Prayer to Santa Clara

Prayer to Santa Clara

The prayer to Santa Clara is a very effective invocation thanks to the high virtues that her spirituality has. Clare of Assisi does not delay in attending to her devotees in the same way that she did when she was on the earthly plane, where she stood out for her virtues of simplicity and submission. Both her followers and the testimonies of those who knew her in her life describe her as a smiling, enthusiastic, cheerful and kind soul, whose main objective in life was love and service to others.

«Blessed Santa Clara, lily representative of purity and life, consolation in the darkness, light of love that guides us, today I humbly address you in supplication to achieve the joy of enjoying your infinite goodness. Be then, my lady, the protection that reaches out to me in the face of tribulation, under your shadow I will fear nothing and I will lack nothing, because next to God you are missionary in favor of the distressed, I call you to try to solve my problems.

I beg you then that my prayer be heard, just as yours have always been heard, in order to reach your blessed mercy that allows me to alleviate my concerns. You, Santa Clara, know my needs, at your feet I come with an open heart, I have nothing to hide, I implore you then to help me endure them and solve them (make request).

Blessed Santa Clara, pure energy and source of all good, you are calm, just as you are the answer and help of the desperate. I honor you with special affection and devotion, your followers know very well the blessings that you emanate as soon as you hear our prayer, because you attend to our call immediately as the Lord taught you, you do not leave the helpless without your presence, strengthening your strength in God.

I earnestly ask you to protect me in all the circumstances of life, that your help and consolation do not fail me, and intercede before our Lord to obtain his long-awaited grace.

Bless me with tranquility, prosperity, work, health and love, and above all that well-being be installed in my home, in my family and in everyone who wishes me well. For my part, I promise to be consistent in my love for your spirit, with genuine affection and recognition wherever I am, promoting your true devotion, thanking you from now on for your favors, because I take it for granted that my prayers were heard and soon materialized. . Amen".

Who is Saint Clare?

Casa Particular in Santa Clara

Santa Clara was a nun of Italian nationality, who enlisted in the faith of Christ until she became a faithful collaborator of Saint Francis of Assisi, coming to found in her company the second Franciscan order or Poor Clare sisters. Her work has been transcendental in the Catholic Church by becoming the first and only woman to write a rule of religious life for women.

His writings contemplate a different content from the traditional monastic rules, demonstrating his capacity for sacrifice and dedication in the name of faith and love towards God and towards his fellow men. His canonization occurred just two years after his death, thanks to Pope Alexander IV. Currently, his mortal remains are in the crypt of the Basilica of Santa Clara de Asís.

History of Santa Clara

It tells the story of this self-sacrificing saint, who in the time of Frederick II, king of Sicily and Jerusalem and Holy Roman Emperor, waged a fierce war between the monarch and the Pope, for which he sent against the Papal States Mohammedan archers, who had no fear of excommunication at all. The year was 1240, and from the top of the fortress of Nocera, very close to Assisi, the Saracens fell on the valley of Espoleto, heading against the convent of San Damián.

If the Muslims triumphed and managed to enter the monastery, certain death was predicted for the nuns, but they would not only suffer that end, probably before that they would be victims of rape as used to happen in such warlike confrontations. At the most critical moment, all the very frightened nuns gathered around Clara, who was bedridden, since she was suffering from a very serious illness.

Clara, displaying her deep courage and faith, asked to be taken to the door of the convent, she had the silver chalice brought to her where the Blessed Sacrament was reserved and in deep prayer she fell on her knees before Him.

Her prayer was very deep and desperate, she cried out for the protection of the God of heaven, so that neither she nor her sisters would be abandoned to their fate. Legend has it that from that chalice a voice with a childish tone sprouted that said: "I will always guard you", immediately the prayer intensified until the Saracens lifted the siege of the monastery, retiring to another place.

Another story of Santa Clara tells that a year later, in June 1241, a similar miracle occurred, once again Federico's troops, led by Vital de Aversa, attacked the city of Assisi ready to end everything. Santa Clara and her nuns accustomed to the power of prayer prostrated themselves before the Blessed Sacrament praying with the deep faith that characterized them and the attackers left the place for no apparent reason. This event is celebrated in Assisi as a special national holiday.

But Santa Clara's signs of strength did not stop there. She in turn had a years-long struggle with Pope Gregory IX motivated by her vow of poverty. It happened that the pontiff wanted to convince her to take some of her assets for the benefit of the convent, as the rest of the religious orders did, but she absolutely refused.

So much was the insistence of the Pope, that he even told her that although she thought she was tied to her vote, he had the power and the obligation to untie it. But Clara, with the humility that characterized her, told her that she could release her from her sins, but not from the obligation to follow Our Lord Jesus Christ. It should be noted that, only two days before Clara died, she obtained from Pope Innocent IV the right to be and always remain poor.

