented with an opportunity and will be appointed to an important position. His enemies (arayé) could cause him legal problems related to his belongings or objectives. It is crucial that he does not trust his secrets to anyone.

It is advisable to sprinkle coconuts on your head, which could attract luck, even allowing you to win the lottery.

Ifá says that your current situation will be repaired. You should surrender all your worries and efforts to Ifá and also consider becoming initiated into Ifá to receive its guidance and protection.

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Otrupon Kana:

  • Where the night took it, there it stayed.
  • For thief and bad, give him sticks.
  • For a coward he becomes a slave.
  • He gets sick from being false.
  • Hunters may end, but bananas may not.

Ethical code:

  • The victory of the Awó depends on his obedience.

Prayer of the Odu Otrupon Okana:


Ebo of the Odu Otrupon Okana

Ifá advises that person to offer ebo against premature death. The ebo materials are two mature rams and money. One of the two rams will be used to feed Shango. A mature goat will also be used to feed Ifá with pounded yam, prepared the day before, and a large amount of alcohol.

Oturu Pa'kan Pokanran
The message of Ifá for the inhabitants of Woroworo Ajade:
When they died in their youth,
and they were dying in their youth,
They were advised to offer ebo,
and they complied.
It is not the common practice to consume pounded yam from the previous day.
All of us will live to our old age.
All of us gather to drink the Ifá liquor.
All of us will live to our old age.

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Pataki of the sign of Ifa Otrupon Kana:

The Princess and Orunmila

Once upon a time there was a princess who, despite having a comfortable life, felt bored and harassed by her arayé. In her desperation, she went to Orunmila's house for help. Upon receiving it, Orunmila revealed this Ifá sign to him and told him: «Although you have a comfortable life, you find yourself bored and persecuted by your arayé. However, you are a princess and everything will be fine.".

Orunmila prepared a guiro with eyebale and omi, painted the Odu and spread its contents throughout the princess's house. When saying goodbye to her, Orunmila warned her: "You will forget me".

Time passed and the princess regained her well-being. One day, Orunmila went to visit her and knocked on her door. The princess, not remembering who she was, sent her maid to attend to him. Orunmila told the maid: "Tell the princess that Orunmila is here." Upon receiving her message, the princess responded: «Tell that man that I don't know who Orunmila is».

Puzzled, Orunmila left. Shortly after, the princess remembered who Orunmila was and, full of remorse, she sent for him with many supplications. In order for Orunmila to be able to climb the stairs of the palace, it was necessary to bathe them with akukó eyebale.

Explanation: Otrupon Okana teaches us the importance of gratitude and recognition towards those who help us in times of need. The princess, by forgetting Orunmila, showed ingratitude, which almost cost her her relationship with him. Only by remembering and acknowledging her help was she able to right her wrong. We must always remember and thank those who give us their support and wisdom.

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Otrupon Okana Ifa Traditional Nigerian


This Ifá verse demands us to be highly docile. This person may have been performing feats for people, but things have been very difficult for him. Ifá implores us to be patient. And that it won't be long when everything turns into happiness.

