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BABA OTURA MEYI, Odu of greetings and obeisances, of wisdom, is the one who is closest to OLOFIN, but because he is capricious and proud, he lost his head and became a monster that makes everyone nauseous. The children of this Ifá, are capricious, proud, crafty and violent due to their strength of character and that is why they are lost. They have the defect of talking too much.

Otura Meji, portends robberies and losses, so he must sacrifice an offering to Egun: cooked food, a rooster, rope, a machete, in the place of his ancestors. He also advises that he should not serve as a messenger or give messages, the divine grace that he has been granted cannot be given away. This Odu prohibits greed and ambition, also should not make great physical efforts, because of massive heart attack problems.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Otura Meji?

  • The human race.
  • The blindness.
  • Begging.
  • Equality.
  • The paternity.
  • Artillery.
  • The rifle.
  • The knowledge, and that intelligence is captured through brain neurons.
  • Songbirds.
  • Legumes.
  • The mameyes.
  • He stopped.
  • Mastoiditis and parasympathetic.
  • El Apó (the Awó travel bag).
  • The drug addicts.
  • The noise or roar of the sea.
  • Dressing up humans.
  • The squirrel and the lead.
  • The coup in antiquity.
  • The Nangareo in the Yoruba land.
  • They were born: Disputes.
  • The secrets of the roots and branches of trees.
  • Primitive civilizations.

What is the sign Otura Meyi talking about?

  • The dead worked at night.
  • Mark neglect and neglect.
  • People were wandering aimlessly.
  • Otura Meyi marks the passage of humanity through the earth.
  • Man dominated all animals.
  • The body walks without a soul.
  • Orúnmila was persecuted.
  • Here: The whites had Ifa before the blacks.
  • Olofin went out for a walk and the hill closed it.

The sign Otura Meji points out:

  • It was the supper of Christ.
  • He began to look on the mat.
  • It was guessed for peanuts.
  • It was guessed in Heaven for Baba Imalé.
  • The road to wealth was opened.
  • In Otura Meyi it was guessed for the white man.
  • It was guessed for truth and falsehood.

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Recommendations of the sign Otura Meyi:

His tongue and alcoholic drink are his worst enemies and not so strongly his pride and caprice. They have delusions of wisdom and pretend that everything they say is the absolute truth, they like to command and have their will done. They go through work in their marriages because they don't like anyone and they believe that there is no one who agrees to their ways.

Otura Meyi sentences: "Be grateful for the good they do you and never forget those who helped you in your problems." The Children of this Ifá are distrustful and do not believe in anyone, they cry with pride or scab. They should not wear striped clothes, how they should take care of their head and stomach, because of the nerves they can get lost.

This Odu, for wanting to live the condition of sage on Earth, destroyed himself and for separating himself from the gift of the sixth sense. When this Odu arrived on Earth he was obedient and took the path of good, that is why he is called: "IFA IMALE." Then he gave up (he lacked his duties or principles) and took the path of evil. Therefore, the children of this Odu are advised to never try to live the Osobo of this Ifá, which is evil.

For this Odu, ORUNMILA is given jutía. Here you have to have patience so that you can rule and get everything you want in this world, and likewise you can get rid of your enemies.

The person with the Oddun Otura Meji, has to be the head of the house and if he does not have patience he will not have a house, no money, no people to accompany him, and no one to govern. Here OBATALA ARE is the one that tests people's patience before giving them fortune.

Prohibitions of the sign of Ifa Otura Meji:

Eating is prohibited: rabbit, rooster, jicotea, turtle, roasted corn, yam, pork, crab, octopus, pork ham, chicken.

In Otura Meyi smoking, the ingestion of alcoholic beverages, dyeing their hair and cutting it for women are prohibited. In this Odu you cannot be a bully, because the enemies try to knock you down. With the rest of the mind the enemies are overcome.

