Mama Chola: Deity of love in the Palo Mayombe

Mama chola

Mama Chola is the Mpungo of beauty, seduction and love, but also of demand and fidelity. His energy resonates with the vitality of water and the richness of nature, and his presence in the Palo Mayombe tradition is of paramount importance to those seeking prosperity, love, and protection in their lives.

Who is Mama Chola?

Mama Chola is a powerful Mpungo within the Palo Mayombe tradition, considered the goddess of love, wealth and fertility. The seductive and sensual energy of her personifies the feminine ideal. In nature, she rules over rivers, and her presence resembles freshness and sweet water.

Other names by which it is known are: Cholandengue, Chola Wengue Mpungo, and Mama Choya. This deity embodies all the characteristics associated with femininity and passion. No one can resist her expansive and charming laugh, her seductive dance and her lips that taste like honey.

She has an exuberant and feminine figure, with round hips that symbolize sensuality and fertility. Her taste for silks, perfumes, fans and jewelry highlights her essence of beauty and elegance.

Mama Chola is a lover of honey, a sweetness that reflects her affectionate and loving nature. However, despite her role of love and passion, she is also a fierce warrior. As the ruler of the rivers, she has the ability to be both benevolent and unforgiving. She loves those devoted to her, but does not tolerate breaking promises or expectations. If someone disappoints her, she may show the sterner side of her and not forgive him easily.


Mama Chola palería

Those who work with Mama Chola must be careful to honor their commitments and promises, as this deity demands that she be paid in full and in advance for her services. Her power is magnetic, and those who seek her must be willing to give themselves wholly to her devotion.

His day of the week is Saturday. The corresponding minerals are: gold and copper. He also has authority over the amber resin.


The colors that are related to Mama Chola Wengue are yellow and gold. The yellow color represents sunlight, vital energy and joy. It is a color that symbolizes optimism, happiness and good fortune. When used in connection with Mama Chola, yellow is associated with the power to attract prosperity and luck in all aspects of life. In addition, this color highlights the vivacious and sparkling nature of Mama Chola, reflecting her cheerful and seductive character.

On the other hand, gold is a color that evokes majesty, wealth and splendor. It represents power and magnificence, and is associated with the divine and the sacred. In relation to Mama Chola, gold highlights her status as an important and powerful deity in the Palo Mayombe tradition. Her golden presence symbolizes abundance and luxury, and suggests the ability to bring material and spiritual blessings to those who honor her.

Taken together, yellow and gold in relation to Mama Chola emphasize her role as a generous deity who can grant prosperity and well-being to those who seek her. These colors represent the power to attract fortune and wealth, as well as the ability to radiate joy and vitality in the lives of her devotees. By honoring and working with Mama Chola under the influence of yellow and gold, one seeks to receive her blessing and guidance to achieve success and fulfillment in all aspects of existence.


In the tradition of Mayombe stick, the number 5 is associated with the strength of Mama Chola and represents various aspects of her power and dominance. It symbolizes transformation and evolution, reflecting the changing nature of Mama Chola and his ability to guide his devotees through processes of personal and spiritual growth. It also represents the connection with the elements of nature, since Mama Chola governs all rivers and is closely linked to the lively and refreshing waters.

In addition, the number 5 is associated with generosity and abundance, which highlights the power of Mama Chola Wengue to bring prosperity and well-being to those who honor and serve her devotedly. She is regarded as the Mpungo of beauty and wealth, which reinforces her role as a benevolent and generous deity who can bestow material and spiritual blessings.

In the numerology of Palo Mayombe, the number 5 also represents balance and harmony. It brings with it a sense of harmony and balance in the lives of its devotees, helping them to find inner peace and serenity in the midst of adversity.

How are your children?

Mama Chola's children are people full of charm and seduction. They are usually attractive, charismatic and have a charming personality that captivates those around them. They are known for their vibrancy and playfulness, reflecting the liveliness and sparkle of running water. Their children have a great presence and magnetism. They love to take care of their appearance, dressing elegantly and enjoying perfumes and jewelry that enhance their natural charm.

In addition to their attractiveness, Mama Chola's children are brave warriors. While they love love and harmony, they can also be firm and determined in their actions when faced with challenges. They are loyal and protective of those they love, but they also demand sincerity and fidelity in relationships.

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History of Mama Chola

History of Mama Chola Palo Mayombe

Legend has it that, at the time of the conquest, an expedition left Santa Fe in the direction of the Magdalena River. During the journey they met a tribe commanded by a young and brave cacique. The head of the expedition gave orders to seize the young man and flog him until he revealed where the riches of his land were hidden.

The settler's daughter, a beautiful young woman with golden hair and blue eyes, saved the young cacique and decided to escape with him. They crossed the river and hid in a neighboring area, where they built their hut and welcomed their firstborn. Feeling displaced by the stranger, one of the Indians looked for the conqueror and revealed the whereabouts of the young lovers.

The irate man went in search of his daughter, ordered the soldiers to behead the cacique and throw the little boy into the river, who, as expected, drowned. He released her daughter, however, the desperate young woman hurt by the death of her loved ones, she jumped into the river and drowned.

The inhabitants say that, on certain days with a clear and calm night, a lullaby seems to come out of the waters, however, when it is sad or desperate, it can shake the mountains and fill the currents with mud.

