How to read the birth chart: Step-by-step guide

How to read the birth chart: Step-by-step guide

If you have ever wondered how astrology deciphers our personality, what destiny and the future holds for our relationships through the wisdom hidden within the birth chart, you are in the right place. This step-by-step guide will teach you the art and science necessary to read and interpret your own astrological chart, allowing you to discover the hidden wonders in your natal horoscope.


Although astrology has different currents, they all recognize the deep connection that exists between the universe and our planet, influencing the moment of an individual's birth according to the celestial positions of the Sun, the Moon and the planetary bodies in the celestial vault.

An astrological analysis, in a way, is like a psychological analysis, but distinguished by its reliance on an ancient method, which has prevailed without any alteration for millennia. Furthermore, it is a tool that helps us achieve greater self-understanding, facilitating the way we move through life, since it gives us clearer perspectives about ourselves and the context that surrounds us.

It is important to highlight that this method is not based on simple conjectures, but rather on a cosmic language that is related to the innate essence of the human condition, which is unique, regardless of the changes that affect civilizations and cultures. that populate our planet.

Therefore, the astrological chart appears as a celestial reflection which incorporates that invisible part of the cosmos that is below the horizon. Metaphorically, the central circle of this diagram symbolizes the Earth, the abode we share.

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Around us are the twelve zodiacal signs that form a circular band along the ecliptic, equitably dividing a space of thirty degrees each. In this space the planets move at different speeds, between one sign and another in uninterrupted trajectories.

In turn, the influence of the ascendant is evaluated, segmenting the horoscope into twelve areas, known as houses, which correspond to various areas of our daily lives. All of these elements allow for a thorough scrutiny of the astral configuration of each individual, identifying our potential or weaknesses during this transit on earth.

This knowledge allows us to decipher the right place in which our efforts will translate into successes more easily, or in which aspects we must develop patience and tolerance to successfully overcome the challenges, tensions and obstacles that come our way. .

However, it is essential to take into account that The stars influence, but they do not dictate. The final outcome is determined by our attitude and disposition toward life.

What is the birth chart?

What is the birth chart?

The astrological chart is also known as the natal chart or the natal horoscope. It is a graphic representation of the position of the planets, that is, a unique map of the sky at the exact moment of your birth, revealing an intimate mirror of the individual.

This tool, when explored and understood precisely, offers a path to self-knowledge. The mastery of his interpretation makes possible the discovery of himself, through deep reflection.

This method allows for a greater understanding of personal inclinations, virtues and vulnerabilities. The birth chart, in essence, becomes an ally in the journey of understanding who we are through rigorous self-analysis. That is why we offer this guide, which will take you through the essential steps to decipher and understand your own chart, revealing deep aspects of your personality, destiny and potential.

Step 1: Familiarize yourself with the basics

Before performing an interpretation, it is essential to understand the elements that make up an astrological chart and their meaning. Next, we will clarify the most common terms and elements:

Signs of the zodiac

Astral Chart: Zodiac Signs

There are 12 zodiac signs. These act as an expression of our inner energy, manifesting our characteristics through various action patterns. In essence, these signs constitute energetic patterns with different dynamics. They can be classified according to three approaches: polarities, qualities and elements.

Regarding polarities, the signs are divided into active and passive, establishing a fundamental balance. Therefore, of the 12 signs of the zodiac, 6 signs are active and 6 are passive, evoking a harmony similar to the yin and yang duality. In addition, there are four groups among them and each one vibrates in relation to an element (fire, air, earth and water), thus existing 3 signs of each element. Below, we identify each of them:

  • Aries: This fire element sign has a fiery and enthusiastic energy and embodies initiative. Aries is classified as a cardinal sign, it is synonymous with leadership and dynamism. The phrase that best represents them is "I AM."
  • Taurus: This sign is characterized by its strong connection with the earthly and tangible, prioritizing the sensory and physical pleasures. It represents a fixed energy and is an earth sign, with a passive disposition. Their motto is “I HAVE”.
  • Gemini: Communication is the hallmark of Gemini, being a sign that moves with agility and dexterity both on the manual and mental levels. It is an air sign, denoting a mental and flexible energy that adjusts to circumstances. It is classified as mutable and shows an active approach. His motto is "I THINK."
  • Cancer: His element is water, which marks his great emotionality and a cardinal focus on his personality. The archetype that best describes him is that of her mother, due to her marked struggle for her protection and leadership in the family environment. Her nature is passive, and her motto is "I FEEL."
  • Leo: Its fire element and its energy is fixed, which denotes its search for stability and consolidation in its actions. She is attracted to his recognition, leadership and strong ego. They are loyal, frank and protective people. Their motto is “I SHINE”.
  • Virgo: is an earth sign with a very pragmatic nature and a mutable disposition, which makes them adaptable to change. They stand out for their methodical approach, interest in practicality, and appreciation for cleanliness. They are passive people by nature and their motto is "I COLLABORATE OR I SERVE."
  • Libra: Its element is air. Libra is defined by its mental nature and is noted for its appreciation of beauty, art, and fairness. Justice is a fundamental value for them, since they have the ability to put themselves in someone else's shoes. It is classified as a cardinal sign and shows a passive disposition. Their motto is “I ACCOMPANY”.
  • Scorpio: Its element is water, but its nature is fixed, manifesting as a deep emotional well. It is characterized by its intensity and its ability to manage significant transformations. He is a skilled administrator and tends to be spiteful. Sexuality and death are topics that Scorpio understands and handles skillfully. His motto is "I DESIRE."
  • Sagittarius: Its element is fire, therefore it radiates enthusiasm and vitality. He is an active and adaptable personality, with a strong inclination towards freedom, expansive vision and independence. Optimistic by nature and sometimes display a taller stature, as astrological ascendant often influences physical appearance. Their motto is “I SEEK”.
  • Capricorn: of the earth element, Capricorn manifests itself in the world of responsibility. He embodies the energy of power, leadership, and hierarchy. His approach focuses on structure, order and organization. This sign is classified as cardinal and its motto is "I COMMAND."
  • Aquarium: Its element is air. Aquarius is rooted in the realm of ideas. His nature is fixed and often holds tightly to his beliefs. He stands out for his deep sense of human solidarity. As for intimate relationships, they do not find it so easy, as they tend to be detached and generous. Aquarius is an active sign and his motto is "I ALIVE."
  • Pisces: your element is water. Its energy is mutable and, in many ways, challenging to concretize, being highly emotional and prone to suffering. Pisces tends to imagine perfection in everything and is often inclined toward sacrifice. It is a highly intuitive energy connected to the unconscious. His motto is "I SUFFER."