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Otura Meji:

  • If you give to save, to ask you stay.
  • You should not live with needs, when you share the house of an Ifá Priest.
  • Wealth and abundance will not be able to blind me.
  • An Ifá Priest should not be thrown out of the house.
  • Between Heaven and Earth there are cords that cannot be stared at.
  • Childhood is different from old age.
  • Drinking is the cause of my discouragement.
  • What is wanted, if it is true, is never abandoned.
  • The beak that serves the bird to eat, it serves to make its nest.
  • The Sun cannot catch the Moon.
  • The World is a strange land, Heaven is the house.
  • You only have the happiness that we have given.
  • An Arab does not worship another Arab.
  • He who works with indigo, paints his clothes.
  • OLODUMARE is very big.
  • Remove the feathers from the parrot's tail and they are born again.
  • It's late, they aren't looking, they don't believe in us.
  • Man is the king of the animals.
  • Don't flaunt your merits.
  • Among your friends and family there are envious

Says Ifa Otura Meyi:

When this sign appears in an Okpele divination or on an ORUNMILA descent, the person should be advised that: You must be very patient in order to get to the bottom of the things you want to do.

For Otura Meyi you should do Ifá and sacrifice a rooster, white cloth, different types of grains, a bearing, two jicotea and a bundle of firewood so that your fortune can flourish, without a doubt.

You can't drink alcoholic beverages, talk about travel: frequently sacrificing a goat to Eshu. When this sign of Ifa appears in Igbodun, in an initiation ceremony, it should be said that: You must sacrifice four chickens, four roosters, four doves and four snails in a cave, so that it can multiply on earth and dedicate itself to the practice of Ifá .

Otura meyi recommends sacrificing a ram to his Ifá, a goat to Eshu and a trap, so that after having several children, his brothers and sisters do not turn to destroy him. Peanuts are not eaten here.

When Otura Meji goes out in the Igbodun, they must quickly prepare the Eshu shrine and sacrifice a goat to him and the initiate must be warned that he should not drink any more alcoholic beverages, as it will be the cause of his impotence.

You will also be told that the financial problems you have had are due to leaving SHANGO and you will have to feed him. He must also sacrifice a goat to Eshu, a rooster, chain and a machete, in order to save his house from imminent danger of war.

For this Odu "Otura Meyi" you always have to tell the truth, even if it is slow and weak, in the end it will always triumph.

To find the wealth of this Odu, you will have to sacrifice a rooster, a machete, clothes on, a bearing, a wood mallet, two jicoteas, a goat to Eshu and feed OLOKUN.

To avoid losing your money on a trip, you will have to sacrifice: a machete, a jicotea and a stake.

In an ordinary hearing, the consulted will be advised that he should offer to his ancestors: pounded yam, and a rooster to ESHU.

This Odu predicts that the Babalawos should not use the art of divination to seek personal wealth, as death will come between them and the pursuit of it. It also describes that the person who throws a Babalawo from his house puts himself in danger.

When Otura Meyi appears for a woman, she should be advised not to be curious, because this will bring her death, she must offer in sacrifice a clay pot, white cloth, two white chickens, in the center of the forest.

For a person who wants to start a new business, related to agriculture, he will have to sacrifice different crushed yams, brandy, palm oil and a rooster to Egun at the foot of a leafy tree.

This sign of Ifa portends difficulties and obstacles, to avoid them, you must offer at the foot of a hill or large rock a sacrifice that consists of: a hutía to Ifá, a rooster to Eshu and money, and deposit the animals in the place.

Prayer of the Odu Baba Otura Meji:


Suyère Oddun Otura Meji:


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Ebbo of the Odu Otura Meyi Ifa:

Otura Meji's work for sick change head.

A lot of husks, a white handkerchief, the person's hair, a piece of white cloth, two white chickens, six snails (dilogunes), a ball of mud, a lot of money.

The mud ball is molded with the figure of a human head of a man or woman or child, depending on the case, the hair and the 6 snails are placed on it, with eyes, nose, mouth and ears; it is placed on the white cloth and the two white chickens are given to it, calling Opariko, it is covered with feathers and it is covered with the same white cloth, throwing the four points over it.

