Prayer to the Just Judge: Difficult cases, Man, woman, protection and more

Prayer to the Just Judge

Prayer to the Just Judge It is always well received and cared for in the kingdom of heaven, since God the Son always listens to our pleas turned into prayers and prayers. The most important thing when making a prayer to the Just Judge is that it be made from the heart, full of goodness, faith, and truth, in this way it is totally certain that our concerns will be addressed and we will receive the necessary help to go through and come out of the vicissitudes victoriously.

«Merciful Just Judge, you who look with eyes of mercy at the behavior of the living and the dead, because you are the eternal lamp of justice. Your spirit was conceived in the pure and virginal womb of Mary, becoming the salvation of men.

Fair Judge, you who with your infinite grace enjoy the power to dominate even the darkest and most malevolent being, making them leave the bodies they have taken without authorization. You who restore sight to the blind, voice to the dumb, hearing to the deaf and save sinners with your forgiveness. You who welcomed without prejudice the Magdalena, the paralytic in the pool, the adulterous woman and saved Dimas.

It is you who made yourself invisible to his enemies, and they could only see you when in passion and sacrifice you decided to give your blood for our salvation. My Jesus, your virtues are so exalted that not even nature with its great strength can oppose your designs, it was not for nothing that you calmed the storms, healed the sick and raised the dead, just as it happened with your friend Lazarus and the son of Naim's widow.

Beloved Just Judge, holy is the shroud in which you were wrapped, in that sepulcher where you rose on the third day, defeating even death. It is to you, immaculate Just Judge, that today I extend my pleas.

I implore you please, merciful and wise judge, that my prayers be heard and in this way my cause be extended by your incalculable kindness, thus giving a prompt response and solution to my problems (make request).

To you, Just Judge, I ask you from the depths of my being to protect me and protect me from all my opponents, from all enemies or false friends, invoking the holy shroud in which your body was wrapped, so that with it I cover me, protect me and hide me. May it be that mantle that covered your face at the moment of descending from the cross that covers the eyes of those who watch over me to harm me, so that they never manage to catch me.

Be my shield before all those who wish me ill, that whoever has eyes does not see me, that whoever has hands does not catch me, that whoever has ears does not listen to me, that whoever has a tongue does not accuse me and before any circumstance or court can point me.

You, my dear Just Judge, who live accompanied and blessed by God the Father and the Holy Spirit in a perfect trilogy that makes you one true God, it is you to whom I kneel in supplication to once again request your care, deliver me from all dangers and all evil from which I myself cannot free myself.

Divine Just Judge, be my consolation in all my misfortunes, my anxieties and concerns. Don't stop coming today, tomorrow and always to my aid. Free me from prisons, chains or ties, both physical and spiritual, that all evil returns to the place from which it was sent, collected or found, being neutralized and useless. May anyone who looks for me negatively, never find me, because with your blood I cover myself, with your mantle I shield myself, with your hand I rise, with your power I win, in your cross I am saved now and at the hour of my death . Amen".

Who is the Just Judge?

In the earthly transit of the life of Jesus Christ, he was recognized for his love for his neighbor, his patience and great wisdom, so when judging a situation he did so with extreme fairness. Those gifts caused him to be recognized as a "just judge."

Among the stories that we can use as a reference for this we have that of the scribes and the pharisees. They presented before Jesus a woman who was caught committing adultery (John 8:3), pretending that he would judge her according to the law of Moses, but the Savior, beyond pointing out or repudiating her, reflected on the conscience and behavior of all those present, since, in some way, we are all capable of making mistakes and falling into sin. He ended up sentencing before that cause with some very merciful words, he said to that woman in front of everyone: «Neither do I condemn you; Go away and sin no more". Her action allowed the questioned woman to glorify the name of God from that moment on, believing in her deep love and her willingness to forgive us.

Who is the Just Judge?

These types of actions are what differentiate Jesus Christ from the rest of men, who by nature are used to judging even with the first impression, often from our personal perspectives or even making use of a certain claim of moral superiority. In fact, even the apostles went through this type of situation, just as James and John did. They were upset when the people of a Samaritan town treated Jesus disrespectfully. In this regard Luke 9:51-54 tells that: “And when they saw this, they said to him: Lord, do you want us to command fire to come down from heaven, as Elijah did, and consume them? Then, turning around, he rebuked them, saying: You do not know what spirit you are of, because the Son of man has not come to destroy the souls of men, but to save them.

