Oyekun Ogunda sign: Meaning, tips, sayings, patakies and more

Oyekun Ogunda

Oyekun Ogunda, is the combination between the Elder Odu Oyeku and Ogunda, in the genealogical order of Ifa occupies position 39. This Sign is born the spirituality of Ifa and the spirit of Orunmila Orunmila. He recommends us to be cautious in the relationship with the Elders since this sign speaks about how they can hinder our path.

The same witchcraft that they do to us will be for our benefit. Ifá advises this person that he must offer sacrifice in order to have a pleasant life. He should be careful what he says as people will not follow any bad speech, fooling themselves. Ifá advises you to mend your ties with your larger family. He should behave well within the family community so that people do not blame him for destroying their family.

What is born in the Odu Oyekun Ogunda?

  • Chewing coconut and 4 guinea pepper and blowing it to the 4 points of the Osanyin casserole, when preparing Osanyin omiero.
  • The mensu.
  • Greed. 
  • Orúnmila's spirituality.

What is the sign Oyekun Ogunda talking about?

  • Here: You can't leave the safe for the doubtful. Orúnmila leaves the house.
  • In this Ifá, Nanu, always eats with Orúnmila and Oshún.
  • Ikofafun is given a piece of wild cane.
  • The Awó puts a hand of dilogunes in a box in front of his Orúnmila.

The sign of Ifa Oyekun Ogunda points out:

  • Oshún wears a gold hatchet, three adams and a mask on his palette.
  • Orúnmila made Ebó to the people of Ife so that the slaughter in that land would end. 

Sayings of Oyekun Ogunda:

  • Hearing that hears all languages, the head is upset.
  • Don't leave the safe for the doubtful.
  • There are Father loves that kill.
  • Looks are deceiving.
  • To be suspicious is to be cautious.
saying oyekun ogunda

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Meaning of the odu Oyekun Ogunda (Tekunda):

  • In the Oddun Oyekun Ogunda, the spirituality of Ifá was born. It is the spirit of Orúnmila personified. His Tonti Abure Ogunda Yekun is the material personification.
  • This Odu is spiritual.
  • Here appearances can be deceiving. "The dog and the Gandinga". Do not leave the safe for the doubtful. He tells the Awó not to go anywhere leaving his own, because he loses.
  • This Ifá predicts to the Awó that Orúnmila has left his house and, in order for him to return, that a rooster is given to Eshu and two black hens to Orúnmila, and that he does Ebó.
  • The herb of this Odu: The wonder.
  • In the Ebó a Gandinga should not be missing.
  • The mensú was born: The loaded jar of the mayomberos.
  • Here Oshún is given two chickens and they are taken to the river raw or cooked, as determined.
  • A gold chain is used with a gold hatchet, for Iré Umbo.
  • Eshu is given a washed mirror in Omiero and from the back, he is fed 2 day old chicks with Eshu.

Oddun Oyekun Ogunda Recommendations:

  • Here Orúnmila made Ebó to the people of Ife with: rooster, goat and doves, so that the slaughter in that land would end.
  • For this Ifá, you cannot be greedy. With the same witchcraft of the enemy, it is conquered.
  • Awó Oyekun Ogunda has three enemies who want to destroy him out of envy.
  • This Ifá speaks of stomach or intestinal disease. In women, they get sick from the lower abdomen and can empty it. Beware of pelvic inflammations or discharge. Here, the protective Egun is put custard at the foot of a dry tree, brandy, coffee, tobacco, flowers, etc.
  • For an upset you lose your serenity and you can lose. You have to be suspicious, organize and avoid aggression. He is sent to move to get rid of enemies.
  • This Ifá marks that one must sleep with Idefá. Ifá of astral and spiritual problems.
  • Oyekun Ogunda recommends, being the son of Yemajá or Oshún, to stabilize yourself, it is to live far from your family, because they will never leave you alone.

Oyekun Ogunda in Ire

Here you have to be careful with your elders, both blood and religious, because they will never let you have stability in any basis of your life, because they will never leave you alone.

For this Ifá, Oshún is given a canistel. Here was born chewing a piece of coconut with 4 guinea peppers and blowing at the 4 cardinal points of the Osanyin casserole when making Osanyin Omiero. The Awó of
This sign will always have to have guinea pepper in its pockets, to put it in everything it eats, when it is not a trustworthy place, because they want to poison it.

The atare "guinea pepper" thwarts any witchcraft that they give to the Awó.

For this Ifá Oyekun Ogunda, rice pudding is put to Obatalá.

This Ifá speaks of poisoning.

