Prayer for business and sales

Prayer for business and sales

The Prayer for business and sales are invocations that have been inherited from generation to generation, in order to use the most effective words to activate the appropriate spiritualities and the most convenient energy vibrations to attract our business, or financial activity, the greatest possible development. The most important thing to keep in mind when making prayers for business or money is that we have to do them with the greatest faith and conviction that our prayers will be heard and heeded.

Which saint is good for sales and business?

There is a wide variety of spiritualities that work based on the economic evolution of the human being, some of them are specialists in promoting positive conditions for the development of labor issues, in trade and sales, in negotiations, in the abundance of money and everything related to material prosperity here on Earth.

Regardless of the spiritual culture or religion that is practiced, there will always be a spirituality, saint or deity willing to help us live in better conditions during the transit through the earthly plane. Among the most popular to whom this mission is entrusted we have the saints: San Mateo, San Judas Tadeo, San Martín Caballero or San Martín de Loba, San Pancracio; Among the Yoruba Orishas, ​​the following stand out: Elegua, Oggun, Oshun, Aye Shaluga; the archangels Miguel, Chamuel, Raziel, Uriel, Sachiel or Gabriel; the spirituality of Santa Muerte; among many other spiritualities. The most important thing when invoking them is to fervently believe that their help will come into our lives and that way we will achieve the blessings to succeed in our goals.  

Prayer to attract clients

Prayer to attract clients

This prayer can be made by spreading a few drops of honey in the corners of your business, to attract sweetness and make customers feel pleased when visiting it.

"The blessing of God accompanies me,

God's blessing covers my business, today and always.

The energy of the angels and archangels reigns in all this space that has been created to work for my prosperity.

Today I pray to God, the creator, and my guardian angel to protect my finances day by day.

May everything I sell be attractive in the eyes of the world.

That I have plenty of clients interested in my merchandise.

May all my products and services be showy and irresistible.

May my person and anyone else who works in this business only emanate sweet and charming words to the ears of each person who wants to buy from us, so that my clients multiply.

It is not about vanity or selfishness, my God, I only await prosperity, that everything I have worked for can succeed, that my efforts and sacrifices are not in vain, and that there is no loss or rejection for my business.

My guardian angel, you who guide my life and my projects, I put my business in your hands, may your wisdom lead me along the paths of success and productivity.

Blessed God, I am sure that my plea has been heard, and your children will come to this place in abundance, being my clients from now on, because where you are invoked all good things reign, so it must be and so shall. Amen".

Prayer to sell fast

Prayer to sell fast

The prayer to sell fast is better done every morning as a type of meditation, even if you can set the space with vanilla-scented incense, it is much more effective, since the intention of this prayer is to activate good vibrations to attract clients and constant sales, therefore, we must keep in balance the individual energies and those of our physical space.

“Praised be heavenly spirits, pure creatures of the Lord.

I implore the blessing of the Most Holy Trinity, God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, so that they allow their intercession in the mission that I implore today.

The Lord has blessed me with a trade where I can develop my skills, but trading my wares is the most important thing to sustain myself.

Pursue pure spirits, angels of the kingdom of the Lord, so that sales do not delay, that everything you offer is bought very quickly, that the energy of good trade is not stagnant under any circumstances, and that I achieve all the negotiations that I long for. always in my favor (make request).

I do not doubt your goodness my God. You always bless your faithful servants.

In your hands I deliver the good fortune of my business, the blessings of prosperity and success have been activated, neither sales nor money will be lacking, for my benefit and that of all my benefactors.

Abundance accompanies me, because abundant is my faith. Grace Eternal Father. Amen".

prayer for my business

prayer for my business

Seeking the prosperity of our business is the main objective of each undertaking. Therefore, the use of a prayer to help a business be prosperous will never hurt, after all, spiritualities will always be willing to help us, we just have to ask for their help. We can accompany this prayer with a white candle on behalf of the deceased.

«I invoke the Blessing of the Father, God of goodness, allow my ancestral spirits to protect me before this help that I request.

Be you, my ancestors, blood of my blood, flesh of my flesh, which today has merged with my spiritual fluid, since you have been called to the land of truth, may you assist me always counting on mercy of God (name the deceased to whom you ask for their help).

I ask you to help me so that my business is firm and stable. May what I sow yield a good harvest. May my sales increase considerably. Let the customers multiply. May the money never stop circulating.

Spirits that accompany me, you know all my needs, do not stop giving me your strength in health and energy to work daily with success and overcome difficulties, that my clients are always satisfied and come back.

Your blessing is with me. God's blessing protects me. I declare that all my debts must be paid, that my business must prosper and the investment must be multiplied.

This prayer is not only for my benefit, the abundance that I long for must be for me and for all of us who work to make this business stronger.

Bless us then, my God, all your children who honestly earn our daily bread. May the grace of God allow progress to my spirit guides, and my own today and always. Amen".