OTURA MEJI is painted on a small wooden board, covered with scale and made a pathetic one and placed under the head of the patient's bed on the days that Ifá marks. The bodies of the chickens are roasted and taken to the cemetery.

Ebbo of the sign Otura Meyi to solve situations:

Eshu gets a gourd with Sara-Ekó, one a SHANGO and one behind the front door.

You take a clay pot, open 9 holes, paint it white (shell) and cast seven stones, 7 heads (they wonder what they are), a hand of Ikinis and plant a Ceiba bush.

At the foot of a banana plant, a machete, beef meat is placed, and Eguns (spiritual guide, spiritual protections and deceased relatives) are called and given 3 doves.

SHANGO is put in the middle of the patio and given a jicotea and a rooster. She takes a jicotea and puts chicken foot grass and atiponlá in her mouth, but first a squiggle is put in her mouth to enrage her and she bites it and thus releases the ashé and with that an Inshé-Osanyin is mounted.

Tips from the oddun of Ifa Otura Meyi:

Otura Meji is a short-lived Ifá. He must be doing Ebo. It must be sacrificed to Earth. This Odu marks carelessness and abandonment in relation to everything about the person. Here the supper of Christ took place, as it represents an Ifá of Betrayal.

This was when people wandered aimlessly, those of Heaven went down and those of Earth went up, until SHANGO arrived and put the stop and all those who grabbed it up there, they stayed there and those who surprised them down, here they stayed . It goes down and up, those who come and go and those who come and go. Talk about the oscillation of day and night.

By this Odu "Otura Meyi" one should receive OLOKUN and ODUDUWA.

This was where the Allah-Imolé tribe did not believe in the Saints, they only worshiped the Sun (Olorun), the Earth (Aiyé), and Egun (their deceased).

Here the secrets of the roots and branches of the trees were born. Primitive civilizations were born. This Ifá marks: "The passage of humanity on Earth."

Here knowledge was born and intelligence is captured through brain neurons. This was where man dominated the other animals and they had to accept him as king of creation, that is why this Odu is called: »Father of life».

Brand: That OBATALA never leaves her children without food.

This Odu for Ikú: The person does not get rid of death and if it is due to disobedience, he dies even faster.

Here the body walks without a soul. If SHANGO swears to save him, it is how only the person is saved. This Odu indicates the purity of the woman. High place on Earth. The anger of men. The sacrifice of living among beasts. Dead of illness. Travel earnings.

Meaning of the Odu of Ifa Otura Meji

This Odu implies peace of mind and freedom from all anxiety. The children of this Ifá, are gentle and moderate in character. He is an Odu of successes in business and relationships. Business will be buy and sell. It is important to appease Eshu constantly because he can be betrayed.

The children of this Odu must learn how to use time to rest and not dissipate energy in activities that can lead to a physical or nervous breakdown.

Whoever guesses this Odu; Ifá says that the client has many enemies that can turn him into a reckless person, reaching poverty, not having a wife, or family relationships. It is recommended that you make as soon as you can, sacrifice to OGUN, YEMAJA, and IFA, so that you can defeat your enemies, be able to have a wife and children.

This Odu is male, son of Añashé and Tené. The day of the week: Akoke (Thursday. Ruling planet: Erin (Jupiter) Metal: Tin. Dress color: red.

This Ifá represents half of the enemy's body. It means: Renaissance. Indicates the idea of ​​disunity. Captivity is on Earth and happiness is in Ará-Onú (Heaven).

The person governed by this sign of Ifa talks too much, as a consequence brings him many enemies and gets into trouble.