The astrological houses

The birth chart is divided into 12 houses, each representing different areas of your life. A brief review of them is as follows:

  • First house / The Inner and Outer Self: here we explore who we are and who we are becoming, both internally and externally. This house represents our personality and our way of expressing ourselves to the world.
  • Second house / Financial Power: It focuses on the economic power of people, revealing their ability to manage themselves in the financial field. In this place, what we own and what we will own is revealed, including profits and debts.
  • Third house / Communication and Close Relationships: It is related to a person's ability to relate to their immediate environment. Here, it is revealed how we interact with people such as relatives, brothers, sisters and neighbors in everyday situations. It also connects to other forms of communication, such as short trips, new experiences and adventures, and our early years of education, influencing our communication style with others.
  • Fourth house / Family and Home: It symbolizes the places and people in which we feel comfortable and safe. It represents home, a space where we build roots. It is the refuge where we meet our loved ones, a sacred place for both us and those we love. Additionally, this house speaks of family history and the influences learned in the family environment.
  • Fifth house / Pleasure and Creativity: This house focuses on satisfaction and pleasure, both in procreation and raising children and in creative expression through art and culture. This house answers questions like: Do I enjoy this? and Does it make me feel good? In addition, it addresses romantic issues and love affairs. Here, the desire to take any type of risks, in the hope of obtaining greater pleasure, finds its place.
  • Sixth house / Health and Work: focuses on work, learning and health care. It examines how we perform at work, how we serve others, and how we care for our own health. It also talks about the image we project abroad, including hygiene.
  • Seventh house / Relationships and Associations: It encompasses all of a person's relationships, including spouses, business partners, and close friends. It also refers to possible known enemies and conflicts that may arise. In addition, it includes legal aspects such as contracts, judicial processes, divorces and disputes.
  • Eighth house / Sex and Transformations: It focuses on personal relationships and how to get the most out of them. In the intimate sphere, he talks about the sexual part, and is related to death and rebirth. This house also covers financial matters such as inheritances and assets acquired through marriage. It also talks about drastic changes and transformations in a person's life.
  • Ninth house / Philosophy and Knowledge: represents advanced education, university studies, philosophy, religion, law, teaching and publishing. Additionally, it addresses the impact of long travel, exposure to different cultures, and residence abroad on our knowledge. In essence, this house focuses on the search for the deep meaning of life and the understanding of existential truths.
  • Tenth House / Social Status and Career: It reflects our role in the community and our social position. It also relates to the reputation and fame we will achieve and our ability to manage them. Social issues, commercial activities and business are under its influence. The tenth house focuses on how we perceive ourselves socially and how the community views us in relation to our professional goals, ambitions and motivations. It also contemplates the relationship with the father, or the authority figure in the family.
  • Eleventh house / Friendships and Social Relationships: It represents friendships, not necessarily personal or intimate, and participation in clubs, institutions and meeting places. It also relates to humanitarian interests, aspirations and hopes in general. In addition, it covers non-blood relatives, such as adopted children or stepchildren. This house is linked to the ability to relate, as well as the love, support and benevolence we receive from others.
  • Twelfth house / The Subconscious and Limitations: It represents what is held in the subconscious, including secret enemies, mental limitations and negative thoughts. It also talks about hospitals, prisons and places of confinement, as well as suffering, loss and restrictions. It covers themes of deception, falsification, acting and everything that distorts reality. This house delves into what is hidden and repressed in our psychology.

Planets in astrology

Astral Chart: Planets

The planets in your birth chart symbolize different energies and aspects of your being. It should be noted that, in Astrology, ten celestial bodies are recognized as "planets", which include the eight that make up our solar system along with the Earth, in the company of the Sun and the Moon which, although they are not considered planets in the sense astronomical, astrology has called them that for centuries.

To astrologically understand the future and personality of an individual, the position of the stars in relation to the Earth is analyzed, specifically in the place of birth and at the exact moment of their arrival into the world. The planets that must be identified in the birth chart are the following:

  • Sun: It is our spirit. It is symbolized by a circle with a point in the center, which reflects our spiritual center. It is also a symbol of masculinity and in a woman's horoscope, it reveals the characteristics of the ideal man in her life.
  • Moon: It is the heart. It is traditionally represented as a crescent, and in astrology, it is visualized with two semicircles, which represent the duality of the psyche, the conscious and unconscious part. It also symbolizes the feminine, in general, and in a man's horoscope, shows the characteristics of the ideal woman in his life.
  • Mercury: perception through reasoning. It is represented as a semicircle resting on a circle, which in turn is on a cross. This symbol highlights the ability to analyze, discriminate, speak, write, discuss, learn, remember, reason and communicate. It also symbolizes basic communication to sustain any relationship.
  • Venus: perception through feelings. It is symbolized as a circle on a cross. This planet reflects a person's ability to balance, harmonize, unite and smooth rough edges. It includes both personal relationships and social interactions and has traditionally been called the Lesser Benefic.
  • Mars: the vitality. It has been symbolized in various ways throughout history. It is often represented as a circle (spirit) under a cross (matter) or with a slanted arrow symbolizing masculine energy. It is related to vitality, ambition, work and sexual drive. Its influence is neither constructive nor destructive in itself; It depends on how the individual uses the energy he generates.
  • Jupiter: the maturity. She is represented with a semicircle above and to the left of a cross. Symbolizing growth, maturity, the ability to carry out a growth process to achieve success and take advantage of the opportunities that arise. It is often called the Greater Benefic.
  • Saturn: self-discipline. It is represented by a semicircle below and to the right of a cross and symbolizes self-discipline. Saturn indicates the concentration necessary to achieve specific goals, as well as responsibility, a sense of duty, and laborious tasks that require patience. It represents the serious and thoughtful attitude of a person. Saturn also reflects the fears, sufferings, shortcomings and inhibitions that a person may experience. He is often called the Greater Maleficent.
  • Uranus: the dynamism. It is represented by two semicircles connected by a cross placed on a circle. Uranus cycles are related to changes in people's lives. It indicates the level of excitement, individualism, altruism, originality, rebellion and disinhibition of a person. It also signals the desire for freedom and sudden or drastic changes.
  • Neptune: the sensibility. It is represented with a semicircle on a cross. It reflects subtlety, idealism, artistic passion, spirituality, illusion, mystical experiences, religious and humanitarian feelings. It is also related to fantasy, illusion, self-destruction and despair. This planet is related to the mental capacity that a person has to evade reality, and to enjoy inspiration.
  • Pluto: the subconscious. He is represented by a cross that connects at the bottom to a circle and extends at the top into two facing semicircles. It symbolizes elimination and renewal, both psychologically and physically. This planet makes us aware of the existence of a problem and encourages us to address and solve it. It is closely related to vital issues that involve profound transformations and the elimination of obstacles.

Step 2: Identify key points in your letter

With a basic understanding of the signs, houses, and planets, it's time to identify essential points in your chart. The most outstanding ones to identify are:

  • The lunar nodes (north node and south node): The lunar nodes reveal what the person's karmic purpose is in this life. The north node indicates the path that must be followed, and the south node expresses the behavioral patterns that must be overcome. They are calculated according to the position of the Moon at the time of your birth.
  • Personal planets: In relation to the personal aspects of an individual, the planets that reveal the most information are: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Each of them influences different aspects of your life. Therefore, it is important to determine its position and aspects in each astrological chart to understand how they influence the characteristics that define a person and their experiences.
  • The planetary aspects: This refers to the angular relationships between the planets and sensitive points in your birth chart. These can be conjunctions (when two planets are close), oppositions (when they are on opposite sides), trines (120 degrees), squares (90 degrees), sextiles (60 degrees), among others. Aspects reveal how the planets communicate, how they influence your personality, destiny, and can indicate harmony or challenge in the planet's energy.
  • The elements and modalities: As explained above, the zodiac signs are divided into four elements (earth, water, fire and air) and three modalities (cardinal, fixed and mutable). The combination of elements and modalities in an astrological chart provides additional information about the personality and how its relationships with others develop. 

Your sun, moon and ascendant sign

The sun sign is identified by the position of the sun at the time of your birth and expresses your essence and general character. As for the moon sign, it reveals your emotions and your inner self.

Regarding the ascendant (or ascending sign), refers to the zodiac sign that was rising on the horizon at the time of your birth. This describes the way you present yourself to the world and in turn explains how others perceive you. To identify it, it is necessary to know the exact time and place of your birth, because it changes approximately every two hours.

The ascendant is located on the cusp of the first house of the birth chart and exerts a powerful influence, almost as strong as the signs of the Sun and the Moon. That is, while the sun sign represents the spirit and the moon sign the heart, the rising sign shows the external appearance and social image that an individual projects to the world.