Ifa Oyekun Tekunda Sign Tips:

  • Here an Inshe Osanyin is prepared with a little mirror.
  • Orúnmila is given a little mirror and a piece of wild cane. In this work, the mirror represents the river water, where by reflection the dog lost the ganding it he was wearing.
  • Take beef bone marrow broth, with peony leaves. You don't eat spicy or drink dry wine. On an empty stomach, a glass of brandy is taken to stimulate.
  • Here you go to the foot of a wild cane bush, you take the tip of a branch and you go milling; it is held in the navel and luck asking Nanu, Olofin, Oshún and Orúnmila, to remove the bad. It is Ifá de Nanu, who always eats with Oshún and Orúnmila.
  • Ikofafun is given a piece of wild cane.
  • For this Ifá Oyekun Ogunda, a hand of Dilogunes is placed in a small box in front of the Ifá del Awó. Ebo is made with rooster and two hollow sticks.
  • The Oshún of the Awó or the woman with Ikofafun of this Odu, wears a golden hatchet, three adams and a mask on the palette.
  • Here, if they send him to look for the field, it is his luck.
  • You cannot be satisfied, it is not something that loses everything. Oshún is put on a comb or comb, with five corals. You forget things. Your enemy is within your own home.
  • Here Orúnmila gave Oshún a Golden Ax, so that he would no longer have to go to the mountains to cut and carry firewood.

Herbs (Ewe) of Oyekun Tekunda:

Jobo, Cayenne, Chicken Leg, Aroma, Jara Jara.

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Says Ifa odu Oyekun Ogunda

Be careful with the police, you will not have to run or hide with what you have. Don't be greedy, because out of ambition you can lose your life; The best that you can lose everything. Do not leave it true for the doubtful. They will send you to find a place that suits you, but three people will tell you not to go because it is the worst; don't listen to him because his luck is there; Those three people are their enemies and they don't want you to be okay.

You have to find a woman who is your happiness. Be careful with slander. You must be
suspicious, you have to organize and avoid aggression.-If you are a woman, you have a tragedy for men because there is never a marriage agreement.-Move from where you live so that you are free from your enemies.-When you become a
Human, everyone will mistreat her and she can go crazy.

You have spiritual and astral problems.-Be careful with stomach and intestinal diseases and, if you are a woman, problems with the lower abdomen and they can empty you.

Your enemy is inside your own home. Be careful with your parents or godparents, as they can resolve jealousy and you will not have marital stability. I pray a lot to Nanu, Olofin and Oshún.

Put a piece of cane brandy in Orúnmila and a box with a hand of dilogunes.

Prayer of the Oddun Oyekun Tekunda (Ogunda):


Suyere of the Odu Oyekun Ogunda:


Oyekun Ogunda's Ebbo:

Work (ebbo) for Orunmila to return

A rooster will be given to Eshu and 2 black hens to Orúnmila, and Ebó will be made.
Note: The Eboses of this Odu Oyekun Tekunda cannot lack a piece of gandinga.

For Oshún by the sign Oyekun Ogunda:

He is given two Carmelite chickens and they are taken to the river raw or cooked, as requested. A gold hatchet is put on it, a comb with five corals.

Ebbo of the oddun Oyekun Tekunda with Eshu:

A mirror and a piece of wild cane are put on it.

Oyekun Ogunda's work to solve stomach problems:

He goes to the foot of a wild cane bush, he takes the tip of a branch and it goes arrowing, and he holds it in the navel and releases it, asking Nanu, Olofin, Oshún and Orúnmila to remove everything bad.

Oyekun Ogunda sign in dilogun:

Oyekun silly Ogunda 2-3.

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Pataki of the sign Oyekun Ogunda (Oyekun Tekunda):

The three enemies of Orunmila.

On this path, Olofin sent for Orúnmila to go to the Land of Ife, because there were many dead and he wanted to see what could be done to avoid this.

When Orúnmila left his house to go to the Ife Land, he found the goat who told him not to go, because he had heard a bad conversation about him.

Orúnmila listened to him without interrupting him but did not pay attention to what he was saying and continued walking. Shortly after walking he found the rooster on the road, which also told him not to go to the Land of Ife, as they were preparing a trap to take him in. Orúnmila, once again, listened patiently but paid no attention and continued on his way. Arriving at the outskirts of town, Orúnmila met the dove, who told him no
went to the Land of Ife, who were waiting to kill him.

Orúnmila, hearing this, was scared and fled to hide in the mountains. Once in it, he found a hollow tree and hid there. Days passed and it had been 7 days since people were looking for Orúnmila, when he, from his
hiding, he saw a woman in condition heading towards her shelter.

This was Oshún, who was called Totoshiwei. Oshún was a firewood seller and when she saw the dry tree, she thought it would be easy to knock down, so, getting ready, she charged it with her ax. But when he struck the first ax,
heard me sing:

Oshún stood still, listening to the song, wondering who it would be. And when he struck the second ax, he heard him sing again:


Then Oshún said to himself: -That's Orúnmila, and when he looked inside the tree, he saw him, asking him what he was doing there, to which Orúnmila replied that he was hiding because they had told him they were going to kill him. Oshún, upon hearing this, said to him: No, sir, the people are very sad because they don't see you. And he gave the man in hiding all the food he was carrying, asking him to wait, that she would return immediately.