Prayer to Saint Matthew for sales and business

Prayer to Saint Matthew for sales and business

Offering a prayer in the name of the evangelist Saint Matthew to improve business, have many sales, and attract the flow of money, is a custom that is motivated by the story of his life. It is said that Mateo, before meeting Jesus and becoming the faith of Christ, was a wealthy tax collector who always lived working to multiply money, until he decided to separate himself from that activity to accompany Jesus Christ in the service of the faith and salvation of souls. The link with the economy, prosperity, kindness and helping others, make San Mateo a very appropriate spirituality to invoke in prayers for sales and business.  

«Glorious Saint Matthew, you are the patron saint of work and prosperity.

I entrust myself to you on this occasion, because my faith is firm, just as yours was when you walked the paths of Jesus.

You know the good and the bad that money brings, but you also witnessed how people suffer when they don't have it.

Today I cling to you, so that your influence allows me to maintain a good job, a good business, and good projects.

Fill my paths with blessings Saint Matthew. Present me with the best job and financial opportunities that contribute to my professional growth, that enhance my skills, and allow the satisfaction of my needs.

Your infinite protection accompanies me Saint Matthew. Get out of my life all energy that attracts problems, setbacks, losses and difficulties. May wherever I work my work attract prosperity, sales, good negotiations, the honey of commerce and success.

Saint Matthew, you know very well the importance of abundance and prosperity (make a request) I beg you that my request be heard, blessed and materialized by your grace. Amen".

Prayer to sell a lot

Prayer to sell a lot

This prayer is commonly used when cleaning businesses or workplaces. It serves to transmute the place, negative energies that could cause some kind of delay. It can be combined with various elements of spiritual cleansing, such as: essences of money, prosperity and call clients; or with road-opening, destrancadera, or saragüey-breaking herbs, with which cleaning offal is prepared by macerating its leaves and mixing them with water.  

“Almighty God, in your name my prayers are committed forever.

I pray that you allow the spirits of your most distinguished children to assist me.

Saints and Saints of the Celestial court, come to my call for your love of neighbor, and for the grace of God.

I invoke your help, Virgin Mary Help of Christians, blessed mother, fill me with your virtue, patience and calm to make the right decisions so that my businesses prosper.

Glorious Saint Pancratius, help me so that my economic needs are met, that money runs in abundance and trade does not stop.

Blessed Saint Matthew, do not allow me to lack clients so that liquidity is maintained and there is no debt that delays me.

Beloved San Martín Caballero, influence my goods to be desired and soon my investment is recovered.

Venerable San Fermín, do not allow setbacks to cause me uneasiness, on the contrary, help me to always find the right solutions to be a good leader and an excellent manager.

Dear Saint Joseph, you are an expert in sales matters, bless every sale and negotiation I wish to make, so that my clients are satisfied with my product and always wish to have it.

Most High San Judas Tadeo, saint of commerce, saint of my devotion, I implore you that my business is always full of clients and that everything prospers thanks to your mediation.

Saints and Saints of the Celestial court, I thank you for listening to my request, in your hands I leave my business trusting in your protection, I am sure that with your help everything will be much better. Thank you thank you thank you. Amen".

Prayer for success in business

Prayer for success in business

This prayer can be prayed daily in your work or business, to activate the energies of success and prosperity.

“Father God, with all my heart and all my devotion I ask for your blessing.

I invoke your sublime mercy so that you listen to my concerns, which I humbly entrust to you for the unfolding of my life on this earthly plane.

Open You, Holy Father, the doors of prosperity and abundance in my life, in my home and in my business. That by their infinite goodness they remain open without anything hindering them. May his grace benefit me and also bless my family, my friends, my co-workers, my clients and all my benefactors.

That through your intervention, Infinite God, accompanied by the Holy Spirit, my business can satisfy the needs of my clients and that this becomes their happiness.

It is not a vain and superficial request, my God. You know well the suffering that failure, loss, misery and poverty can cause. My failure would not only be a severe blow to my life and everything I have fought so hard for. There are also people who depend on me, who would be affected if my business did not prosper.

No one but You to know what we human beings keep in our souls. You know that my intentions are good, that's why I stick to Your guide, to always keep me on the path of goodness. Free me from making any mistake that you lack, harm others, or myself, to always live in the grace of his abundance. Amen".

Prayer to call clients

Pray this prayer to call customers holding several bay leaves (fresh or dried) in your hands. At the end, you will water the leaves in the corners of your business.

«I invoke the energy of God the Father to allow me to connect with the highest forces of this World.

My prayer is a request charged with faith, hope, charity and gratitude.

I pray that the highest spiritualities of light protect me, so that my prayers materialize the changes that I aspire to in my life.

May the energy of economic plenitude connect with my business, thus allowing a transcendental evolution to exist, so that everything I undertake progresses, spreads and grows.

May the spirituality of good fortune smile at me, settle in my astral and stay in my life.

May the light of enchantment and beauty bathe me, making my speech, my presence and my merchandise irresistible, so that my clientele may increase and my sales multiply.