Step 3: Interpret the position of the planets

At this point, we must already have the key factors identified, considering that each planet has its own symbolism and meaning in astrology, that is, they can be in their sign of regency, exaltation, fall or detriment. These dignities influence the expression and strength of the planet in the chart. For example, if Venus is in her rulership in Taurus and Libra, she gives a strong influence in these positions.

When one or more planets are retrograde in the birth chart, it indicates a more internal and reflective energy rather than direct expression. Retrogradation can point to areas of life where inner work is needed or may present a challenge.

Progressions and transits (the movements of the planets after birth) are also a factor of study, as well as the current position of the planets in the sky, since this helps to analyze how they influence the current and future life of a person.

Planets in the signs

The influence of the planets on each zodiac sign has particular characteristics, so it is necessary to study them individually. Next, we will observe how they intervene:

  • Influence of the Moon:

Moon Position in Aries: This disposition usually manifests itself in individuals full of enthusiasm and spontaneity, sometimes prone to irritability and temporary outbursts of anger, who stand out for their independence and rebellion, showing an innate inclination to resolve their issues on their own. They may show impatience and low tolerance for the slow pace of others, communicating without reservation. Their temperament tends to be fickle, this is because their actions are driven by their lack of patience for conformity or little discipline. These individuals are destined to seek popularity or notoriety and persist until they obtain positions that allow them authority over others. The mother figure plays a determining role in their lives, and they may feel an inclination towards the occult sciences.

Moon Position in Taurus: Characterized by its serenity and lack of impulsiveness, this lunar position reflects a persistent, determined personality focused on its goals. It describes people who are optimistic, ambitious and long to excel. They are very conservative, loyal to customs and show resistance to change and external influences. Despite their desire for stability, they also have the ability to form new friendships and want to acquire material possessions (money, property or land). They are mentally agile, but can be slow to make decisions due to their patience and level-headedness, although they can appear stubborn at times. These people tend to avoid excessive efforts.

Moon Position in Gemini: characterized by a great intellect and love of learning. This position favors reading and intellectual pursuits. These people are usually very active, both physically and mentally. They like change and can sometimes leave situations unresolved due to their lack of perseverance. They often move or own multiple residences, because they cannot tolerate staying in one place for a long time, surrounded by the same people and in the same occupation. They like to travel and enjoy the outdoors. Their natural restlessness leads them to change occupations frequently or maintain several simultaneously. They abhor routine and refuse to tolerate monotony in their work lives, which sometimes makes them impatient and lack persistence.

Moon Position in Cancer: Attracted by the simple life and family environment, she feels a strong affection for comfort and the presence of family, especially her mother's. These people have an affable and sociable character, standing out for their imagination, emotionality and mood changes. Their love for home sometimes leads them to an excess of domestic life, preferring to stay at home instead of doing other activities. They are protective, and show a pronounced maternal instinct, revealing a deep sensitivity. Furthermore, they show a remarkable ease in adapting to the systems or methods of others, sharing joys and sorrows with empathy. The disposition towards the psychic and the astral plane suggests that they may be given to mediumship.

Moon Position in Leo: These individuals often find their way into leadership positions or excel in various areas. They are ambitious souls who crave recognition and do not hesitate to take on public roles when given the opportunity. They can show a certain vanity, and are sensitive to flattery. They have an extroverted character and enjoy having their superiority recognized. In financial matters, they are honorable and generous, manifesting sincerity and a good heart. They become highly susceptible in sentimental matters, loving sincerely and being appreciated by the opposite sex. They prefer to be sought out as support and advisors, but they do not like to depend on others, and they assume their responsibilities diligently. The lunar position in Leo suggests a keen intuition and affinity for artistic pursuits such as music, poetry, and painting, as well as an inclination toward luxuries, perfumes, jewelry, and other pleasures.

Moon Position in Virgo: These people have mental abilities, which is why they excel in intellectual occupations. They have a good memory and a natural talent for learning easily, allowing them to tackle a wide range of occupations. They are reliable and efficient in their work, and form a community of friends, particularly of the female sex. They have a calm nature, but can sometimes show a certain lack of ambition or unconsciousness. They may prefer solitude and find it difficult to relax in the company of many people. They value order and tend to maintain personal routines and habits, although this quality sometimes makes them seem fussy and meticulous. They express their affections prudently and show caution in managing their finances.

Moon Position in Libra: Those influenced by this astral configuration are characterized by their penchant for popularity. They may show a great interest in music, writing, and the visual arts. In general, they are affectionate and kind. They have a high level of social etiquette and cultivate relationships easily, as they enjoy the company of others. Despite their usual friendliness, they can sometimes become reserved. Despite showing great mental acuity, his personality varies between cunning and gullibility. They seek harmony and feel distressed when they have to make important decisions. They tend to be influenced by the opinions of others. They value collaboration and thrive in collaborative environments.

Moon Position in Scorpio: They are individuals who possess a determined and self-confident nature, capable of facing challenges with determination. They are energetic and direct in their communication, have a positive attitude with a strong work ethic. They are somewhat conservative and resistant to external changes, which often leads them to show stubbornness. They enjoy the pleasures of life and are willing to cause significant changes in their environment to obtain them. At times, they can be irritable, short-tempered, and prone to revenge. They experience an intense attraction to the opposite sex, which can be difficult to deal with. They have keen intuition and a penchant for scrutinizing the nature and motivations of others, but they are equally adept at keeping their own secrets. His apparent calm is a strategy to protect his privacy. They are zealous and passionate, without reservation when it comes to expressing the truth, even if it is harsh.

Moon Position in Sagittarius: People under the influence of this lunar position tend to be energetic, restless and versatile, both physically and intellectually. They are lovers of sports or any activity that involves constant movement. They tend to change residences frequently and are constantly seeking to engage in multiple activities at once. They are usually kind and have a good sense of humor, showing a sincere and honest disposition. They are attracted to mysticism and the occult, and their intuition is awake and active, which can manifest itself in certain psychic abilities. They are optimistic and sincere, although sometimes they can speak without a filter, saying inappropriate things at inopportune times.

Moon Position in Capricorn: In this lunar position, people crave public recognition, whether for positive or negative reasons. They constantly seek fame and power, which can sometimes lead them to make enemies due to their personality and behavior, often even without their intention. They are very prudent individuals in relation to financial matters, characterized by their reasonableness and coldness. They can show some selfishness and sometimes act in a manipulative way. They can suffer difficulties in relationships with the opposite sex and are extremely loyal to their family. Despite their shyness, they are strong and determined. Although nice. They are also proud and ambitious, jealously guarding against revealing their true feelings.

Moon Position in Aquarius: They are people who feel a strong attraction to unusual, original, eccentric and novel themes. They long to belong to brotherhoods, secret societies or mystical groups. They are open beings with a humanitarian orientation, and they are friendly with anyone who shares their interests. They have good manners and take pleasure in making a positive impression on others. However, at times, they can be independent and unconventional. They are individuals who have great imagination, intuition and mental sensitivity. They are lovers of freedom and are characterized by their fun and original spirit, although they can also show traits of conceit and independence or be soft, compassionate and shy. They are always surrounded by friends and have a keen perception that leads them to analyze all types of situations.

Moon Position in Pisces: In this lunar position, people tend to be calm, solitary and easy to get along with, and with a particularly dreamy personality. They change their minds frequently and tend to be unconscious, so it is not advisable to depend on them, because they get discouraged easily, and their thoughts are constantly evolving. They like to immerse themselves in romantic and emotional novels, and music and reading easily awaken their feelings. They oscillate between excessive seriousness and a frequent tendency toward depression, sometimes lacking solid common sense. They do not have a marked interest in status, power, leadership or wealth.

