Ebbo with the Orishas to start the new year

Ebbo with the Orishas to start the new year

It is well known by the practitioners of the Osha and Ifa rule, better known as "Santeria", that making sacrifice or Ebbo is the most advisable thing to do to ensure that good results are achieved in whatever they set out to do. That is why, during the end of the year and at the beginning of the new year, a series of works are carried out to activate the arrival of the Ire. 

Why is ebbo done at the end or beginning of the year?

In reality there is no specific time to do Ebo, the sacrifices are timely whenever they are needed. However, at the beginning of a year there is an expectation of what the future holds, and at the same time it is expected that the cycle that begins will be much better than the previous one, that is why they are used to doing certain works in order to obtain the intervention of the Orishas and attract the permanence of the Ire (the luck or blessings) in the lives of the practitioners of this cult.

Ebbo of the year

The letter of the year

Another tradition consists of going to the house of the consecrated: Babalawos or Olorishas (santeros), to carry out the first annual consultation. This ceremonial or record is known as "Get the letter of the year." It is a divination that is carried out using the oracles corresponding to each Iworo or consecrated person, that is, by using the oracle of Ifa or the Diloggún a query is obtained that will determine how the querent's year will pass and therefore, the eboses recommended to solve the Osogbos (setbacks) that could impair their development.

This practice must be carried out on the first day of January or, failing that, during the first days of the New Year, in order to obtain timely guidance from the Orishas about the year that begins.

With which Orisha is it advisable to do ebbo at the beginning of the year?

As explained above, if the practitioner draws his letter of the year, he will know exactly that Orisha supports him during that year and what are the specific works that he must perform to get rid of certain setbacks and attract the blessings that may be offered on his way.

However, we can make some eboses to request the intervention of the Orishas in the aspects of our lives that we want to solve or specifically achieve during the year that begins, requesting their help according to the attributes that correspond to each of them.

New Year's work with Eshu Elegua to evolve.

New Year's work with Eshu Elegua to evolve.

Elegua and Eshu they are spiritualities of vital importance in the Rule of Osha-Ifa. It is necessary to understand that the works that are carried out at his feet are fundamental for the correct development of the situations of all practitioners. They must always be attended to before the rest of the Orishas so that the works can be effective since, they must have knowledge of all the ceremonial that are carried out because they contribute with the transmission of the ebo to its destination. Therefore, it is to this Eshu-Elegua duo that we are going to request the first intervention to have a new year full of prosperity, evolution and open roads.

Materials needed to carry out the work:

  • 1 chick.
  • Two white candles.
  • 1 lodestone.
  • A güirito or clay jar.
  • Limaya.
  • Land of: Four Corners and the Cemetery Gate.
  • Aguardiente and dry wine.
  • Herbs: marjoram, rue, good herb, and prodigious.
  • 7 scribbles of different suits: yamao, victor, for me, open the way, siguaraya, yaya and guayacan.

Execution of the Ebbo:

All the ingredients are arranged in front of Eshu and Elegua, giving him the knowledge that this ebo is going to be prepared to attract and maintain evolution and prosperity during the year that begins. An omiero is prepared with all the herbs and the jar, the lodestone, and all the doodles are washed. At the bottom of the jar, the lime, the earth and the rest of the ingredients already washed with the omiero are placed. Then the ebo is fed a chicken together with Eshu and Elegua and abundant brandy and wine will be blown to everyone. Finally the two candles are left lit. The Orishas are asked if the work is complete and it is left at their feet throughout the year, at 6 months they will be given a chicken again.

New Years Ebbo with the warriors to attract the money

The Orishas that make up the group of «the warriors» are: Elegua, Oggun and Ochosi. Together they honor the motto that represents them: "In unity is strength." All these Orishas have in common that they live in the bush or the savannah and are virtuous hunters who use work tools with great skill, therefore, they are usually very effective in hunting the luck and development of their children or followers.   

Materials needed to carry out the work:

  • 1 coin of any denomination.
  • A lodestone.
  • Herbs: rue, rosemary, and anise basil.
  • Aguardiente, anise and holy water.
  • Red and blue thread.
  • Red and blue fabric.


All the ingredients are placed in front of Elegua, Ogun and Oshosi, realizing that the work that is being done is to attract the ire owo (money luck). Two crosses are prepared with each herb. A cross of each herb is then placed above and below the lodestone. Finally, the coin is placed on top. It is blown brandy, aniseed and sprinkled with holy water. It is chalked with the threads in the shape of a cross until it is well covered. It is kept in a blue and red cloth bag and is hung from the Orishas throughout the year. At the end, brandy will be blown to Eleggua and Ogun, and aniseed to Oshosi will be blown, realizing that the work has been completed and asking them if the ebo has reached heaven safely.

