Letter of the Year 2024 for Cuba and the world (Irete Suka)

On December 31, 2023, at the headquarters of the Religious Institution Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba, the Odu Ba wá ceremony of Cuba was held for the world during the year 2024, with the Odu of Ifa being revealed: Irete Otura (Irete Suka).

The signs that govern the year 2024 are:

The prophecy determined on this occasion, states that the divination of the year is in:

Ire Buyoko Lowo Asojano (a seat good through the Orisha Asojano).

Orisha who rules:

Elegua, ruling deity and owner of all roads.

Orisha that accompanies:

Oya, Orisha of storms, winds and tornadoes, who lives at the door of the cemetery.

Letter of the year 2024

Recommended works in the letter of the year 2024:

  • The ebo must be made with the following elements: a rooster, the measurement of the interested party's body, a crown, purple cloth, a white cloth, a stone from the hill, sea water, earth from four corners, miniestras, toasted corn, fish and smoked jutia.
  • The ebbo of the iworos (santeros) must use: a chicken, a crown, dirt from four corners of the house, three dolls, toasted corn, fish and smoked jutia.
  • An awan must be performed at the foot of the Orisha Asojano and sacrifice an etu (guinea).
  • It is recommended to make sacrifices to Eshu.
  • Pray your head with the permission of your guardian angel.


The flag must be made with purple fabric and place a scouring pad on it.

The proverbs associated with the regent sign are:

  • You go from free to slave.
  • The rioter destroys everything.
  • King's head, child's brain.
  • Do not ask of another what you are not capable of fulfilling.
  • Mother is not only the one who gives birth, she is also the one who raises.
  • Life does not move with the movement of death.
  • Luck and fortune are suspended in the air.
  • The Awó transcends life because he knows the right path.
  • The eye of the parents protects the children.

General advice for 2024

Letter of the Year 2024 for Cuba and the world

This year's letter (like the previous year's) indicates that it must be pay special attention to the phenomenon that implies the decrease in the birth rate, due to new cultures.

Ifa warns about the importance of caring for children, even within the home itself, to avoid negative and harmful situations that could put them at risk. They should not be left in the care of third parties.

In another sense, the letter of the year 2024 invites the general population and the authorities to be alert about a possible increase in crime rates and the consumption of alcoholic beverages and narcotic substances, especially by young people, which , could cause significant damage to society.

Crime prevention this year is essential. People who travel or move from one place to another are recommended to be careful with their belongings to avoid becoming victims of theft.

At a social level, Ifa invites all people, regardless of their beliefs, to promote respect for differences to avoid unnecessary conflicts that will only bring loss in general.

On a religious level

With respect to the practitioners of the Yoruba religion and its Afro-Caribbean variants, maintaining their customs has always been the fundamental pillar for the survival of this religion, therefore, Ifa indicates that the revelation of liturgical secrets should be avoided at all costs. . A call is made for discretion and protection of the religious legacy inherited from our ancestors, to guarantee the prevalence of our customs.

Furthermore, young Babalawos are urged to intensify their religious education so that they become increasingly capable and continue to improve themselves within this cult.

Among the most appropriate foundations to receive during this year are recommended: Asojano and Oduduwa, to strengthen stability and firmness, both physically and spiritually.

On a loving level

Ifa in Odu bawá 2024 on a sentimental level invites deep reflection on the part of individuals, both at the couple level and at the family level. Marriage breakups, abandonment of wives and children may increase. On the other hand, it is important to analyze the consequences of our actions, the management of our emotions and the importance of values ​​such as: respect, loyalty, fidelity and, above all, love and family unity.

On an economic level

The letter of the year 2024 on an economic level invites us to make decisions with maturity and intelligence on a financial level, so as not to end up being a victim or slave of our own decisions. He maintains that the correct use of all resources will be the best alternative to prosper. In that sense, it reiterates that, like the year 2023, this will be an opportune period for the development of agribusiness and the use of land.

At the health level

Enjoying a good physical and mental state is decisive for human beings, therefore, keeping ourselves healthy and in optimal condition is one of the main concerns that Ifa has when it advises us, especially when determining a letter that will govern an entire year. .

To keep our health strong during the year 2024 Ifa recommends taking care of the skin; Avoid activities that may cause damage to it or expose yourself to the sun indiscriminately.

It is also necessary to pay attention to any signs of neurological or cerebrovascular malfunction. Cases of suffering from conditions such as autism spectrum disorder or down syndrome may increase.

With respect to women, Ifa points out that they should pay attention to the functioning of the lower abdomen, perform preventive checkups and attend to any warning symptoms to avoid future complications.

What you should not forget in the year 2024

  • Avoid excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages or psychotropic substances.
  • Be careful with eating breaded or covered foods.
  • Respect must be a fundamental pillar of society (both from minors towards elders, and from elders towards minors).

History or Pataki of Irete Suka

The jicotea and the dog lived together and bathed in the river every day. The jicotea confessed to the dog that she took the longest baths.

When the jicotea swam in the river, she returned to the house through a secret cave, ate the food, came back and said to the dog: "Friend, you don't know how to bathe, I do take long baths."

When they arrived at the house, the jicotea claimed that it was a thief who stole the food. The dog, tired of all this, went to see ORUNMILA, who made him Osode, seeing this Ifá and sent him EBO. The dog did the EBO and told him to place the wax doll in the middle of the house and wait.

When the girl came in and saw the doll, she said: -You came to steal and so did I. She gave him the first slap. As her little hand was caught, she told him: -Let me go, you came to steal and so did I. He slapped her the second time and her other hand caught.

Since he couldn't let go, as soon as the dog returned from bathing in the river he discovered that the jicotea was the thief and since then they have lived separately.

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