  • The Influence of Mercury

Mercury in Aries: It refers to people with quick thinking, who tend to stand out as skilled speakers and writers. They respond quickly, are observant and enthusiastic, although sometimes prone to exaggeration and sarcasm. They have the gift of literary production, they write quickly and in quantity, showing a fertile, original and ingenious mind. They are direct in communication, but sometimes they need more reflection in their words. They also have a penchant for organization and short trips.

Mercury in Taurus: These are people who tend to be slow in making decisions, but are notoriously stubborn once they make up their minds. They value money and possessions, are patient and perseverant, especially when it comes to acquiring knowledge. They are not very fond of traveling, unless it is for financial reasons, representing others, or health-related. They are sociable, friendly, and enjoy religion and art, with a good memory and a generally friendly disposition.

Mercury in Gemini: These people are quick-minded and generally have remarkable intelligence, processing information quickly and being logical in their approach. They are lovers of travel, reading and studying, although often without a clear objective. They address multiple topics and can carry out two occupations or studies simultaneously or quickly switch between them. Bright and educated, but sometimes they lack patience with sentimental matters. They are versatile, but sometimes they lack firmness in their decisions.

Mercury in Cancer: These people are usually calm, charming and easy to get along with. Their mind is usually versatile, they capture a wide range of topics and acquire a comprehensive vision. Although they have a good memory, they can be slow in thinking and are not always alert. They are sensitive to movement and rhythm, whether physically through dance or athletics, or mentally through music and poetry. Furthermore, they have great intuition.

Mercury in Leo: They are very focused, have great willpower and a kind heart. They enjoy pleasures and are flexible with themselves. They have innate abilities to lead, manage and control others. Sometimes they spend too much time on mental occupations, neglecting other responsibilities. His words are often impactful and influential, especially in education. They are attracted to the theater, the stock market and artistic activities.

Mercury in Virgo: They are people with an active and receptive mind, they learn easily and show an affinity for science, philosophy and reading in general. They have an excellent memory and apply their knowledge in everyday life, often helping others. They are practical and helpful individuals. They can study a variety of subjects, but sometimes they may drop out. They usually travel for health reasons or to escape from routine, and sometimes they may resort to evasion through drugs.

Mercury in Libra: They are people who are attracted to studying, writing, reading and teaching in general. They prefer to work as a team because they place great value on human relationships, seeking harmony and justice. They are honest, balanced and suitable for professions such as law, the judiciary or conflict resolution. They also do well in counseling and occupations that require social skills, such as public relations or diplomacy.

Mercury in Scorpio: They are people with strong opinions and a concentrated and brilliant mind, they have very sharp insight and an important inventive capacity due to their great ingenuity. They can sometimes be stubborn and difficult to convince, showing enthusiasm and passion for the causes in which they participate. They have a lot of manual dexterity and are able to get into the minds and hearts of people, although they tend to be reserved about their own nature.

Mercury in Sagittarius: They are fair, generous and sincere people, with an inclination towards religion, among other great variety of disciplines. They are passionate and can carry out varied mental and physical activities. They enjoy a good education and tend to study several topics at once, showing interest in complex and challenging issues.

Mercury in Capricorn: They are diplomatic, subtle and profound people, with a very sharp and curious mind. They have an admirable capacity for concentration and memory, as well as a serious and, often, dry character. When they receive a good education, they are inclined towards deep and serious studies, or towards mysticism.

Mercury in Aquarius: They are people who have a strong intellect, a broad mind and tend to cultivate their mind in areas such as science, literature or religion. They are witty and original, and tend to stick to their opinions, therefore, they are not easily influenced. They have a great capacity for mental work and are open to new experiences. They do not travel for simple pleasure, but they have definite reasons for doing so.

Mercury in Pisces: They are fair, generous people, who enjoy good humor, but sometimes they can be too trusting of others. They have inclination and qualities for investigation and analysis, handling themselves subtly and with diplomacy. They are very skilled at clarifying mysteries and act prudently. They speak and write reflectively. They gain knowledge through their intuition, they are also discreet and good at keeping secrets, which often makes them appear shy.

  • The Influence of Venus

Venus in Aries: They are very passionate people and sometimes have difficulty controlling their feelings once they arise. They need to be loved and admired, which makes them influenced by those they are attracted to. They tend to be popular and have the ability to make friends easily. They tend to marry early and may be hasty in making marital decisions. They like to stand out and are very delicate with their appearance. In their search for affection, they can be competitive and vulnerable, in some cases they can become narcissistic.

Venus in Taurus: They are affectionate people, very faithful in love, although sometimes they can be rigid. They have a decisive attitude and are constant in their affections. This position of Venus can predict the approach of an imminent marriage, but also possible marital complications related to money or incompatibility problems. However, in cases where the feelings are deep, these problems do not usually manifest themselves.

Venus in Gemini: This position is favorable for marriage and social popularity. It may suggest that you are experiencing multiple romantic or marital relationships. The person may be interested in a partner who resides in distant places and tends to be fickle in love. Despite understanding love, they experience it less deeply, as their emotions are more influenced by the mind than by feelings. They usually have the need to experience freedom in their affections and may experience several love interests at the same time.

Venus in Cancer: They tend to maintain close ties with their parents, especially their mother. They have an inclination towards family life and are very emotional, affectionate and creative. But, it is important to consider that this position is not the most fortunate for marriage, because they often face significant differences with their partners. Marriage may be delayed due to belonging to different status or conditions, and one parent may influence the relationship. They tend to hide their vulnerability behind a balanced facade.

Venus in Leo: The person has a big heart, but changes affection easily. In love, they are very passionate, constant and loyal towards the person who inspires them. Probably, they will marry for love and suddenly. They tend to be popular and enjoy company and socializing. They prefer to live with others, they need to be with other people. They usually have a happy and prosperous marriage, especially with respect to raising their children. Furthermore, you could say that they are theatrical, which is why they like to show brilliant people by their side.

Venus in Virgo: In this position, there are generally delays or disappointments in love and marriage. These people are likely to marry someone from a different social stratum or be victims of criticism towards their partner. These types of situations can complicate the expression of your love. Marriage can often be delayed due to perceived imperfections in the other. It is also common for these people to stay single for longer. Their romantic relationships may arise through work connections, and they tend to connect emotionally through the mind rather than the heart.

Venus in Libra: They are people with a friendly, courteous manner, which contributes to their popularity. They have a love for poetry, music and fine arts. This position also favors love, friendship and marriage. They can earn income through partnerships and enjoy company and harmonious relationships. They experience intense feelings in marriage and friendly relationships and tend to be forgiving, without holding grudges. They radiate a sensual and attractive magnetism.

Venus in Scorpio: Those who are under the influence of this planet experience intense passions and a love for luxury and pleasures. Sometimes this can cause them to experience excessive freedom, showing aggressive manners and often a lack of restraint, which affects their morality in sexual matters. They feel strongly attracted to sex and this can lead them to face challenges in love or marriage, in addition to being exposed to disappointments, problems with affection, or it also portends the loss of a loved one. Regarding their relationships, they are possessive and absorbing, which can lead to conflict and jealousy.

Venus in Sagittarius: refers to individuals with a deep appreciation for beauty, poetry, painting and music. That is, they are romantic, with a refined nature, and a penchant for the beautiful side of life. In the love sphere, they are very intense, they are often attracted to more than one person, which shows that their feelings can be changeable. They are attracted to love affairs and have a high probability of getting married on more than one occasion or maintaining multiple relationships simultaneously. They greatly enjoy traveling, they love planning romantic journeys, and if they travel alone, it is common for them to experience romance during those journeys.

