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prayer to ozain

Prayers to Ozain, the enigmatic sorcerer who knows all the secrets of vegetation, are essential for the practice of Santeria or Osha and Ifa, because the presence of this Orisha during the consecration rituals is essential, therefore, Saying prayers to Ozain, as well as the use of his songs, is a basic knowledge for all initiates in the Yoruba culture. In addition, Ozain's energy is so powerful that his influence is capable of benefiting or harming practically any matter on the earthly plane, which is why invoking him is usually of great help to his followers.

Why pray to Ozain?

The reasons why we pray to Ozain are multiple. He is prayed to due to his incalculable power, knowledge and wisdom over the world of nature, this also makes him a deity with great healing ability. Among his main functions, his ability to save lives stands out, he is an incomparable protector for his children and devotees, and provides considerable strength for defense in any area where his initiates operate. There is no doubt that praying prayers to Ozain is a habit that can bring us many blessings for the development of our affairs.

What is asked of Ozain in his prayers?

Prayers to ozain

As we have explained previously, through the prayers that are made to Osain, he is asked about any situation that is to be resolved, since his powers and abilities over sorcery are capable of influencing all kinds of mishaps. However, the most common requests made to this Orisha are oriented towards the following objectives:

  • To improve or heal health problems, that is, to cure natural or imposed diseases through witchcraft.
  • His help is very effective in getting rid of witchcraft, spells, curses, sent spirits and negative entities. It is very effective in protecting against mayomberos.
  • Its foundation, guards and prayers are very efficient in protecting the home.
  • He is asked in love affairs, for dominoes or moorings.
  • It helps to resolve financial setbacks and seeks the appropriate cleanings to find economic evolution.

How to pray to Ozain?

We must pray to the Orisha Ozain with clarity in our requests, since he has the special ability to perfectly hear all sounds, as well as listen to absolutely everything that happens on the mountain. His hearing acuity fills him with a very marked capacity for attention and therefore, his devotees must be extremely careful with what they say to him, or what they sentence through their prayers invoking this Orisha.

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Short prayer to Ozain

«With the blessing of Olofin, Olorun and Olodumare. With the blessing of the great Orisha Ozain. Blessed sorcerer, wise connoisseur of the magical properties impregnated in nature. I beg you to spill your energy fluid on me, to achieve the good development of my affairs. Deliver me, blessed father, from death, illness and failure, with all the power that your secrets hold. May your blessing protect me to live with health, love and firm prosperity on this earthly plane. Ashe to Iban Eshu."

Long prayer to Ozain

«With the blessing of Olofin, Olorun and Olodumare. Here I am (say his name) your humble devotee, paying you moforibale (praising, entertainment, praise).

Father Ozain, I implore you in the name of Oloddumare (God), to fill me with health and good fortune.

May your influence on my astral allow me to achieve the spiritual tranquility that I long for. May the activities that I initiate always be successful.

Protect me from injustice, from witchcraft, from pestilences, from temptations, and from everything bad that my opponents can or want to do to me.

Do not allow me to suffer an accident by land, by air, by sea or anywhere in the world where I am. Be my shield so that you cannot attack me against any type of damage, accident, stab wound or fire.

That by his immense power, great Orisha Osain, all those who wish evil against me, take my evil away. Revoke all enchantment in my name, and that there is no woman or man capable of binding my will, nor my thought.

For his immense wisdom and the power of my guardian angel, I decree that: of my enemies, whoever has eyes does not look at me, whoever has feet cannot reach me, whoever has hands cannot touch me.

With the power of your sacred herbs I win all wars, battles and everything I propose.

You maintain the strength and unity of my home. It provides me with spirituality and intelligence.

With the use of your strength, great spirit of the mountains and the roots, make me the winner of all my enemies, let them come to me, sad and repentant for the faults they have done to me.

I will win, I will dominate and I will rule over all who oppose me. Because I support myself at the foot of Ozain, who always wins, always prevails and frees me from all evil. Ashe to Iban Eshu."

Short prayer in Yoruba language to Ozain

“Iba Osanyin, Iba oni ewe. Ko yes ku. Ko si arun. Ko si akoba. A dupe Alagbo. Ase».


I praise the owner of medicine made with herbs. I praise the owner of the leaves. Deliver us from death. Deliver us from disease. Deliver us from negative things. I thank you owner of the medicine. Ashe.

I pray to Ozain in Yoruba (Oríkì Osanyin)

I pray to Ozain

«Osanyin was going.

Atoobajaye or Osanyin Eweelere oo.

Oni ewe ko si ku.

Oni ewe ko si arun.

Oni ewe ko si ofo.

Ti igi, ti igi, Alàgbo di ye'ra. Ase».


I praise the spirit of the owner of herbal medicine.

He is the proper protector. Osanyin is highly valued for the knowledge of herbs.

The king of plants frees us from death.

The king of plants frees us from disease.

