Prayer to San Alejo to ward off bad energy and people, enemies and more

Prayer to San Alejo

The prayer to San Alejo is highly sought after to activate spiritual protection against negative situations or people, since his prayers tend to keep everything that can harm us away from our lives. Devotees of this saint affirm that his influence is highly effective and that it is a spirituality that is always willing to help those who invoke it.

This prayer can be made by offering a white candle to San Alejo, accompanied by a holy card of this saint that will later be used inside your wallet as a receipt.

“Almighty God always pour out his grace on us. So be it.

Also spill your divine fluid on Saint Alejo, noble spirit of the heavenly court.

Blessed Saint Alejo, you know both the good and the bad, you lived surrounded by wealth and preferred to spend the rest of your life in absolute poverty.

From a very young age you knew that you had to separate yourself from everything that implied a mundane and earthly life, to follow the spiritual inspiration emanated by the Creator.

You left your house leaving your wife and parents, getting rid of everything matter, distributing it to the most needy, even when you no longer had anything you kept giving even the smallest to others.

Despite living as a beggar for the rest of your life and experiencing so much abuse and contempt for men, you are incapable of looking down on any creature of the Lord.

But your humility was so great that you returned to your parents' house to work hard like one of the others, without claiming to deserve anything other than what was necessary to survive.

You, Saint Alejo, are a worthy representative of patience, agony, faith, perseverance, and submission.

Blessed be Saint Alejo then, blessed by the grace of God, to whom your devotees beg your intercession in our earthly affairs that we have not been able to solve, because you know perfectly well the two sides of the scale, you went from rich to poor, from married to chaste, from profane to baptized, sanctified and even honored by angels.

It is to you that I supplicantly acclaim to remove from my life all the bad energies, the contempt, the humiliations, the evil of my opponents, the traitors and their machinations, and all the setbacks that prevent me from succeeding.

Glorious Saint Alejo here is a humble and pleading child of God, asking for your help (make request). Do not allow the avatars of this life to give me up, cover me under your protection to be able to achieve what I have not yet achieved. Thank you Saint Alex. Amen".

Who is San Alejo?

Saint Alexius was a self-sacrificing evangelist of the Christian faith. The exact date of his birth is not known, but without a doubt, he is highly appreciated not only by the faithful of the Catholic religion, but also by the believers of various spiritual and esoteric practices, who attribute to him the ability to contribute with the solution of difficult situations.

The story of San Alejo tells that he was born into a wealthy family, he was an only child, and from a very young age he was encouraged by his father to go out with women, as was customary for the time. However, at a young age he was engaged and married, with the intention of preparing him to inherit all the wealth of his parents.

Saint Alejo

However, San Alejo ended up rejecting that life of opulence and when he found faith in Christ, he joined the Christian work, practically living as a beggar. In fact, his legend affirms that after living many years away from home he returned home without being recognized, there he was welcomed as they were with other needy people, living on alms, doing hard work and sleeping under a ladder. Only a few moments after his death was that he revealed his identity to his parents, since he did not want to enjoy any privilege.

Why do you pray to San Alejo?

The extreme conversion, strength, and dedication of San Alejo led him to distance himself from many benefits of the earthly world. After marrying a noblewoman, on his own wedding night he immediately parted ways and went far away to live within the precepts of faith in Christ.

In the same way, he moved away from the privileges that his origin represented, living in total austerity. Upon leaving the earthly plane, his actions and that capacity in particular, highlighted the grace of God in his existence, granting him the virtue of being able to help those in need, influencing complicated situations that are difficult for them to solve or moving away from their lives the negative.

Prayer to keep people away at the foot of San Alejo

This prayer can be accompanied by a ritual that consists of preparing a powder with incense, cumin and cinnamon. Once ready, he stands at the foot of a green candle, praying the prayer of San Alejo to keep away. Then, that powder is blown in the place where the person you want to get away from is located.

«I invoke Saint Alejo blessed, self-sacrificing Roman example of love.

You who served and serve everyone who is in need of help, always humble and without expecting anything in return. It is to you that I show my devotion, because your dedication is enormous, as well as your love.

Blessed Saint Alejo, you are the most suitable saint to beg for this favor. Take away from me a person who causes me a lot of pain.

You who, full of faith and strength, walked away from your parents. Growing spiritually during your pilgrimage.

You are able to push away anything in life, then push away (say the name of the person you want to push away), so that I can find my peace of mind.

Pour over me, blessed Saint Alejo, a little of that fluid that your benefactor energy emanates, the one that you gave and give forever to your neighbor, to learn from you what tolerance, patience, humility is in the face of undesirable people. , that disturb us, harm us and that are difficult to remove.

Kind Saint Alejo, blessed were you by God to see your impressive gifts of faith, I implore you to intercede for me before the Creator, so that I find his grace within me too, inspiring the ability to become a better person, counting on his blessing and being a little happier.