Venus in Capricorn: In this position, people usually have a wide network of friends and social relationships. Regarding marriage, it tends to be delayed because it is influenced by considerations related to age, economics, career or parental influences. Your spouse is likely older and in a stronger financial situation. It indicates that they are strongly attached to one of their parents, usually the father, which gives them benefits. Their love is loyal, reliable and constant, although they often do not show it openly.

Venus in Aquarius: Venus in Aquarius indicates that these people have a large number of friends and acquaintances, some of whom may be wealthier than themselves, which brings them financial benefits. They experience love relationships with age differences and this can cause them to be involved in intrigues and gossip. This position can speak of a marriage in adulthood or even in old age. Love and marriage can occur through unusual and unexpected events, such as sudden love relationships that can also break down in unpredictable ways. Additionally, it can refer to unions without marriage, often of a platonic nature.

Venus in Pisces: Venus in Pisces refers to people who experience a deep love for beauty and handsomeness. They love being in company and enjoy friendly relationships. They tend to be jovial and peaceful people, but sometimes indolent. They may marry or enter into multiple romantic relationships throughout their lives. Due to the emotional nature of this position, we speak of individuals vulnerable to rejection and indifference, which is why they sometimes hide their feelings and suffer romantic challenges in silence.

  • The Influence of Mars

Mars in Aries: In this position the energy of Mars is strong, promoting vitality, decision making, determination and an entrepreneurial spirit. It refers to independent and sincere people. Their enthusiasm can lead them to risky situations and accidents, because they are not afraid to face challenges, they have an energetic life.

Mars in Taurus: People with Mars in Taurus are firm and focused on their goals, which allows them to overcome obstacles with tenacity. They stand out for their perseverance and determination, which helps them achieve success, and they can be stubborn and possessive. They possess courage, and sometimes become greedy and materialistic. Their approach can range from aggressive to generous, depending on the moment.

Mars in Gemini: These people are quick of mind and speech, although they often lack tact. Their conversation can be abrupt, they also tend to be combative and mentally possessive. It is important that they learn to manage their energy to avoid dispersing and keep their promises. Your biggest challenge is maintaining focus and consistency in your actions.

Mars in Cancer: refers to people with an uncertain emotional disposition, these people can become irritable and resentful under pressure. You may experience outbursts of anger and have a tendency toward sensuality and luxury. They usually hide their emotions, which can be related to difficulties that have been carried over from childhood or to problems with parents. He has a lot of faith in life. Serenity is key to achieving your goals.

Mars in Leo: People with Mars in Leo are generous, sincere and independent. They are characterized by being enthusiastic, very active and working hard, but sometimes their behavior can become aggressive, generating conflicts and enmities. In love, they tend to be very passionate and often impulsive, which can lead to unbridled emotions.

Mars in Virgo: The influence of Mars in this position means that the person is energetic and ambitious, although he does not usually stand out as a leader. They are ambitious and desire fame and power, but they are disciplined and usually follow their goals silently and secretly. Their obsession with details can cause them to be cold in their reactions. The position of Mars in Virgo restricts his physical instincts.

Mars in Libra: The position of Mars in Libra makes these people experience passionate and fast loves, because they are impulsive in love and may face difficulties due to harmful relationships or the influence of their spouse and third parties. This position can generate criticism, rivalries and opposition. Love is a challenge for them, but they must learn that love can overcome any obstacle.

Mars in Scorpio: speaks of a firm will and great determination, these people are very practical, but they can be selfish and proud. They have strong sexual power and can be possessive. Although they may face health challenges in the early years, their health tends to improve over time.

Mars in Sagittarius: lPeople with Mars in Sagittarius enjoy an active and brave mind. They tend to be independent, optimistic and ambitious. They prefer to seek adventure rather than accept responsibilities. They are frank in conversation and very generous, but their impulsive nature can lead them to use harsh words. They like fair play and clarity in their actions.

Mars in Capricorn: This position of Mars gives energy and ambition, driving people to stand out and acquire authority. However, they can become irritable and passionate in some situations. Their strong energy can lead them to overload themselves with responsibilities. Their biggest problem is that if their ambitions are thwarted, they can become aggressive and resentful.

Mars in Aquarius: In this position, people are impulsive and direct in their communication, but their alert and quick mind allows them to excel in difficult situations. They have strong opinions and are rarely influenced. They are fighters for social causes and like to inspire others. They must learn to thrive, be patient, and focus their energy constructively.

Mars in Pisces: The energy of Mars in this position can be diffuse, attracting confusion and inconsistency into the person's life. It talks about individuals who are emotionally sensitive and may experience mental health problems if they suppress their emotions. They often need periods of rest and solitude to recharge their batteries. Your emotional sensitivity tends to affect your confidence and determination. They may also have difficulties in matters related to sensuality and fall into addictions.

  • The influence of the Ascendant
Natal Chart: Ascendant

The influence of the Ascendant is especially related to the appearance and the way in which one presents oneself to the outside world.

Aries Ascendant: talks about ambitious people. They have a great desire to progress in their careers and social lives. They do not miss opportunities and face obstacles firmly. They often express what they think with enthusiasm and energy. They show an entrepreneurial attitude, thirst for knowledge and intellectual abilities. They are lovers of debate and conversation. They are always willing to lead.

Taurus Ascendant: speaks about an inclination towards diplomacy, discretion and perseverance. These people do not rush or act rashly, preferring a solid and resilient approach rather than rapid expansion. They are practical, determined, persistent and firm in their convictions. They tend to have strong likes and dislikes. They also tend to maintain prejudices and distrust. They are not expressive people, therefore, they keep their personal ambitions silent, acting with determination and perseverance. They are lovers of comfort and can seem a little selfish.

Gemini Ascendant: refers to friendly, accommodating, intellectual and expressive individuals. At times, they can be scattered, which can hinder their destiny if they cannot overcome it. Your progress throughout life is related to education and intellectual achievements. They are curious people and eager to learn; They show an intelligence with an inventive capacity that can be used constructively or not, depending on the astrological configuration. The duality of this sign can lead them to be both students and scholars.

Cancer Ascendant: reveals an inclination towards imagination, sensitivity and tenacity. Their destiny is usually influenced by family ties, domestic interests and emotional relationships. That is, it is subject to the environment and the environment in which they develop. They generally tend to be somewhat shy, reserved, and distrustful, which can lead to brooding behaviors and an overly cautious nature. However, they also have a great ability to experience and understand a wide range of emotions, making them sensitive and emotional. They often act with caution and resistance.

Leo Ascendant: They are people who have a bold, sincere, generous and ambitious attitude. Typically, their destiny unfolds quickly and eventfully due to their desire for power and organizational skills. Sometimes, they have problems because they can be impulsive and passionate, although they regain their balance with firmness, resistance and self-control. Their characteristics include that they are sincere, honest and generous. However, they can also be proud. Usually, they are passionate in love and their emotions can be unbridled. They have great vitality and often have an impressive physique.

Virgo Ascendant: Individuals governed by this position tend to be calm, reserved, observant and receptive. Your destiny depends on the skills you have to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way. In general, they do not have excessive ambition, they are persevering and cunning. They rarely completely master their environment or advance without the support and help of others. They tend to be critical, orderly and systematic, focused on themselves and with a strong inclination towards business. They prefer to use their intelligence to prosper rather than rely on physical exertion.

