Children of Oggun: How are they? Names and Prohibitions

Children of Oggun

Ogun he is usually an overprotective father and quite jealous with his initiates. As the god of war and metals, he possesses unmatched strength, which means that he does not forgive the offenses committed against him and punishes them severely. However, he also enjoys a duality that arouses a fascinating interest in the role he plays in the lives of his followers. Oggún's children, as faithful devotees of this powerful deity, develop a unique connection with his energy, manifesting in his personality, characteristics of his essence.

«Ogun is of a protective nature, and allied with the other Orishas combines power, economic, social and health development for his devotees or followers (omós)».

Shango Omo Asa. Orisha's power. (2021, p. 29).

In this article, let us delve into the world of the children of Ogún, discovering their most common traits, taboos, names that identify them, and the legacy they have inherited in contemporary Yoruba tradition. To know How are the children of Ogun? Next, we will reveal the characteristics that define his personality:

  • They enjoy great determination: the children of this Orisha are recognized for their tenacity and unwavering determination, their will is like that of steel, this makes them always maintain an attitude that drives them to overcome obstacles and challenges, no matter what they have to do. to achieve your goals.
  • They are brave by nature: bravery is an innate virtue in the personality of Oggun's children. Although some of them do not know how capable they can be, they grow in the face of adversity. They are intrepid and daring, they can face difficult and risky situations with courage and determination.
  • They have a lot of interior strength and are tireless workers: just like the metal that is forged in the fire, Ogun's children have an internal strength that drives them to continue day after day. His ability to resist and persevere often arouses the admiration of those around him.
  • They are creative and skilled in craft activities: Ogun is the patron saint of artisans and blacksmiths, this reflects his creative capacity and physical abilities, a trait that his children will surely inherit, being capable of learning different trades with great skill and finding solutions. original to the problems. These skills are due to their practical approach that makes them very easy to create and build.
  • They have a very competitive spirit: if there is something that Oggun's children value, it is achievements, therefore, they are highly competitive people. They are always looking for a way to excel in their activities and demonstrate their efforts, they see challenges as opportunities to expose their knowledge and excellence.
  • They are not afraid of changes: as they are very passionate, this impetus drives them to act and take decisive measures in the face of life's circumstances. They are not people given to contemplation, rather, they prefer to be directly involved in action and work. However, this characteristic can also cause problems in some cases, because they are prone to sudden mood swings and impulsive reactions that lead them to make mistakes that later, it is very difficult for them to repair, since it is very difficult for them to apologize despite to admit their mistakes. In the worst case, they cause trouble from which they would later like to flee.
  • They highly value their independence and can become very lonely: this is a distinctive feature of Ogun's children. Although they socialize very well, becoming good and loyal friends, they prefer to make decisions for themselves and always trust their own judgment, rather than excessively relying on others.
  • In love: in general, Oggun's children tend to be attractive because they are pleasant, funny, loaded with sensuality, given to eroticism and sometimes to promiscuity. Their body usually possesses a natural physical strength and if they do not possess it, they possess a spiritual strength that allows them to arouse the attention and interest of their environment.
  • They have natural attitudes for leadership: in one way or another, Ogun's children always end up in leadership roles. They are capable of guiding and motivating others, and they get involved in activities related to their community or the group to which they belong. They have a very special strength of character and spirit.
  • Some tend to be rough and lacking in delicacy: the movements of Oggun's children are usually marked by the character of their guardian angel, they are determined, strong, they impose themselves, and if they get upset they can become violent. Even the most passive do not allow themselves to be offended and do not forgive easily.

On the other hand, as is well known, after their consecration the Omó Ogun santeros receive a new name that is accredited by the divinity that governs them. Some names for Oggun's children are:

  • Osha Niwe: the spirit of the bush.
  • Ogun Ladde: Ogun's crown.
  • Ogun Ada: Oggun's machete.
  • Ogun Yemi: Ogun is my life.
  • Ocan Niwe: the heart of Mt.
  • Obba Erula: the king of war.
  • Ogun Abe: Ogun's razor.
  • Ogun Leri: the head of Ogun.
  • Ogun Nike: Ogun's spoiled son.
  • Ogun Miwa: Ogun is my joy.
  • Ogún Ocan: the heart of Ogun.
  • Oloyu Niwe Obba: the eyes of the King of Mt.
  • Obba Niwe Ada: the king of the mountain and the machete.
  • Adaniwe: the machete and the bush.
  • Ogun Funke: Ogun's staff.
  • Oba Ewe: the king of grass.
  • Adashé: the ashé of the machete.
  • Ogun Oñi: Ogun's honey.

In short, these are some of the traits in which the nature of Oggun can be seen reflected, however, the intensity with which these attitudes materialize may vary, let's remember that each individual is unique, despite sharing the blessing of your guardian angel. In addition, the names they give him are not simple labels, they are reflections of the intrinsic qualities of the Orisha and the sacred bond they establish with him.

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Taboos or Prohibitions for the Children of this Orisha

Another very important aspect between the deities and their children is the respect that must be shown towards their prohibitions. The taboos that govern the children of Oggun They emphasize that their initiates cannot be liars, because this Orisha does not accept lies. In addition, he does not forgive whoever breaks oaths, especially if they are made in his name or in his presence, because Ogun does not betray, he always complies and does not abandon his devotees. Additionally, he should not be promised things and then not fulfill them, because this can unleash great setbacks.

When ceremonies are performed or coconut is given to him, the Olorishas should not kneel in front of him, unless they are his children. When Obi kola is given, it should be thrown with one hand from face height; whistles cannot be used in his presence; and women who are in their menstrual period should not manipulate his attributes.

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