Syncretism of Mama Chola in different religions

Religious syncretism is a common practice in various spiritual and religious traditions, and in the case of Mpungo Mama Chola, a symbolic relationship has also been established with other deities from different cultures and beliefs. Two of the deities with which Mama Chola has been syncretized are the Orisha Oshun and the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre.

  • Syncretism with the Orisha Oshun:

In the Yoruba religion, Oshun She is an Orisha associated with love, beauty, fertility, wealth, and sweet waters, especially rivers. Both deities share similarities in aspects related to femininity, sensuality and prosperity. Mama Chola, like Oshun, is revered as a powerful feminine entity, a lover of beauty and love.

The syncretism between Mama Chola and Oshun has allowed the beliefs and rituals of both traditions to intertwine and enrich each other. Devotees may find in both deities a common bond of love and protection, and the offerings and ceremonies presented to them may share similar elements.

  • Syncretism with the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre:

La Virgin of Charity of Copper, also known as the Virgin of Charity, is an iconic figure in the Catholic religion in Cuba and other regions of Latin America. She is considered the patron saint of Cuba and is revered as a protector and mediator in times of need and hardship.

The syncretism between Mama Chola and the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre highlights the connection between both deities as protectors and spiritual guides. Both are seen as maternal and loving figures, who offer comfort and help to those who seek their protection.

What is asked of Mama Chola?

Each devotee can come to the feet of Mama Chola presenting their own desires and needs, trusting in her power and ability to provide blessings and protection in various aspects of life. However, due to his powers, he is generally required to achieve:

  • Love and happiness in love relationships.
  • Union and harmony in the home and family.
  • Protection against envy and bad energy.
  • Fertility and blessings to have children.
  • Attraction and seduction to conquer someone special.
  • Solution to sentimental problems and emotional conflicts.
  • Beauty and charm to enhance self-esteem and confidence.
  • Success in labor matters and creative projects.
  • Health and well-being to stay strong and vital.
  • Guidance and wisdom to make the right decisions in life.

How is Mama Chola cared for?

Offerings to Mama Chola vary according to the specific traditions and practices of each follower or community, but some of the most common offerings include: honey, oranges, yellow melons, and fresh fruits in general; flowers, especially brightly colored and fragrant ones, such as: roses, jasmine, carnations, and sunflowers; perfumes and colognes; fans, mirrors, jewelry and gold bracelets; sweets, candies and drink like beers. The animals that are immolated are: castrated goats, and yellow chickens.

It is important to note that, when making any offering to Mama Chola, it must be done with respect and sincere devotion, following the practices and rituals of the Palo Mayombe tradition. Each offering represents an expression of love and faith towards this powerful spiritual entity, seeking its protection and guidance in daily life.

Loving Mooring with Mama Chola

Loving Mooring with Mama Chola

Ingredients: 5 anise stars, perfume, 1 medium-sized pumpkin, honey, cloves (spice), 5 coins, the names of the two people written on a piece of brown paper, 2 cinnamon sticks, yellow thread, 1 candle ( candle) yellow. Procedure: in front of the foundation of Mama Chola, all the ingredients are prepared on a white plate in front.

The yellow candle is lit, the Mpungo is informed and his blessing and protection are asked for during the work. He takes the pumpkin and cuts it in half. Clean the seeds inside well and leave enough space for the filling. In half of the gourd that has been hollowed out, place the honey and some spice cloves. These ingredients will represent sweetness and attractiveness in the relationship. The names of the two people are written on the piece of paper and tied tightly around the two cinnamon sticks using the yellow string. Cinnamon sticks symbolize passion and love. Place the tied names in the center of the pumpkin, over the honey and cloves. The pumpkin is closed with the other half that had been previously cut.

Make sure it is well sealed so that the ingredients remain inside and the energy of the ritual does not escape. Once the pumpkin is closed, place the 5 coins around the pumpkin as a symbol of prosperity and financial stability in the relationship. Take the 5 anise stars and place them around the plate as an additional offering to attract good luck and marital happiness. Perfume the environment with the perfume to purify the space and raise the energy of the ritual. Remain silent for a few minutes, concentrating on your desires and visualizing a relationship filled with love, harmony, and happiness. Once you feel that the ritual has been completed, thank Mama Chola for her presence and her help.

Signature of Mama Chola

Signature of Mama Chola for Love

This is a signature that is often used for topics related to love. It is important to note that the interpretation of the symbols may vary according to tradition and the individual vision of each practitioner. In general, it is usually interpreted in the following way:

  • Cross: is a symbol that represents the connection between the earthly plane and the spiritual world. In this case, it can symbolize the protection and spiritual guidance provided by Mpungo in sentimental matters.
  • Arrows: they usually represent the action and direction in the signature of Mama Chola Wengue. In love, these arrows can symbolize the strength to conquer or attract a specific person, as well as the intensity of emotions and passion in a relationship.
  • Three arrows pointing to the left and one to the right: The arrangement of the arrows can have a specific meaning within the signature. The three arrows pointing to the left could symbolize overcoming obstacles or problems in love, while the arrow pointing to the right can represent progress and positive developments in relationships.
  • Circle with a "-" inside: the circle can represent integrity and wholeness in the Mama Chola signature. The symbol of – could symbolize the separation or release of negative energies or emotional blockages that may be affecting love relationships.

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