Libra Ascendant: They usually talk about kind, affectionate and diplomatic people. Interestingly, their destiny is often largely in the hands of others, because they are often influenced by environment and circumstances. They develop a very keen observation capacity and like to make comparisons. They tend to be artistic, refined and compassionate people. They may lack energy or motivation for action, which can make their lives seem monotonous, and they tend to depend on others.

Scorpio Ascendant: It refers to reserved, cunning people who tend to keep secrets. Their destiny can be very varied, they live both tragic and favorable experiences. It must be considered that there seem to be two types of people born under this influence: they can be inquisitive, deceitful, jealous and treacherous; but, on the other hand, they can be prudent, full of self-control and honest. All of this will depend on the direction your ego takes which is largely affected by some specific planetary influence.

Sagittarius Ascendant: It refers to tolerant, sincere, generous and compassionate individuals. They tend to be impressionable and lovers of freedom and independence. They can act hastily, wastefully and somewhat carelessly, but when they become mature, they develop a philosophical and peaceful attitude, becoming more intuitive. They are generally optimistic, idealistic and loyal, although they have high expectations for themselves and do not tolerate restrictions.

Capricorn Ascendant: This is an astrological position that refers to ambitious, hard-working and persistent people. Their success depends on their moral development and their ability to organize and overcome the challenges of their environment. They are reserved, firm, self-confident and like to be at the center of affairs. Their interests and motivations increase as they assume positions of trust or responsibility. Thanks to their self-control, tact and prudence, they fully develop their potential for success, which is why they often gain recognition, fame or honors.

Aquarius Ascendant: This ascendant reveals individuals of refined, compassionate and humanitarian nature. Their destiny is closely linked to the people around them, because they are easily influenced by their social environment. They have a remarkable ability to understand human psychology and analyze the character of those around them. Although they trust their reason and intuition, they are usually guided by logical thinking.

Pisces Ascendant: These are restless, anxious individuals with notable mediumship skills. Curiously, their destiny seems to be out of their control, as if an invisible force guided them towards good or evil at every step of their lives. Throughout their existence, they face very complex choices in which they can fall prey to opposing emotions. They tend to be kind and fair, inclined towards the romantic and sentimental side of their being. However, they are in constant internal conflict and have difficulty understanding themselves. Their weakness lies in the fact that they are highly influenced and experience constant changes in their mood, since they are perceptive of the energies of the environment that surrounds them. Their personality is very reserved, receptive and they are usually full of inspiration.

  • The influence of Jupiter

Jupiter in Aries: In this astrological position individuals have the potential to generate significant income. However, excessive optimism should be avoided because this could lead to significant financial losses. People under this influence show a strong interest in disciplines such as science, literature, religion, and travel. They are likely to change jobs frequently or even hold multiple jobs simultaneously. They often enjoy good fortune and respect. Their self-confidence makes them suitable for taking on leadership roles.

Jupiter in Taurus: suggests that people can earn income through occupations related to religion, education, travel, and food. They have keen intuition and luck in money matters, often receiving inheritances or donations. However, they must be careful not to fall into the trap of excessive materialism, because this could result in their financial ruin. They usually enjoy the good life. They must be careful about falling into obesity, due to leading a conservative and sedentary life. They are patient and determined people, who value justice and tranquility.

Jupiter in Gemini: speaks of people with a predisposition towards education and intellectual activities. Generally, these are individuals dedicated to writing and teaching. Their sources of income are probably related to professions related to teaching, writing, advertising or tourism. They must learn to measure their comments to avoid losing their finances or social position due to their restless nature and their desire to cover several fields of knowledge at once.

Jupiter in Cancer: This astrological influence refers to people with good humor, sensitive, religious and changeable in their opinions. Your income can come from occupations such as: agriculture, real estate, art or cooking. They have a strong inclination towards wealth, which tends to come in later stages of life. They enjoy spending their free time at home, which often leads them to own a spacious and comfortable home. They are known for being exceptional hosts and enjoy meals in the company of family and friends.

Jupiter in Leo: talks about people who have innate talent for leadership and management, being excellent directors, businessmen and very charismatic. They enjoy luxury and splendor. They tend to have good fortune thanks to their investments, so they could accumulate wealth, as long as they manage to control their pride and ambition. They are people with outstanding physical resistance and vitality, inspiring confidence in those around them. They are lovers of social position and honor.

Jupiter in Virgo: This position indicates a certain neglect of spiritual matters and an inclination towards materialism. People with this astrological influence can earn income through professions related to writing, computing, medicine, accounting or crafts. However, even if they have many aptitudes, it is difficult for them to accumulate wealth due to the dissatisfaction that their work may cause; This can cause them to lose promising opportunities. They have a strong interest in perfection. As a hobby they usually enjoy puzzles and mental games. On the other hand, its focus on physical health often finds satisfaction in hospital settings or educational institutions.

Jupiter in Libra: It talks about people who are prone to achieving social success, which is why they usually have a comfortable and quiet life. They have an affinity for careers in areas such as law, consulting, diplomacy, hairdressing or fashion. They often generate income through marriage or business partnerships. However, they must be careful and respect contracts in every way to avoid financial losses. Their natural people skills and power of persuasion make them outstanding promoters and salespeople.

Jupiter in Scorpio: This astrological position refers to people with an innate gift for business. However, their greatest danger is having a certain inclination towards illegal or dubious activities that can lead them to face legal problems and financial difficulties. They usually have a special magnetism to attract the masses, and their reserved and subtle personality gives them insight and critical judgment.

Jupiter in Sagittarius: This position heralds the possibility of experiencing great fortune and success in life. It talks about people who will prosper financially no matter what profession they choose. It refers to individuals who have a deep interest in foreign cultures, study their religions and are passionate about knowledge. Monotony has no place in their lives, they dedicate themselves to diverse activities such as enjoying the outdoors, sports and travel. Their appreciation for freedom, solidarity and impartiality makes them admired, even by those who differ from them.

Jupiter in Capricorn: This position talks about people who will experience an economic boost favored by their ambition, patience and management skills. They stand out in professions related to politics, engineering, business, philosophy or religion. They live with great maturity, prudence and caution, but sometimes they can neglect their creative and imaginative side. They are very dedicated to work, which is why it is often difficult for them to disconnect and enjoy their free time, or the company of family and friends. They are characterized by having a very serious, thoughtful and responsible attitude, in addition to having astute wit and righteousness.

Jupiter in Aquarius: When Jupiter is located in Aquarius, we find individuals with a marked humanitarian spirit, a great sense of humor and a strong inclination towards idealism. They do not make distinctions of social class, race, gender or religion in their business relationships. They are excellent diplomats and skilled in labor matters and public relations. They feel a strong attraction to occult sciences and philosophy. These people have a rebellious and scientific spirit, with innovative tastes that can sometimes be extravagant. They are efficient organizers and enjoy participating in group activities, especially when they have a scientific or humanitarian purpose.

Jupiter in Pisces: In this position, generally, people do not suffer significant financial difficulties, however, they rarely accumulate a very large fortune because their ambition is usually moderate and they prefer a simple and uncomplicated life. Your biggest obstacles in financial matters may be laziness and lack of motivation. They tend to stand out in artistic fields due to their great imagination and ability to express themselves. They manage to find happiness and peace on the spiritual plane rather than on the material. Their personality stands out for being very intuitive, creative, emotional and compassionate, and they are sensitive to the problems of others, with an attitude always willing to help, especially those in need.

  • The influence of Saturn

Saturn in Aries: Under this influence, people tend to be fearless and act on impulse, without much prior reflection. It is important for them to learn patience, and wait for the right moment to use their energy instead of wasting it on immediate responses. Typically, these people struggle to fully understand the consequences of their actions.