The king of plants frees us from loss.

With a tree, with a tree, the owner of the medicine in jars makes us have a healthy body. Ashe.

Prayer to Ozain for health

Ozain is the healer par excellence of the Yoruba religion. He knows all the hidden properties in the roots, plants, sticks, and bark of trees. This wisdom gives him the ability to prepare natural medicine to heal any condition and in addition to that, by impregnating them with his magical powers, his action becomes more effective. Therefore, performing healing works accompanied by prayers requesting health at the foot of Ozain can be very useful when suffering from illnesses.

This prayer can be performed while cleansing the body with an herb of dispossession (rue, breaks saraguey, bitter broom, or curse remover) for greater effectiveness.   

«I praise the spirit that heals with the sacred herbs, Ozain Divine healer.

Very powerful and benign connoisseur of the secrets of the mountain, today more than ever I need your help. Winds of sickness and death are blowing. That is why the devotees of the Orishas come to you, because we trust that you will offer us your help.

We beg you to free us from all dangers (pass the bunch of herbs all over the body, especially the area that requires cleaning).

Provide us with the spiritual strength to heal from this wound, humor or illness of a physical or spiritual nature wherever it may be. We know of your great power, and of your mercy to assist the sick. May your vital and healthy fluid make the elements that we are using for our healing prosper.

In your hands we leave our health, join us today and always own the mysteries of botany, blessing us with all the healing properties hidden in nature. We will be forever grateful. Ashe».

Prayer to Ozain to defeat enemies

A strength that perfectly describes Ozain is the ability to destroy enemies, therefore, prayers against enemies, like the one below at the foot of Ozain, are usually quite effective.

"I invoke the spirit of plant power, Ozain.

It is you, cunning Orisa difficult to defeat, the one who always comes out triumphant thanks to your great powers of premonition.

It is to you that I entrust myself. My life sometimes becomes painful, because my opponents insist on causing me setbacks and harming me with their actions and attitudes.

Today, like every day of my life, I need your help to get up in victory and walk without any problem, because this is the situation that afflicts me (make a request and account for the enemies you have).

Grant me great warrior of the forest, health and strength to achieve my goals. Enlighten and feed my soul and my mind to connect in the right way with my destiny and fully fulfill the objectives that I chose for myself in heaven, without anyone being able to upset me and triumphant over my enemies. Ashe».

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Prayer to ask for the protection of Ozain

Ozain is an excellent guardian and protector, which is why all his wisdom was granted to him directly from the hands of Olodumare (God), being blessed with the extraordinary Ashé that characterizes him. An effective prayer to ask for Ozain's protection is the one below:

«Guardian of the secrets of nature. Powerful Ozain, owner of herbs and magical enchantments.

There is no situation that escapes your knowledge in the depths of the forest. It is in the same way that I ask you that there is no situation in my life that escapes you, so that you can protect me on all four sides.

Cover me, as the vine covers your entire territory, hide me among the planted roots, protect me with a shield of bark from the strongest trees. May your energy and your ray of green light surround me and protect me from all evil.

The spirit that knows the secrets of herbs is my protector, no evil prospers against me as long as he is with me. Ashe Ozain."

Prayer to Ozain for love and dominance

The Orisha Ozain manifests itself on the entire left side of the human body, it is precisely on that side that the heart is located. That is why, through his works and prayers, faculties capable of dominating love affairs are attributed to him. A prayer that is used to perform love spells at the foot of Ozain is the following:

«I offer this spell, to the great power of the sorcerer Ozain, to achieve dominion over the living spirit of (name the loved one). I invoke the energy that flowed on the holy day he was born, and the energy on the day he is to depart from this earth.

The words that I am decreeing are loaded with the Ashé de Ozain, and they dominate in my name, thoughts and judgment, the body, the mind, the sexual member, head, feet and hands of (name the loved one).

By the power of the king of the hill, there is no spell you cast that can be broken. From this hour and this moment Ozain has converted the will of (naming the loved one) into my will.

That (name the loved one) cannot be without me, he will not find tranquility, he will not find rest, nor food, nor shelter, nor pleasure, if it is not with me (say his name). It must come to my feet because Ozain must dominate it, I tie it up, tie it up and never untie it. Ashe Osain."

Prayer for the children of Ozain

«The Osha herbalist, Ozain, that's my father.

My guide is the great pattern of all vegetation that exists throughout the world.

I am blessed and cared for by the master of sorcery.

My father is the forest dweller.

My crown is blessed by the sacred Ashé of my father Ozain. Without his presence no foundation could be consecrated.

That's why I praise the sorcerer of the mountain. You are the custodian of the Batá drums and the one who brings the Ashé for Orumila.

The one who knows all the secrets of nature, the king of the vegetable, animal and mineral kingdom is my father, and for that I invoke and praise him today and always. Thanks, Dad. Ashe Ozain."

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