I assure you, San Alejo, that I do not wish ill on anyone, I only wish that (say the name of the person you want to keep away) stays out of my way so that it cannot harm my journey. Give him the address you think he deserves, but far from this place. Thank you blessed Saint Alejo, I am sure that my prayers have been heard, may God keep you forever in his grace. Amen".

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Prayer to separate a couple

This prayer can be used in the following ritual to separate a couple: take a cat's claw vine, put it in a clay pot with water and leave it there until it rots. You look for a garment that has been used by the people you want to separate and put it in the jar. On the third day the prayer is said, a brown candle is lit and the separation is requested. When the candle is turned off, the garments are taken to their place of origin, so that the definitive separation is propitiated.

«Mighty Saint Alejo, known is your power to ward off all the evil that stalks the Lord's creatures.

I entrust this mission to you. Move away as only you know how to do to (say the name of the people you want to separate) so that they never get together again.

Saint Alejo, I call on you to take away from each other (say the name of the people you want to separate) that they leave in different directions, paths and paths, that like two parallel lines they cannot cross again .

Submerge (say the name of the people you want to separate) into oblivion so that they find no reason to meet again.

Just as oil and vinegar do not mix (say the name of the people you want to separate) do not mix again.

Just as one came into the life of the other (say the name of the people you want to separate) from this moment they have to withdraw.

That (say the name of the people who want to separate) can never bear to be together again under any circumstances, or even share the same room, or sit at the same table, or have intimacy, or look at each other's faces without feeling repulsion, disgust , restlessness and contempt for each other.

I invoke you San Alejo, so that when (say the name of the people you want to separate) they meet that they do not look at each other, or speak to each other, that they will never be able to understand each other again, marking from this moment on a definitive separation that will not will be able to unite in any way in life. It has been agreed, it has been sealed. Thank you San Alejo for answering my call. Amen".

Prayer to San Alejo to keep people away

Prayer to San Alejo to keep people away

«Blessed and noble Saint Alejo, you who have the powerful virtue of warding off all the negative that stalks the children of God.

I ask for your help at this precise moment from the depths of my heart, so that you keep (name of the third party) away from (name of the person you are interested in).

Merciful Saint Alejo, I implore you to listen to my prayers, and act as soon as possible in my favor.

Keep San Alejo away from (name of the third party) from the life of (name of the person you are interested in) without turning back. May that separation be for the well-being of (name of the person you are interested in) and my own.

I cry out for your help Saint Alejo, turn to me and look at the desperation with which I make this prayer. At your feet I put all my hope as you put it at the feet of Jesus Christ our Lord.

You well know what it means to walk away without anything stopping you, in the same way that nothing stops the separation between (name of the person you are interested in) and (name of the third party).

San Alejo, distance (name of the person you are interested in) from (name of the third party) in such a way and with such intensity that they do not share again in any possible way, that they refuse to see each other in any way, that it is only disgust and I dislike what they provoke to each other.

San Alejo, sentence the distance between (name of the person you are interested in) and (name of the third party) so that it is infinite and definitive.

Please grant the plea that I earnestly make to you, so that I can repair my relationship with (name of the person you are interested in), achieving peace, unity and tranquility without anyone being able to disturb her.

Thank you I give you San Alejo, in your hands I entrust the salvation of my relationship and my home. Blessed be Saint Alejo. Amen, so be it".

Prayer to San Alejo to ward off conflicting people

«With the blessing of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I make the invocation to the spirit of Saint Alejo.

I come to you San Alejo because great is my faith and devotion to you.

I humbly ask for your help to solve this situation that concerns me (make request).

As you already know Blessed Saint, this person who goes by the name: (name of the person you want to keep away) has wanted to harm me, gets in the way of my affairs, and has even managed to hinder them.

San Alejo, I fear that this situation may worsen. I implore you then, that you manage to get (name of the person you want to remove) out of my life, that there is no place where I arrive that he can be, that my presence intimidates him, disturbs him and he immediately wants to leave, that no think of me or name me, much less want to approach me.

In your name, San Alejo, from this moment on, I cut off all paths that can bring (name of the person you want to distance) to my side, and that just as I pronounce this prayer, it is sentenced that this has to happen.

Work San Alejo in my favor I humbly ask you, that it be as soon as possible so that I can be freed from all harm. Thank you, thank you, thank you San Alejo. Amen".

Prayer to San Alejo to ward off enemies

Prayer to San Alejo to ward off enemies

This prayer can be performed by lighting a white candle that will previously be passed over the body of the interested party to impregnate it with its energy and ask Saint Alejo for his protection to ward off his enemies.

«Blessed San Alejo, I request today and always your blessing and protection.