Saturn in Taurus: talks about individuals who have great will, confidence and determination to achieve their goals. But their biggest problem is that they tend to be very afraid of losing what they own, and this obsession can lead them to enjoy their possessions very little. Also, it is possible that, over time, they develop certain traits of selfishness, greed and, above all, a great refusal to depend on others.

Saturn in Gemini: During the first years of life, it is common for them to face conflicts and difficulties related to issues about work, education, or siblings. Short trips are made. Early challenges develop their remarkable intellectual acuity, strength of character, depth of thought, and capacity for scientific work, creativity, and discovery.

Saturn in Cancer: This is a position that refers to emotional individuals who often feel limited by circumstances and environments over which they have little control. However, they have a tenacious will, as well as a deep desire. Such deep sensitivity can lead them to experience episodes of melancholy and, if they do not cultivate close relationships, they can face loneliness in old age.

Saturn in Leo: This position is not the most optimal, however, this influence confers self-control, caution and determination. It is recommended that you work on developing the emotional part, because they may seem colder and more calculating than they really are. Egoism and egocentrism may be characteristics present in these people.

Saturn in Virgo: In this position people tend to show excessive seriousness. In the worst case, they can fall into pessimism or melancholy. Many times, it is difficult for them to enjoy their successes. They tend to exaggerate things a bit and can turn bad news into a tragedy. In addition, they are prone to hypochondria and may experience prolonged states of depression due to overload of work and responsibilities.

Saturn in Libra: In this position, people are usually kind and considerate, showing empathy towards others. Stability in marriage is important to these individuals, and through their relationships, they can achieve prosperity. However, if they do not feel valued in the marriage, they may experience suffering, fears, and ultimately, breakdown in their unions.

Saturn in Scorpio: This position refers to individuals with intense emotions, strong bonds, and a mystical or occult nature. Their personality can swing between good and evil easily, because their moral values ​​can be unstable. When they love, they do it with great passion, but when they hate they do not hesitate to do it without remorse.

Saturn in Sagittarius: People under this influence tend to be frank and sometimes reckless, although they are also helpful. They are characterized by joy and the search for independence. However, your self-esteem can be affected by criticism and reproaches, which can delay achieving your dreams.

Saturn in Capricorn: refers to pessimistic and cautious individuals, with a practical approach, coherent reasoning and outstanding organizational skills. They pursue their goals with tenacity, giving them a deep understanding of the harshness of life. They are confident in the pursuit of their most important goals.

Saturn in Aquarius: The influence of this position reveals people with cold reasoning. They are individuals who are attracted to original ideas. Their mental faculties are remarkable and this allows them to develop their ideals and ambitions. They show interest in a wide range of topics, and know how to combine that ability with an opportunistic approach. They may demonstrate a certain eccentricity. The search for originality can lead them to loneliness.

Saturn in Pisces: Pessimism is a predominant characteristic in these people. They tend to carry constant regret, feelings of guilt, restlessness, and self-blame for events that do not go as planned. Their reasoning tends to be more exalted than coherent. They experience feelings of helplessness and uncertainty about the future, which often leads to hypocrisy and envy.

  • The influence of Uranus

Uranus in Aries: This position speaks of people with an entrepreneurial spirit that harbors a strong desire for independence. Their prominent traits are rebellion and spontaneity, along with a penchant for risky situations.

Uranus in Taurus: refers to individuals whose decision making focuses largely on practical goals. In them, impulsivity is not very common, rather, a tendency to adapt to the environment through the spirit of coexistence prevails.

Uranus in Gemini: This position speaks of individuals who tend to have quick reflexes. They enjoy a competitiveness that is often exhibitionist and an opportunism that is not always transparent. Intellectual curiosity is one of its outstanding characteristics, as is the tendency to cultivate human relationships.

Uranus in Cancer: In this position, the capacity for renewal is low, so there is an inclination to take refuge in the past. It is common for people to live in a state of laziness or renunciation, and decision making is hampered by limited capacity.

Uranus in Leo: In this position, stubbornness and obstinacy are very marked in the personality. Furthermore, individuals have a proud self-assertion, with tendencies towards exhibitionism and a strong decision-making capacity.

Uranus in Virgo: The position of Uranus in Virgo had individuals who demonstrate an ability to take advantage of opportunities, with quick reflexes, skills to resolve immediate situations and a fairly solid sense of commitment. However, they show little willingness for change and novelty.

Uranus in Libra: Decision making is influenced by a lucid, social mind expressed with great mastery and diplomacy, but also with a high degree of rigor.

Uranus in Scorpio: In this position we speak of people with a drastic force of assertion, which are accompanied by a bit of recklessness, abruptness, ingenuity, rebellion and provocation, curiously, all of this inspires them to achieve goals with determination.

Uranus in Sagittarius: refers to people whose decision-making is characterized by being impulsive, restless and often dispersed. You must be careful about adopting risky ideologies and undertake unpredictable ideological adventures.

Uranus in Capricorn: In this position we speak of people whose decision-making is marked by determination and selfishness. In his personality, materialistic ideology prevails. There is little foresight for the future and a lack of idealism. Decisions are based on practical considerations.

Uranus in Aquarius: It refers to people with a decision-making capacity that is driven by the speed of reflexes and oriented towards future horizons. Pragmatism, opportunism and adaptation are prominent aspects of this position.

Uranus in Pisces: This last position refers to the fact that the will to affirm is attenuated. That is, there is a tendency towards passivity, resignation and indecision. All this is because the initiatives are disorderly, and the spirit of renewal manifests itself in a chaotic manner.

  • The influence of Neptune

Neptune in Aries: It is said that there is an adventurous sensitivity with intuitions that lean towards an altered and superficial romanticism. An idealistic passion accompanies him.

Neptune in Taurus: you have creative inspirations. In this position, rather than seeking renewal, there is a tendency to perfect oneself in a, to a certain extent, conventional environment.

Neptune in Gemini: In this position, creative sensitivity is nourished mainly by an intellectual approach, accompanied by penetrating curiosity.

Neptune in Cancer: talks about a great development of sensitivity and intuition that encourages fantasy. In addition, passive and melancholic attitudes are also observed.

Neptune in Leo: talks about the sensitivity in the personality of the individual. He says that the intention is diminished; That is, there is little interest in being impressed by ideals and inspirations.

Neptune in Virgo: This position indicates that creative inspirations focus on modifying concrete and limited reality. In addition, there is a spiritual orientation of a conformist nature.

Neptune in Libra: In this position, beauty is highlighted and there is a lot of aesthetic sensitivity. The person also has a great capacity for empathic understanding, and an inclination towards ethical and social values.

Neptune in Scorpio: It refers to people whose creative sensitivity is filled with deep curiosity, constantly seeking the new. They have a spirit that is intelligent and rebellious.

Neptune in Sagittarius: This position speaks of individuals who have an intuition that expands, so spiritual and intellectual horizons broaden. This results in an openness towards mystical and philosophical experiences.

Neptune in Capricorn: It refers to a personal sensitivity and a tendency to change that is quite diminished. The person only focuses on specific areas.

Neptune in Aquarius: It refers to a creative intuition that experiences excellent inspirations, because it is supported by reasoning and technique.

Neptune in Pisces: It speaks of people with great creative sensitivity, with a magically inspired intuition. We live in an environment marked by sentimentality, but also by the intensity of sensations.

  • The influence of Pluto

Pluto in Aries: In this position the regenerative process manifests itself through courage and audacity, sometimes even reaching levels of recklessness.

Pluto in Taurus: predicts that the creative force decreases its intensity and focuses on concrete and well-defined goals.