What is asked of Santa Clara?

Santa Clara can be asked in many adverse situations, due to her particular ability to intercede in the solution of the most critical moments. Your help is commonly asked to:

  • Improve complex health states.
  • Get rid of damage and stalking enemies.
  • Achieve mental and spiritual clarity.
  • Have peace and fresh thinking.
  • Strengthen faith.
  • Intensify personal strength.
  • Obtain his blessings in the prayers we perform.
  • Get opportunities to improve situations that afflict us (employment, love, evolution).
  • Any cause that is believed impossible to solve.

Short prayer to Santa Clara

Short prayer to Santa Clara

«May the blessing of Almighty God, the blessing of Santa Clara accompany me in strength, peace, tranquility and faith. Merciful Santa Clara protect me with your custody and your staff, just as you protected everyone who was by your side in the confrontation with the Saracen troops, freeing me from what cannot free me. Be my light and my guide, today and always. Amen".

Prayer to Santa Clara to get a job

«Immaculate heavenly Father, at your feet I prostrate myself as always with great humility to ask that your blessing accompany me, just as it accompanies your servant Santa Clara, admirable devotee and symbol of faith, whom I invoke to be the intercessor of prayer. that in your name I raise to pray for the resolution of the problems that overwhelm me today.

Glorious Santa Marta, your prayer was, is and will be powerful for ever and ever, you were able to bring out the most sacred and blessed voice of the Holy Sacrament itself, invoking your help with the same prayer of faith that your prayers were heard and overcome your vicissitudes. Therefore, I am sure that you will not close doors or windows of hope for me to achieve my goals.

Join me Santa Clara to get the right path to find the happiness that I long for. Enlighten me to find a good job, where I can prosper and cover the material needs of this existence. I ask for your intervention so that the paths of new opportunities open up in my favor so that I can achieve stability and financial evolution.

In me lives the certainty that in your incredible mercy and with your pure and enlightened gaze you will be able to find a worthy job for me. On the other hand, I beg you to help me to have patience to wait for the reward of the one who works well and who waits with the certainty of counting on your intervention to achieve the grace of God.

You who are in the grace of the Lord know very well that his plans are perfect, however, with my earthly eyes he could not find a way out of my conflicts, nor fully cover my needs and those of mine. Help me saint of my devotion that in your glory I will always be grateful for this favor claiming the magnificence of your name. Thank you amen".

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Prayer to Santa Clara to clear the mind

This prayer can be done before bed by placing a glass of fresh water and a white candle next to the bed. Upon waking up in the morning, the prayer will be prayed again and the water reserved in the glass will be drunk, asking Santa Clara to clarify the mind and thoughts to act with greater freshness and tranquility.

«I invoke the spirit of the glorious Santa Clara, symbol of faith, integrity, strength and indisputable humility. You who are pure goodness, example of sacrifice, until your last days you kept your vow of poverty demonstrating your true piety. I call you at this moment, glorious selfless.

Enlighten me with your energy Santa Clara, I ask you, clarify the minds of your devotees like me, who here I find myself pleading with the best intention of reaching the understanding of the spiritual world, in order to enjoy the grace of the Creator. Help me Santa Clara, to be able to understand the magnificence of God in my soul and that this understanding is manifested in my development and my actions on earth.

O Saint Clare! I beg you that just as you saved the divine custody of the Saracens, and protected your entire congregation with your powerful prayers heard without hesitation by God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, likewise, I beg you to save me from any shadow, darkness, bad vibration, bad energy, spirit of low lights and any other stalking of the devil, that could cloud my mind bringing thoughts of despair, depression, anxiety, hatred, resentment, lack of control, misunderstanding and everything that could disturb the good functioning of my mind and my heart.

You Santa Clara, blessed by God, you are capable of clarifying the darkest and most difficult panorama, you calm the impetus of the most violent and determined warriors, calm then with that great strength all disturbance that accompanies me in this moment of tribulation. Grant me the joy of being able to live in peace, in calm and tranquility, which is one of the greatest treasures of this incarnation.

Listen to me Santa Clara, do not allow my prayer to be lost with the wind, on the contrary, take my words loaded with sincerity and faith to the ears of the Lord, to be blessed with his mercy. Thank you Santa Clara, because you are peace and you will give me peace and from this moment on everything has to turn into tranquility, my mind has to be refreshed and the solution to my problems clearly has to be found, reaching today and always my spiritual evolution. Amen".

Prayer to Saint Clare of Assisi to make an urgent request

«Immaculate virgin and profound representative of the faith, Saint Clare of Assisi, reflection of goodness, holiness and purity, firm example of strength, perfect flame of charity and sacrifice, reflection of all the highest virtues.