The insect eats herbs
The insect eats the grass èlú
The insect that eats the grass is innocent
The beauty of a herb on the farm cannot be accused
They were the ones who consulted Àrìnjó Olúfè
The day he was trying his hands on his stuff with no success
It was Àrìnjó Olúfè who had been trying his hands on all things
But he could be successful in what he did
'But I have perfected it for others'
'I have achieved remarkable success for them'
'Working for their lives'
He asked frustrated 'Why is mine in a total mess?
They advised him to offer the sacrifice
'No', he said
'I don't want to offer sacrifice again'
'I'm going away'
'Why don't you exercise some patience? '
He said 'No way'
'I would rather go and inquire into heaven'
Arriving at the gates of heaven
He met the doorman
'Why are you here?' It was the question that the doorman asked him
Àrìnjó answered 'I'm going to the city of heaven'
'I want to go and see why my things are from bad to worse,'
'I've been mending their lives
Èmú was there,
God's gatekeeper
He also met Àrògìdìgbà
God's second gatekeeper
The gatekeepers asked him 'Who are those you have helped?'
'I helped Allah
'So he wears a crown on his head'
'I have done the same for Ajerò'
'He has Èjìgbàrà beads on his neck'
'I also helped the king of Òyó Apèrí'
'The descendant of Ajodó emi gbára'
'And descendant of Ajètè yokùun yòkòtò'
'I also help the Oòni'
'The descendant of Àlàkàn èsùú'
'And descendant of Agbèlé sebo ntorí omo'
'I helped them all'
'Now they all have good names on earth'
'Why is mine a mess'
'My own name is not registered in gold? Àrìnjó said
'As much as I've tried'
'I have not been able to progress.' He concluded
'It's true', Èmú said
Èmú prayed 'His will be fine too'
'Whatever good you have'
'It will not come out of their hands,'
'Do you know me now, or not?'
'But do you know Àrògìdìgbà? Èmú asked him
'I don't know him' Àrìnjó said
'Come on, let's see Àrògìdìgbà
'So that he may also pray for you'
They went to meet Àrògìdìgbà
Àrògìdìgbà prayed: 'All the good things that I give to you',
'Everything will stick permanently to you'
Àrògìdìgbà asked 'But do you know Àdí the descendant of Elébu?'
Àrìnjó answered 'I don't know him',
'Come and let's see Àdí'
Arriving at Àdí's house
Adí said 'Never',
'Your things will never be wrong'
Àdí asked 'But do you know Osùn?'
'Osùn is the leader of all the witches in the world, Àdí said'
'I don't know her, Àrìnjó answered
They arrived at Osùn's house
Amazingly, Osùn also exclaimed
She prayed, 'All good things will be abundant for you'
'But do you know Olómìnrìnyíhùn?
'The one who does not change the desire of Òrìsà'
'May all the prayers said about anyone'
'Will it happen as you wish?'
'I don't know him either', Àrìnjó replied
'We are going to meet Olómìnrìnyíhùn'
Olómìnrìnyíhùn was also surprised
'All the good things they wished for you today'
He prayed 'All will happen exactly as desired',
'People who don't love it enough'
'Those people will love it now'
He started dancing and was very happy
He was praising his Babaláwos
His Babaláwos were praising Ifá
He said it was exactly as his Babaláwos had said
The insect eats herbs
The insect eats the grass èlú
The insect that eats the grass is innocent
The beauty of a herb on the farm cannot be accused
They were the ones who consulted Àrìnjó Olúfè
The day he was trying his hands on his stuff with no success
He kept trying and persevering
He decided to go to heaven
He met Èmú, God's gatekeeper,
Èmú said that all the good things contained in his hands will never fall again
He met Àrògìdìgbà the gatekeeper of God
Àrògìdìgbà prayed for his good things to flood him like rain
They asked him if he knew Àdí the descendant of Elébu
Àdí said that his things will never be bad or difficult for him
Àdí asked if he knew Osùn
What happened to be the leader of all the witches in the world
They took him to where Osùn was
Osùn said that all the good things about him will be abundant
They finally took him to where Olómìnrìnyíhùn was
The one who does not change the desire of Òrìsà
He came to where Olómìnrìnyíhùn was
He prayed that all the good things they wished for him
They adhered to their Orí
Forever Young
Firm in old age
You will have all the good things on earth
Make me your Osùn
And rub it on it
My case becomes Osùn cream
And it becomes Àdí oil
Make me your Osùn
And rub it on it
All important people must start loving me in total
Make me your Osùn
And rub it on it
My case becomes Osùn cream
And it becomes Àdí oil
Make me your Osùn
And rub it on it
All the good things that I have
Èmú, won't let any of them get out of my hands
Make me your Osùn
And rub it on it
My case becomes Osùn cream
And it becomes Àdí oil
Make me your Osùn
And rub it on it
Àrògìdìgbà, please let my own fortunes rain down on me
Make me your Osùn
And rub it on it
My case becomes Osùn cream
And it becomes Àdí oil
Make me your Osùn
And rub it on it
All the good things that touch my hand
Olómìnrìnyíhùn the one who does not change the desire of Òrìsà
Don't let good things get away from me
Make me your Osùn
And rub it on it
My case becomes Osùn cream
And it becomes Àdí oil
Make me your Osùn
And rub it on it.

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