New Year's Ebo with Obatala for the house

Obatala is an Orisha who personifies purity. He is known as the owner of all heads, representative of justice and health. His gray hair symbolizes the wisdom he has acquired over time and the temperance with which he is able to understand and observe situations, for which he is also recognized as a judge of the Yoruba pantheon. His compassionate energy makes him listen carefully to all his children and followers emanating blessings of peace, calm and tranquility for the resolution of their conflicts.

Materials needed to carry out the work:

  • 1 cup with almond milk.
  • Cocoa butter
  • Husk
  • Rice powder.
  • 2 white candles.

Execution of the work:

A glass with almond milk is placed at the foot of Obatala, grated cocoa butter and powdered husk are added to it and the 2 candles are lit. You will realize that what you are doing is to request your intervention to bring tranquility, peace and health to all the members of your family and your home during this year that begins (if you are Aleyo and you do not have an Obatala foundation at home you can also carry out the work by offering the cup and the candles in the name of the Orisha). After 4 days the contents of the glass are mixed with plenty of fresh water and the whole house is cleaned. When finished cleaning rice powder is sprinkled in all corners.

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New Years Ebbo With Oshun For Love

New Years Ebbo With Oshun For Love

Oshun She is known as one of the fluvial Orishas of the Yoruba pantheon, owner of the river and representative of the ancestral mothers. Among her attributions she enjoys the virtue of being the owner of love, money, feminine beauty, sensuality, and charm; it is a symbol of family and home. She is usually a devoted mother who fiercely protects her children and followers. It is very important to always keep her happy because if she gets upset she will never forgive.  

Materials needed to carry out the work:

  • Water.
  • Sugar.
  • Cinnamon.
  • Rice.
  • Almonds
  • Honey from bees.
  • Herb cundiamor.
  • 2 white plates.
  •  1 beer.


A rice seasoned with cundeamor herb and almonds will be prepared and served on a white plate. The beer will be served in a glass and the water mixed with sugar and cinnamon in another. In the other plate, honey with cinnamon will be served on top. All the dishes will be placed in front of Oshun with two lit candles and she will realize that this attention is being carried out so that she will grant her the blessing of finding love in this year that begins. If you do not have an Oshun foundation at home, you can do this work on the river bank, where the Orisha resides.

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Ebbo with Yemaya for health and prosperity

Ebbo with Yemaya for health and prosperity

Yemaya is an Orisha who represents motherhood In all her expression, she is known as "the universal mother or mother of all the Orisas." Her power over motherhood is derived from her relationship with the waters, the element where life originates. In the company of the Orisha Olokun, and Oshùn keep the secrets of the riches of the world. Likewise, due to her condition as a self-sacrificing mother, she is very opportune for the resolution of the conflicts of her children and followers.


  • gofio.
  • Cornmeal.
  • Cane molasses.
  • 7 coins.
  • Purslane herb.
  • Roasted or fined corn.
  • Pork lard.
  • Face beans.
  • Mud rubber.


7 corn buns with honey and 7 gofio buns are cooked. Make 7 face bean buns previously parboiled. The corn is passed through the pan with a little lard to avoid burning. When everything is ready, all the preparations are placed inside the mud rubber on a bed of purslane, a lot of corn is sprinkled, the cane molasses and the 7 coins are placed. This preparation will be taken to the sea and delivered to Yemaya asking that the year that begins be full of health and prosperity.

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Ebbo of the year with Shango to get rid of enemies

Shango He is an important Orisha of the Yoruba pantheon. He is considered one of the founders of the Yoruba kingdom in Nigeria and a renowned King of the city of Oyó. He is identified as a brave warrior, a symbol of strength, masculinity, virility, and the enjoyment of life. Due to its character and strength, it has the virtue of dominating the rays that fall from the sky and the fire. It is one of the most appropriate deities to invoke in situations where we need to defeat our enemies.


  • Dried mamey seeds.
  • Dried melon seeds.
  • Dried pumpkin seeds.
  • Two white candles.
  • 1 glass of red wine.
  • 1 cup with palm oil or corojo butter.
  • 1 bunch of green bananas.

Execution of the work:

All the seeds are taken in front of Shango and a very fine powder is prepared. Then the glass of wine, the glass of corojo butter, the green bananas, and the two candles are placed as a treat for the Orisha next to the prepared powder. He realizes everything that has been offered and that this dust has been prepared to protect himself from his enemies during the year that begins, thanking him to have his blessing and protection. At the end, you are asked if you agree with everything offered. The prepared powder is removed when the candles are consumed and with a little of that powder, a constant sarayeyeo (cleaning on your body) will be done in front of the Orisha or at the door of your house and will blow the dust towards the street, always asking for your protection and the triumph over their opponents. If you run out of dust during the year you can repeat the work in the same way without any problem.

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