In the name of all that grace from which you were assailed by the Creator Father, I humbly ask you to extend your immense mercy to my life, cleansing my soul of the marks and faults that my sins could embarrass me, in order to become a human being. of light, goodness and love in vibration with the highest designs of our Creator.

I also beseech you for peace and quiet in my affairs, especially (make request). I have no doubt that my cause is difficult, but I also have no doubt of your immense courage to face critical situations in which we find ourselves lost, from which we can only come out with the intervention of the glory of God. You are a testimony of his great power and his mercy, then raise my prayer strongly to his feet and help me to be worthy of his blessing for the deep faith that I show you.

Take pity on me, I fervently beg you, and help me to obtain a prompt and favorable solution to this urgent and imperative request that worries and saddens my heart. You have always been a protective mother, you did not abandon your sisters in the most difficult moment when, about to fall before the Saracens, your words were miraculously heeded by the Holy Father at the foot of the Blessed Sacrament. Don't abandon me either, Santa Clara, in this difficult moment. Strengthen my prayer so that it may be heard before the Throne of God.

I am confident of your infinite love for others, there is no creature that does not enjoy your kindness and attention, therefore, I patiently wait for my prayers to be heard by you and presented to God, since, thanks to your merits I will certainly achieve the long-awaited solution. Blessed are you today and always Santa Clara. Amen".

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Prayer to Santa Clara for Money

“Blessed Saint Clara, today more than ever I ask for your attention. I know perfectly well that money matters are not your greatest concern, since you swore a vow of poverty that not even the most ostentatious offers could break. But I also know that you look with pity on all your brothers, and you know of the need, of the commitments that imply the responsibility of having the well-being of others behind us, of the importance of caring for a family and maintaining a home.

That is why I come to you today Santa Clara, so that with your light you illuminate my path to success, and that this becomes the prosperity of my work (here you must pronounce the name of your business, project, employment, and describe Your request). At your feet I place all my faith, my hopes and illusions, hoping that you can emanate your merciful energy on me, my paths and my projects.

I beg you Santa Clara, that with your enlightened gaze I find the most correct direction, the appropriate people, and the necessary conditions so that my life can prosper, and all that wisdom is poured into my thoughts, making you my spiritual guide. You are clear about my intentions because before you nothing is hidden, you know my desires so you are aware that I do not yearn for evil, on the contrary, I come to you to do things in the best possible way, and thus obtain the best results for my benefit and that of all those who depend on me.

I am confident now that with your intervention and that of God the Father, my business will see clear days full of abundance. Blessed Santa Clara, be my protector in all my battles, both spiritual and material; she illuminates my paths for evolution, filling my life with charity, obedience and patience, floods my spaces with love and understanding and offers me your protection night and day. Thanks forever. Amen".

Prayer to Santa Clara for love

«Loving and sweet Santa Clara, you know very well what true love is, because you loved our Lord Jesus Christ like few others. You brotherly loved all your brothers, and protected everyone who was under your protection, what more sign of love could you ask for?

You who gave your spiritual gifts to the service of others, being a symbol of humility, kindness, and abstinence, surely you will attend to the request of those who on this earthly plane are beseeching to clarify our paths, finding joy to enjoy true love.

Venerable Saint Clare, you who fill these with purity, follower of the deepest faith in the Virgin Mary, and immaculate spouse of Christ, pour out your infinite mercy on us, incarnated souls who suffer the errors of sin, faults and faults, to be able to walk through the ranks of good and enjoy the grace of God, as you well know.

Today I dare to raise my prayer before you to beg you to help me with the issues of love. Although you did not know carnal love, you know very well what it means to love from the heart. Here I am then, blessed Santa Clara, beseeching for mercy without hiding anything from your eyes. With my heart in my hand I confess that I am going through a difficult situation, and for your immense kindness and wisdom I implore your intervention.

These last times have been full of setbacks, opposition, fights and conflicts between me and my partner (say the name of the loved one) so we have reached a complex situation, our relationship is going through a deep crisis that I can't find a way to remedy, doubts and contradictions abound. That is why I come to you Santa Clara, so that you give us that peace, that calm and wisdom that characterizes you, only with inner peace will we be able to see the best solution for the problems that distance us.

Powerful Santa Clara, grant me this favor that I earnestly ask of you (make the request) relieve our misfortunes, that there be no more crying, anguish, annoyance, regret, and bitterness, that the flame of love be enlivened with your healing and merciful energy, to to be able to recover from this moment of tribulation. Love can do everything, overcomes everything and heals everything. Pour out your love forever in my home I beg you, amen.

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