Thus, Oshún left the mountain and went to the King's house, informing him that he had found Orúnmila. The King said: "If what you say is true, I will give you all the riches you want." Oshún, hearing the King's words, set out towards where Orúnmila was hiding. Upon reaching him, he told him what the King had said and together they returned to the Palace.

When the King saw Orúnmila before him, he asked him: "Why haven't you obeyed Olofin's command?" Orúnmila, before answering, paused, telling the King that, for him to answer that question, he would send for the goat, the rooster and the dove.

When they were in the presence of Orúnmila and the King, then he said: he said: -They are the ones to blame for my not coming in due time and form. The goat told me that they were waiting for me to cast witchcraft on me (ogú); the rooster told me that there was a trap and the pigeon that they were going to kill me. That's why I got scared and hid. From now on, you will not be used for anything other than to make Ebó; Orúnmila sentenced, addressing the liars.

Orúnmila gave Oshún a golden ax. She put on her three long ardanse and the three masks of Orúnmila's three enemies, and he stayed with Oshún, the wealth and the servants, saving the people of Ife with the Ebó.

The fight for Love or a passion.

history of odu Oyekun Ogunda

On this path, once upon a time, a Princess lived in a Palace with her parents, and the Father was a Great Osainist and did a witchcraft work for her in a mirror, as he was in love with her.

This caused the Princess to lack of tranquility and she lost the notion because when her mind cleared a little, no matter how hard she searched for her truth, she could not find it and lost it by seeing herself in the mirror.

The father of this maiden had sexual relations (ofikale trupon) with her at night, because the work he did with Osanyin, when it most upset her was at night, because Osanyin did not leave her alone at that time.

Said Princess was always walking through the palace gardens, and she had a dark dead man (burukú), who was a mad spirit, who twisted her stomach, because her belly was tied and when she was left in a state, she aborted the fetuses.

The mother of said Princess was also a Grand Witch and every time her daughter got engaged, none of them suited her and she did witchcraft, because she did not want to see her happy, since she had never been, and wanted to see her sadness reflected in her daughter.

Once the Princess dreamed that Oshún asked her for the mirror and the comb, which she did not know what to do. On her walks through the gardens she met an old man, who was Awó and she told him her dream, to which he told her: - «I have to register you», leaving this Ifá Oyeku Tekunda. The old man telling her that it was true what she had dreamed of because witchcraft was in the mirror.

And he had to make a Paraldo and get away from his family. The Princess did everything the old man told her to do. He performed the Paraldo and left the Castle for another place and began to feel good and stabilized with a man and made Santo and had several children.

Note: In this way the person must live far from his family, because they will never leave him alone.

Oyekun Ogunda Ifa Traditional Nigerian


Ìtò ògànjó níí múlè so kùtùkùtù
A day fún Òyè
Òyè tíí sègbón Ojóòmódá
Inú òún dùn layé?
Èmí or úún gun?
Ó daa fún òun?
Won ni ayé or ye é
Wón ní gìrìpá òrúko lebo
Wón ní won n dábàá ti ò dáa lórí è
Won niro ni
Wón ní àbá náà ò níí se lórí è
Wón ní kó rbo
Ó bá rbo
Ó ní Ìtò ògànjó níí múlè so kùtùkùtù
A day fún Òyè
Òyè tíí sègbón Ojóòmódá
Wón ní ó saca káalè
kó jàre kó suet
ó gbébo nbè
Ó rubo
Ojo ti mo dá ò pé o
Nígí or móo kànrun
Ojo ti mo dá ò pé láíláí
Nigí or móo kànrun
Igi ò níí le kànrun láíláí.

Ifá says in Oyeku Ogunda that this person will have a long life. No harm will happen to him, but he must make the sacrifice.
It is the midnight urine that produces large bubbles on the ground

He was the one who made divination for Òyè
Òyè, Ojóòmódá's brother
Will I be happy in life?
Will I have a long life?
Will all my things be okay?
They said, 'Life will be alright with you'
They told him that a matured goat is the sacrifice
Some people conspire against you
They assured him that they will not harm him
Your plans will never materialize
But you shouldn't forget the sacrifice
He then performed the sacrifice
He said, It's the midnight urine that makes big bubbles on the ground
He was the one who made divination for Òyè
Òyè, Ojóòmódá's brother
They advised him to take care of the earth
He must make the sacrifice
He heard about the sacrifice
And he did it
The day that I have foreordained has not yet come
It's the way the trees try to touch the sky
The day that I have foreordained has not yet come
It's the way the trees try to touch the sky
No tree can ever touch the sky.

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