Prayer to the Just Judge and the holy shirt to ward off enemies

«The wild beasts, the lions and lionesses come against me. Let them stop immediately, as my Lord Jesus Christ stopped with the Dominus Deo and said to the Just Judge: ‹Lord, I see my enemies coming, because three times I repeat: have eyes and do not see me coming, have hands and do not see me come. touch, mouth have and do not speak to me, feet have and do not reach me. With two I measure them, with three I speak to them, I owe them blood and I give them my heart». Because of that Holy Shirt in which the Son was wrapped, now it is the same one that I am wearing and because of it I will see myself free from prisons, evil tongues, sorcery and witchcraft.

Now I entrust myself to all that is angelic and sacrosanct, and I know that the Holy Gospels will protect me, because first he always is and will be the Son of God and my enemies will come to me defeated, just as the Lord struck down his enemies on the day of Easter. The one he trusts is the Virgin Mary, the consecrated host to be celebrated with the milk from the virginal breasts of the Most Holy Mary.

That is why I claim that I will be free from prisons, nor will I be injured, nor run over, nor will my blood be spilled, nor will I die a sudden death. I also entrust myself to the Holy True Cross, God with me, me with Him. God in front, me behind Him. Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Amen".

Prayer to the Just Judge for men

Prayer to the Just Judge for men

«Mighty Just Judge, you are the King of Kings. Redeemer and savior of the Universe. You who from your earthly and spiritual life do not stop protecting us with that infinite love of father, brother, and friend.

My Jesus, adored Just Judge, I invoke your incalculable goodness, because I am sure that you are love, and for that love you have to defend me from everything that opposes me, you will protect me and guide me being the light in my darkness, defending me before all. my situations. Prostrated before you I await your grace, just as it was granted to your apostles.

I beg your infinite protection so that none of my enemies can harm me, because only you can judge me, as the father and savior of all of us that you are. Do not allow him to be hurt, or humiliated, or defamed, or harmed. In the name of your wounds, your passion and death, I implore you to seal my physical body and soul from the evils of this land.

Do not let me suffer wounds, nor prison, nor trapped by the hands of any opponent, nor let them cry out over me the victory of the infamies of my enemies, that I do not suffer sudden death, neither today, nor tomorrow, nor later or more early of the hour in which it corresponds to me to answer before your sacred presence for my actions on this earth.

Glorious Just Judge, walk by my side through the dangerous paths, help me cross the mighty rivers, give me strength in times of tribulation, torment, anguish and desolation, do not allow low spirits or demons to stay in me. hide me from thieves, traitors, envious people and false testimonies.

Blessed Just and Wise Judge, revoke the power of everyone who wants to cause me harm, do not allow the unjust to defeat me, do not see me with their eyes, do not reach me with their feet, do not catch me with their hands, do not listen to me with their ears or speak to me with their mouths, and let those who wish to destroy me lose their weapons, break their spears, break their swords, bend their knives, and do not fire their cannons. May the Father bless me today and always, may the Son protect me, and may the Holy Spirit be with me. Amen".

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Prayer to the Just Judge for women

Prayer to the Just Judge for women

“Christ reigns, Christ wins, Christ defends me from dangers. In the company of the immaculate Virgin Mary, mother of mercy, pure and chaste woman chosen by God to keep the savior in her womb. You glorious woman, mother, daughter, sister, friend and our lawyer, I cry out to you for the protection of your sacred mantle, in the company of your most excellent children, the Son of God and Just Judge of Judges.

Almighty God, in your blessing I protect myself, also imploring the help of the saints who enjoy your grace, all of them were observed and exalted to the kingdom of heaven for their love and devotion to the Just Judge. Cover me from his immaculate company, may his light be poured out on my body, my soul and my heart in this holy hour and forever.

Allow me, Just Judge, to emerge victorious against the direct and indirect attacks of my enemies and attackers, because I take refuge in you, keeping myself at the feet of the sacred company of God and the mantle of the Virgin Mary, freeing myself from all baptized spirits and without baptize who oppose me.

Just Judge, you who were born of the Holy Virgin Mary, a virtuous woman chosen by God, know very well what it means to have women full of grace by your side, and you also know the incalculable love they can offer, in the name of that femininity that made shine before your presence, here I am, a woman of flesh and blood, exposed to the sins of the earth, who succumbs to temptation but does not hide from your eyes, who cries out for your faith before the armies of evil that They stalk us, a woman who believes in you with unwavering devotion and who without hiding anything exposes herself so that her deepest desires for salvation and redemption from her sins can be discovered.

