Los Chamalongos: The Oracle of Palo Mayombe

The Chamalongos

The Chamalongos are a tool or method of divination of the rule of the Mayombe stick, this has a very complex interpretation when asking questions to the garment. There are four shells that, depending on how they fall, will give us answers based on the questions that we will ask, these answers will be affirmative or negative depending on the falls, that is, if they fall face up or face down or in combined positions.

The chamalongo is ruled by a deity or npungo called the star, which communicates with the sworn ancestor and determines the response through specific falls which are called Falls or Spatial positions.

Types of Chamalongos

There are several types of chamalongos among them are the following:

  • Made with coconut shells, these are known by the name of Nzandi, this type of chamalongo is the most common.
  • There are also those who prepare with quillumbas de nfumbes
  • Some are made of metal, in this case they would be for zarabanda, they are made with the steel of an embele (machete), when it arrives, a special treaty with sacrifice and signatures is made.
  • We also have those that are made with ngongoro shell (jicotea)
  • The kuenda chamalongos, which are made with special sticks, sacred, sworn and eaten, which carry a special ceremony in which two must be cut at midnight and two at noon.
  • Another variety of Chamalones are made with the jars of the ngandos sacrificed to the foundations.

Who speaks through the Oracle of the Chamalongo?

The nfumbes or dead are those who speak through the signs and falls of the chamalongo, these shells that will give us the answers to the questions we ask in consultation must have been purified before the nganga, in order to achieve optimal communication between the tata who performs the consultation and its nfumbe. Only then will we find the answers we are looking for, some will be positive and others negative, everything will depend on how our astral is and the designs indicated by the nfumbe.

Guide to make a consultation or divination with chamalongos for another person.

  • A mat is placed.
  • A chair is placed in front of the mat
  • The client is asked to remove his shoes and sit with his feet on the mat.
  • If the nfumbe is not present, a mpemba (candle) is lit to the side as a witness offered to the nfume.
  • The name of the person with the corresponding date is noted.
  • Lamoyugba is prayed.
  • The nfumbe is asked for a license and it is said: up ntoto, up nganga, look at my nfumbe ……., Here I am (Name of the tata or yaya nganga malongo seven briyumba ndianda cuava) asking for a license to consult (Name of the person) so that I can take it bumpy by four (4) nzilla "guenda" (yes).
  • If the nfumbe says no, then a relative or friend of the consultant is speaking, who needs to be seen, then the person is asked for deceased relatives or friends to see what they want.
  • Then the chamalongos are given in the hands to the person so that they mentally ask for their things after they finish ordering, to blow the chamalongos and hand them over.
  • Then the chamalongo is presented to the person's forehead, asking the nfumbe of one that everything that said person asked for speak clearly and firmly.
  • The query starts.
  • The first fall is noted and the consultant is told what the nfumbe has been talking about.
  • The chamalongos are picked up and what the person is asking is said firmly and they are thrown again.
  • The second fall is noted and the person is told what the nfumbe is talking about.
  • Then they are pure questions that the consultant asks yes or no.
  • If it is a very strong question, you are given the chamalongos in your hands after you blow them and give it to one in your hands to ask the nfumbe what the person asked and he / she speaks clearly and firmly.

Chamalongo Spins or Falls

san ntembo

Los Chamalongos lyrics

This fall is positive, it indicates whether resounding, good, happiness, abundance, open roads, in the same way it is asked again for greater certainty. The position of the chamalongos would be the 4 shells looking up. 

Saint Ntoto

Chamalongos Sa Ntoto

It indicates if hesitant, that is, it is a positive fall but with indecision, it is something possible but does not give security, for this reason it is asked again. Indicates insecurity regarding what is being asked. If the fall is equal to the previous roll, the answer is confirmed. In this case the Chamalones would be positioned 3 up and 1 down.

Sa Mansa

Chamalongo Sa Mansa runs

It means if with certainty, in this case the saying goes "what is known is not asked." Great things are announced for the person. The fall would be 2 shells up and 2 down.

Sat Aunt

Spins or Falls of Chamalongo Sa Tia

This fall of the Chamalongo is negative, simply the immediate answer to what is asked would be no. There are difficulties, gossip, gossip around you. The shells would fall 3 face down and 1 face up.