Pluto in Gemini: talks about the instinct of regeneration that is based on clear self-awareness. In this position, aspirations are nourished with intellectual stimuli.

Pluto in Cancer: It refers to the creative impulse that is hindered by sensitivity and sentimentality, which tend to internalize it.

Pluto in Leo: It refers to a creative instinct that is bold and exhibitionist. That is, a manifestation of ardent ambition and an optimistic will to power takes over the person.

Pluto in Virgo: Here, the regenerative force focuses on improving the existing, thus perfecting the methods and norms of behavior.

Pluto in Libra:  In this position, creative instincts are expressed through moderation, sobriety and reflection.

Pluto in Scorpio: In this position the regenerative forces reach their maximum intensity. Instincts are deep and irresistible.

Pluto in Sagittarius: The creative instinct is present by dedicating itself to the development of new forms through the use of new instruments of knowledge.

Pluto in Capricorn: reveals that the force of instincts stagnates in maintaining order and stabilizing conquests within a structure crucial for survival.

Pluto in Aquarius: Its influence acts as a regenerative impulse that is directed towards the future and shows interest in human rights.

Pluto in Pisces: It speaks of the regenerative process that creates a dynamic ferment and takes multiple, sometimes contradictory, forms.

Planets in houses

Planetary energy in houses is related to different areas of life, because it provides information to analyze the personality, important events and trends in an individual's reality. Therefore, this analysis is based on the interpretation of how planetary energy interacts in the specific areas of life represented by the position of the planets within the twelve astrological houses in a birth chart.

Sun in the houses: Its placement in a specific house indicates areas of focus and personal development.

Moon in the houses: Its position in a house reveals areas of sensitivity and how a person emotionally connects with their environment.

Mercury in houses: Its position in a house shows areas of intellectual and communicative interest.

Venus in houses: Its placement in a house reveals the areas of love, harmony, relationships and pleasure.

Mars in houses: Its position in a house indicates areas of drive, passion and how a person directs their energy.

Jupiter in the houses: Its position in a house shows areas of growth, opportunities and personal philosophy.

Saturn in the houses: Its placement in a house shows areas where important lessons and the need for structure are experienced.

Uranus in houses: Its position in a house shows areas where freedom and individuality are sought.

Neptune in the houses: Its location in a house shows areas of sensitivity and connection with the spiritual.

Pluto in houses: Its position in a house reveals areas of deep transformation and personal power.

Step 4: Understand the astrological aspects

When we talk about these aspects, we are referring to the relationships between the planets in an astrological chart. This relationship offers information about how energies and influences interact that affect different areas of a person's life. This means that each one has its own meaning and can influence a person in different ways. Between them we have:

Conjunction: It happens when two planets are very close to the same degree. This represents a fusion of energies, which enhances and combines their influences.

Opposition: It happens when two planets are on opposite sides of the zodiac, that is, 180 degrees apart. This fact generates tension and polarity between the energies of both planets.

Trine: This is formed when two planets are 120 degrees apart. It is a phenomenon that generates harmony, fluidity and opportunities for growth in the areas related to the planets involved.

Quadrature: It occurs when two planets are 90 degrees apart. This encourages the creation of challenges and tensions that can motivate change and personal development.

Sextile: It happens when the planets are 60 degrees apart, providing natural opportunities and abilities that can be easily taken advantage of.

Semi-Sextile: It occurs when two planets are 30 degrees apart. This position is much more subtle, but still provides opportunities for cooperation and growth.

Semi-Square: It happens when the planets are 45 degrees apart. This tends to create minor tensions that require adjustments and adaptations.

Quincunx or Inconjunction: It is when the planets are 150 degrees apart. This distance produces imbalances and tensions that require adjustments and changes in the person's life.

Step 5: Tips for Accurate Interpretation

Below, we present several recommendations that will be useful when analyzing your astrological chart and that will help you make a more accurate interpretation:

  • Try to study the entirety of your birth chart, that is, as an integrated whole. You need to understand how planets, houses, signs and aspects interact with each other to get better insight.
  • Don't focus on just one aspect, it's important to consider all the elements. Analyze the challenging and beneficial aspects for broader advice.
  • Always take into account the position of the Sun, because this reveals the essence and fundamental identity of a person. In the same way, analyze the position of the Moon to understand emotions and instinctive responses.
  • Learn to know the houses and what they indicate in the areas of life. Understanding how each planet influences these houses helps identify how planetary energies manifest in different areas.
  • Study planetary aspects (connections between planets) to understand how they relate and influence each other. These aspects can significantly modify the interpretation of a planet.
  • Observe how the planets in the same sign or house complement or oppose each other. These details can provide clues about how these aspects are expressed in daily life.
  • To understand the person's purpose and karmic path, it is very important to take into account the ascendant and the lunar nodes.
  • Don't rush, interpreting the astrological chart requires time and practice. Avoid hasty conclusions and take your time to analyze every detail.
  • Consider the personal context of the individual for whom you are interpreting. Understanding your history, experiences, and personal goals can help provide a more accurate and useful interpretation.
  • Keep an open and flexible mind, and don't limit yourself to a single interpretation. The possibility of exploring different perspectives will enrich your analysis. 

Recommended tools and resources

To analyze an astrological chart today, it is possible to obtain different resources that will make the work more practical and simpler. Among the alternatives that we can find we have:

  • There are specialized astrology programs or software that allow you to generate astrological charts with precision and ease. The most popular are Solar Fire, AstroSeek and, which are platforms that offer detailed, automated and personalized options for analyzing charts.
  • It is also possible to use reference books written by experienced astrologers that provide detailed information on the interpretation of astrological charts. Some recommended titles are: “Parker’s Astrology” by Julia & Derek Parker, “Astrology for Beginners” by Joann Hampar and “The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need” by Joanna Martine Woolfolk.
  • Online seminars and courses never hurt. There are many such online workshops taught by professional astrologers. Platforms like Udemy, Coursera, offer detailed lessons on interpreting birth charts.
  • In addition, there are mobile applications that allow you to generate astrological charts and provide information about the planets, houses and aspects. Apps such as TimePassages, Co-Star and Astromatrix offer accurate astrological data.
  • Joining online forums and communities dedicated to astrology can be a useful alternative, as they provide opportunities to discuss, share experiences and learn from other practitioners.
  • Of course, consulting experienced astrologers can provide a deeper and more accurate understanding of an astrological chart. Many of them offer personalized consulting services online or in person.


It is important to keep in mind that understanding an astrological chart is immersing yourself in a vast cosmos of symbols and meanings that can reveal deep aspects of our nature. The interpretation of the planets, houses and aspects allows a unique map to unfold that guides us towards understanding our lives, through the tendencies, strengths and challenges we face.

Another very important aspect is that reading an astrological chart is an art and a science that requires patience, a lot of dedication to study and an open mind. It is not just about understanding the symbols, one must also fuse intuition with astrological knowledge in order to reveal the layers of personality and potential destinies.

In addition, the use of appropriate resources, such as specialized software, books, courses and consultation with expert astrologers, will always be decisive in preparing to interpret accurately. However, the key lies in constant practice, careful observation and fusion of information in a holistic context.

When we read an astrological chart, we cannot forget that we are beings in constant evolution. Astrological configurations provide a foundation, but our capacity for choice and growth will always predominate, which can shape our life path significantly.

Ultimately, the interpretation of an astrological chart is a personal journey that is very enriching because it leads us to self-knowledge. It allows us to better understand our motivations, challenges and potential capabilities, providing a unique perspective that can guide our steps towards a more conscious life aligned with our true essence.

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