May the spirits of health and money balance my earthly development so that I lack nothing. That in my life there is no lack and need (make request).

Spirits of highest lights, my request has been raised to the highest vibration. May everything I have asked for and desire become reality. So be it, so it is, so it will be, thank you. Amen".

Prayer to Santa Muerte to increase sales

Santa Muerte is a spirituality that is very popular in Mexico. His cult considers that the power of Santa Muerte is very high, even placing her on a scale below God, but at the level of Jesus Christ. In any case, prayers to Santa Muerte are usually very effective for her devotees, and she is capable of intervening in endless situations, with the prayer to increase sales, improve business and commerce being widely used.

"Adored Santa Muerte. I ask for your insurmountable protection.

I entrust to you my business, my sales, the presence of my clientele, my good negotiations, and the charm of my services and my merchandise.

Protect my business from the ill-intentioned, from gossip, dark desires, envious people, traitors and everyone who does not approach in good faith and could bring me setbacks.

Lead good clients to my business, with interest in what I offer them, with good attitudes and good wishes, but above all, that allow me to increase my sales.

Santa Muerte, do not allow my company to live in ruin or poverty, that it does not suffer corruption, be prey to theft or bankruptcy.

It positively influences our image so that customers always perceive my business as what it is, reliable and honest.

May abundance run through my business today always Santa Muerte, being a symbol of your power. So be it".

Prayer to Elegua to sell a lot

Elegua is the Orisha of the Yoruba pantheon, owner of the roads. His influence on good fortune and favorable negotiations make him a highly appreciated deity for the pursuit of economic development. His devotees usually place a pumpkin smeared with honey and corojo butter on a white plate, placing it in a cool place inside his business, saying prayers to Elegua to sell much more and prosper with his investments. .

«I praise the Orisha of the roads, Elegua my father, bless me.

Messenger of destiny, you know everything because you see everything, there is no road that you have not traveled.

Today I ask you to allow the wind of good fortune to enter my business.

Increase my sales, that every day I can sell much more and more, maintaining the firmness and stability of my business.

That everyone who steps on my business wants to buy again, and that new customers arrive non-stop. That my products and services are so attractive thanks to its Elegua influence, that customers arrive like bees to a honeycomb.

Open the ways for good merchandise and good customers to enter my business.

Clear my path so that nothing negative stands between my clients, my business and my prosperity.

Emanate your cheerful and jovial energy on me, to keep me positive in the face of vicissitudes, full of enthusiasm in the face of my work, and thus, attract wealth and abundance to your side. Thank you for your blessing, great Orisha Elegua. Ashe».

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Prayer to Saint Martin Caballero to attract customers

San Martín Caballero is also known as: San Martín de Loba or San Martín de Tours. He is a Catholic saint who was born in the Roman Empire, to whom the patronage of merchants and various artisans is attributed. Due to his enterprising nature and his outstanding love for his neighbor, San Martín enjoys multiple prayers in which his help is invoked for economic development, attracting customers and improving the prosperity of businesses.

«Merciful San Martín Caballero, soldier of God, today I raise my prayer to you to request your blessing.

Pour your blessings of abundance on me, just as you did with that beggar and with everyone who asked you for it.

Help me San Martín de Loba, father of providence. That through your intercession my business does not lack customers, that they arrive one after another without stopping. May my trade be a great success and may my professional growth be stable.

Bless me with your holy alms that will multiply for the earthly prosperity of my life and my business.

Never let my investments fail. May you always prosper my efforts and my work.

Bring to my door buyers interested in my products and services, who are willing to buy and pay.

You who know gold and silver, keep the money and reproduce it in my business and in my house.  

Heed my call San Martin Caballero, protect my business and my way, that there is no evil that stays, nor delay that triumphs against me, so that joy and prosperity reign.

At your feet I commend my desires (make request) diligent holy knight. Do not leave me without your help. Amen".

Prayer to San Judas Tadeo for business

San Judas Tadeo was one of the disciples of Jesus Christ, characterized by his kindness, wisdom and firmness. He is well known among believers for his grace to solve the most difficult causes, therefore, the prayers of San Judas Tadeo so that a business that has cost him to build prospers are very efficient. 

«Glorious Saint Judas Tadeo, you are the unwavering apostle of faith in Christ.

All his devotees know his Divine grace to intercede tirelessly until reaching the solution to difficult problems.

I request your help to move my business forward. Its development has been slow, few clients.

It reveals in my thoughts and before my eyes, the changes necessary to correctly offer what my clients want.

In your hands I put the evolution of this great project in which I have worked. May more customers come to my business every day. That they feel interested and in need of my product and service, that my merchandise is sold and my investments are recovered.

May all the effort be rewarded from now on and may previous failures only be the learning I needed to experience the enormous success that awaits me.

I make my cause yours venerable Saint Judas Tadeo, thank you for attending to my prayers, may God's blessing be with us. Amen".

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