Sa Mbasi

The chamalones: Sa Mbasi

This drop at the beginning of the consultation is indicative of misfortunes or that the person is being worked with a dead person. There you would wonder if the fall is for you or the one consulted. If it continues giving the same fall, it should refresh the shells. This fall is positioned as follows all down.

Similarity of the Oracle of the Chamalongo with the Obi of the rule of Osha-Ifa (Santeria)

It is important to note that this scheme or divination system is the same as that used in the Osha and Ifa rule to give coconut to an Orisha, with the only difference that the names of the falls change.

  • SA TEMBO ……………… .. ALAFIA
  • SA NTOTO ………………… .. ITAWA OR OTAWA
  • SA MANSA …………………. EYEIFE
  • SAUNT …………………………OKANA
  • SA MBASI ………………… OYEKUN                   

Chamalongo reading        

  • In the first letter they speak Earth tremors, Kobayende and Kikiroco. They say that Nzambi bestows his blessings.
  • In the second Seven rays, star of the world, Mama Shola and mother of water.
  • In the third zarabanda, cabo ronda, the earth trembles and the Ntala Nsamba
  • In the fourth morning star speaks, sparkles ndoki and the Nfumbes
  • In the last letter it flashes, the Nfumbes, The moon and Death.

Chamalongo signs

The chamalogo Palo Mayombe

The signs of the chamalongos are the record of previous consultations and only serve as a reference, so that the Ngueyos and new tatas have a guide and little by little they soak up the experience of their elders. There are 16 and these correspond to the 16 possibilities in which 4 chamalongos can be ordered. It should be noted that it is always read counterclockwise.

A brief description of these signs will be made below:

Mitengwe = fortune

This sign brings a good omen, it speaks mainly of the family environment, it refers to the head of the family. It speaks of increase in everything, successes, good luck, great fortune, celebration, property and possessions. He also talks about honor and respect.

Mbizimbili = media

Here we talk about peace, recovery from a disease, except for women as it predicts diseases of great magnitude and consequences. When this sign falls twice in a row, it is indicating that if you have planned a trip, you must desist from it.

Mazangula = path

Through this sign the nfumbe tells us that when good actions are carried out, they must continue to be done to be successful in everything that is proposed and will obtain good rewards, it also tells us of temporary illnesses with immediate recovery and that the vicissitudes that occur in their way be overcome.

Mbunga = town

This sign indicates struggles, wars and revolutions in the place where you live, it speaks of unpleasant people. If this sign appears twice in a row, it indicates war and conflicts between couples, Rains and storms, the enemy attacks from outside, however the nfumbe will come out in defense to defeat said enemies.

Take = encounter

Here the nfumbe tells us that we must prepare well before doing anything, traveling, starting a business or simply before making any important decision. He also talks about illnesses caused by curses that are generated by conflicts between siblings.

Kwaga = wisdom

This sign says that whoever runs from the start, runs back. What is lost appears, if a person leaves home, he returns home. The dog leaves the house, it also returns, it also speaks of peace, wisdom, purity, news, and communication. Good results in business due to good and cautious decisions.

Ntakwala = innocence

It establishes that the person who owes it has a moral duty to pay his debts, since otherwise he will fall into misfortunes.

Mbango = losses

The curse and the nganga are born, here it is said that the person is alone, without family or friends, without support of any kind, the product of curses, however the nfumbe says that he will come out on the right foot from all this bad streak.

Zilume = youth

Again a sign that is negative for women, indicates danger especially in parturient women, here it speaks of premature births. On the other hand, for men it indicates that it is a sign of virility, firmness and solidity.

Vuba = passion

This sign speaks of the person who must develop his intellect, the client is ill because he does not attend to the spirits and their warriors, he must attend to them since only then will he be able to recover, he is behind and must attend to everything concerning religion. It speaks of prosperity in the place where you live or work, but it will come to you only if it is taken care of. It also speaks of happiness, well-being, earnings, inheritances, a good path.

Zvibili = profit

In this letter or sign it speaks that whoever stays at home is always protected. When the door is closed, evil does not enter. Loose lips sink ships. When something is protected and cared for, it is neither lost nor ruined. Save today so you have tomorrow. Talk about joys when things are done well.