I come to you my beloved Father, in search of your shelter and protection, putting as intercessor the pious Holy Mary always virgin, example of devotion, of submission to the will of God, pure sweetness of soul and heart. I entrust myself to you to dominate the will, the mind, the spirit and the impetus of my enemies, so that by your power and glory: if they have eyes they cannot see me, if they have feet they cannot catch me, if they have hands they cannot touch me, if they have a mouth they cannot speak to me, if they have iron they cannot hurt me, if they have knots they cannot tie me. With the three swords of Saint Julián I have to defeat them, with the milk of the Virgin I have to sprinkle them, by the three crowns of Patriarch Abraham and under the gaze of the Just Judge I have to get rid of them. Amen. Jesus, Mary and Joseph".

Prayer to the Just Judge for difficult cases

Prayer to the Just Judge for difficult cases

This prayer to the Just Judge for difficult cases is a very old version to the Just Judge, it is estimated that it was one of the first known. Its use is related to the struggles of the Christian armies, at times when they faced bloody battles against the Turks among other infidels, in defense of the land and holy places. Its legend states that it was engraved on a gold plate and preserved in a convent of Armenian believers of Santa Maria Egipciaca, in the vicinity of Mount Lebanon. It is said that for a long time this prayer was prohibited to protect it from the use of bad people, due to its immense power:

“Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal and Just Judge of the living and the dead. The divine star of justice conceived for the health of the human lineage in the pure womb of the Virgin Mary.

Just Judge, creator of Heaven and Earth and died on the cross for our love. You, who were wrapped in a mantle and placed in a tomb from which you rose on the third day, conqueror of death and hell.

Just and Divine Judge, listen to my prayers, attend to my pleas, listen to my petitions and give them a favorable office.

Your imperious voice calmed the storms, healed the sick and raised the dead, like Lazarus and the son of the widow of Naim. The Empire of your voice put demons to flight, making them leave the bodies of the possessed and gave sight to the blind, speech to the dumb, hearing to the deaf and forgiveness to sinners, like the Magdalene and the paralytic of the pool.

You made yourself invisible to the enemies, at your voice they retreated, falling to the ground in the garden those who went to imprison you and when you expired on the cross at your powerful voice the orbs trembled.

You opened the prisons for Peter and took him out of them without being seen by Herod's guard. You saved Dismas, the repentant thief, and forgave the adulteress. We beg you, Fair Judge, free me from all my visible and invisible enemies.

May the holy shroud in which you were wrapped cover us; your sacred shadow hides us; May the veil that covered your eyes blind those who persecute us and those who wish us harm, have eyes and do not see us; feet have and do not reach us; hands have and do not tempt us; ears, and do not hear us; language have and do not accuse us and their lips are mute in court when they try to harm us.

Oh, Jesus Christ, Just and Divine Judge! Favor us in all kinds of anguish and affliction, setbacks and commitments and make that by invoking you and acclaiming the empire of your powerful and holy voice, calling you to our aid, the prisons open, the chains and ties are broken, the shackles and bars are broken, knives are bent and every weapon that is forged against me is dull and useless.

Neither the horses reach us, nor the spies look at us or find us. Your Blood bathes us, your mantle covers us, your hand blesses us, your power hides us, your cross defends us and be our shield in life and at the hour of our death.

Oh! Just Judge, Son of the Eternal Father, that with Him and with the Holy Spirit you are one true God. Oh! Divine Word made man, I beg you to cover me with the mantle of the Holy Trinity, so that it frees me from all dangers and we glorify your Holy Name. Amen".

Prayer to the Just Judge for protection from danger

With the blessing of God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I cry out to you, merciful and Just Judge, you who extend your hand to all the creatures of creation.  

You are, Just Judge, the symbol and universal representative of eternal forgiveness, of true charity. You are the genuine spiritual light, the one that transcendentally illuminates our most turbulent minds, hearts and paths.

You taught us the important power that prayer has towards God, because your word is life, it is faith and it is true love.

You, Just Judge, know how painful it can be to suffer the most terrible mistreatment and humiliation, but your overflowing grace comforted you and gave you the strength that allowed you to face, endure and accept your great sacrifice only for the incalculable love that you have the Lord's creatures.

You, who despite being King of kings, remain a Just Judge, distributing mercy for all humanity, to you blessed Judge I raise my supplicant prayer. Help me in this hour of incessant dangers by becoming my shield and my sword before the tribulation, do not allow evil to approach me, harm me, corrupt me or harm me physically, morally, or spiritually (make request).

That just as you healed the sick and made them enjoy a good life, full of health, love, respect and forgiveness, in the same way I implore you to save me today.

Glorious Just Judge, at your feet I shelter and decree that there will be no evil, injury, damage, witchcraft, sorcery, trap, disorder or person of dark intentions that could harm me, because you have blessed my being, my house, my work and everything around me. In the grace of God I protect myself. Amen".

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