Here were born the human races, blindness, begging (condition or state of beggar), the diputa, equality, fraternity, artillery, the rifle, lead, songbirds, legumes, mameyes, the paraban, the Haussa people, mastoiditis (inflammation of the mastoid processes of the temporal bone), the parasympathetic (autonomic nervous system constituted by the cranial part, of which the vagus is the most notable portion and the spinal part: sympathetic fibers of the dorsal roots of the spinal cord and its nuclei, between the anterior horn and the gelatinous substance), the noise or roar of the sea, the dressing of humans, the squirrel.

In this oddun of Ifa all the colors speak, preferably blue and white. Here you should wear a white cap and in the center of it a yellow sun.


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Ifa Otura Meji Odu Treatise

These are the words or what the sentence means.


This is the Ifá with which ORUNMILA caught the Imalé when he came down from Heaven by the chain to steal, and what he could not eat or take, he destroyed it and then went back up to Heaven, by the same chain.

Here OBATALA went out for a walk and the Loma blocked his path and ORUNMILA made him Ebbo and freed him from that difficulty. That is why in this Odu you have to become Ebó, to open the roads. Here Eshu is put two blades, for two lots that belongs to him.

For Otura Meyi, you don't do any religion in the company of anyone, because you lose, because those will compete with you later. It also prohibits having monkeys in the house.

Here ORUNMILA was persecuted by his enemies. In this Odu the whites had Ifa before the blacks and they threw it out for losing a war.

Here it is fed on the roof of the house (Babawa), with a Sara-Ekó gourd, husk and prodigious grass, covered with red cloth, after seven days it is thrown away.

Here the person will find a fortune that will bring him a problem of justice and will remain a thief.

You must also beware of theft. Here you are forbidden to put your hands on your head. He will take care of the candle. You will not be able to keep anything from anyone in your home, to avoid problems of justice.

Here SHANGO is like the real father. Disobedience is paid for with death. ORISHAOKO must be received.

Here the Apó was born, the bag that the Awoses use to travel. The Nangareo that is performed before making an Itá was also born.

NANGAREO: SHANGO discovered the Nangareo in OTURA MEYI in the Imalé land and made it known in the Yoruba religion in the Odu ODI MEJI. This consists of giving an account to the highest deities of the Universe. Within these supreme Deities is EGUN, that is why that day Obi Omi Tuto is not given to EGUN, because he is realizing it. Nangareo is performed when there is an Itá, giving it Obi Omi Tuto. Its preparation is: Ingredients: A large gourd with Sarao-Ekó, cooked corn flour, sugar, honey, brandy, evergreen leaves, cocoa butter. See diagram at the end.

The Ifá of the Awó OTURA MEJI carries 8 stones in each hand, which in total are 16 stones. The Awó who has this sign should not do Ifa to white men.

Odu Otura Meji Ifa Code of Ethics:

With respect and the mind, the enemy is defeated.

Otura Meyi Ifa Traditional Nigerian


Ajósíkí Awo Ìmònràn
A day fún Òrúnmìlà
Ifá or jolórí abomolè nífè
Wón ní ó saca káalè ó jàre
Ebo did not know
Òrúnmìlà gbébo nbè
Ó rubo
Ajòsíkí mòmò give ò
Awo Ìmònran
Òrúnmìlà ló je Olórí abomolè nífè.
Ifá wants this person to be well. He will become a recognized person. He will also become a leader of some place.
Ajósíkí Awo Ìmònràn
He made divination for Òrúnmìlà
When únrúnmìlà would become the leader of the group of ritual observers in Ifè
They advised him to take care of the earth
And make the sacrifice
Òrúnmìlà heard about the sacrifice
And he did it
Ajòsíkí is here
The Priest of Knowledge
Òrúnmìlà became the leader of the group of ritual observers in Ifè.

Pataki of the sign of Ifa Otura Meji:


OTURA MEYI is about how youth and old age had a certain kind of authority. Traditionally the antiquity of age was the test of wisdom and authority, a young person was not allowed to intervene when older people were talking.