Kulela = joy

This sign says that the illness in the person is caused by witchcraft. He says that he should not undertake any journey because evil stalks him, bad things can happen to him on the way. He says that the war between the family is caused by witchcraft.

Mpululu = confinement

This sign says that the lap of life is the mother's womb, it speaks of the blessings of the mother and the spirits on the maternal side, who must be cared for and cared for. He also talks about marital problems, slander, jail, and the daily struggle for progress.

Ntagwana = sadness

Here there is talk of problems with a man, of uncertainty, that the person is like a feather in the air. Work must be done at the foot of a ceiba tree, it also says that whoever does wrong, ends badly. Talk about the danger of suicide, depression, loneliness, humiliation.

Lumwe = entrance

In this sign it is established that wars are over. Talk about sick animals that will die. He says that you have to attend to the spirits through the paternal line, especially the father if he is a spirit. It is a sign of birth, of traps, of lies and truths. The lie can become reality. It speaks of life in cycles, that the cycles of life must be attended to.

Kwami = exit

This sign speaks of the fact that you have to be careful with the crossroads. Some doors close and others open. It is necessary to act with intelligence, it says that the person becomes ill as a result of a spirit, to heal he must pray to the spirit of the father or grandfather, and clean himself. Talk about the person who goes through life aimlessly. It also talks about wars, disputes, the tendency to great victories.

Rule of the Chamalogo or Chamalones

  • Two chamalongos mounted one on top of the other face up, indicates that a good is coming on the way through the garment of Palo Mayombe. If brunettes or doubles are mounted, the advertised property is at the entrance of the house or the money that is waiting has arrived.
  • If when throwing the chamalongos, they fall mounted one face up and one face down, this indicates covered letter and has the meaning that there is a trap that will harm it and this position covers the vision of the consultation, so a Investigating with determination, he will wonder if it is from the environment that surrounds him, if it is in the workplace, sentimental, if it is for money, if he is a bilongo (witchcraft).
  • If when throwing the chamalon, they fall mounted one on the other face down, difficult times come to the person (consultant). The chamalongos are rubbed with husk, then a crop of clear cane (brandy) is blown on it and they are thrown again, keeping in reserve a delicate thing to happen (betrayal, discord, discussion, misunderstandings, etc.) The foundation must be asked What do you want, what is warning in this fall, what must be done and what works can be carried out to resolve the situation.
  • If when making a new roll, they fall mounted one face down and the other face up, this indicates covered letter and has the meaning: the ire is covered or covered, therefore, this position covers the vision of the consultation, it is indicative that a careful investigation should be carried out: is it the environment that surrounds them or in the workplace, etc,
  • If when throwing the chamalones, one remains on edge (standing on its edge) indicates that a spiritual entity is standing due to a lack of respect for the foundation or garment. Here you must investigate yourself and find the solution with the nfumbe. It also announces serious health problems, and the death of someone. If two fall, he says that the news is at his house.
  • If a chamalongo breaks, you should stop the consultation, clean yourself with whatever you and the chamalones have on hand, pick up the one that broke and wrap it in ebbo paper, add some things (secrets) it is taken to the mountain and must be buried. This situation is an indication that one of the support columns of your garment has been broken and it must be transferred to its place of origin to be purified. This rarely happens in a query, but there is always a first time.
  • The letters of the mounted chamalongo are neutral and do not respond to the question asked, in this case the questions are repeated waiting for a convincing or correct answer according to what was asked.

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    My Godfather made a Zarabanda for me and it was working fine. Then my Godfather came years later to give my Zarabanda its “entrance into the house.” When he came, he killed 2 roosters, did the reading and spoke the Yoruba language (which I don't know completely), my Zarabanda does not work anymore. I toss the chamolongo to ask permission, but when I do the craft, nothing happens.
    I don't know what is wrong, if my Godfather did something wrong and took my power or the Zarabanda's power with him or ? I've tried over and over, killing roosters, cigars, rum, vianda (Spanish vegetables), nothing is working. What can I do to bring everything back. I paid a pretty big money for my Zarabanda. Yes, I am initiated. Thanks
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