I ask you, benevolent saint, that just as you took care of the most needy, you take care of me now. Do not forsake me night or day, so that my enemies cannot get close to me, rather they move further away every day.

Remove from my path any dark entity, sent or collected naturally or induced, keep away bad vibrations, ill-intentioned people, false friends who treat me, traitors, and opponents.

Saint Alejo, my Saint Alejo, I call you and I implore you not to abandon me in my cause, because I know that problems sometimes want to upset everything, that is why I implore your help, take away adversities, setbacks, disagreements, misunderstandings and conflicts of any nature.

Deliver me from all evil, keep away the evil tongues that want to defame me, and the gossipers and intriguers.

I also entrust to you mighty Saint Alejo, that you guard my home, my work, and my family, keeping away everything that could harm them. At your side I repel all snares of the devil and darkness, because none of that will come close to me. Amen".

Prayer to Saint Alejo for difficult cases

Prayer to Saint Alejo for difficult cases

With the blessing of the Holy Trinity, three persons one true essence, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. With God everything without God nothing.

I pay homage to the blessed Trinity because it has been the one that has poured its grace on all of us, and on you blessed Saint Alejo, mirror of the creator's virtues, merciful, humble and compassionate like no other.

I cry to you San Alejo with all my heart because I believe in you, I am your faithful devotee, so that you have the kindness to listen to my call and my need (make request). I have to put my trust in you to resolve my affairs, and see myself freed once and for all from all evil.

Sometimes adversities become very difficult to overcome, dangers lie in wait for us and we do not know how to face them, fear invades us and we do not want to fail, blessed Saint Alejo help me to succeed.

I beg your intercession before Almighty God to allow me to get away from hardship, chaos, revolution and disease.

Be my guide and protector in all my affairs San Alejo, and with your wisdom keep away everything that could cause me harm. Teach me to be able to get myself away from what I know will cause me problems, using that ability you have to get away from where you don't want to be, in order to obtain the ability to achieve all my goals.

Thank you San Alejo, because you surely guard me and support me by moving away what could make me give up in daily struggles, keep me fighting, without anything disturbing me to be able to get out of all my vicissitudes. Amen".

Prayer to San Alejo to ward off bad friendships from my children

«Blessed San Alejo, you who are a powerful saint, I implore your help with my worries.

Be the protector of my house, protect my dwelling. Keep us away from bad companies, from everyone who approaches me and my family with the intention of doing us some kind of harm.

It refreshes our environment, stripping us of low vibrations, bad feelings, envy, harmful actions, and the bad thoughts of others.

Don't allow San Alejo to look at us with bad eyes, or let us be victims of gossip.

Glorious Saint Alejo of mine, you are the one who keeps undesirable people away from our path, that is why I entrust you with this important mission. I implore you to keep (name of the person) out of the way of my son (name of his son) so that he does not come near him under any circumstances, neither in his life nor in our home.

In the name of blessed Saint Alejo, I cry out that (name of the person) go away, go away forever and never come near.

Just as water runs without stopping, so may (name of the person) run and separate from (name of your child), may their lives never cross again.

San Alejo, I call you to find peace, so that from now on (name of the person) cannot disturb us anymore, go and do not come back, I decree that you will not return to my son. (Name of person) will not cause any more problems, temptations, conflicts, or influence.

In the hands of San Alejo my discomfort has been delivered (make request), you blessed saint will surely help me. May (name of the person) and (name of his son) not be remembered again, for better or for worse.

Thank you San Alejo, I am sure that you will always protect me. Amen".

To separate a lover from my husband

The prayer of San Alejo to separate lovers is widely used when a third person wants to interrupt a marriage. It can be used by placing the names of both people in a glass with oil and vinegar and lighting a candle in the name of San Alejo.

«Oh San Alejo, you who with so much sacrifice were attacked with the grace of the Lord.

Today supplicant I put at your disposal everything that I have achieved with so much sacrifice. My home is at risk of destruction, my family suffers from the arrival of another person who wants to destroy my home, my marriage and the holy vows of love that we once offered before men and before God.

Help me powerful Saint Alejo, so that peace reigns again in my family and in my relationship. Do not allow me to abandon (say the name of the loved one), do not accept that I be a victim of replacement, do not allow the relationship I could have with (say the name of the other person) to prosper. Rather, move them away right now, that from this moment they reject each other, they cannot even see each other, they do not want to meet, that everything that united them be demolished and devastated by your power, that they be separated so as not to be together again Never.

Blessed Saint Alejo, bring (say the name of the loved one) back to me, sorry for his fault and willing to correct his mistakes so that stability and harmony return to our lives, as it existed before the arrival of (say the name of the other person).

Listen to my anguish and my pleas Saint Alejo (make request), and intercede on my behalf, I humbly implore you. Thank you amen".

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