OTURA MEJI told us how the tradition changed, to allow young people to dispute the position and influence of older people. He told us that when youth and old age went to ask OLODUMARE for power and authority, they went to consult with three Ifa priests named:

Otin Lotin Ejo Obilobi uwa Emulemu ara jonjo.
Loon adifafun omode Ipako.
Abufun agbalagba Ipako.
Soft and sweet drink
noble kola nut
Alcoholic beverage.

They advised the two of them to make an offering to return to Heaven.

When they arrived, OLODUMARE told them to return after seven days with two hundred and one deer each. This happened before Eshu closed the route from heaven to Earth. At this time it was still possible to come and go from Heaven to Earth. The elders had no difficulty gathering the two hundred and a few deer. The young man was only able to gather fifty.

On the appointed day they left separately for Heaven. On the trip, the young man caught up with the old man on the way and offered to help him carry the deer load, the old man thanked the gesture, then the young man told the old man that he could not go at his slow pace, for that reason , the young man advanced with a faster step but promised to wait for the old man. At the gate of Heaven the young man advanced quickly and arrived soon.

Before entering Heaven, the young man tied his fifty deer with the old man's two hundred and one deer, in a single package, and left for the Divine Palace of OLODUMARE.

Upon arriving at the Palace, he handed over the two hundred and fifty one deer as if it were his own prize to procure greater authority. Still, OLODUMARE told him to wait for the old man to come.

When the old man later arrived, he thanked the young man for helping him carry his package and wait for him, but when he asked the young man for his share, he denied even lightening the burden, insisting that the entire package belonged to him. In fact, he accused the old man of intent to steal his package. The resulting argument attracted the intervention of OLODUMARE, who asked how much each had brought. The young man explained that he had left his house with the two hundred and fifty one deer and the snails, so OLODUMARE determined that the snails and deer belonged to the younger man and gave him the power and authority.

The incident demonstrates the reason why to this day the young man can seize power, and take the reins from the hands of his elders in various human communities. Before, there was an adult being, of legal age, to aspire to occupy a high position in power. For this reason, young people currently have participation in the government, since they wrest power from their elders.

This is not the situation in Heaven, where the elders still enjoy hegemony.

Note: When it is revealed in the OTURA MEYI consultation, the person should be advised that if they are going on a trip, do not allow anyone to carry their bag, because they are in danger of losing it.

The three men, the white, the Chinese and the black, who went to ORUNMILA's house.

There were three men, who went to ORUNMILA's house and in Osode this Ifá came out and EBO marked them (the one indicated above) so that they could take charges without each losing their validity.

After the EBO, ORUNMILA buried the pig; the ram put it inside the drawer and covered it. He filled the three bottles with a liquid and capped them. He gave the three men the crate and a bottle each and told them: They have to go through three different lands and they cannot take the contents of the bottles, because they have to deliver them to OLOFIN.

Of those three men, one was white, one black, and the other Chinese, and they dated the EBO. The white man had the black man carry the drawer and the Chinese man to help him. He was behind them, with the three bottles.

Shortly after walking, the black man got tired and dropped the box in the middle of the road. The Chinese refused to carry it alone, so the white man helped him, then the black man took the three bottles.

When a land was missing to get to OLOFIN's house, the black man opened one of the bottles and took from it. The Chinese, seeing it, did the same. The white man told them: They shouldn't have done that, because ORUNMILA forbade us to drink from them and I'm not going to drink.

When they arrived at OLOFIN's house, they were met by the doorman Eshu ONIBODE AYALONU, who received the Ebó and took it to OLOFIN. Shortly afterwards, they called Eshu ONIBODE AYALONU from OLOFIN's house and told him: -This is not complete and, for lack of compliance, they will be punished.

Then they were put last in the queue of those who went to see OLOFIN.

The white man protested, claiming that he had not taken from the bottle and that he had loaded the heavy drawer a good stretch, helping the Chinese. ONIBODE replied: You became the leader of the group and, even if you did not drink from the bottle, you allowed the others to do so, so the Ebó did not reach Heaven completely.

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